Collection: Rolls Of Mississippi Commands In The War Of 1812

Major Shoot’s Battalion of Mississippi Militia

Major Shoot’s Battalion Of Mississippi Militia Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Captain William Bate’s Company Captain Samuel Dale’s Company Captain John Jones’ Company Captain Josiah D. Lister’s Company Alexander, Jordan, private Allen, David, private Allen, Drewry, private Angle, John, private Arnold, Jesse, private Austin, Evan, first lieutenant Austin, Jeremiah, private Baimbridge, Thomas, private Bankson, John, private Bates, William, captain Benge, Harris, private Billow, Hopson, private Bilbo, James, private Booth, John, private Bosworth, Richard, sergeant Braden, James, private Brashears, Jesse, private Brown, James, private Brown, John, sergeant Brunston, Josiah, private Busby, John, private Chapman, Joseph, private Christian, Gary, sergeant Christmas, Noel, private Churchwell, James, private Coody, John, private Copeland, Isom, private Grain, Martin, private Crawford, John, private Crear, Jerrard W., second lieutenant Currie, John, private Dale, James, private Dale, Samuel, captain Davis, Simeon, private Denson, James, second lieutenant Drinkard, Allenton, private Drinkard, Francis, private Dubose, Amos, corporal Due, Perry, private Easley, Edward, private Easley, Samuel, private Emmonds, John, ensign Evans, Henry, ensign Evans, Josiah, first lieutenant...

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Major Dale’s Battalion of Mississippi Militia

Major Dale’s Battalion Of Mississippi Militia Austill, Evan, captain Bedingsfield, George, private Creaugh, Gerard W., first lieutenant Baffin, James, adjutant Dale, Samuel, major Dodd, Jessey, private Dukes, H., private Elliot, Charles, private Finley, Norris, private Fisher, Charles, private Ford, James, sergeant Foster, William, private Gentry, Elijah, private Gentry, James, sergeant Glass, John, private Hammond, Jacob, private Harbert, William, first sergeant Harrell, Hardy, private Hearn, William, corporal Hicklin, Robert, sergeant Hunt, William, private Jetton, Benedix, private Jones, Absalum, private Matlock, Thomas, private McGee, Joseph, private Miles, John, private Mosely, Thomas B., corporal Mosley, William, private Odum, Richard, private Pearson, John, sergeant Rodgers, Absolom, private Rodgers, Hays, private Simmons, David, private Schomota, , private Talbot, John, corporal Talbot, John Jr., private Talbot, Joseph, private Vaughn, John, private Wilson, Matthew, private Wilson, William, private Wilson, William H.,...

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Lieutenant-Colonel Nixon’s Regiment

Lieutenant-Colonel Nixon’s Regiment Aarons, Joshua, private Adams, Isaac, private Adams, John, private Adams, William, private Adcock, Reuben, private Alexander, Robert, Ensign Allen, William, private Allison, William, private Anderson, Absalom, private Anderson, Harriss, corporal Anderson, John, private Anderson, Robert, sergeant Anderson, Samuel, private Anding, George, private Anding, John, private Andrews, Clevers, private Andrews, Philo, quartermaster Applewhite, Stephen, corporal Armstrong, William private Arnold, James, private Arthurs, George, corporal Ashton, Henry, corporal Ashwell, Solomon, private Asque, Henry, private Babcock, Jesse, private Bagby, John, sergeant Baker, John, private Baker, Joseph, private Baldridge, Francis, private Baley, James, private Ball, Sampson E., corporal Ball, Spencer, private Ballard, Lewis, private Ballard, Nathan, private Bankston, James, private Barker, David, private Barksdale, Richard H., private Barnes, John, private Barnes, Samuel, private Barnes, Thomas, private Barnett, Joshua, private Bass, Robert, private Batchelder, Samuel, captain Bates, Elijah, private Batson, Seth, private Beauford, Bird, private Season, William, private Beaty, Thomas, corporal Beck, John, private Bell, William, private Bender, Lot, private Bennett, David, corporal Bennett, Henry, private Benson, James, private Benson, Samuel, private Berkley, Abraham, private Bernard, Heslen, private Berry, John, private Berry, Middleton, corporal Berry, Thomas, private Berry, Young, sergeant Biggs, David, corporal Biggs, James, private Bill, ,waiter Binum, Parham T., private Black, George, private Blackman, Carrol, private Blackman, Peter, corporal Block, George, private Bond, James, ensign Bond, John, captain Bond, Moses, private Bond, William, private Booth, John, private Bossley, William,...

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Lieutenant-Colonel Neilson’s Detachment of Mississippi Militia

Lieutenant-Colonel Neilson’s Detachment Of Mississippi Militia Captain David T. W. Cook’s Company Captain John Joor’s Company Captain William A. Lucas’ Company Captain Nathan H. Luse’s Company Captain Samuel K. Sorsby’s Company Captain Francis Wood’s Company Adams, Joseph, private Adams, Thomas C., sergeant Aldridge, George, private Aldridge, Sylvester, private Anden, George, private Anderson, Ephraim, private Anderson, Henry, ensign Anderson, Frederick, private Anderson, Robert C., sergeant Anderson, William, corporal Armstreat, Philip, sergeant Armstrong, William, private Arnold, Isham, private Arnold, Richard, private Applewhite, James, private Ashly, John, private Austin, John, private Austin, William, private Bacon, John, sergeant Badgett, David, private Baldridge, John, private Baldwin, Levi, private Barcley, Glass C., private Barkee, David, private Barnes, Pittkin, sergeant Barns, John, private Barren, Thomas, private Bass, Jeremiah, private Bassett, William, sergeant Baty, Francis, private Beard, Adam, private Bennett, David, private Bennett, William, private Berry, David, private Best, Abraham, private Betis, Julius, private Black, Alexander, private Boles, James, private Booker, Samuel, private Booker, William, private Boothe, Shelly, private Bosnian, Samuel, private Bowling, Jesse, private Boyd, Augustus, private Boyd, John, private Boyd, William, private Bradley, Archibald, private Bradshaw, Peter, private Bradway, Ebenezer, private Brannon, Thomas, private Brannon, William, private Brieland, Daniel, private Briley, Job, private Briscoe, Parmenas, major Brister, George, private Brown, John, private Brown, Joseph, private Brown, Lampkin W., private Brown, William, private Brown, William, private Brunaugh, Martin, sergeant Buckley, William C., private Buckman, Henry, private...

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Colonel Claiborne’s Regiment of Mississippi Militia

Colonel Claiborne’s Regiment Of Mississippi Militia Captain Gerard C. Brandon’s Company Captain William Elliott’s Company Captain Philip A. Engel’s Company Captain Jacob Guice’s Company Captain Philip Hill’s Company Captain Randal Jones’ Company Captain Zachariah Lea’s Company Captain Lewis Paimboeuf ‘s Company Captain John H. Shanks’ Company Abby, Consider, sergeant Adams, Samuel, private Aldred, Ezra, corporal Alexander, Michael G., corporal Alexander, Robert, first lieutenant Ally, Seth, private Armstreet, Aaron, private Armstrong, William, private Atwood, Thomas, private Austin, Ozias, first lieutenant Bagley, William, sergeant Baker, Lewis, private Baldridge, Alexander, private Baldwin, Hiram, first lieutenant Barkley, Samuel C., private Barrow, Francis, private Bayley, James, private Beason, William, private Beaty, James C., private Beauchamp, Baptist, private Beckworth, Jonathan, private Bedlescomb, Jeremiah, private Bell, Drury, private Bell, Joseph, sergeant Bell, Thomas, private Bell, Wilkinson, private Bender, Lott, private Bennett, William, private Bernard, William, private Berry, Joseph, corporal Berry, Martin, private Berry, Young, sergeant Bethany, Matthew, private Black, Alexander, private Black, Daniel, private Blanton, Benjamin, private Blanton, William W., first lieutenant Boatright, William, private Bolls, John, private Bond, Thomas, private Bonner, James, private Boothe, John, private Bower, George Wm., private Bowman, Richardson, first lieutenant Boyce, Peyton, private Boyd, James, private Boyd, John, private Boyd, William, private Braden, Joseph, sergeant Brady, Samuel, private Brandon, Gerard C., captain Brant, Lewis W., corporal Brashears, Benjamin, private Brashiers, James, private Brasue, Nicholas, private Brent, John, private Brice, William, private...

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Hinds’ Battalion of Cavalry, Mississippi Militia

Hinds’ Battalion Of Cavalry, Mississippi Militia Captain John Doherty’s Company Captain Henry Dunn’s Company Captain Samuel Gerald’s Company Captain James Kempe’s Company Captain John G. Richardson’s Company Captain John J. W. Ross’ Company Captain Jedediah Smith’s Company Alexander, Robert, private Alford, Robert, private Alfred (nigger), servant Allen, , servant Allred, John, private Anderson, Benjamin, corporal Anderson, John, private Anderson, William, private Andrews, Henry, sergeant Anthony, , servant Austin, Ozias, sergeant Bald, Sampson, private Barnett, John, private Baty, Thomas, private Benjamin (nigger), servant Benoist, Robert, sergeant Berry, Thomas, private Bettis, Richard, Jr., private Bill, , servant Bingaman, Ad, private Binum, Francis A., sergeant Bisland, James, dragoon Bisland, Peter, first lieutenant Bland, Isaac, private Blanton, William, private Boardman, Charles, cornet Boardman, Francis, private Boatner, William J., first sergeant Bob (Captains Boy), private Bolls, James, private Boone, John, private Boone, Joseph H., private Booth, Joseph, private Boston, , servant Bowie, John F., sergeant major Bowling, Arthur, private Bowman, Ira, private Braden, Joseph, private Bradford, David, private Bradford, James M., private Bradford, Leonard, corporal Brashears, Nathan, private Brice, James, private Bridges, William, private Brooks, Edward, dragoon Brophy, John, private Brown, James, private Bruin, Preston, private Brunson, Daniel, private Bryant, William, private Buck, William, dragoon Burch, Washington, private Burnett, James, private Burnett, John, private Burrows, William, corporal Butler, Aaron, private Cain, Isaiah, private Cain, James, private Calaham, John, private Caldwell, George, private Calvett, Saul,...

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Lieutenant Drury M. Allen’s Company of Mounted Gunmen

Lieutenant Drury M. Allen’s Company Of Mounted Gunmen Allen, Drury M., lieutenant Box, James, private Briant, John, private Brown, Alexander, private Brown, Thomas G., private Crage, John, private Dublin, James, private Ferrell, David, private Ice, Thomas, private Lancaster, Aaron, private Lancaster, Thomas, private Landers, Henry, private Leonax, Nathan,...

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Carson’s Regiment of Mississippi Militia

Carson’s Regiment Of Mississippi Militia Adcock, John, private Alexander, Joseph, private Alexander, Jourdan, private Allen, David, private Austill, Jeremiah, sergeant Baimbridge, James, private Baldwin, Benjamin, quartermaster sergeant Baldwin, William, private Bates, John, private Bazer, Edward, corporal Bazer, Thomas, private Bemus, James, corporal Binge, Harris, sergeant Bird, William, private Blackwell, David, private Black well, James, private Bowie, John, private Boykin, Burrel, private Boykin, Kinchin, private Bridges, Benjamin, private Brown, James E., private Brown, Solomon, ensign Browning, William, private Buchanan, George, surgeon Buford, John, private Busby, John, private Busclark, William, sergeant Campbell, I. H., private Carmichael, William, coporal Carney, John W., private Carson, Adam, corporal Carson, Joseph, colonel Carter, Hezekiah, private Cartwright, Peter, captain Cavenah, William, private Churchwell, James, private Cobb, James, private Cochran, William, sergeant Coleman, Jesse, private Cooper, John, private Cox, Colin, private Crane, Jeremiah, private Crane, John, private Crane, Lewis, Jr., private Crane, Lewis, Sr., private Curry, John, private Curry, Willie, private Daffin, James, private Dawkins, Silas, private Denly, James, private Denly, John, private Denson, Isaac, first sergeant Denson, Joseph, private Devereux, Charles H., captain Diven, John S., private Dooly, John, private Dupreast, James, private Espey, Wiley, sergeant Evans, Jehu, private Evans, John L., private Evans, Josiah, sergeant Fair, James, private Fisher, Samuel, private Foster, Levy, private Fox, John, private Fox, Washington, private Gaines, Joab, private Garvin, John, private Gillespy, Joseph, private Gilmore, James, private Glover, Richard, private...

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Captain Welkins’ Rifle Company

Captain Welkins’ Rifle Company Alexander, William S., first lieutenant Campbell, Anthony, first lieutenant Benjamin, Adam L., first sergeant Anderson, Thomas, corporal Baillie, Alexander, private Banks, George D., private Barland, Adam, private Barland, William, private Ben, , servant Brice, William, private Brown, Archibald, private Burgett, John, private Bynum, Francis A., private Bynum, Wade H. T., private Cock, Pleasant B., private Cook, James K., private Dunlap, Joseph, private Durr, Jacob, private Gloss, William, private Godiew, Firman, private Goodwyn, James T., private Grant, William, private Hall, Nicholas C., private Hill, Moses Lloyd, corporal Hugot, Joseph, private Jackson, Washington, sergeant Lehman, William E., private Mack, , sergeant McAdams, David, private McCracken, George, private McCreary, Hugh, private McElroy, John, private McQuiddy, Thomas, sergeant Metcalf , John, sergeant Morrison, Joseph, private Nichols, Philo, private O’Neal, Anthony W., private Paimboeuf , Lewis, private Patterson, Samuel, corporal Pomett, Joseph, private Purnell, John M., private Quiglis, Joseph, private Reeves, Marmaduke, private Robinson, J. W., private Routh, John, private Rutherford, Joseph H., corporal Scott, Robert, private Searcy, Rob, private Shattuck, Benjamin L., private Smith, Ralph, private Smoot, Thomas N., sergeant Sneed, Jesse, private Sterne, Peyton, private Surgett, James, private Thompson, William, private Tremoulet, B., private Vansant, Richard, private Vidal, Joseph, private West, G. B., private Wilkins, James C., captain Williams, Hugh R., private Winston, Samuel L., ensign Woodward, Daniel,...

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Captain John A. Allen’s Company of Mississippi Militia

Captain John A. Allen’s Company Of Mississippi Militia Allen, John A., captain Baker, Nathan, private Baker, William, private Baltimore, , waiter Bayles, Jessee, private Bayles, John, private Bayles, Wyley, drummer Bell, Samuel, private Bird well, George W., sergeant Bland, John, corporal Bratton, Hugh, private Bratton, Martin, private Cheatham, Wyatt, sergeant Cock, Jessee, private Cock, John, private Cray ton, Gloud W., corporal Dalton, Samuel, private Galyan, Abner, fifer Galyan, Laybourn, fifer Hodges, Elison, private Hogland, Anthony, private Hooker, John, corporal Houston, James, private Jones, Jeremiah, private Long, James, private McCall, Alexander, private McCall, Robert, private McKee, Robert, private Moses, , waiter Parr, John, corporal Parton, Leonard, private Paulley, Elijah, private Riddle, George, private Riddle, John, private Scaggs, Wyley, private Seals, Anthony, private Seals, Bluford, private Smith, John A., private Smith, William, private Staggs, Zachariah, drummer Taylor, Harden, sergeant Taylor, Joel, corporal Townsend, Eli, private Townsend, Johnson, corporal Vaughn, Peter, private Walker, Israel, private Wells, John, private White, James A., private White, Mitchel, private White, William,...

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Captain Green’s Company of Mississippi Militia

Captain Green’s Company Of Mississippi Militia Anderson, John, private Armstreet, Aaron, private Aswell, Hiram, private Barclay, Abraham, private Bass, William, private Beck, David, sergeant Bob, , servant Boots, John, private Bradshaw, Willis, private Brown, Elisha, corporal Brown, John A., private Brown, Roland, private Brown, Wiley, private Burge, Neil, private Burns, James, private Burton, Charles A., private Burton, Pleasant, private Burton, Thomas, private Cain, William, private Callihan, David M., second lieutenant Carter, James, private Caston, William R., private Clawson, Thomas, private Cockram, John, private Cole, William, private Comly, Charles, private Conner, James, corporal Cotton, Eli, private Coursy, James, private Crow, John, private Crow, Levi, private Curry, Jacob, private Daugherty, James, private Davis, John, private Davis, John, third lieutenant Dickson, Hugh, private Dixon, Thomas, sergeant Dublin, , servant Eby, William, private Falls, John, private Fletcher, Lionel, private Freeman, James, private Fuller, Benjamin, third lieutenant Funk, Jacob, private Galbreath, William, private Germany, Washington, private Gibson, George, private Gibson, Jesse, private Green, James, captain Grimlair, Henry, private Hails, John, private Hamberlin, Jacob, private Hamberlin, Stephen, private Harrigill, Benjamin, sergeant Hawthorn, William, private Healy, Daniel, corporal Henly, Nery, private Hess, Nelson L, sergeant Hewitt, Jonathan, private Hogg, William, private House, Henry, private Hudnal, Ezekiel, private Hutchins, Jesse, private Irby, Hiram, private Issue, John, private Jackson, David, corporal James, Edward, private Jeffries, John, private Jennings, Hiram, private Joe, , servant Johnston, Thomas, private Jones, George...

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Captain Foster’s Company of Mounted Infantry

Captain Foster’s Company Of Mounted Infantry Foster, Arthur, captain Callier, Robert, Lieutenant Foster, William, sergeant Wood, John, sergeant Arnold, Benjamin, private Blackwell, David, private Blackwell, James, private Brashears, Samuel, private Brewster, James, private Cobb, James, private Dassa, James, private Dean, John, private Eades, John, private Hamrick, Burrel, private Hays, Mark, private Herrald, H., private Jones, William, private Laughlin, William, private Mathews, Samuel, private Roberts, L., private Simmons, Elisha, private Simmons, James, private Smith, Samuel, private Stean, Newberry, private Willson, James, private Wilson, William,, private Woodard, John,...

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