C114 JOSHUA ALLEN: b. 1741; s. of John Allen, of Cresselly; m. first cousin,
     Margaret (dau. of William Allen, of Fobstone; seven sons and ten daus.
C115 REV. DAVID BIRD ALLEN: b. 1769; Rector of Burton, co. Pembroke;
     m., 1796, Mary Anne Harriet (dau. of Peter Bartholomew Jullian, of
     (1) Joshua Jullian: of Bicton; b. 1799--C116.
     (2) William (Rev.): b. 1800; Rector of Bosherton, co. Pembroke; m.
         second cousin, Frances Margaret (dau. of James Allen, of Freestone
         Hall); had, among others:
         (A) Robert James (Rev.): of Shelford, Cambs., M. A.; b. 1832; d.
             1869, leaving issue.
         (B) Alfred Bird: b. 1834; m. 1862; d. leaving issue.
         (C) Charles Stanley: b. 1838; m. 1869; issue.
         (D) William Frederick: b. 1840; two daus.
         (E) Thomas Cecil: b. 1845; d. unm.
     (3) James (Very Rev.): b. 1802; Dean of St. Davids; M. A.; Canon
         Residentiary and Chancellor of St. Davids; late Vicar of Castlemartin,
         co. Pembroke; m., 1842, Isabella Dorothea (dau. of Peter Richard
         Hoare, of Kilsey, Kent).
     (4) Bird: b. 1803; d. unm. Comm. R. N. Took part in Niger Expedition.
     (5) Charles: b. 1808; member Legislative Council of India; Bengal Civil
         Service; J. P.; High Sheriff, 1876; m., 1840, Mary (youngest dau
         of James Allen, of Freestone Hall); had, with other issue:
      (A) Herbert James: b. 1841; J. P.; High Sheriff, 1909; F. R.
             G. S., M. R. A. S.; formerly H. B. M.'s Consul at Newchwang,
             China; m. 1877; issue.
             (a) Herbert Charles Goodeve: b. 1878; m. 1908.
                 1. Roger: b. 1909.
         (B) Jeffery Jullian: b. 1846; Govt. Telegraph Dept., India; m. 1879.
             (a) Jeffery Hugh Summers: b. 1881; m. 1904; issue.
                 1. Leonard Jeffrey: b. 1911.
             (b) Barbara Mary Frances: b. 1887; m. 1913.
         (C) Charles Francis Egerton: b. 1847; m. 1891; Barrister at Law;
             M. P. for Pembroke and Haverfordwest Dis., 1892-95; J. P.
             and C. Ald.
         (D) William Osborn Bird (Rev.): b. 1849; m. 1890.
         (E) David Bird: b. 1850; Bengal C. S.; m. 1876; had, with others:
             (a) Charles Bird: b. 1885; m. 1912; had Dorothea Mary:
                 b. 1920.
         (F) Walter Griffith: b. 1851; m. 1879; Indian Civil Engineer.
             (a) Harold: b. 1881; m. 1908; D. S. O.; Maj. R. G. A.
                 1. Walter Gofton Bird: 1909.
                 2. Gladye Mabel Ethel: 1910.
             (b) Cecil: b. 1882.
             (c) Julian: b. 1886.
             (d) Mary: b. 1884; m. 1908; issue.
             (e) Jessie: b. 1885.
             (f) Mabel L.: b. 1888; m. 1912.
     (6) John (Ven.): b. 1810; of Hormead, co. Hertford; M. A.; Archdeacon
         of Salop; Master of St. John's Hospital, Lichfield; Chaplain
         of King's College, London; H. M.'s inspector of schools; m. 1834;
         had, with other issue:
         (A) John Higgins: b. 1841; Lord of the Manor of Great Hormeadbury;
             Barrister-at-Law; M. A., Cambridge; m. 1894.
C116 JOSHUA JULLIAN ALLEN: (C 115-(1)): J. P. for cos. Pembroke and
     Somerset; m. 1821; d. 1885.
     (1) Joshua Bird: b. 1823; Chief Clerk of the High Court of Chancery;
         m. 1848; d. v. p. 1880; had, with other issue:
         (A) Julian John: b. 1849; d. unm.
         (B) William Bird: b. 1851; heir of his grandfather--C118.
     (2) Charles John: b. 1832; m. (1) 1856; m. (2) 1885; sons by first
         (A) Leonard: b. 1858; m. 1904; issue, Mary Gertrude.
         (B) Reginald Lloyd: b. 1865.
         (C) Launcelot Lloyd: b. 1870; m. and left issue.
     (3) Mary Anne: d. 1833.
C118 WILLIAM BIRD ALLEN: J. P. for Pembrokeshire; High Sheriff, 1915;
     Barrister-at-Law; B. A., Cambridge.