B108 DAVID ALLEN: 3rd s. of Thom. Allen, of Gelleswick, co. Pembroke; m.
     Anne (dau. of Rowland Langhorne (grandson of Gen. Rowland Langhorne,
     a conspicuous soldier in the Civil Wars)).
     (1) William: of Fobstone. Issue.
     (2) John: his heir--B109.
B109 JOHN ALLEN: m. Joan, dau. of John Bartlett, of Cresselly; issue:
     (1) John Bartlett: his heir--B110.
     (2) Roger: m. Margaret, widow of John Davis, Esq., of the Hays.
         (A) James Allen, Esq., of Freestone Hall.
     (3) Joshua: ancestor of Allen, of Bickton.
B110 JOHN BARTLETT ALLEN: Esq. of Cresselly, co. Pembroke; m. (1) 1763,
     Eliz. (only child of John Hensleigh, Esq., of Panteague); had, among
     other issue:
     (1) John Hensleigh: his heir; b. Aug. 29, 1769--B111.
     (2) Launcelot Baugh: b. Jan. 1, 1774; Clerk in Chancery; master of
         Dulwich College; m. (1) Caroline (dau. of Thomas Peter Romilly,
         Esq., of Dulwich), 1813.
         (A) George Baugh: of Cilrhiw, co. Pembroke; m. 1846; issue.
             (a) John Romilly: b. 1849; F. S. A.
             (b) Wilfred Baugh: b. 1849, of Cilrhiw, Narbeth, Pembrokeshire;
                 J. P. for Pem., Notts and Yorkshire; County Court
                 Judge; m. 1883.
                 1. Rob Lancelot Baugh: b. 1887; d. 1918.
             (c) Joseph Henry Baugh: d. 1908.
             (d) Wilmot Baugh (Rev.)
             (e) Richard Baugh: d 1908.
         (B) Edmund Edward: b. 1824; of Blackaldern, Pembrokeshire;
             Canon of Llandoff and Rector of Porthberry; m. 1848; ch.:
             Edward Lancelot, Thomas Eaton, Arthur Edmund, William
             Ed. Romilly, Raymond Cecil Edward.
             (Lancelot Baugh, son of John Barlett Allen, m. (2), 1841,
             granddaughter of 4th Earl of Jersey.)
         (C) Charles Hensleigh: b. 1842.
         (D) Clement Francis Romilly: b. 1844; J. P. for Derbyshire; late
             H. M.'s Consul at Foochow, China; m. 1877. Ch.: Clement
             Robt. Wedgewood (b. 1878), Bertram Wedgewood (b. 1888).
B111 JOHN HENSLEIGH ALLEN (B110-(1)): J. P. and D. L.; High Sheriff
     for co. Pembroke, 1809; represented that shire in Parliament from 1819
     to 1826; m., 1812, Gertrude (youngest dau. of Lord Rob. Seymour, 3rd
     son of Francis, 1st Marquess of Hertford). Had, with others:
     (1) Seymour Phillips: b. May 24, 1815--B112.
     (2) Henry George: Paskeston, co. Pembroke, R. C.; M. A., Oxon;
         J. P., cos. Pembroke and Carmarthen; M. P. for Pembroke, 1880-86;
         Barrister at Law; late Recorder of Andover.
B112 SEYMOUR PHILLIPS ALLEN: J. P. and D. L.; High Sheriff, 1850; m.,
     1843, Lady Catherine Fellowes (dau. of Newton, Earl of Portsmouth).
     (1) Henry Hugh: b. 1845; d. y.
     (2) Henry Seymour: now of Cresselly--B113.
     (3) Frederick Seymour: b. 1849; m. 1866.
         (A) Catherine Seymour: b. 1897.
     (4) Francis Seymour: b. 1853; m. 1878.
         (A) Reginald Seymour: b. 1879; m. 1916.
         (B) Hugh Evelyn: b. 1880; Capt. Welsh Guards; m. 1916.
             (a) Mary Lucy: b. 1920.
             (c) Evelyn Prestwood Seymour: D. S. O.; b. 1885.
     (5) John Seymour (Rev.): b. 1855; Rector of Cliddesden, Hants;
         M. A., Bal. Coll., Oxon; F. R. G. S.; m. 1888.
     (6) Newton Seymour: b. 1857; Col. S. Stafford Regt.; m. 1912.
         (A) John Newton Seymour: b. 1915.
         (B) Diana Mary Seymour: b. 1913.
     (7) Gertrude Catherine: m. 1877; d. s. p., 1894.
B113 HENRY SEYMOUR ALLEN: (B112-(2)): J. P.; High Sheriff, 1873; s.
     his father, 1861.