Collection: History of Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon’s Ships and Commerce

Many vessels crossed the bar of the Columbia in 1849 and a number came up to Portland. Of these none was more serviceable than theĀ Madonna, from New York, under Captain Couch. This was his third trip out, and by far the most...

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Value of Portland Oregon Property

“Between Portland and Astoria, one steamer, much smaller than the boats of today, made three trips each week and did all the job towing on the Columbia below Rainier. On the same route now two large boats ply regularly on...

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Value of the Labor of the Oregon Pioneers

In the work of the pioneers, whose efforts we have been tracing up to this period, we have seen that already the country was practically the territory of the United States by the highest and best title in existence, the actual...

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Statistics of Portland Exports

Noticing some of the imports we find ten thousand bricks from England-evidently brought by way of ballast. Bags, also, were brought from England to the value of $79,086. The trade from China was very largely in rice, a...

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River Navigation

In approaching this subject one finds that, as in all other lines, Portland has gradually become the center of all the navigation companies of Oregon. To indicate the sources of her present facilities it will therefore be proper...

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History of Portland Oregon’s Settlement

It is to be borne in mind that there was in Oregon an ancient circles of cities whose rise and growth belong to a day earlier than that of Portland. By reference to the chapter upon the earliest times and the provisional...

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Portland Oregon Social Features and Noted Public Events

Portland Oregon Social Features and Noted Public Events: The Cosmopolitan Character of Portland-Changing Character of its Early Population-Their Vices and Habits-Moral and Social Conditions of Early Days-General Stability of Present Society-Culture and Refinement of the People-Public Amusements-Excursions, Public Festivities and Celebrations-Events Connected with the Celebration of the Completion of the Northern Pacific Railroad.

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Provisions of the First Railroad Bill

The point of value in the bill was its land grant. Opposition to the giving of the public domain to corporations had not yet developed, and the subsidy worth $5,000,000 at the least was sufficient to induce capitalists to lend...

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History of Portland Railroads

  Portland is now well supplied with railway connection, not only with all parts of the Northwest, but with the whole of North America. She is the terminus of three transcontinental lines-the Northern Pacific, by the O. R....

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History of Portland Oregon’s Press

Portland has always had an industrious and vigorous press. The fathers of the city were not slow to perceive that among the things necessary to build up the city and make it known to the world was an active and enterprising...

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Prominent Railroad Managers of Portland

There have been but very few important changes among those officials who have had to personally superintend the actual and practical operations of the road during the past twelve or fourteen years. Mr. E. P. Rogers enjoys the...

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