CAMPBELL, James G., Sgt., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Campbell, 606 Ohio Ave., Brookland Terrace, Wilmington.

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CAREY, Russell George, Seaman 2c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Edna Mae Carey, Millsboro.

CASSON, Arthur L., Pfc., USMC. Wife, Mrs. Arthur L. Casson, 37 Atkins Ave., Wilmington.

CAULK, Charles Leonard, Jr., Seaman 2c, USNR. Father, Mr. Charles L. Caulk, Sr., 2137 Linden St., Wilmington.

CAULK, Paul L., Sgt., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Caulk, Sr., 2137 Linden St., Wilmington.

CHADICK, George, Lt., (jg), USNR. Mother, Mrs. Gertrude Chadick, 1018 Read St., Wilmington.

CHALMERS, William John, Seaman 2c, USN. Father, Mr. John Chalmers, Greenwood.

CHAMBERS, Clarence C., Assistant Cook, USMC. Mother, Mrs. Emma Chambers, 230 West St., Wilmington.

CIABATTONI, Armando John, Fireman 1c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Jennie Ciuffetelli Ciabattoni, 512 Rodman St., Wilmington.

CICHOCKI, Jerome J., Pvt., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Cichocki, 700 E. 7th St., Wilmington.

CIESZYNSKI, Stanley John, Coxswain, USNR. Mother, Mrs. Josephine Cieszynski, 325 So. Jackson St., Wilmington.

COURTNEY, Julian A., Pfc., USMCR. Wife, Mrs. Julian A. Courtney, Magnolia.