Two wills of Hunters in New York State are thus recorded.

Will of Alexander Hunter, Homer, Cortland Co., N.Y., July 15, 1833.
To sons: William, Charles H., James, John, and Alexander; to daughters: Nancy, and Margaret; to nieces: Diane, and Sally, daughters of James Hunter.

Will of John Hunter, of Ulysses, Cayuga Co., N.Y., November 3, 1802 to July 13, 1803.
To wife, Eve; to daughters: Mary Warms, Catherine Sager, Jane Vomp, Elizabeth Vandergrist, and Eve Fleming; to sons: James, (eldest), Joheckem, and John, Jr.; to Benjamin Coyken dall and Walter Van Ornam, Exs.; Rhoda and Lydia Gardner and Richard Pangburn, witnesses.

Among the early New York State marriages in the Hunter family were the following:
1765, May 20, Agnes Hunter and William Wallace. 1781, Sept. 25, Anna Hunter and Robert Graham. 1763, Nov. 2, Elenor Hunter and Christopher Swedland. 1768, Sept. 28, Elijah Hunter and Anna Drake.
1737, June 4, Elizabeth Hunter and John Ward.
1760, November 13, Elizabeth Hunter and William Taylor. 1761, October 12, George Hunter and Ann Bennet.
1757, April 12, Joseph Hunter and Mary Burnett. 1769, February 16, Mary Hunter and John Schuyler. 1777, Dec. 16, Rachel Hunter, and James Galbreath. 1737, Nov. 19, Rachel Hunter and Edward Smith. 1764, Oct. 9, William Hunter and Elenor McNeil.

Among the early Virginia marriages in the Hunter family were the following:
1792, Sept. 6, Eliza Hunter and John Vernon, (Rockbridge Co.).
1792, Sept. 6, Isabella Hunter and William Hall, (Rockbridge Co.).
1790 Sept. 7, Jean Hunter and Abraham Case, (Rockbridge Co.).
1790, Feb. 5, 1790, John Hunter and Mary Early, (Campbell Co.).
1792, Oct. 25, Mary Hunter and David Kingen, (Rockbridge Co.).
1788, Miles Hunter and Sally Pritchard, (Dinwiddie Co.). 1811, Oct. 8, Pamelia Hunter and Samuel C. Burks, (Rockbridge Co.).
1790, Dec. 17, Peter Hunter and Sarah Nowlin, (Campbell Co.).
1739, Robert Hunter and Nancy Ellis, (Amherst Co.).

Early Virginia wills are recorded as follows:
Will of Alex’r. Hunter, filed March 22, 1768, Bedford Co.
To sons: Alexander, James, and Samuel; to daughter, Betty.
Will of John Hunter, filed June 7, 1796, Campbell Co.
To wife, (former husband Jere Early); to sons: Benjamin, John, Alexander, Robert, and James; to daughter, Elizabeth.

ISRAEL DODGE: born in Connecticut, September 3, 1760, at adult age moved to Kentucky, where he married Nancy Ann Hunter, born in Carlisle, Pa., daughter of Joseph Hunter, and his wife, Anne Homes, of the Scotch-Irish emigration, which has furnished so many strong men to the nation. They had children Nancy and Henry. Nancy Hunter married, second, Asael, son of the brave William Linn, who served with Col. Clark at Kaskaskia, and had a son, Lewis Fields, born November 24, 1793, who served in the U.S. Senate from Missouri 1833-45. She thus furnishes the only instance in this country of a mother with two sons serving the United States Senate at the same time. Lewis Fields Linn from Missouri, and his half brother, Henry Dodge, serving from Wisconsin. Nancy Dodge (sister of Henry Dodge), daughter of Ann Hunter and Israel Dodge, married in Ste. Genevieve, first, Joseph Conn, and had a son, Joseph H. Conn, a well known business man of St. Louis, who married Elizabeth Anderson, and had five children, the youngest of whom, Nancy Dodge, married William McLanahan, and resides in St. Louis.

The list of Hunters who served in Congress from 1776 to the present day is as follows:
Hunter, Andrew Jackson, a representative from Illinois, born in Greencastle, Ind., Dec. 17, 1831, died in Paris Ill., Jan. 12, 1913.
Hunter, John, a representative and a senator from South Carolina, born in South Carolina about 1760.

Hunter, John Ward, a representative from New York, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 15, 1807, died April 16, 1900.

Hunter, Morton Craig, a representative from Indiana, born in Versailles, Ind., Feb. 5, 1825, died Oct., 25, 1896.

Hunter, Narsworthy, a delegate from Mississippi Territory, died in Washington, D.C., March 1, 1802.

Hunter, Robert Mercer Taliaferro, a representative and a senator from Virginia, born in Essex Co., Va., April 21, 1809, died in Essex County, Va., July 18, 1887.

Hunter, Whiteside Godfrey, a representative from Kentucky, born December 25, 1841.

Hunter, William, a Senator from Rhode Island, born in Newport, R.I., Nov. 26, 1774, died in Newport, R.I., December 3, 1849.

Hunter, William, a representative from Vermont in 1817.

Hunter, William Forrest, a representative from Ohio, born in Alexandria, Va., Dec. 10, 1808, died in Woodsfield, Ohio, March 30, 1874.

Hunter, William H., a representative from Ohio in 1837.