Collection: The Essex Antiquarian

Genealogy of Richard Bishop

Richard Bishop, of Salem was a husbandman. He married, first, before 1635, Dulzebella ____, who was born about 1607. She died in Salem 23 (24): 6: 1658; and he married, second, Mary Gould 22: 5: 1660. His wife Mary was born about 1611. He died in Salem 30: 10: 1674; and his widow Mary married Thomas Robbins March 11, 1674-5. Children: Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Mary Bishop, b. about 1635; m., first, probably, John Barnet (or Barbant) 18: 4: 1661; and, second, John Darling of Salem, fisherman, before 1680. She was living in 1686. Edward Bishop, baptized in Salem 23: 2: 1648. He was a husbandman, and lived in Salem Village until 1703, when he removed to Rehoboth, where subsequently lived, being an “innholder alias yeoman” there in 1705-6, he married Sarah Wild of Topsfield before 1685. Children, born in Salem?: Edward Bishop, born in Salem. He was a yeoman, and lived in Salem until 1711, when he removed to Ipswich, and from thence...

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Genealogy of Jonathan Biles

Jonathan Biles, born about 1646, lived in Beverly, being a house-carpenter by trade, but a yeoman as well. He was sworn a freeman 26: 9: 1678. He married, first, Elizabeth Patch Nov. 15, 1674, and she was his wife in 1696. He mar­ried, second, Margaret Cleaves May 3, 1716. He conveyed his house and some land to his son Nicholas Biles in 1719. He was living in 1727. Children, born in Beverly: Richard Biles, b. Nov. 8, 1675. Richard Biles, baptized in Beverly April 21, 1678. He was first a mariner, then weaver and husbandman, and lived in Gloucester until 1727, when he returned to Beverly. He married Mary Davis (published Jan. 22, 1695-6); and she was his wife in 1727. He died in 1771, his will dated April 2, 1762, being proved April 2, 1771. Children, born in Gloucester: Capt. Charles Biles, born in Gloucester Dec. 20, 1700. He was a mariner and yeoman; and lived in Gloucester. He married Hannah Eveleth Jan. 17, 1727; and died in 1782, his will dated Jan. 30, 1781, being proved April 1, 1782. She survived him, and died, his widow, in 1785, her will, dated Sept. 10, 1782, being proved June 7, 1785. He had a Negro servant named Robbin. Children, born in Gloucester: Hannah Biles, b. April 13 , 1728; m. Job Stanwood Sept. 14, 1749. Abigail Biles, b. Aug....

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Will Of Lionell Chute

The will of Lionell Chute of Ipswich, dated 4: 7 mo: 1644, was proved in court at Ipswich 7: 9 mo: 1645. The original instrument has not been found, and the following copy is from the record in Ipswich deeds, book i, leaf 15. The fourth day of the eleventh month Anno Dm 1644 I Lionell Chute of the Towne of Ipfwch in New England Schoolmafter doe make & ordayne this my laft will & Teftament (revoking all form wills by me made.) Item I give vntd Rofe my wife for terme of her naturall life, all this my dwelling howfe with the Barne &all the edifices: (the two chambers over the howfe & entry only excepted which I will that James my fonne fhall have to his only vfe for the Terme of one yeare next after my deceafe with free ingreffe, egreffe, & regreffe & wth the yards, gardens, the home-lott & planting lott purchaffed of Mr. Bartlemew with the Comonage and appurtenances therevnto belonging. And after my wives deceafe; I give the faid howfe, barne, lotts & premiffes with all thappurtenances vnto James Chute my fonne & to his heires. Item I give vnto my faid fonne James Chute & to his heires for ever all & fingular my other lands, lotts, meadow grounds marifhes, with all & finguler their appurtnances & pfitts whatfoever ymdiatly after...

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Will of Richard Woodman

The nuncupative will of Richard Woodman of Lynn was sworn to in Salem quarterly court 30: 10: 1647. The following is a copy of the original on file in the office of the clerk of courts at Salem, volume I, leaf 89. The will of Richard Woodman of the Towne of Lynn defeced [deceased] as foloweth [follows] Being fpoken [spoken] to by Nicholas (Potter) to make his will Paid that he would make his will and being asked by John Gillow too whome [whom] he would giue [give] his goods faid [said] that he would giue [give] fower [four] pounds to the Elders of lynn fortie [forty] fhilings [shillings] a yeere [year], and all the reft [rest] of his goods he would giue [give] to Jofeph Redknap Richard more and (to) his mafter [master] John Gillow, equally to either of them alike and yet Jofeph Redknap he did make his executor. [execator] Witneffes [Witness] to this will John Gillow & Richard Moore witness that Jofeph Redknap is the executor John Gillow Source: The Essex Antiquarian May...

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Will of John Lowell

The following is a copy of the will of John Lowell of Newbury transcribed from the ancient copy on file in the probate office in Boston. It was proved 27: 8: 1647. The Laft [last] will & Teftament [Testament] of John Lowle Late of Newberry deceafed [deceased] made this nine & twentieth of the fowrth [forth] mounth 1647. That I John Lowle of Newberry beeing in Pfect [perfect] vnderstanding [understanding] knowing my ffrailty [frailty] doe [do] declare this to bee [be] my last will & Tefament [testament]; ftedfaftly [faithfully] beleiveing that when I goe [go] hence I shall reft [rest] in Glory through my Savior the Lord Jesus Cht [Christ]. As for the Eftate [faith] the Lord hath given me heare [here] I thus difpofe of it : I give unto my wife Elizabeth Lowle one halfe [half] of my estate whether it Consifts [comes] in Goods within or without Land Howses [houses] Cattell [cattle] Household stuffe [stuff] meddowes [meadows] land brocken [broken] or vnbrokne [unbroken] or what elfe [else] Alfoe my said wife to Chufe Twenty pownds [pounds] out of the refidewe of that eftate [estate] which Came by her mother fformerly [formerly] or latter, The reft [rest] of my eftate [estate] to be devided [divided] equally betweene [between] my Sonn [sons] John Lowle, Mary Lowle, Peter Lowle, James Lowle, Joseph Lowle, Beniamine Lowle, & Elizabeth Lowle. Alfo...

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Beverly Massachusetts Inscriptions, Ancient Burying Ground

In Memory of Mrs Mercy Thorndike, the confort of Capt. Israel Thorndike who departed this Life October 20th 1783 Æ 27. An amiable difpofition–a benevolent heart Undiffembled affections–and focial virtues adorned her life. She’s gone! the’s paft the gloomy thades of night Safe landed in the eternal realms of light. ALSO of Israel Thorndike son of Capt. Israel and Mrs Mercy Thorndike who departed this Life Novr 2d 1782 Æ. 2 Years. Here lies ye Body of Capt John Thorndick who Departed this Life March ye 24th 1760 In ye 86th Year of his Age. In Memory of Mrs John Thorndike who departed this Life July: l0th 1769: In the 69th year of his age. In Memory of Nancy Thorndike, daughr of Mr. Henry & Mrs. Eliza Thorndike who died Decr 4th 1790. aged 11 mons and 26 days. In Memory of Mr. Nichlos Thorndike who departed this Life Febr 17th 1788: In the 55th year of his age. Behold & fee as you pass by, As you are now fo once was I; As I am now you soon must be, Prepare for death & follow me. In Memory of Capt. Osmond Thorndike who departed this life May 28th 1796 Aged 35 years. Sweet foul we leave thee to thy refit Enjoy thy Fefus & thy God; Till we from bands of clay releaft Spring out & climb...

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Old Norfolk County Massachusetts Records

May 17, 1654, Jno Ward of Haverhill and wife Alice conveyed to Elizabeth Lilford of Haverhill (wife of Tho: Lilford) 4-acre house lot. Wit: Richard Littlehale and Rich: Ormsby. Ack. before Tho: Wiggin May 15, 1658. April 22, 1659, Robert Swan of Haverhill and wife Elizabeth, for £r6, conveyed to John Jonson of Haverhill 6 acres of houselot I bought of Mathias Button, bounded by Theophilus Satchwell, etc. Wit: Richard Littlehale and Mary Littlehale. Ack. before Symon Bradstreet Oct. 13, 1661. Oct. 12, 1661, Obadiah Eyer (his mark) of Haverhill and wife Hannah, for £5 l0s., conveyed to John Jonson of Haverhill 4 acres in flaggy meadow, bounded by Edward Clarke and Jno Eyer. Wit Richard Littlehale and Mary Littlehale. Ack. before Simon Bradstreet Oct. 13, 1661. April 21, 1659, William Simons (also Simmons) (his M mark) of Haverhill and wife Elizabeth, for £8 10s., conveyed to John Jonson of Haverhill 3 acres of houselot I bought of Theophilus Satchwell, bounded by Daniel Ladd, etc. Wit: Richard Littlehale and Mary Littlehale. Ack. before Simon Bradstreet Oct. 13, 1661. April 19, 1661, James Davis, sr., (his mark) and wife Cisley (her mark) of Haverhill, for £10, conveyed to George Brown of Haverhill 2 acres of my houselot on the side next grantee’s houselot. Wit: Richard Littlehale and Mary Littlehale. Ack. before Symon Bradstreet Oct. 17, 1661. Thomas Barnet (signed Barnerd;...

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The History of Miscellaneous Salem House Lots

Henry West Lot Col. John Hathorne conveyed this lot to Henry West of Salem May 19, 1699. 1Essex Registry of Deeds, hook 13, leaf 166. Mr. West died possessed of the lot in 1703, having devised it to his son Samuel West in his will, which, though well and strong, he made, “considering the many sudden deaths that are of late,” Feb. 3, 1700-1. The son Samuel built the house that subsequently occupied the site. John Higginson Lot Col. John Hathorne conveyed this lot to John Higginson, 3d, May 18, 1699. 2Essex Registry of Deeds, book 13, leaf 199. Mr. Higginson erected a house upon this lot, probably after 1700, and died possessed of it. Nathaniel Hathorne Lot This was a part of Colonel Hathorne’s field, and was conveyed by him, for ninety pounds, to his son Nathaniel Hathorne, a mariner, May 19, 1699. 3Essex Registry of Deeds, book 15, leaf 2. Mr. Hathorne conveyed the western part of the lot to Joseph Flint Sept. 28, 1702; 4Essex Registry of Deeds, book 16, leaf 45. and the middle section to Mr. Flint June 26, 1704. 5Essex Registry of Deeds, book 15, leaf 233. Mr. Hathorne removed to Gosport, Southton county, Great Britain, and died there before 1712. His widow, Sarah, married, secondly, Nathaniel Satell of Gosport, mariner, and she conveyed, as executrix, the remaining part of the lot to...

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Jeremiah Rogers House

Jeremiah Rogers House. This lot was probably granted to Rev. Hugh Peter when he was settled as pastor of the church here in 1635. He probably lived in the house that was early erected on this lot. After the close of his ministry here he returned to England; and, 8: 12mo: 1659, by his attorney Charles Gott of Wenham, for twelve pounds, he conveyed the house and lot to Benjamin Felton of Salem; 1Essex Registry of Deeds, book i, leaf 73. and about a year later was executed as a regicide upon the accession to the throne of Charles II. Mr. Felton conveyed the house and lot to Jeremiah Rogers of Salem, for sixty pounds, Nov. 29, 1681. 2Essex Registry of Deeds, book 6, leaf 33. Mr. Rogers was a wheelwright, and lived in this house for many years. Here was probably born his son, Rev. John Rogers, who became the second minister of Boxford, and to whom his father conveyed the premises, for one hundred and fifty pounds, May 1, 1717. 3Essex Registry of Deeds, book 32, leaf 8. Rev. Mr. Rogers never lived here after he acquired the title, but let the house until March 26, 1750, when, for eighteen hundred pounds, he conveyed the estate to David Britton of Salem, gentleman, who then lived in the house. 4Essex Registry of Deeds, book 96, leaf 165. The...

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John Hathorne House

John Hathorne House. This lot and all the lots between this and Summer street, north of the Corwin land, belonged to Ralph Fogg in 1659, the tract containing about two acres. Mr. Fogg returned to England, and established himself as a furrier, first in Plymouth, and subsequently in London. He died in England about March 15, 1673-4, leaving the real estate to his widow Susanna and his three sons, John, David and Ezekiel. At the request of the widow, the brothers being together in Boston May 28, 1674, David and Ezekiel released the real estate to John, who then resided in Barnstable, Devonshire, England. 1Essex Registry of Deeds, book 4, leaf 79. John Fogg released to his brother Ezekiel, who was a merchant of London, but at that time in New England, a small portion of this lot, being that part within the four dashes, for thirty pounds, Jan. 2, 1674-5, the strip being then occupied by Hilliard Veren; 2Essex Registry of Deeds, book 4, leaf 124. and Ezekiel conveyed it, still being occupied by Mr. Veren, for ten pounds, to John Marston, jr., of Salem May 21, 1676. 3Essex Registry of Deeds, book 5, leaf 22. Dea. John Marston, sr., of Salem, carpenter, conveyed it to John Hathorne, esq., of Salem, merchant, Aug. 25, 1685. 4Essex Registry of Deeds, book II, leaf 62. The remainder of this lot,...

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Estate of George Corwin House

Estate of George Corwin House, and Estate of George Corwin and Jonathan Corwin Lots. These three lots contained four acres, and were a pasture belonging to Rev. Hugh Peter, the pastor of the First church in Salem, and subsequently a regicide, early in the settlement, probably having been granted to him by the town. After his return to England, he conveyed this pasture, by his attorney, Charles Gott of Wenham, to Capt. George Corwin of Salem, merchant, July 1, 1659. 1Essex Registry of Deeds, book 1, leaf 60. Captain Corwin died Jan. 3, 1684-5, aged seventy-four. This pasture was divided between his son Jonathan and the heirs of his son John, who had died July 25, 1683, the former taking the western end of the pasture to the division line shown on the map, which he owned until his decease June 9, 1718. Jonathan was the judge who lived in the “witch house,” having succeeded his father there, and who sat upon the bench during the witchcraft trials. The heirs of John had the portion east of the division line. He was the older son, and probably at the time of his marriage, about 1660, his father erected for him the ancient house that stood where the Washington House is now located on Washington street. Apparently the title to the house and land remained in the father until his...

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Elizabeth Tawley House

The house and lot of Mrs. Elizabeth Tawley was originally the estate of Dr. George Emery, an early surgeon of Salem. He was living in Salem in 1637, owned this land in 1652, and lived in this house as early as 1657. May 1, 1677, in consideration of good will, he conveyed the house and lot to his kinswoman Elizabeth Tawley and her husband John Tawley, a mariner, the conveyance being made upon the condition that they maintain him during the remainder of his life. 1Essex Registry of Deeds, book 4, leaf 156 John Tawley died in 1690, and his widow Elizabeth and only child Elizabeth continued to live there. The daughter married Samuel Ruck before 1700, and they lived in this house, the widow Tawley boarding with them after 1703. A bedroom and pantry were added in the rear of the house when this change in the family occurred. April 21, 1708, Samuel Ruck conveyed his wife’s half interest in the premises to Mrs. Tawley, 2Essex Registry of Deeds, book jog, leaf 80. ; and, Oct. 31, 1709, Mrs. Tawley conveyed the same interest to James Ruck, for £200. 3Essex Registry of Deeds, book 21, leaf 131. This interest of James Ruck probably ultimately came into the ownership of Samuel Ruck, Mrs. Tawley’s son-in-law, who, June 6, 1728, conveyed it to his children, Samuel Ruck, jr., of Salem,...

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Ambrose Family Genealogy

The name of AMBROSE is also spelled in Essex county records Ambros and Ambross. The first of the name here was HENRY AMBROSE, born about 1613. He lived in Hampton, N. H., from 1640 to 1649, when he removed to Salisbury. He subsequently removed to Charlestown about 1652, to Boston in 1653 or 1654; and returned to Salisbury, where he died in 1658. He was made a freeman May 18, 1642; and was a house carpenter by trade. His wife Susannah survived him, and married, secondly, John Severance of Salisbury before 1664; being alive in 1670. Children: Samuel Ambrose, bapt. July 25, 1641, in Hampton. See below. EbenezerAmbrose, b. about 1642; was living in 1669. Henry Ambrose, b. June -, 1649, in Salisbury. ABIGAIL Ambrose, b. Dec. 28, 1654, in Boston; m. William Osgood of Salisbury Oct. _, 1672. SAMUEL AMBROSE, baptized in Hampton, N. H., July 25, 1641. He was a mariner, and was living in Salisbury as late as 1670. He married Hope ____, who, in 1675-8 (calling herself of “Jamico”), petitioned for divorce. Children, born in Salisbury: Abigail Ambrose, b. 12: __ 1665. Margarite Ambrose, b. 6: 12: 1668. HENRY AMBROSE, born in Salisbury, June __, 1649. He lived in Salisbury; and was a weaver. He married Susanna, 20-v. widow of Timothy Worcester, in the last week in October, 1672. They were both admitted to the...

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Genealogy of the Adams Family

Jonas Adams married Sarah Jefferds (both of Salem) (published July 5, 1729), and lived in Salem. His will was made Dec. 22, 1756; and proved May 16, 1757. He was a mariner, and after his death his widow conducted an inn. Her will was made March 20, 1780; and proved July 12, 1786. Children: Elizabeth Adams, baptized in First church Jan. 30, 1731-2 ; married Caleb Griffith of Salem April 24, 1755; and died before 1780. Sarah Adams, baptized in First church Jan. 30, 1731-2; d. young. Samuel Adams, baptized in First church March l0, 1733-4; and probably died before 1756. Sarah Adams, baptized in First church March 21, 1735-6; married Jacob Bacon Sept. 16, 1790. Jonas Adams, baptized in First church March 26, 17378; was living in 1756 ; and died before 1780. William Adams, baptized in First church May 18, 1740; married Mary Flynt of Salem March 24, 1763; and had children living in 1780, when he was probably deceased. Daniel Adams, baptized in First church May 16, 1742; married Hepzibah Batchelder of Beverly March 14, 1773; and lived in Beverly. He was a master mariner; and from 1777 to 1781 he owned the Joseph Symonds place in Boxford. Children, born in Beverly: Josiah Batchelder Adams, born Oct. 27, 1774; died at sea. Daniel Adams, born Oct. 5, 1776; Mary Leach Adams, born Oct. 10, 1778; married...

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Will Of Robert Hunter

The will of Robert Hunter, dated 5: 6mo: 1647, was proved in the Ipswich court 28: 7: 1647. The following copy is taken from the record contained in the Ipswich Deeds, volume 1, leaf 25, the original being missing. This 5th of the 6th month 1647. I Robert Hunter weak of body but of pfect memory prayfed be god doe make & ordayne this to be my laft will & Teftament. firft all my debts being paid I leave my howfe & lott to my wife Mary Hunter for Terme of her life. Item all my goods within the howfe I give to my wife Item I give unto Thomas Birkby one little Browne Heffer that corns two yeares and my fhop geare Item I give unto fome poore in the Church of Rowley ten pounds to be paid out of two mares of which ten pounds ten shillings I give to Richard Clarke Ite ten shillings to John Dresfer Item to John Burbant 108. Item to William Jackson 106. Item to Jane Grant I give 108. Item to Sifly wood 108. Item 301 to Margaret Crosfe 108. Item I give to William Stickne 208. & all my workiday clothes Item to Thomas Elethorp 108. Item I give to mris Shove 408 which I desire may be for helping her sonne when he is to ||goe|| [to] Cambridg. Item...

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