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Michael Garrison’s Mounted Company

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Muster Roll of Captain Michael Garrison’s Mounted Company of the 1st Regiment 2nd Brigade of the Florida Militia, commanded by Col. John Warren, ordered into service of the United States by His Excellency Governor Call from the 22nd day of September 1836 to the 22nd day of January 1837.

Lieutenants Bruton and Hindley with a part of this Company greatly distinguished themselves at the Battle of San _____ on ____ber 1836 and in several other services. Also, with a part of the Company, they serviced in the Battalion under my command in Col. Pearce’s Division and greatly distinguished them-selves for their soldier-like conduct, particular at the Wahoo Swamp on the 21st of Nov. 1836.

  • Garrison, Michael Captain; 1 servant & 2 horses.
  • Bruton, David 1st Lieut., 1 servant & 2 horses.
  • Hindley, Matthew 2d Lieut, 1 servant & 2 horses.
  • Y0ungblo0d, Robert 1st Sgt.
  • *Harvill, John E. Sgt.
  • Garrason, Isaac Sgt.
  • Garrason, Richard ZL. Sgt.
  • Geiger, John Corporal.
  • Miller, Joshua Corporal.
  • Barron, Thomas E. Corporal.
  • Bivan, Robert Corporal.
  • * Lost his horse in the campaign and procured another.
  • Privates
  • Adams, William
  • Bates, Wilson
  • Bates, Fleming, Sr.
  • Bates, Fleming, Jr., lost his horse in the Withlacochie, procured another,
  • Bates, Jas. B.
  • Blocker, _____
  • Branch, Britton
  • Branch, John
  • Buffam, R. V.
  • Burnett, James
  • Burnett, Jerry, mortally wounded in action 9/18; died after discharge.
  • Burnett, Saburn
  • Burnett, Samuel
  • Cash, David C.
  • Christian, John
  • Colding, Thomas
  • Dixon, John
  • Ellis, Giles W.
  • Garrison, Wm. M.
  • Garrison, S. D.
  • Garrison, Jos. N.
  • Gieger, Abraham
  • Gieger, Samuel
  • Gieger, Enoch.
  • Gieger, James M., severely wounded in action 9/18/1836
  • Gibbons, James
  • Hauge, James
  • Hague, Gideon
  • Hague, John James
  • Hague, J. R.
  • Hall (Hale?), James
  • Harvill, Samuel
  • Harvill, Berrian
  • Harvill, E. M.
  • Hope, William
  • Hope, Henry
  • Horn, Moses
  • Knight, E. J.
  • Knight, George
  • Knight, Joseph D.
  • Knight, John D.
  • Knight, ________
  • Knight, Elias
  • Knight, Britton
  • L______, Archibald
  • Mills, Benjamin
  • North, James
  • Olmsted, W. S
  • Price, Spencer
  • Shields, James
  • Smart, _______
  • Smith, Asa
  • Standley, Jesse
  • Standley, John R.
  • Standley, James
  • Standley, Wm. F.
  • Standley, John
  • Standley, Seaborn
  • Standley, John B., lost his horse in the cove of Withlocochee.
  • Suggs, John
  • Tillman, John
  • Townson, J. S., lost his horse in the cove of Withlocochee.
  • Turner, James
  • Warren, Joseph
  • Waters, G ____
  • Waters, John
  • Waters, Joseph
  • Wheeler, H. Z.
  • Wingate, Owen
NOTE: Several names omitted from this list as they were only listed as ??.

M. J. MILLS, Lt. Col., Com’d’g 1st Battalion, 1st Regt. Dated April _, 1837 at Fort Gilliland. Certified a true muster by M. Garrison, Capt. April 5, 1837 at Fort Gilliland.

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