Collection: Documentary History of Dunmores War

List of Scouts

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now List of Scouts William Bowan James Fowler Thomas Maxwell Rees Bowan David Ward John Kingkeid William Priest John Sharp William Crabtree Samuel Hays Robert...

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John Murray’s Company Of Volunteers

A List Of Captain John Murray’s Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment Officers John Murray Captain (Killed at Point Pleasant) William McKee Lieutenant (Assumed command of the company when Captain Murray was killed.) Samuel Wallace Lientenant Adam Wallace Ensign William Taylor Sergeant Moses Coller Sergeant John Larken Sergeant John Simpson Sergeant Barney Boyls Sergeant Privates John Gilmore Hugh Logan James Hall James Arnold Stephen Arnold William Moore John Nelson John Sedbury William MacCorkle George Milwood Andrew Evans Joseph McBride Thomas Nail John Lapsly James Walker Ezekiel Kennedy John Jones John Moore William Simpson Thomas McClure Peter Cassady Robert Wallace Thomas Pearry John Griggs George Cummings John Eager (or Edgar) James Crawley Daniel Blair Thomas Burney Daniel Simpkins William Lyons James Simpkins Nicholas Mooney Solomon Brundige John McClure Stephen Harris Daniel Fullin (or Pullin) David Wallace Moses Whitby James Gilmore James Cunningham John Kelsey Hugh Moore Joseph Gibson William Cochran James Logan John Logan Thomas Hedden Prisley Gill John Coiler Jonathan Watson Hugh Logan William Neely James Neely John Miligan Peter Higgings William Conner William Bradley John McGee William Brown James McCalister John Barkley Andrew Wallace Isaac Trimble Peter McNeal William Johns Andrew Alden James Brambridge John Murray — Total...

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Garrisons at the Upper Station

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Garrisons at the Upper Station Mr. John Campbell Ensign Isaac Spratt Sergeant George Dohorty (AWOL) Andrew Steel John Hambleton Alexander Grant David Bustar William Thompson Edward Sharp Michael Glaves James Fullen James edwards John Williams Thomas Potter Levi Bishop Robert Mauford [Moffet] Alexander Henderson Francis Hambleton John Crafford Isaiah Hambleton Benjamin Rediford George Vaut Andrew Branstead James Mitchell Rowland Williams Mr. Thomas Whitten Sr. Thomas Whitten Jr. John Grinup Francis Hynes Samuel Doack Thomas Rogers John Lashly William King Thomas Meads Jacob Kindar Daniel Henderson Peter Kindar Jonathan Edwards Christian Bergman Michael Razor Jeremiah...

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Captain Daniel Smith’s Company

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. A List of Captain Daniel Smith’s Company of Militia in Fincastle County Daniel Smith Capt. William Bowen Lieut. John Kinckeid Ensign David Ward Ensign. Privates Burton Litton William Neale David Kingkeid Jur. Benjamin Jones Drury Pricket (Pucket) Robert Griffin Robert Brown Robert Donalson Joseph Home Thomas Price James Smith James Kendrick James Scott Richard Price Archelaus Scott Thomas Mullin James Price William Mcfarland Joseph Olverson Alden Williams Samuel Dollarhide John Courtney Samuel Vanhook Charles Christian Bergman Capt. Daniel Smith was militia officer for Fincastle. The muster roll is undated, but probably belongs to the spring of...

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Captain William Nalle’s Company

A List Of Captain William Nalle’s Company Of Volunteers in The Augusta County Regiment William Nalle, Captain Martin Nalle, Lieutenant Jacob Pence, Ensign John Bush, Sergeant William Bush, Sergeant Bernard Crawford, Sergeant Privates Shadrick Butler William Feavill Robert Mains Moses Smith Stephen Washburn Israel Meaders Henry Owler John Griggsby Richard Welch Zacarias Lee John Goodall Benjamin Petty Michael Jordan Bruten Smith James Todd William Spicer James Washburn Charles Brown James Alexander George Rucker Joseph Ray (or Roay) William Scales John Bright Yenty Jackson John Owler George Fuls (or Fultz) James Miller George Harmon John Chisholm Adam Hansbarger Henry Cook John Breden Thomas Brooke Henry Miner Chesley Rogers Zapaniah Lee Zachiaus Plunkenpiel Micajah Smith William Smith John Deck John Fry John Williams Joseph Butler James Selby James Reary Abraham Rue Jacob Null John Null. – Total...

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Captain William Campbell’s Company

A Partial List Of Captain William Campbell’s Company in The Fincastle County Battalion There were 39 men in Captain Campbell’s Company, but the names of only 15 of them have been preserved. Officers William Campbell Captain Privates Philemon Hoggins Benjamin Richardson Joseph Newberry John Johnston Stephen Hopton Richard Woolsey John Lewis Auldin Williamson William Hopton Coonrad Sterns John Neil Wiliam Richardson Richard Lyhnam William Champ John Boles – Total...

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Robert Doack’s Company of Militia

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. A List of Robert Doack’s Company of Militia June 2d. 1774 Capt. Robert Doack died during the summer of 1774. John Stephens Lieu*. William Doack Ensign Andrew Thompson Ens. William Ward Serjeants James Downy Serjeants William Meek Serjeants David Doack Junr John Downy John Stephens Thomas Mead Adam Walker Arnold Shell Samuel Doack Moses Gordon John Williams Samuel Moor John Nowell George Kinder Jacob Kinder Hugh Robinson Andrew Bronstetter Peter Kinder Thomas Bell Jacob Dobler Moses Moor Saml Handly John Gilihan John Pierce Martin Staily Michael Weaver Christly Weaver John Messersmith John Bunshell Barnet Messersmith Henry Waggoner Henry Waggoner Junr. Michael Grigger Peter Grigger Nicholas Cloyne Campbell Baily Patrick Johnston Barny Gullion Charles Füllen John Gullion Duncan Gullion Jacob Catron Jacob Kinsor Walter Kinsor Michael Kinsor William King John King Samuel Campbel William Campbell John Maxwell Bezaleel Maxwell David Maxwell John Henderson Frederick Rap Francis Catron Jacob Catron Adam Catron Peter Catron Phillip Catron Michael Staffy Peter Hedrick Michael Walter John Cattes Mitchael Wambler George Wambler Adam Boh Jacob Boh Frederick Moor Isaiah Hamilton Jacob Hamilton Francis Hamilton Thomas Hamilton Michael Catron George Carr James Carr William Carr Ben Butherford Roger Cats John Vails John Crawford John Diver John Irvine Robert Stephenson William Litz George Douglass James Douglass...

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Captain Philip Love’s Company Of Volunteers

A List Or Captain Philip Love’s Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment OFFICERS. Philip Love Captain Daniel McNelll Lieutenant John Mills Ensign William Ewing Sergeant Major Francis McElhaney Quarter M. S. Shelton Taylor Sergeant James Alexander* Sergeant, (Wounded at Point Pleasant) John Crawford Sergeant Privates Robert Owen Samuel Andrews William Scott Samuel MtGumery (Montgomery) William Teasy John Todd Thomas Pierce Thomas Armstrong John Dunn Charles Byrne Thomas Gilbert Abraham DeMonts William Hooper Samuel Savage Thomas Welch Thomas Welch Jr. Patrick Conner Joseph Pain William Armstrong Daniel McDonald James Simpson Thomas Brown James Neeley Abraham Moon George Craig Richard Wilson Robert Smith John Buchanan Charles Davis William Franklin James Franklin William Hanson James McDonald Richard Collins James M. Guillin John McGinnis Griffin Harriss John Jones John Marks John Robinson John Todd Daniel Ormsbey. — Total...

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Men in Michael Woods’ Muster District

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Michael Woods to Col. William Preston SIR—I reed your Letter Dated the [MS. torn] of this instant and I have conformd my self to it, and I find that there is in that Bounds from Rich Creek Mountain to where the County Line strikes the river thirty men which is Joseph Inglish Richard Herd Joshua Inglish John Nicklas William Cliften George Scott James Williams Francis Rowan Andrew Woods George Sobe Henry Walker Robert Wiley Senr Adam Clendinen Peter Dingos Adam Woods Robert Wiley Jun Henry Atkins Thos. Haket Richard Woods Thomas Wiley Charlas Atkins Samuel Astle Michl. Woods Ishmall Babit Samuel Gamble William Lesey Squire Gatleph Jeremiah Gary John Umphres William Cavanough Senr Henry Oharron Also there is a few men that lives in a String on the other side of the River that ever will be unconvenient to any other place to Muster at for they would not have above 7 or 8 Miles to a Muster here; and if they must go Elsewhere they Most of them Must Go 15 or 20 Miles to Muster and the names of these is: Philimon Cavanough Thomas Farlor Charles Cavanough Charles hays James Odear Francis Farlor William Cavanough Senr John Farlor Samuel pack Mitchle Clay George pack and some...

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Men in Thomas Burk’s Muster District

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Thomas Burk to Col. William Preston SIR – I have perceeded. According to your Directions as Near as poseble & has oppointd. Eleven out of Thirty four all Able Bodyd. Men. Pleas to Excuse My Short Writting for I Expect to be over With These from your Humb. Sert. THOMAS BURK. May ye 30th, 1774 11 Able Bodied Men Henry Librough George Fry Jun. Edward Hale Thomas Hale John Lucus William Lucus Charles Lucas Jun Christy Martin Phillip Martin Willinton Adkins George Martin Jun All 30 Men Joel Cartain Umphry Brumfield Richard Chapmon Andrew Hatfield Mordock McKinsey David Gormon William Hale Palser Librough Henry Librough Gorge Fry Sen* George Fry Junr John McGriff Edward Hale Thomas Hale Patrick Mcgriff Henley McKinsey Thomas Cashaday Charls Lucus Sen John Lucus William Lucus Charls Lucus Jun. George Martin Christy Martin Phillip Martin John Man Robert Hunter Philip Williams Parker Adkins Willinton Adkins John Cartain James Cartain John McCartney George Martin Junr Simon Cashaday — James Havens John Havens John Chapman Thom. Copley John Young The last five names were added later, in a different hand writing; thus the original list consisted of...

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Garrisons at Elk Garden Fort

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Garrisons at Elk Garden Fort Robert Brown (Maiden Spring) John Lewis (Elk Garden) Ericus Smith (Elk Garden) James Laughlin (Elk Garden) William Priest (Elk Garden) Robert Breeze (Elk Garden) Benjamin Jones (Elk Garden) Samuel Priest (Elk Garden) Thomas Jones (Whitton’s Crab Orchard) Thomas Price (Elk Garden) Thomas Donelson (Elk Garden) Robert Donelson (Elk Garden) Richard Breeze (Whitton’s Crab Orchard) Thomas Brumly (Maiden Spring) James Rogers (Maiden Spring) David Priest (Elk Garden) Henry Manadue (Elk Garden) James Anderson (Elk Garden) Richard Price (Elk Garden) John Kingkeid (Elk Garden) David Kingkeid (Elk Garden) The 29th August all the above men except the first five were discharged. Mr. John Kingkeid was then appointed their Sergeant. The 12th Sept. he took into pay: James Anderson Benjamin Jones David Priest Samuel Priest Henry Manadue Thomas Donelson Robert Donelson Thomas Price Richard Price David Kingkeid Robert Brown 2nd...

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Garrisons at the Maiden Springs Station

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant. Garrisons at the Maiden Springs Station 26th Aug 1774 Mr. Robert Brown (Sergeant till 23d Sept) Henry Willis Joseph Craven (Chosen Sergeant after 23d Sept) James MClehany James Cravens John Jameson James Rogers Thomas Brumly Andrew Lammy (replaced on 4th Sept by Samuel Fowler) John Flintham James Douglas John Newland Samuel Paxton Philip Dutton John Cravens Rees Bowen David Ward Robert...

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Captain John Lewis Company Of Volunteers

A List Of Captain John Lewis Company Of Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment. Officers. John Lewis Captain• This Captain John Lewis was a son of General Andrew Lewis, and a cousin of Captain John Lewis, (son of Thomas) of the Augusta Regimen, this father being a brother of the General. John Henderson Lieutenant Robert Alliet (Eliott) Ensign Samuel Glass Sergeant William Bryans Sergeant Peter Huff Sergeant William Wilson Sergeant Samuel Estill Sergeant John Donnally Fifer Thomas Alsbury Drummer Privates John Swope Alexander Kelley Edward Eagin James Ellison John Deniston James Stuart John Savage Christopher Welch James Crawley James Dulin Isaac Fisher Peter Ellenburg Andrew Kissinger Samuel Barton William Clifton Joseph Love Leonard Huff Thomas Huff (Wounded at Point Pleasant.) Samuel Croley William Isum Isaac Taylor Martin Carney Peter Hendricks John Hundley Henry Howard Molastine Peregrine Walter Holwell James McNutt Samuel Burcks Nathan Farmer Gabriel Smithers Thomas Edgar James Carlton Matthew Polug (or Pogue) Thomas Canady (or Kanady) William Jones Richard Packwood John Arthur William Robinson Samuel Huff Edward Wilson Robert Boyd John Reyburn Isaac Nichol Philip Hammond James Burtchfleld Solomon White Thomas Carpenter (Wounded at Point Pleasant.) Jeremiah Carpenter Solomon Carpenter David Cook John Bowman Jacob Bowman Robert Bowles James Burnsides Dennis Nail Hugh Caperton Matthew Creed Matthew Jewitt Adam Cornwell William Boniface Robert Davis John Carpenter Thomas Burnes Adam Caperton Henry Bowyer Mathias Kissinger William Mann. —...

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John Stewart’s Company Of Greenbrier Valley

A List Of Captain John Stewart’s Company Of Greenbrier Valley Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment. Officers John Stuart Captain, (Manuscript torn) James Donnally Sergeant Charles O’Hara Sergeant Skidmore Harriman Sergeant Privates Daniel Workman Samuel Williams William O’Harra Robert O’Harra James Pauley James Clarke John Pauley Archibald McDowell William Hogan Andrew Gardiner Quavy Lockhart Samuel Sullivan Thomas Ferguson (Wounded at Point Pleasant.) John McCandless Thomas Gillispie Henry Lawrence John Grain William Dyer Edward Smith John Harris Joseph Currence William Clendenin Spencer Cooper Daniel Taylor Joseph Day Jacob Lockhart George Clendennin John Burke Charles Kennison (Wounded at Point Pleasant.) William Ewing John Doherty John McNeal Joseph Campbell —Total...

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Captain Robert McClennahan’s Company Of Greenbrier Valley Volunteers

A List Of Captain Robert McClennahan’s Company Of Greenbrier Valley Volunteers in The Botetourt County Regiment. Officers Robert McClennahan Captain William McCoy Lieutenant Mathew Bracken, : Ensign (Killed at Point Pleasant) Thomas Williams Sergeant William Craig Sergeant Samuel Clarke Sergeant William Jones Drummer Privates John Harmon James Kinkaid George Kinkaid David Cutlip James Morrow, Sr. James Morrow, Jr. James Gilkeson Evan Evans William Stewart Edward Thomas Patrick Constantine William Custer Lewis Holmes William Hutchinson Edward Barrett John Williams Richard Williams James Burrens John Patton Thomas Ellias Charles Howard James Guffy Thomas Cooper William McCaslin John Cunningham Francis Boggs John Vaughn – Total...

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