Collection: History of Addison County Vermont

Biography of Tyler Stickney

STICKNEY, TYLER, was born in Shoreham, Addison county, Vt., December 10, 1799. He was descended from William Stickney, who came to this country from England about 1640, from whom has descended a large family of men noted for...

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Biography of Julius Preston Douglas

DOUGLAS, JULIUS PRESTON. Among the pioneers of Addison county was the family of James Marsh Douglas, who came from Cornwall, Conn., to the town of Cornwall, Addison county, in 1784, where James Marsh Douglas died in 1790. His...

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Biography of E.R. Jewett

JEWETT, E. R. Willow Lawn is in some respects the handsomest estate in Buffalo. It lies on Main Street, near the railroad over which the Belt Line trains conveniently run at short intervals. Its grounds stretch back through...

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Biography of Judge William Silas Wright

WRIGHT, JUDGE WM. SILAS, was born in Weybridge, Vt., Jan. 6, 1819, and at the age of sixteen took a preparatory course at the Vergennes Classical Institute; in 1838 entered college at Middlebury, Vt., where he studied nearly two...

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Biography of Watson Wallace Ward

WARD, WATSON WALLACE, was born on the 8th of October, 1834, in Waltham, Vt. The first of his ancestors to emigrate to Vermont was his grandfather, Jesse Ward, who was born in Connecticut on the 20th day of July, 1763, and served...

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Biography of Aikens Dukett

DUKETT, AIKENS, was born in lower Canada (now the Province of Quebec) on the 22nd day of February, 1815. He is the eldest son of Aiken and Louisa (Frischett) Dukett. His early advantages for securing an education were of the...

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Biography of Miles Storey

STOREY, MILES, was born in Salisbury, Vt., on August 23, 1807, and was third in the family of six children of Rufus and Laura (Miles) Storey. Solomon Storey, his grandfather, was born in Norwich, Conn.; was a farmer and a sailor...

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Biography of Hon. Lucius E. Smith

SMITH, HON. LUCIUS E., was a son of Luman B. and Lucia (Collins) Smith, of Monkton, Vt. He was born at that place on the 5th of October, 1824, and was the second of five children, of whom the others were Hon. A. T. Smith, of...

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Biography of Gen.William Nash

NASH, GEN. WILLIAM, is a descendant in the sixth generation from Thomas Nash, who with his wife and five children emigrated from Lancashire, England, in the ship Hector, which landed at Boston July 26, 1637. He was by occupation...

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Biography of Loyal Case Remele

REMELE, LOYAL CASE, was born in the town of Whiting, Addison county, Vt., May 5, 1807, the eldest son of Jonathan and Clarissa (Hutchinson) Remele. John Remele, his grandfather, was a minister in the Congregational Church, owned...

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Biography of Almon P. Tupper

TUPPER, ALMON P., was born in Middlebury, Addison county, Vt., April 24, 1825 ; the third in a family of four children, and the only son of Norman and Mary (Horton) Tupper. Darius Tupper, his grandfather, was born in...

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