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Collection: Dassel Minnesota those were the Days

Early Residents of Dassel Minnesota

Andrew Linquist James B. Lewis Louis A. Nelson Parker Simons Horace P. Breed Samuel A. Bunting Jonas J. Rudberg George D. Breed Louis Rudberg John Osborn John Rudberg J. H. McKenney Chas. J. Atwater Luther W. Leighton W. L. Van Eman Douglas Martin Robert Hunter Seth Nichols Charles A. Morris James H. Morris E. A. Hinds James Wilson Daniel Methven P. F. Spath F. M. Jenks Henry Clay Jeff Carville Ray F. Case H. F. Arnes L. A. Whittemore Jos. A. Goding J. G. Sjoquist J. S. Hough Wm. Wallace John K. Wallace Jos. E. Foster F. M. Boyer O. W. Olson Alex Cofield Edwin F. Proctor John H. Bunker J. C. Edminster Wm. Galiger J. H. Remick John S. Larson Allan Weatherby Henry L. Babst Peter Johnson John Thompson George Brower John M. Johnson Wm. Bradford John Norgren A. M. Bell C. A. McCollom Frederick Spath Richard T. Elliott Wm. Desmond T. H. Pendergast J. H. Mclntyre J. B. Smith George Norton Theodore Singleton Henry Adlerbjelke S. W. Maxson Wm. Porter Herman Quady John O. Belin S. P. Pratt Wm. S. Cox John Riordan Chas. S. Royce Aug. Sallberg Milton Forcer Noah Parks John H....

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Dassel Village, Meeker County, Minnesota – Council 1880 1900

Village Council in 1880 H. P. Breed, President Jonas J. Rudberg, Trustees C. A. Morris, Trustee Frederick Spath, Trustee W. L. Van Eman, Recorder. Village Council in 1885 Peter Johnson, President John Rudberg, Trustee L. A. Whittemore, Trustee J. W. Norgren, Trustee S. O. Lindgren. Recorder Village Council in 1890 J. H. Remick. President O. B. Knapp, Trustee Peter J. Wreisner, Trustee J. M. Johnson, Trustee Wm. S. Cox, Recorder Village Council in 1895 L. M, Norgren, President Peter Rudberg, Trustee John Riordan, Trustee C. W. Sidnam, Trustee Isaac Vervalen, Recorder Village Council in 1900 Erick Hagelin and George E. Sherwood. Presidents: L. E. Larson, Trustee L. M. Norgren, Trustee P. F. Spath, Trustee J. W. Norgren,...

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Dassel Village, Meeker County, Minnesota – Death Notices

J. Norgren died January 15, 1907, age 78 years. John O. Belin died June 2, 1926, at the age of 79. L. M. Norgren died here July 12, 1923, age 59 years: J. W. Norgren died November 3, 1926, his age was 77. Joseph Olson died September 14. 1933, age 56. Louis Palmersten died February 15. 1906. at the age of 72 Nels Rudberg died November 12, 1912. S. O. Lindgren died June 12, 1892, age 35 John Thompson, August 18, 1934, he was 87 years old. Nels Erickson died September 7, 1910, at the age of 81. John Osborn died January 23. 1916, age 76 L. E. Larson was born September 14. 1871 and died January 14, 1938. Malmer Larson died August 21, 1940, his age was 66. John Rudberg died April 15, 1903; he was 67 years old. Herman Manthei died February 20. 1936. at the age of 69. J. H. Remick. September 21, 1911, age 81; Wm. Galiger, June 11, 1917, age 63, John S. Larson, November 19, 1933, age 77. R. T. Eiliott, died November 22, 1912, at the age of 73 Fred Rudberg, died January 12, 1943 at the age of 72 Frederick Spath died February 11, 1891, age 66. P. F. Spath died February 17, 1927. His age was 71 John M. Johnson died April 17, 1909, he was 63 years old. Erick...

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