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Captain C. Ellis’s Company, 1st Regiment Florida Militia

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Muster Roll of Captain C. Ellis’s Company of the 1st Regiment, Brigade of the Florida Mounted Militia, commanded by Col. W. J. Bayley, ordered into service of the United States by Brig. Gen’l W. K. Armistead from the 17th day of August 1840 to the 5th day of December 1840 when discharged. Major S. Churchill, 3d Artillery, mustered the Company into service Aug. 17, 1840 for three months. Company was paid by P. M. Brown for 27 days of forage, and for service from 17 Aug to Dec 5, 1840.

  • Ellis, Th. C. Captain
  • Tucker, Jonathan A. 1st Lieut.
  • McNeil, John 2d Lieut.
  • Crews, J. M. 1st Sgt.
  • Floyd, Isaac Sgt.
  • Hague, James Sgt.
  • Howard, Seth Sgt.
  • Edgar, James Corporal
  • Stanley, W.J. Corporal
  • Knight, Stephen Corporal
  • Piper, Thomas Corporal
  • Miller, John F. Bugler
  • Sharp, George Bugler
  • Privates
  • Bates, Flawing
  • Burnet, Laburn
  • Blanton, J. B.
  • Clark, Harbord
  • Chase, Thomas
  • Colding, Thomas
  • Darling, John
  • Dree, Simeon
  • Everet, J. A.
  • Fagan, Stephen
  • Freely, C.
  • Fisher, Andrew
  • Fuller, Daniel
  • Gibbons, James
  • Garrason, William
  • Garrason, R. L.
  • Garrason, Jas. N.
  • Hindley, Matthew
  • Harvey, Simeon
  • Hage, Gideon
  • Hager, Jno. R.
  • Hope, Jno. C.
  • Hope, William, Jr.
  • Horn, Moses
  • Ingram, Thomas
  • Jourdan, Patrick
  • Jackson, McDowell
  • Knight, Joseph L.
  • Keil, Adam
  • Linsley, Henry
  • Lastinger, Shadrick
  • Morey, Wm.
  • Mott, Abraham
  • Mears, W. H.
  • Murphy, Stephen
  • McKee, Wm.
  • McNeil, Archibald
  • Neil, L. M.
  • Petit, James
  • Prevatt, F. G.
  • Reynolds, Sam’l
  • Ramis, James
  • Randum, Luther
  • Scott, William
  • Scott, W. W.
  • Scott, W. D.
  • Swain, Jno. G.
  • Sourbreg, Wm.
  • Stanley, Jno. B.
  • Stanley, Jessee
  • Stanley, Seaburn
  • Salmons, Aaron W.
  • Smith, Jordan
  • Tyson, Stephen
  • Townsend, Light.
  • Townsend, James
  • Thompson, William
  • Taylor, J. S.
  • Tucker, Jno.
  • Waters, William
  • Wendcoop, W. D.


  • Crandaway, William; declines serving and discharged Aug. 17th.
  • Hines, Charles;
  • Hope, Henry;
  • Phillips, Garret; rejected for drunkenness by mustering officer and discharged Aug. 17th.
  • White, E. K. , declines serving and discharged Aug. 17th.


  • Giger, J. M. , killed by the Indians at ____, Sept. 6th.
  • Smart, S. J., killed by the Indians at Ft. Tarver, Aug. 12th.


  • Goodrich, S. E., absent without leave from July 10th.
  • Hope, David, absent without leave from July 16th.
  • Certified a true Muster of the Company by Thos. C. ELLIS, Captain and by

S. CHURCHILL, Ma j . 3rd Artillery.
Date: Dec. 5, 1840
Station: Newnansville, East Florida

MLA Source Citation:

Florida Department of Military Affairs, Office of the Adjutant General, State Arsenal. Florida Militia Muster Rolls, Seminole Indian Wars. St. Augustine, Florida. 1968. Web. 27 August 2016.
- Last updated on Apr 16th, 2013

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