Collection: History of Portland Oregon

Early Settlers of Portland Oregon

Dr. Ralph Wilcox of New York, a pioneer of 1845, was the first physician, and also the first school teacher. In a little frame building on Front and Taylor Streets put up by Mr. McNemee he kept a school of about a dozen...

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Natural Advantages of Portland Oregon

The term “advantages” is relative, being always used with reference to the purpose in view. The advantages of a city relate to its adaptation to the uses of commerce, manufacturing and residence. Under the head of...

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Portland Oregon Parks

Going down the slow hill once more one finds that B street heads, to speak in the manner of the mountaineer, in a stony canyon, whose natural roughness has been aggravated by gravel-diggers. Out of this rises, or did rise...

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Position and Advantages of Portland

Although of a different order, the history of the modern city should be no less interesting than that of an ancient metropolis like Jerusalem or Athens. It treats no less of human endeavor, and no less segregates and epitomizes...

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Portland Plan and System of Management

The first Superintendent of the city schools was S. W. King, who was appointed in 1873. He was succeeded by T. M. Crawford, in 1878, who served until the appointment of Miss Ella C. Sabin, in 1888. The growth of Portland during...

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History of Portland Oregon Public Safety

1879. Police Commissioners-R. R. Riley, Wm. Connell, P. Taylor. Police-L. Besser, chief: J. Sloan, J. W. Kelly, captains; H. M. Hudson, J. Jaskallar, P. G. Martin, P. Coakley, W. B. Daniels. J. W. Ryan, Richard Collins, Andrew...

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History of Portland Oregon

Harvey Scott’s classic work on the History of Portland Oregon is this basis behind this collection. Written at the turn of the century while Oregon was still young, Harvey heard figurative bands of progressive people...

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Other Settlers of Portland Oregon

Dr. D. S. Baker, who became the millionaire of Walla Walla, was one of the men of this day in our city. In 1850 William S. Ladd stepped ashore at the little primitive wharf. He is a Vermonter by birth, although his early life...

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Men of Portland

Portland has a rich and colorful history.  Many of the biographies will reflect that.  (History of Portland, Oregon) Alisky, Charles Adolph Bellinger Charles B. Brandt, John Bronaugh, Earl C. Chapman, W. W., Col. Corbett, Henry...

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