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Famous Hunts of America, Past Generations

Following are some of the prominent Hunts in America, of past generations: Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now BENJAMIN FANEUIL HUNT: lawyer; b. Watertown, Mass., 1792; d. New York City, 1857; elected to State House of Representatives, South Carolina, 1818; one of the “main props” of the Union Party in S. C. 1830-4; noted for his eloquence. CHARLES SEDGWICK HUNT: journalist; b. Litchfield, Conn., 1842; d. New York City, 1876; at beginning of Civil War he was acting master on the war sloop “Juniata”; reporter for the New York “Tribune”; financial editor of New York “Standard”; Albany correspondent of the “Tribune”, and on editorial staff of New York “Times”. EDWARD BISSELL HUNT: military engineer; b. Livingston County, N. Y., 1822 ; d. Brooklyn, N. Y., 1863 ; graduated U. S. Military Academy, 1845 ; employed as assistant professor of civil and military engineering at West Point, 1846-9, and afterwards in coast survey and construction of fortifications and lighthouses; instrumental in preventing forts of Southern Florida from...

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Famous American Hunts of 19th and 20th Century

ALBERT CLARENCE HUNT: b. Clarksville, Ark., 1888; s. of William T. H-; grad M. Mil. Acad., Mexico, Mo., 1906; admitted to Okla. Bar, 1909 and began practice at Wagoner; dist. judge 21st Jud. Dist., Okla., 1921-25 assn. justice Supreme Court of Okla., Term 1925-31. Democrat; Mem. M. E Ch. Add. State Capitol, Okla. City, Okla. ANDREW MURRAY HUNT: consulting engr.; b. Sioux City, Ia., 1859; s. of Andrew Murray H-; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1879; unm.; engr. officer or several vessels of U. S. Navy; mem. Naval Steel Inspn. Bd., having charge of chew. work of inspn. and started the cliem. lab. at Mare Island Nay Yard; resigned from Navy, 1894, and engaged as consulting engr. in Sar Francisco; now pres. Peyton Hunt Co., Inc., consulting mgrs. Office: 350 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. ARTHUR PRINCE HUNT: clergyman, educator. See Vol. 13, Who’s Who (1924-25). BENJAMIN WEEKS HUNT: banker; b. Chappaqua, West Chester Co., N. Y. 1847; s. of Benjamin Weeks H-; D. Sc., U. of Ga., 1922; in banking business at Eatonton since 1891; pres. Middle Ga. Bank; known as animal and plant breeder; curator Eatonton Publ. Library; mem. Ga. Bankers’ Assn. and Soc. of Friends. Home: Eatonton, Ga. CAROLINE LOUISA HUNT: home economist; b. Chicago, Ill., 1865; dau. of Homer Conkey H-; A. B., Northwestern U., 1888; dietary studies in Chicago; for U. 9. Dept. of Agr., 1894-96; teacher...

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Hunt Officers in the Continental Army

HUNT, ABRAHAM (Mass.): Adjutant of Gerrish’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; 2nd Lieutenant and Adjutant 25th Continental Infantry, 1st January to 31st December, 1776; Captain 1st Massachusetts, 1st January, 1777; resigned 31st August, 1780. HUNT, DAVID (N. Y.) : Private 2nd New York, 5th May 1778, to 17th February 1779; Regimental Quartermaster 5th New York, 1st July 1780; retired 1st January 1781. (Died 1819.) HUNT, EPHRAIM (Mass.): Ensign of Jackson’s Additional Continental Regiment, July, 1777; 2nd Lieutenant, 1st May 1778; regiment designated 16th Massachusetts 23rd July 1780; transferred to 9th Massachusetts, 1st January 1781; 1st Lieutenant; 9th August 1781; transferred to 4th Massachusetts, 12th January 1782, and served to close of war. (Died 16tH October 1805.) HUNT, JESSE (N. C.): Captain North Carolina Militia, 1778. HUNT, JONATHAN (Vt.): Lieutenant-Colonel Vermont Militia in 1776 and 1777. HUNT, JOSEPH (Va.): Hospital Surgeon’s Mate, 28th June 1775, to May, 1776. HUNT, NATHANIEL (N. J.): Colonel New Jersey Militia in 1776. HUNT, OLIVER (Mass.): 2nd Lieutenant 1st Massachusetts, 1st January, 1777; 1st Lieutenant, November 1777, resigned 4th May 1870 HUNT, SAMUEL (N. H.) : Lieutenant-Colonel New Hampshire Militia, 1777-1778. HUNT, SETH (Mass.): Private in Lexington Alarm, April 1775; Regimental Quartermaster of Fellows Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1.775. HUNT, STEPHEN (N. J.): Colonel New Jersey Militia, 1776. HUNT, THOMAS (Mass.): Sergeant in Captain Craft’s Company of Minute Men at Lexington and Concord,...

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James Henry Leigh Hunt

JAMES HENRY LEIGH (1784-1859) , essayist, critic, poet: b. Southgate, Middlesex; s. Isaac H., descendant from one of the oldest settlers in Barbadoes; an article in the “Examiner” on the savagery of military floggings led to a prosecution, 1811; after the acquittal Shelley sent from Oxford a sympathetic note of congratulation; he was put in prison at Surrey for an article which described, in very unflattering words, the real appearance and character of the regent; with his invincible cheerfulness he had the walls of the room papered with a trellis of roses, the ceiling painted with sky and clouds, the windows furnished with Venetian blinds, and an unfailing supply of flowers; he had books, busts and a pianoforte; he was not debarred from the society of his wife and friends; Charles Lamb declared there was no other such room, except in a fairy tale; Moore, a frequent visitor, brought Byron with him, and Hunt’s intimacy with Byron was thus begun, 1813; all through his imprisonment he edited the “Examiner”; left prison, 1815, and went to live at Hampstead, where Shelley was his guest, 1816; Charles Cowden Clarke introduced Keats to him, and Hunt was the means of bringing Keats and Shelley together for the first time; an article by Hunt on “Young Poets”, published in the “Examiner”, Dec. 1816, first made the genius of Shelley and Keats known to...

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Hunt Family of Boreatton

A101 THOMAS HUNT, of Gouldstone, Cheswardine, Salop: m. Elizabeth, dau. of Humphrey Gouldstone. A102 RICHARD, of Shrewsbury, alderman and bailiff, 1613, 1616, 1622, 1631: m. Oct. 10. 1598, Elinor Cooke. A103 THOMAS, of Betton Strange, Salop; high sheriff, 1656; Member of Parliament, 1657. A104 ROLAND, of Boreatton, Salop; high sheriff, 1652; baptized May 28,1629. A105 THOMAS, of Boreatton; high sheriff, 1718; baptized Oct. 29, 1669. A106 THOMAS, of Boreatton: b. Mar. 11, 1704. (1) Thomas: buried 1766. (2) Rowland-A107. (3) George: 1756. (4) Rev. Edward, M. A.: Jan. 24, 1759. A107 ROWLAND, of Boreatton; J. P., B. A.: b. Nov. 4, 1752. (1) Rowland-A108, (2) Rev. George, M. A., Oxon: Aug. 15, 1785. (A) Right Hon. George W.: July 30, 1825. (a) George E.: b. Feb. 24, 1859. 1. George W., Captain in British Army A. George W: b. Oct., 1911. (3) Rev. Thomas, Rector of West Felton, Co. Salop: b. Dec. 12, 1786 He had many descendants. (4) Lieutenant Edward: Feb. 26, 1788. (5) John, in British Navy: Dec. 12, 1789. (6) Susannah F.: d. Jan. 19, 1866. (7) Earah Elizabeth: d. 1825. A108 ROWLAND, of Boreatton, high sheriff of Salop, 1830: b. Jan 13, 1784. (1) Rowland-A109. (2) Thomas E. L.: June 15, 1830. (3) Annabella E.: d.1882. A109 ROWLAND, of Boreatton Park, Salop, and Kibworth Hall, co. Leicester: b. Nov. 8, 1828. (1) Rowland-A110. (2) Edward...

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Hunt Family of Ballysinode

B111 HENRY HUNT, Esq., of Gosfield, in Essex; high sheriff of that co.: m. Jane de Vere, of the noble House of Oxford; had issue, John, Henry., Dorothy and Jane. The eldest son-B112. B112 JOHN, Captain in the Army, temp. Charles I; one of “The ’49 Officers”; granted lands in the barony of Talbots Town, co.Wicklow, in part satisfaction for his services in Ireland, 1667; s. by his son-B113. B113 VERE, Esq. of Williamstown, co. Limerick; sold the lands granted to his father in the co. Wicklow, and purchased other estates m the co. Limerick. (1) John, of Glangoole, co. Tipperary, his heir: b. 1633; will made Oct. 1736, proved 1737; d. 1736, aged 103 yrs.; m. (1st) the dau. of Rev. John Hicks, and had, with three daus., (1) Alice, (2) Susan, (3) Gertrude, four sons, (A) Vere Hunt-B114. (B) William. (a) John, (b) Phineas, (c) Thomas. (C) John. (D) Daniel. John, of Glangoole, m. (2ndly) Miss Bowles, by whom he had further issue of eight daus., Elizabeth (Mrs. Foster), Anne (Mrs. Odell), Mary (Mrs. Sprigg), Penelope (Mrs. Halpin), Rebecca, Lucy, Dorothea, Ameba (all provided for in their father’s will), and four sons, (E) Thomas. (F) Henry. (G) James. (H) George. (2) Henry-B116. B114 VERE (Rev.) of Glangoole: d. intestate; administration granted to his widow, Sept. 1, 1759; s. by his eldest son. (1) Vere-B115. (2) Henry. (A)...

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Early American Hunt Families

Edward Hunt of Amesbury Massachusetts 1 EDWARD HUNT: d. Dec. 23, 1727. John-3. Samuel-5. Nathaniel-6: b. Sept. 27, 1693. 3 JOHN: m. Dec. 5, 1705. Jacob-12. 5 SAMUEL: m. Oct. 7, 1714; b. Oct. 3. 1690. Nathen-21: b. Sept. 4, 1716. Daniel-24: b. Apr. 12, 1723. Ebenezer-26: b. Aug. 2, 1727. Isaiah-27: b. Nov. 15, 1730. Zebedee-30: 11-14-1736. Elias-32: 1747. 6 NATHANIEL: Philip-34: 11-27-1720. Moses-35: 3-3-1721. Nathaniel-36: 9-11-1723. Henry-38. 8 EPHRIAM : m. 12-16-1710. Zebedee-52: 8-8-1727. Moses-54. Nathaniel-55. 9 ICHABOD: of Gorham. Me. Ephriam-57, Ichabod-58, William-59. 21 NATHAN: Joseph-70, Nathan-71. 24 DANIEL: Joshua-75, Nehemiah-77, Henry-78, Daniel-79. Zebulon-80. 38 HENRY: Henry (b. 8-29-1749)-121, Abner-122, Moses-123, Stephen-123. 51 WILLIAM: Enoch-135 (b. 1-1-1760). 55 NATHANIEL: Nathaniel-158, William-159. 57 EPHRIADZ: Francis-163 (b. 6-3-1773). 58 ICHABOD: Archelaus 5-178 (b. 9-12-1785). 75 JOSHUA : Worcester-203 (b. 8-14-1799). 77 NEHEMIAH: Reuben-205, Robert-206, Philip-207. 78 HENRY: Caleb-215 (b. 1782). 79 DANIEL: James-219 (b. 10-12-1806). 80 ZEBULON: Aaron-221, Nathan-222, Daniel-223. 121 HENRY: bliver-237 (b. 1782) . 122 ABNER: Daniel-250 (b. 1779). 123 MOSES: Henry-260. 130 STEPHEN: Henry-269, John-273, Orlando-275, Ebenezer W.-276. 135 ENOCH: William 292 (b. 7-18-1782). 158 NATHANIEL: Nathaniel-310. 159 WILLIAM: William Henry (9-1-1802). 163 FRANCIS: Francis-318 (7-20-1796), Elias-319 (6-2-1798), Merrill-323 (1-22-1807), John M.-325 (4-20-1811), Seward-330 (7-31-1823). 178 ARCHELAUS~ S.: Joseph H.-350 (8-8-1820), Eugene L.-353 (3-6-1825), Hezekiah W.-355 (2-15-1830), Homer-356 (4-19-1831). 205 REUBEN: Ichabod-370, Jacob E.-371, Jabez-373, James-275. 215 CALEB: Caleb Seaver-390, Horace-391 (2-24-1825), William Prescott-392 (1-14-1827),...

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The Hunt Coat of Arms

A Coat of Arms is an emblem which is displayed by titled persons; persons of royal blood, and their descendants. Coats of Arms were originally used for purposes of identification and recognition on the field of battle, as well as in civil life. It is claimed by some writers that Coats of Arms, in a crude form, were used by Noah’s sons after the flood. There are records of other Coats of Arms, in one crude form or another, at different periods of ancient history. Heraldry, however, as we know it today, did not become of much importance until soon after the invasion of England by William the Conquerer, A. D. 1066. Heraldry became of general interest at about the time of the Crusades. The Hunt Coat of Arms shown on the cover of this volume has been in use by the Hunt family for many centuries. It has been especially used by the Hunts of Devonshire (ante 1500), the Hunts of Longnor, co. Salop, and other branches of the family. This is the oldest Hunt Coat of Arms in existence, and is the one that is most generally used by the Hunt family. Other Hunt Coats of Arms created since this one bear a resemblance to it. The motto of the Hunt Family is Semper Fidelis (“Always faithful”). This particular motto was so pleasing and popular that it...

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Hunt Family Genealogy

Hunt Family Genealogy: A book, written by Henry Seaver, which provides a quick study into the genealogies of the Hunt Family – English and American. Reliable authorities have the following to say in regard to the origin and meaning of the name “Hunt”: “Huntsman. As Hunter the name of the office remains, a surname; shortened also to Hunt. Hunt-`to pursue,’ and is applied to the sports of the chase-to follow game. Old Norse-Hundi (a dog), Norman French-le Huant, German-Hund, Hundt, Dutch-Hunt, Welsh-Hund, Hunti. It may not be known to all our “Hunts” that theirs, the shorter form, was the most familiar term in use; hence the number that at present exist. We are told in the `Knight’s Tale’ of the-`Hunte and horne, and houndes him beside’; while but a little further on he speaks of-`The hunte ystrangled with the wilde heres.’ “

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