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Collection: Proposals Made by certain Cherokee Indians

Cherokee Proposals for Cession of their Land

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now DECEMBER, 11, 1820 My DEAR WHITE BROTHER: I understand by our messengers that your are resolved to do any thing for us respecting our petition, and, if it is the case, I want you to do every thing that is in your power for us. PATH KILLER, The King of the Cherokee Nation.   CREEK PATH TOWN, Jan. 3d, 1821 Address of the Chiefs and Warriors of Creek Path Town, in the Cherokee nation, to Major General Andrew Jackson. DEAR SIR: Having learned by our messenger, George Fields, your friendly disposition towards us, your having told him to inform us that you would use your influence to see justice done to us with respect to the land we now live on, we address you with full confidence that you will not see us wronged out of what we consider our just right by any, persons whatever. Unhappily, differences exist between us and the upper part of the nation–they claim the right of depriving us of our lands when they think fit to do so; they allow us no voice in the national councils, and, in fact, treat us, in a manner, as intruders. We now appeal to you to use your influence to have us reinstated in the enjoyments and privileges we formerly possessed as a...

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