Collection: History of Victoria County Ontario

History of Victoria County Ontario

The Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History written by Watson Kirkconnell in 1921 provides a vivid look into the details of pioneer life in the Victoria County area of Ontario. The data extracted from that manuscript which contains genealogical value has been presented here. It consists of military history and records for Victoria County and lists and biographical details of early pioneers. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA...

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Original Patentees, not on original farm, Eldon Township, Ontario, Canada

The following 99 patentees are represented on farms other than those originally held: John Bell Duncan Brown Frederick Brown Angus Cameron Archibald Cameron Donald Cameron Ewen Cameron James Cameron John Cameron Lachlan Cameron David Campbell Duncan Campbell John D. Campbell James Campbell Hugh Campbell George Campbell Peter Campbell William Campbell John Collins Walter Coulter Wm. Dixon Wm. Dunn Angus Ferguson Alex. Ferguson Israel Ferguson Donald Fraser Thomas Fraser Hector Frazer John Fry Donald Gilchrist James Gilchrist John Gilchrist Alex. Gillanders Dugald Gillespie John Gillies John Gilmour Donald Grant Finlay Grant John Grant Roderick Grant Wm. Grant Dougald Mathieson Wm. Mitchell Alex. Munro James Munro Thomas Munro John Murray Neil Murray Alex. McAlpine Donald McArthur Margaret McCorquodale Angus McCuaig Angus McDonald Donald McDonald Finnan McDonald Ronald McDonald Thomas McDonald John McDougall Neil McDougall Eachern McEachern Farquhar McEachern John McEachern Kenneth McEwan Peter McEwan Archibald McFadyen John McFadyen John McInnes Allan McInnis Donald McInnis Alex. McIntyre Angus McIntyre Archibald McIntyre Andrew McIntyre John McIntyre Alex.McKay John McKay Alex. McLean Hector McLean John McLean Angus McLeod John McMillan Duncan McNabb Archibald McPhail Andrew McPherson Lachlan McQuarrie Donald McRae Duncan McRae Farquhar McRae John Smith John Sutherland Jr. John Sutherland Sr. John Thornton Wm. Walker Wm. Williamson Benjamin Wilson James Wilson John Wilson Wm. Wright Richard...

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45th detachment from Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

The personnel of the 45th detachment from Lindsay and the surrounding district was as follows: Major John Hughes Capt. J. C. Grace Lieut. George E. Laidlaw Color-Sgt. McMurchy Sergeants Christie and Holtorf Corporals McKee and Hall Privates Barton Bennett Brown Bunting Charlton Crawford Fishley Fryer Gregory Gain Gamble Galbraith Henry Hepburn Higgins Irwin Jeffrey John Just Kayley Keegan Keele Latimer Lee McDonald Moore Moyse Pratt Porter Savage Skinner Smith R.. Smith S. Turner Veitch Williamson Wilson J. Wilson W....

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Patentee Survivals in Somerville, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals. The following 13 patentees farms in Somerville remain with the original families: Ralph Byrne, VIII 3 John Coulter, II 2 Wm. Caudill, FR 12 George Eades, II 24 John Fell, I 13-14 Edward Hopkins, I 7 and II 6 Wm. Mason, FR 10 Donald Murray, FR 53 Thomas Smith, I 12 Isaac Watson, FR 5 James White, FR 55 Ann Wilson, XIII 7 William Young, VII...

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Victoria County Soldier Dead

Adam, Charles, Private, Infantry, Lilidsay. Aidous, Thos. Grenville, Private, Infantry, Fenelon Falls. Alldred, Wilbert Phillip, Lance Corporal, Infantry, Bobcaygeon. Alien, J., Battalion Sergt. Major, Infantry, Lindsay. Allin, E. C., Lieutenant, Infantry, Lindsay. Alton, W. R., Private, Infantry, Victoria Road. Arscott, Thos. Albert, Private, Infantry, Bobcaygeon. Akester, Geo. Wilbert, Private, Infantry, Fenelon Falls. Anderson, Wm. Kay, Lieutenant, Infantry, Lindsay. Andrews, Harry Wm., Private, Infantry, Lindsay. Angiers, Patrick Herbert, Private, Infantry, Coboconk. Arnold, Oliver, Private, Infantry, Mariposa Tp. Bailey, Joseph Paget (M.M.) Lieutenant, Infantry, Lindsay. Bailey, W. E., Private, Infantry, Bexley. Barge, Alfred Arthur, Private, Infantry, Mariposa Tp. Barjarow, Tracy, Private, Infantry, Coboconk. Bateman, Russell Albert, Private, Infantry, Kirkfield. Beecroft, Harvey, Private, Infantry, Fenelon Falls. Bester, Robert, Private, Infantry, Omemee. Bole, Clarence H., Private, Infantry, Woodville. Boucher, William, Private, Infantry, Mariposa Tp. Boyd, Mossom Richard, Lieutenant, Infantry, Bobcaygeon. Boyd, Thornton Brideman, Private, Infantry, Bobcaygeon. Brady, Thos. Edw., Private, Forestry Corps, Lindsay. Brimmell, Albert M., Private, Srvs., Little Britain. Brooks, Edwin A., Private, Infantry, Bobcaygeon. Brown, H., Private, Infantry, (C.M.R.) Omemee. Budd, James John, Private, Infantry, Burnt River. Byng, George, Private, Infantry, Bobcaygeon. Cameron, Alexander, Private, Infantry, Lindsay. Campbell, Alexander, A. L. Cpl., Infantry, Cameron. Campbell, John, Corporal, Infantry, Woodville. Campbell, M. Ross, Private, Infantry, Argyle. Campbell, Russell A., Sapper, Field Engineers, Kirkfield. Carew, Robert, Private, Infantry, Burnt River. Chambers, Allister, Private, Infantry, Cambray. Castle, George, Private, Infantry, Mariposa Tp. Clare, Stephen,...

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Original Patentees, not on original farm Somerville, Ontario, Canada

Descendants of the following 18 patentees are in the township but not on the original holdings: James Blackwell Benjamin Burtchaell George Cavanagh Joseph Eades Christopher Fell Amos Feren Eli Feren James Mitchell Alex. Murray Thomas Murray Robert Magahey Henry McGee Roderick O’Brien Alexander Rettie George Rumney Richard Stewart John Taylor James...

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Municipal Officials, Lindsay, Victoria County, Ontario, Canada

The first town council met in a frame town hall on the northeast corner of Kent Street and Victoria Avenue on July 20, 1857. The civic officials at this beginning of time were as follows: Mayor, Robert Lang Reeve, Foster Cain Councilors, Wm. Thornhill, David Brown, Jeremiah O’Leary, J. Healey, H. G. Clarke, James Walsh, and J. McCarthy Clerk and Treasurer, T. A. Hudspeth Chief of Police, John Douglass The mayors from that time until the present have been as follows: 1857, 1859-61, Robert Lang 1858, James McKibben and William Thornhill 1862-63, 1865, Thomas Keenan 1864, Wm. McDonell 1866-68, A. Lacourse 1869-70, David Brown 1871-72, George Downer 1873, John Dobson 1874-75, L. McGuire 1876-77, Thos. W. Poole 1878-80, 1886, Col. James Deacon 1881-82, F. C. Taylor 1883-85, J. W. Wallace 1887-90, Thomas Walters 1891, 1896-1900, Robert Smyth 1892-93, 1905, Duncan Ray 1894-95, Henry Walters 1901-02, George Ingle 1903-04, J. H. Sootheran 1906-07, Dr. A. E. Vrooman 1908-10, James B. Begg 1911, 1913-15, R. M. Beal 1912, Dr. J. W. Wood 1916, D. J. McLean 1916-18, Richard Kylie 1919-20, B. L. McLean 1921, John...

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Patentee Survivals in Laxton Township, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals. The following 26 Laxton patentees are still represented on the original farms: Augustine Angers, XI 2 Gideon Bailey, III 5 Mary Bailey, IV 7 Alexander Boyce, XI 12 Peter Burgess, IV 11 Edward Butterworth, I 8 and II 4 James Campbell, VIII 7 Edward Commerford, III 13 Edward Elson, VII 7 Michael Foley, I 13 Frank Hero, XI 1 Richard Hoskin, XI, 11 Elizabeth Martin, IX 6 George Martin, VIII 6 Jesse Parkin, IX 12 G. M. Perkins, XI 5 John Perkins, XI 5 Wm. Perkins, XI 5 Edward Ryan, V 8 Henry Southern, V 5 and 7 Robert Staples, VI 2 Edward Stephens, IX 8 Cornelius Sullivan, III 10-11 James Wakelin, IX 2 Isaac Wicks, X 11 Wm. Winterburn, VII...

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Persisting Pioneer Families in Emily, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals. The farms of the following 63 Emily pioneers were granted to them by the Crown and still remain in the same family: Moses Begley, X 16 David Best, 112 Henry Best, 113 James Boate, V 22 William Boate, V 22 John Callaghan, XIII 9 Patrick Callaghan, VII 7 John Carroll, VII 16 Timothy Carroll, VII 16 Martin Carroll, VIII 10 Michael Costello, X 10 Timothy Dorgan, XI 14 Bartholomew Downey, IX 6 Thomas Fee, V 12 William Fee, V 12 Humphrey Finley, I 15 Dennis Fitzpatrick, VIII 12 James Flaherty, IX 22 Thomas Flaherty, IX 22 Daniel Flynn, IX 10 Michael Flynn, IX 10 William Ford, II 8 George Franks, VII 22 Martin Harrington, XI 8 Timothy Heenan, XII 3 Patrick Herlihey Sr., XII 14 Patrick Herlihey Jr., XII 14 Patrick Hickey, X 10 Michael Houlihan, XII 7 Henry Jackson, II 18 David Kennedy XIII 3 and XIV 3 Wm. Kennedy, XIV 2 Wm. Laidley, IV 3 James Madigan, XII 13 Michael Madigan, XII 13 John Milloy, VIII 3 Peter Milloy, VIII 3 John Mitchell, IV 13 Timothy Morrisey, X 17 Patrick Murtha, XIII 13 Edward Morrisey, IX 14 Michael McAuliffe, IX 20 John McCarrell, III 18 John McFeeters, XIV 17 William McGahey, XII 2 Samuel McGee, II,...

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Patentees still in Emily, Ontario, Canada

The family names of the following 145 original patentees are still to be found in Emily but not on the original farms: Edward Bailey, David Balfour James Balfour William Barrett James Best John Best Wm. Best John Blackwell Wm. Bradley Cornelius CaIlaghan Jeremiah Callaghan Samuel Carew Thomas Carew Edmond Callaghan Charles Chambers Patrick Clancy John Clark John Collins Michael Collins Dennis Connell George Connell John Connell Patrick Connell Samuel Cottingham William Cottnigham Samuel Davidson Daniel Donoghue Dennis Donoghue Maurice Donoghue John Dorgan Francis Duffy Thomas Elliott Robert English William Elliott Henry Fee Samuel Ferguson Daniel Fitzpatrick Patrick Fitzpatrick John Flynn Terence Flynn Michael Flaherty Patrick Flaherty John German Hugh Graham Abraham Groves Thomas Groves David Guiry Sarah Hamilton Abraham Henderson David Henderson Francis Henderson James Henderson Robert Henderson Thomas Henderson William Henderson Dennis Hennessy Dennis Houlihan Wm. Houlihan Anthony Hunter Thomas Houlihan William Irwin John Jackson Michael Jackson Robert Jackson Andrew Jamieson Samuel Jamieson Henry Jones Hugh Jones Humphrey Jones Adam Jones James Jones John Jones Robert Jones James Laidley James Lang William Lang John Latchford Michael Lowes Richard Lowes Geo. Miller John Miller Wm. Miller Joseph Mills Wm. Mills John Magee George Mitchell James Mitchell Jeremiah Mitchell Robert Mitchell Thomas Mitchell Wm. Mitchell Zachariah Mitchell Henry Moore John Moore James Moore Thomas Moore David Mulcahey Michael Mulcahey Wm. Mulcahey James Murray Peter Murtha Martin McAuliffe Edward McCall Isaiah...

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Patentee Survivals in Carden, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals. The following 41 Carden patentees farms are still held by their descendants: Mary Ann Barrett, VII 4 Edward Burke, IV. 2 Patrick Cronin, VII 1 John Chrysler, IV 16-17 Moses Dack, III 12 Thomas Dack, III 13 Robert Dack, III 13 Daniel Day I 22 Isaac Day, I 23 Joseph Deverill, VI 21-22 Charles Duggan, X 8 John Finn, VI 6 Wm. Finn, VI 6 George Fox, III 16 Wm. Holder, IX 11 Robert Irwin, III 15 Wm. Ivory, III 16 James Jacob, VIII 12 George Jarrett, IV 25 Patrick Moran, II 7 John Mullaley, IX 12 Thomas Mullaley, IX 11 Jahn McCracken, VI 23-24 Robt. McCracken, VI 24 Francis McElroy, V 5 Andrew McNab, I 21-23 Jas. McNab, III, 3 Daniel McNamee, VIII 5 Luke McNaney, IX 5 Pat McNaney, IX 6 Michael McNulty, V 5 Adam McPeak, IV 19 John Scott, I 6 Edward Sheehy, VI 2 John Teel, IX, 13 Artemus Thompson, I 19 Solomon Thompson, I 18 John Turner, VIII 23 James Wetherup, IX 25 Nicholas Whalen, IV 4 John Wilson, IV...

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Persisting Pioneer Families Ops, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals. Descendants of the following 56 pioneer patentees in Ops still hold the original farms today: Robert Blaylock XI 5 Francis Brady, V 6 William Brady, V 6 Owen Carlin, VI 9 Arthur Collins, IX 15 John Connell, III 7 Wm. Corley, IV 20 Charles Corneil, XI 7 Andrew Costello, I 22 John Cudahee, I 10 Patrick Cunningham, VIII, 15 John Doyell VIII 4 and 5 George Downey, VIII 6 Timothy Finnegan, II 13 James Graham ,II 24 Wm. Graham, I 24 Peter Greenan, VI 9. Abraham Hartley, X 18 Sampson Hazelton, IV 21 Thomas Hawkins, VIII 8 Joseph Hickson, IX 9 John Hickson Sr., IX 8 John Hickson Jr., IX 8 Timothy Heenan, IX 19 Samuel Jamieson, VII 8 Patrick Leddy, III 20 Thomas Lee, VI 5 John Logie, VII 20 Isaac Moynes, II 28 John Murphy, V 11 Michael Murphy, V 11 Roger McHugh, V 14 Patrick McHugh, III 5 Michael McCabe, VII 5 David McGahey, VI 14 Wm. McGinnis, XI 21 Alex. McNeil, III 26 Elizabeth Pogue, X, 1 James Pogue, XI 1 William Pogue, I 16 Charles Peel, XI 19 Thomas Ray, III 15 James Rea, X 6 William Rea Jr., X 6 Joseph Reynolds, VII 5 Robert Reynolds, VII 5 Wm. Reynolds, VII 5...

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Original Patentees, not on original farm Carden, Ontario, Canada

Descendants of the following 42 patentees have changed farms within the township: Win. Alton John Barrett David Burk Elizabeth Chrysler Thomas Crawford Asel Day Joel Day John Deverill John Drury James Drury Murty Duggan David Finn Michael Finn Cornelius Foley Daniel Foley James Foley Michael Foley Alex. Graham Andrew Graham Hugh Graham John Holder Caleb Martin Anthony Moran John Murphy Michael Murphy Joseph McCrackin Charles McDonald Hector McDonald Margaret McDonald Patrick McGee Colin McNab John MeNaney James McNulty John O’Connor John O’Donell James O’Neill John O’Neill Thomas Preston Perry Teel Franklin Thompson Andrew Wylie T homas...

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