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Fourth Regiment 2nd Brigade Florida Militia

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Muster Roll of Captain Daniel S. Gardner’s Company of the 4th Regiment, 2nd Brigade of the Florida Militia, commanded by Col. Warren, ordered into service of the United States by Brig. Gen’l Hernandez from the 10th day of November 1835 to the 5th day of March 1836.

On 11th August 1836 at Jacksonville, Florida, the muster was certified to be true and was signed by Captain D. L Gardiner, Commanding the Company.

  • Gardner, Daniel S. Captain.
  • Waterman, Adin 1st Lieut.
  • Madin, James R. 2nd Lieut.
  • Smith, Gurney 1st Sgt.; not mounted, discharged Jan. 9th.
  • Donaldson, W. L. Sgt. & 1st Sgt., Sgt. from 11/10 to 1/9; promoted to 1st. Sgt. 1/9 to 3/5, not mounted.
  • Pinkerton, Milo K. Sgt., not mounted.
  • Ryan, Thos S. Sgt., not mounted.
  • Y not readable , Sgt., promoted from Corporal 1/9, not mounted.
  • Jones, Thos J. Corporal, not mounted.
  • Hickman, Wm. Corporal, not mounted.
  • S not readable , promoted to Sgt., 9th Jan., not mounted.
  • Gates, Josiah not mounted.
  • Privates
  • Blanchard, Albert mounted.
  • Blanchard, C. C. mounted.
  • Blanchard, H. R. mounted
  • Braddock, Aldrich mounted.
  • Bradley, John not mounted.
  • Burritt, Samuel L. not mounted.
  • Currier, L. not mounted.
  • Dell, Philip J. not mounted.
  • Derrickson, D. D. not mounted.
  • Dexter, Thomas not mounted.
  • Doggett, John L. not mounted.
  • Dormon, O. M. promoted to 2nd Lt. 1/7, mounted.
  • Dunlap, Gustavus M. commanded the schooner “Ariel” from Jan 15 to Mar. 5.
  • Fogg, Josiah not mounted.
  • Gregory, R. B., not mounted.
  • Hart, Elias J. not mounted
  • Hart, Oscar B. not mounted.
  • Hart, Ossian B. mounted.
  • Hogans, Lewis L. not mounted.
  • Hogans, Reuben Jr., not mounted.
  • Langley, Thos. deserted 1/10.
  • Markham, J. not mounted.
  • Mattair, Samuel not mounted.
  • Mayo, Benjamin not mounted.
  • McClasky, Arthur not mounted.
  • Merrick, Charles not mounted.
  • Mills, Wm. H. not mounted.
  • Parker, Wm. not mounted.
  • Peek, Edwin B. deserted 1/10.
  • Pendarivs, Geo. mounted.
  • Philips, A. J. not mounted.
  • Pickett, James discharged 1/15.
  • Rider, Emory not mounted.
  • Salas, Demetrio deserted 1/15.
  • Taylor, Philip mounted.
  • Uptegrove, John died Jan. 11th.
  • Walker, Peter R. not mounted.


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US Military Records. Web. 10 February 2016.
- Last updated on Apr 16th, 2013

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