Collection: History of Fannin County Texas

History of Fannin County Texas

This collection represents the 24 biographies from the History of Fannin County, Texas – History, Statistics and Biographies. Business Cards, and a Complete Directory of the County.

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Biographical Sketch of Lake Wilson

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Proprietor of the “Palace Livery Stables,” of Bonham, was born and raised to the age of 14 years, in the state of Arkansas, in 1839. He came to Texas in 1863, penniless, and went to work on a farm at six dollars per month, and followed that occupation for six or eight years. His wages were increased very little as he grew older, but during this time he managed to save about six hundred dollars, with which, and a little outside assistance, in 1860 he went into the livery business, with what success, the tax rolls of this county will show. For twenty-five years he has followed this business, giving universal satisfaction to his patrons. He was a member of the 15th, legislature of this state, and served in that capacity with perfect satisfaction to his constituents. He has raised, and educated a large family. Mr Wilson, while in good circumstances, makes no display of his possessions, but is plain and agreeable in his ad-dress, and upright in his business...

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Biographical Sketch of E. H. Lyday

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Was born in Grundy County, Missouri, in 1852, and came to this state with his father’s family, who settled near Honey Grove, in ’61. In ’66, Judge Lyday moved his family to Bonham, and here it was that E. H. Lyday received his education and prosecuted his study of the law. He was admitted to the bar in ’77, and has been in public ever since. He was four times elected Mayor of Bonham, and at the election in ’84 was elected Justice of the Bonham precinct. Mr. Lyday is one of the “young democracy,” active in local politics, and universally liked. As a judicial officer, he has discharged his duties intelligently, and...

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Biography of Walter D. Allen

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now President of the Masonic Female Institute, this city, was born raised and educated in Louisiana. He left the Pelican state in 1877, to make his home and his name in Texas. He has done both. Shortly after his arrival in Bonham, he took charge of the Bonham Male and Female Academy, over which the presided for five years. At the end of this period he became tired of the principalship of a mixed school, and. at a great sacrifice, financially and obtained a charter for the college over which he now presides. In 1882, he leased the grounds and buildings of the Masonic Institute for a term of thirty years, one of the conditions of which lease imposed by the fraternity was, “that he should matriculate and teach free of charge, one pupil for every fifty matriculations of the first year, and for, every twenty thereafter.” The local lodge of F. & A, M. and Prof. Allen are careful that this charitable and highly commendable condition is fulfilled. The conduct and success of this institution under Prof. Allen’s guidance has been gratifying to himself, his patrons and the order, and what he probably thought was a sacrifice at resigning the principalship of his academy. has proved to be the contrary. Of course the Institution is not...

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Biographical Sketch of W. D. Wilkins

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Of Honey Grove, was born in South Carolina, in 1845, and moved to this state in 1866. He followed farming, until 1873, when he went into business at Honey Grove. He commenced a small business with a limited capital, $300 but by superior business judge merit and close application, steadily increased his capital and credit in the commercial world, until the twelve years of mercantile life has placed him on a solid financial footing. His is a general merchandise business, and as is generally the case with that kind of a business, is very popular. His annual gross business is from $90,000, to $120,000 a year. Mr. Wilkins is a reliable and responsible businessman, and has the confidence of all with whom he has business...

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Biographical Sketch of F. J. Abernathy

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Mr. Abernathy, of Bonham, was born in Giles County Tennessee, in 1834. He came to this state in 1862, and followed the business of school teaching for twelve consecutive years. In 1878, he was appointed as Notary public in this county, in conjunction with which he at once opened a real estate business. Mr. Abernathy is a prompt and reliable businessman, and thoroughly understands his business. , In his real estate transactions, he confines himself to this county, and is well posted on real estate values, land titles, and everything pertaining to the real estate line. His work as Notary is carefully and neatly done. A natural physical deformity renders it impossible for him to perform any manual labor, but the cheerfulness, with which he bears his deformity, and his promptness and efficiency in business, makes one loose sight of it. He can be found at any time during the day in his neat little office in the North West Corner of the Court House...

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Biographical Sketch of J. B. Ryan

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now J. B. Ryan was born in Kentucky of Irish parents, in 1854, and moved to Fannin County, Texas, in 1866, a mere lad, brought nothing with him, stopped at the town of Honey Grove, and by honest toil, prompt action, and natural intelligence, got his start. In 1877, with a small capital, he opened up a drug business in Honey Grove, which under his business eye and careful management, soon grew into a large, safe and paying business. Alive to the rapid strides of improvement all around him, M r. Ryan invested his surplus earnings in real estate, as fast as accumulated, and he now owns some of the most desirable property in Honey Grove. His business stand ” alone, which is a large double storied stone building, cost something over $20,000.00. His present gross annual business runs from $20,000.00 to $30,000.00. In Mr. Ryan, we have a splendid example of self-made men, from a business point of view. The west and southwest are full of them, yet more have failed, than have succeeded. His course and conduct in business might be profitably observed by the young men, who are continually pouring into this country, of push and business. As soon as Mr. Ryan established himself in business, he began to look around for a partner-not...

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Biographical Sketch of W. Y. Davis

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Of this city, was born in 1850, and raised in the state. While Mr. Davis is not, nor ever was a veritable “Cow Boy,” he was raised on a stock-farm and ranch, and followed that business, until a few years ago. Early in life he married a daughter of this state, and they two have presided over the “Crockett House,” since 1883. This commodious and well furnished hotel, is situated on South Main street, one block from the square, and has very justly acquired the reputation of being a favorite retreat, for the tired and hungry public. Two years of successful and highly satisfactory conduct of this well-known house, has given Mr. Davis his place among the first hotel men of the state. His manner of doing business is not that of the usual “blustery hotel man,” but is that of a quiet modest gentleman, on whom one instinctively knows that he can rely with implicit confidence. He went into business with a very small capital, but close application, perseverance and that peculiar style of “mind your own business,” has brought him to the front, financially and otherwise. A young man to day, he is likely to live a long life of useful...

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Biographical Sketch of Brainard Lindsay

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The only “second-hand dealer” in Fannin County, came to Bonham and opened a large second-hand store on South Main street, in the fall of 1884. He has, in connection with his business of selling and buying second-hand goods of every description, a mattress factory, and a line of furniture. This is a new departure in the business world of Fannin, and its success is attracting some attention. Young Lindsay was born and raised in the state. At the early age of eighteen he contracted marriage with a young lady of Sherman, Texas, and moved to Bonham. Although young, the rough western life of a boy without parents to depend on and go to for advice and solid assistance, has posted him in the ways of men and of the world. His business judgment, energy and close application, are evidence of his future success in business and value as a citizen. The sooner the average young men of the county become convinced tint a course like his is the proper one to pursue, the better for them and the...

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Biographical Sketch of J. H. Ardinger

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The dry goods merchant prince of Bonham, is a native of Berkely County, Virginia, and has been a merchant all his life. He left Virginia at the age of fourteen, for Elizabethtown, Ky., from this place a little later, he moved to Greensboro of the same state, and from there to Missouri. In 1869-70, he was in the wholesale dry goods business at Chicago, but was fortunate enough to sell out his interest there, just before that city was burned in 1871. In 1875, he removed to Bonham, and opened a dry goods business, with a $1 0.000 stock of goods. His coming to Bonham was a new era in the dry goods business of this city. While he did not expect to remain here long, the trade so far exceeded his expectations, that he was induced to increase his stock of goods and hold his business. In January 1877, just after his month’s cash sales for December had footed up $16,000.00, he lost his entire stock of goods $25.000.00 by fire, and not a dime insurance on anything. At another stand, where the First National Bank now stands-he had an old stock of goods worth about $5.000.00, fully covered by insurance left from the wreck of his handsome fortune ; on this he started again,...

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Biographical Sketch of T. U. Cole

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now In the life of this man, up to date, is afforded an example to the youth of this country. Of course all of them cannot be bank cashiers, as is the case with him, but in whatever position in life, fate or circumstances may place them, by an observance of the traits of character which have characterized the subject of this sketch, success, in every respect, will, attend them. Mr Cole was born in 1861, raised and educated in the state. The first, and perhaps the only business he ever entered into, was the banking business. He is cashier of the First National Blank of Honey Grove, and has held that position ever since that institution began business, giving perfect satisfaction to the Board of Directors and stockholders. In his address, he is affable and agreeable, free from ostentation, yet neat and genteel in personal attire, and appearance. His knowledge of the banking business, business capacity, and known integrity, and uprightness of character, are his fortune, and it is made...

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Biographical Sketch of O. A. Reich

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Mr. Reich is an American of German decent, and not a German as his name would indicate. He. was born in North Carolina in 1828, came to Texas in 1850. He is a brick mason, and out of his trade has acquired a nice little sum in money and lands. Like most of men who have made money in Texas, he came here with a few dollars and by economy, industry and promptness, has put himself in a condition to pass his old age in ease and comfort, if not luxury. Mr. Reich is owner of the addition to Bonham, in his name. His addition is in Southern part of the city, and certainly contains some of the most desirable property within the corporate limits. It is regularly laid off and is selling rapidly, for South Bonham is building up faster than any part of the city. These lots are sold in any size and on terms to suit purchasers. If all of the land owners in and around Bonham, were as much alive to the growth and improvement of the town, and would realize that the sale of one lot greatly enhances the value of the adjoining ones, a marked change would soon be noted in city improvements. The vast amount of people pouring into...

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Biographical Sketch of W. S. Perkins

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Proprietor of the Perkins House, of this city, was born in Georgia in 1841, and came to this state in 1856. His first occupation in Texas was that of farming. He followed this business in Lamar County, until in 1878, when he moved to Paris, and opened a hotel. He remained in Paris only a year, then moved to Marshall, Texas, with his family, and opened a large house at that place. At Marshall the “Perkins House” was very popular, and Mr, Perkins did a good business. Early in 1885, he came to Bonham, purchase d a very desirable lot, near the depot of the T. & P. road, on South Main Street and erected a large double storied building which is thoroughly completed in all of its departments, He and his estimable wife have had sufficient experience in their business to under-stand it thoroughly, and if a well patronized house, and financial success are any evidence of popular favor, Mr. Perkins and his house are certainly held in high esteem by all who know him, and by the traveling public. His investment in property in this city is sufficient to induce the belief that he will, as long as he lives, be a citizen and a hotel proprietor of Fannin...

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Biographical Sketch of John P. Nelson

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now President of the Fannin College, was born in Virginia in 1860, and educated at the university of that state. He came to this state and county in 1883, just after the college of which he is` president was incorporated. He was at once chosen by the board of directors as principal and entered upon his duties as such. The two years he has had charge of this institution have proven beyond question, his thorough qualifications for the responsible position. The session of 1883-4 gave such satisfaction among his patrons as to increase the number of matriculations from 99 to 140, the following session. Prof. Nelson is a thorough scholar and a cultured gentleman, of the true “Virginia school.” He has already won the respect and good opinion of his patrons, and all who know him. Having accomplished so much in so short a time, age and experience will place him among the first of Texas...

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Biographical Sketch of M. G. Hampton

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The live grocer of Post office Row, in Bonham, is “to the manor born.” He was born in Fannin County, in 1859, and raised a farmer’s boy. At the age of nineteen he contracted marriage with Miss Mollie E. Carr, of this county, who is also a native of the state. In the fall of 1880, he went into the grocery business at the stand he now occupies, with a small capital. Many of his friends predicted that his free-heartedness and generous disposition would be detrimental to his chosen business, but their predictions have fallen to the ground. He has not only built up a magnificent grocery trade, on his little capital, but by promptness, good business tact, and fair dealing has made one of the most popular merchants in the county. In his business transactions he is just, rather than liberal, responsible and reliable, and faithfully adheres to the doctrine that a merchant’s success lies in quick and repeated sales at a small profit. Mr. Hampton’s course and success in business, affords another example of what application, economy and honesty will do for young men who adhere to these principles. With the same success that has attended him since he began business, his present trade, although large, will steadily increase, until he will be second...

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