Collection: Gordon Family Records

Gordon of Pitlurg

K310 JOHN GORDON, of Scurdargue, or Essie: 2nd s. of John de Gordon, of Strathbolgie, and brother of Adam Gordon, killed at Homildon ; d. 1420 ; succeeded by eldest son, K311. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now K311 JOHN, of Auchlenchries, co. Aberdeen. K312 JOHN, of Auchlenchries: slain at battle of Flodden, under the command of Alexander, 3rd Earl of Huntly. K313 JOHN, of Pitlurg: m. (1st) Lady Jane Stuart (dau. of John, Earl of Athol, brother uterine of King James II of Scotland); d. 1544. K314 JOHN, of Pitlurg: fell at Pinkie, 1547 ; left 1 son, K316. K315 SIR JOHN: Knt. of Pitlurg; M. P. co. Aberdeen; d. 1600. K316 JOHN, of Pitlurg: d. s. p. 1619 ; succeeded by his brother. K317 ROBERT, of Pitlurg: commonly designated of Strahoch, a poet, mathematician; b. 1580 ; d. 1661, having had six daus., eleven sons. The eldest son, K318. K318 ROBERT, of Pitlurg: b. 1609 ; s. his father 1661; d. 1681. (1) Robert:...

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Gordon of Earlston

The house of Earlston descends from Alexander, 2nd son of H255 WILLIAM DE GORDOUNE, 6th Lord of Lochinvar, whose great-grandson, H256 H256 JOHN GORDON, of Earlston: d. 1628. (1) Margaret. (2) Alexander: 2nd of Earlston, M. P. H257. (3) William, of Carleton. (A) James: 2nd Gordon of Carleton; d. unm. 1688. (4) Robert: d. s. p. et v. p. 1626. (5) James: col. in the army; d. s. p. 1654. (6) David, of Gordonstown in Galloway. H257 Alexander: 2nd Gordon of Earlston; 1587-1653 ; an offer of a Baronetcy was made to him, but declined. (1) John: younger of Earlston; b. 1613 ; d. v. p. without issue. (2) William; 3rd Gordon of Earlston H258. (3) Robert: d., unm., 1654. (4) Margaret:. m. 1638, Thomas Hay, of Arieland. H258 WILLIAM: 3rd Gordon of Earlston; b. 1614 ; slain at Bothwell Bridge, 1679 ; s. in his estate by his eldest son, Alexander, afterwards Sir Alexander, 2nd Baronet. (1) Sir Alexander, of Earlston: 2nd Baronet, H260. (2) Sir William, of Afton: 1st Baronet, H259. (3) John Gordon: 3rd Gordon of Carleton. (4) Margaret: m. 1682, Sir James Holborn, of Menstrie. H259 SIR WILLIAM: 1st Baronet, of Afton; b. 1654 ; honoured, 1706, with a Scotch baronetcy, with reminder thereof, failing heirs of his own body, to his brother Alexander and heirs of his body; d. 1718, leaving no issue; the...

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Lord John Gordon Family

E193 WILLIAM I, KING OF ENGLAND. E 194 GUNRED : m. William de Warren. E195 WILLIAM, Earl of Warren and Surrey. E196 ADELINE: m. Henry, Prince of Scotland. E197 DAVID, Earl of Huntingdon. E198 ISABEL: m. Robert, Earl of Annandale. E199 ROBERT BRUCE: Earl of Annandale. E200 ROBERT BRUCE: Earl of Carrick. E201 ROBERT BRUCE: KING OF SCOTLAND. E202 MARY: m. Walter, Lord High Steward.. E203 ROBERT II, KING OF SCOTLAND. E204 ROBERT III, KING OF SCOTLAND. E205 JAMES I, KING OF SCOTLAND (See number F227) . His great-grandson was: E209. E209 GEORGE, 4th EARL OF HUNTLY. See A121. E210 GEORGE, EARL OF HUNTLY. E211 GEORGE, MARQUIS OF HUNTLY. E212 GEORGE, MARQUIS OF HUNTLY. E213 LOUIS, MARQUIS OF HUNTLY. E214 GEORGE, DUKE OF GORDON. E215 ALEXANDER, DUKE OF GORDON. E216 COSINO, DUKE OF GORDON. m., 1424, JAMES I, KING OF E217 ALEXANDER, DUKE OF GORDON. E218 SUSAN: m. William, Duke of Manchester. -oOo- F220 GEORGE GORDON: 2nd Earl of Huntly (d. 1501) . See A118. F221 ALEXANDER GORDON: 3rd Earl of Huntly ; d. 1523. F222 JOHN GORDON, LORD GORDON: (whose bro., Alexander Gordon, m. dau. of John Grant, of Grant, and his wife, Elizabeth, dau. of John, 6th Lord Forbes, and had: JOHN GORDON, Laird of Cluny, who m. Margaret, dau. of Gordon, of Cragallie and Achinire, and had JOHN GORDON, Laird of Brismore, who was the great...

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George Gordon, Second Earl of Huntly

D166 ALFRED THE GREAT, KING OF ENGLAND: m. Ethelbith, dau. of Earl Ethelan. X167 EDWARD the ELDER, KING OF ENGLAND: m. Edgiva, dau. of Earl Sigelline. D168 EDMUND I, KING OF ENGLAND: m. Lady Elgiva. D169 EDGAR the PEACEFUL, KING OF ENGLAND: m. Elfrieda, dau. of Ordgar, Earl of Devon. D170 ETHELRED the UNREADY, KING OF ENGLAND: m. Elgifa, dau. of Earl Thorad. D171 EDMUND IRONSIDES, KING OF ENGLAND: m. Algitha of Denmark. D172 PRINCE EDWARD the Exile, of England: m. Agatha of Germany. D173 PRINCESS MARGARET, of England: m. MALCOLM III, KING OF SCOTLAND. D174 PRINCESS MATILDA, of Scotland: m. HENRY I, KING OF ENGLAND (his ancestors from father to great-great-grandfather were: KING WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR; BALDWIN V, of FLANDERS; ROBERT THE PIOUS, KING OF FRANCE; and HUGH CAPET, KING OF FRANCE). Empress Maud, of Germany: m. Geoffrey-Plantagenet, Count of Anjou. D175 HENRY II, KING OF ENGLAND: m. Eleanor of Aquuitaine. D176 HENRY II, KING OF ENGLAND: m. Eleanor of Aquitaine. (Her ancestors were: Countess Alice Aymer ; Peter, Lord of Courtenay ; LOUIS VI, KING OF FRANCE; PHILIP I, KING OF FRANCE; HENRY I, KING OF FRANCE; ROBERT the PIOUS, KING OF FRANCE; and HUGH CAPET, KING OF FRANCE). D177 HENRY III, KING OF ENGLAND: m. Eleanor of Provence. D178 EDWARD I, KING OF ENGLAND: m. secondly, Princess Margaret, dau. of D179 PHILIP III, KING OF FRANCE....

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George IV, Earl of Huntly

A121 GEORGE IV, EARL OF HUNTLY. Succeeded his grandfather when age 10. “He was a youth of lovely countenance and appearance. When the King went to France, 1535, to marry lady Magdaline, the King of France’s daughter, he nominated the Earl of Huntly (then about age 28) lieutenant of the kingdom in his absence. The earl so prudently managed the affairs of the nation that there were no tumults nor disorders committed all that time; and the king, finding such peace and quiet on his return, continued ever after to have a very great esteem for Huntly, and employed him in the most important affairs in all the time of his reign. He married lady Elizabeth Keith, daughter of the Earl Marischal. He had nine sons and three daughters. See E209. A122 GEORGE V, EARL OF HUNTLY. Lord high chancellor of the kingdom, and general of her majesty’s (Queen Mary) forces. During Queen Mary’s captivity in England, Huntly continued a dutiful and loyal subject and defended her cause to the last extremity. “The loyalty of the Gordon family to their prince has always been constant, and no Gordon is mentioned to have bore arms in any faction or party opposite to the supreme authority, whether swayed by the kings themselves, or managed by regents.” A123 GEORGE VI, EARL OF HUNTLY, MARQUIS OF HUNTLY. Lord Lieutenant of all the north...

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Alexander II English

A112 ALEXANDER II. “Gave proof of his courage” at Bannockburn. Commanded the Scots Army in the battle of Halidonhill. After many victories he at last fell in the battle of Dunham, where his son William was also killed, A. D. 1346. A113 SIR ADAM VI. He was succeeded by his brother John-114. A114 SIR JOHN GORDON. Had a charter from King David confirming the donation of the lands of Strathbogie, A. D. 138. Marched into England with an army and returned with much booty. This was in revenge for the plundering of his lands by the English. He married a daughter of Sir William Keith, Marischal of Scotland. A115 SIR ADAM VII. He was one of the Scots generals in the battle of Hamledonhill, 1403. A116 ELIZABETH, heiress. Married her near kinsman, Alexander lord Gordon. He was wounded in the battle of Harlaw. A117 ALEXANDER II, LORD GORDON : d. 1470. He aided Charles VII, of France, against the English. Was one of the hostages for the ransom of James I, of Scotland, who, for his good services, created him Earl of Huntly, 1449. Succeeded to the estates of his predecessors. He fought against the Douglases and Crawfords, Succeeded his father who were rebels against James II. (3) Adam, ancestor of Gordon of Embo. (SEE C 152. ) A118 GEORGE II, Earl of Huntly. Member of the privy council...

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Gordon Family Records American

The name of Gordon is as ancient as any of the present European monarchies. Caesar mentions in his commentaries a people among the Nervii, called Gorduni, to whom he gives great praise for their brave defense of Ghent (their city, which he attacked in his conquest of Gaul, B. C. 53). It is said that the name originally came from “Gordonia,” a city in Macedonia. The Gordons have been an active, romantic, adventurous and “restless” race. There were “heroes of the name of Gordon, who for valor and loyalty are hardly to be paralleled by any family in Britain, and can’t be exceeded by any other in Europe.” From “A History of the Gordons.” Malcolm Bullock, who published numerous volumes on the Gordon family of Great Britain, and who is, perhaps, the best authority on the history of the family, published a book entitled “The Gay Gordons” (Reference 50). The following narratives in which Gordons are involved are found, among others, in this volume: “The `Guidin’ of the Gordons,” “The Romance of the White Rose,” “The Famous Assassination of Wallenstein,” “The Last King of Poland,” “The Governor of Kornstadt,” “The Wooin’ o’t,” “The Elopement of Lady Sarah Bunbury,” “A Boy Who Was Beheaded at Brest,” “The Dangers of a Scarlet Coat,” “The Christening of the Orange River,” “A Fatal Duel in Hyde Park,” “The Abduction of the `Female Infidel’,”...

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Prominent British Gordons of Today

ALBAN GODWIN GORDON, B. Sc., F. C. S.: b. 1890 ‘s. of John Gordon; educ., Birmingham Univ.; mem. of London Insurance Committee, 1913-20 ; served in Army, 1915-19. Add. 2 Cornwall Gardens, Brighton. HON. ALEXANDER: K. C., 1904 ; b. Sydney, 1858 ‘s. of Alexander G-; called to Bar of N. S. W., 1882 ; Judge of Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia, since 1910. Add. Judges Chambers, Supreme Court, King Street, Sydney, New South Wales. REV. ALEXANDER REID: M. A., D. Litt. (Aberdeen), D. D. (Vancouver); b. 1872 ; s. of Alex. G-; educ., Univ. of Aberdeen; prof. of Old Test. Lit. and Exegesis, Presby. Coll., Montreal, since 1907 ; visiting Prof. in Oriental Dept., Univ. of Chicago, summer terms, 1917 and 1923. Add. 780 University Street, Montreal, Can. LT.-COL. ALEXANDER ROBERT GISHORNE: D. S: 0., 1918 ; D. L.; b. 1882 ; s. of A. H. Gordon; educ., Royal Military &11., Sandhurst; Lieut. The Royal Irish Regt., 1901; Adjutant, 1910-13 ; transferred Royal Ulster Rifles, 1922. Add. Delamont, Killyleigh, co. Down. MAJOR ARCHIBALD ALEXANDER: C. B. E., 1917 ; M. V. 0., 1908 ; b. 1867 ; s. of late Dr. William Eagleson G-; educ., Edin. Collegiate and Univ.; European War as Major, Special List; mem. King’s Bodyguard for Scotland (Royal Company of Archers). Add. Jessamine, Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire. SIR CHARLES BLAIR: G. B. E.,...

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Gordon of Abergeldie

6238 ALEXANDER GORDON: 1st Earl of Huntly. 6239 SIR ALEXANDER: Knt., acquired by royal grant from King James III, in the 23rd year of his reign, the lands of Abergeldie, whence this branch of the Gordons was ever after designated. 6240 ALEXANDER: Esquire of Abergeldie. 6241 WILLIAM: Esquire of Abergeldie ; d. 1514. 6242 ALEXANDER: Esquire of Abergeldie. 6243 ALEXANDER: Esquire of Abergeldie. (1) John: his heir 6244. (2) Rachel: successor to her brother. 6245 JOHN, Esquire of Abergeldie : d. s. p. when the estates and representation of the family devolved upon his sister, 6246 RACHEL, of Abergeldie : m. Capt. Charles Gordon (a Cadet of the ducal family). 6247 PETER, Esq. of Abergeldie (1) Charles: his heir 6248. (2) Janet (3) Rachel both d. unm. (4) Euphemia : m. James, 5th viscount Strathallan. (5 ) Jean: d. unm. 6248 CHARLES, Esq. of Abergeldie ; d. 1796. (1) Peter, of Abergeldie. (2) David Gordon 6249. (3) Charles: Knight of the Prussian Order of Merit; d. s. p. 1835, aged 79. (4) Adam, of London: d. 1800. (A) William, Esq. of Haffield : b. 1794. (a) Rev. Edward William: b. 1828. (5) Alexander Sinclair: d. s. p. 1837, aged 77. (6) William: d. s. p. 1793. G249 DAVID, Esq. of London and Abergeldie : d. 1831, aged 78. (1) Charles David: b. 1790 ; d. 1826 ; left issue,...

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