Collection: History of Portland Oregon

History of Portland Manufacturing

History of Portland Manufacturing: Conditions Which Cause the Growth of Manufacturing at Portland – Character of Early Manufactures – Present Condition and Magnitude of Manufacturing Enterprises of Portland.

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Portland Land Title Controversies

Land Title Controversies: Measures taken by Proprietors to Protect Land Purchasers’ Rights – The Three Causes of Litigation – Legal Points in the Stark vs. Starr Case – Decision of the Courts – Causes of Litigation Over the Lownsdale Estate – Final Settlement of the Case in the United States Circuit Court – Decision of Judge Sawyer and Concurrent Opinion of Judge Deady – Public Levee Case – Grounds of Private and Municipal Claims to the River Front – How the City’s Rights were Lost – Legal History of the Caruthers Claim.

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Leading Events in the History of Oregon

Before the first white settler had sought to secure a habitation in the forest which marked the site of the present city of Portland, the region of which it is now the commercial center had passed through the most interesting...

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Commerce of the Northwest Pacific Coast

Any great commercial city, as London, New York, or the younger cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, would serve an equally good purpose by way of illustration. A commercial city is the point of storage, account and exchange for...

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The Holladay Cases

The most remarkable litigation, however, is the series of cases known as the Holladay cases. Ben Holladay, whose name appears more than once in these pages, was the prince of borrowers, and among other creditors for large sums,...

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History of Portland Oregon Hotels

Morrison street, into which enters the bridge-way from across the Willamette, begins with the Esmond Hotel of five stories, on the north, and W. S. Ladd’s five story brick, on the south. The St. Charles Hotel stands on the...

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Portland Oregon Growth and Improvements

The year 1886 was marked by a great increase in buildings and improvements, some of which were of great extent, as will be seen by the following list: Morrison Street bridge (commenced), two hundred thousand dollars; Albina...

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Geographical Position of Portland Oregon

To define her position in more particular terms, she is located in latitude forty-five degrees and thirty minutes north; longitude one hundred and twenty-two degrees and twenty-seven minutes west on the left bank of the...

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