Collection: Great Riots of New York

Stonecutters’ Riot of 1833

The contractors for the building of the New York University found that they could purchase dressed stone at Sing Sing, the work of the prisoners there, much cheaper than in New York, and so concluded to use it. This, the...

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Bread Riot of 1857

In the autumn, there came a financial crisis, that was so wide spread and disastrous that the lower classes suffered for want of food. Banks suspended specie payment, manufactures were forced to stop work, and paralysis fell on...

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Dead Rabbits’ Riot of 1857

The origin of the term “Dead Rabbits,” which became so well known this year from being identified with a serious riot, is not certainly known. It is said that an organization known as the “Roach Guards,”...

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Telegraph Bureau

Telegraph Bureau. Its Work. Skill and Daring and Success of its Force. Interesting Incidents. Hairbreadth Escapes. Detective Force. Its arduous Labors. Its Disguises. Shrewdness, Tact, and Courage. Narrow Escapes. Hawley, the Chief Clerk. His exhausting Labors.

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Third Day of Draft Riots

Scenes in the City and at Head-quarters. Fight in Eighth Avenue. Cannon sweep the Streets. Narrow Escape of Captain Howell and Colonel Mott. Battle for Jackson’s Foundry. Howitzers clear the Street. State of Things shown...

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The Stamp-Act Riot of 1765

At the present day, when personal ambition takes the place of patriotism, and love of principle gives way to love of party; when the success of the latter is placed above constitutional obligations and popular rights, one seems,...

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Rights of Municipalities

The rights of municipalities have been conceded from the first dawn of constitutional liberty indeed municipal freedom may be said to be the first step in the onward progress of the race toward the full recognition of its...

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No Military in the City

The terrible punishment the rioters received at the hands of Carpenter had, however, only checked their movements for a time; and, as the sun began to hang low in the summer heavens, men looked forward to the coming night with...

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Flour Riot of 1837

Hunger will drive any people mad, and once let there be real suffering for want of food among the lower classes, while grain is piled up in the storehouses of the rich, and riots will surely follow. In the French Revolution of...

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