Collection: A Standard History of Champaign County Illinois

Biographical Sketch of William B. Lyman

William B. Lyman is now carrying on a successful farming enterprise on the estate where he was born and where he has spent practically all the days of his life. This is in section 20 of Champaign Township. He was born at that...

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Biography of Alva Gilmore

Alva Gilmore. With all due credit to the great metropolitan dailies that keep people informed of the life of the world, the local paper now as always has its great field of influence and value and is an indispensable factor in...

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Biography of Charles D. Babb

Charles D. Babb. Established in 1900, the private banking house of Raynor & Babb, at Homer, Illinois, has enjoyed a prosperous existence of seventeen years, and through the financial ability, personal integrity and good...

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Biography of Charlie N. Cotton

Charlie N. Cotton has lived in Champaign County over fifty years, and is rated as one of the enterprising and progressive agriculturists of Sidney Township. His well improved farmstead is on Rural Route No. 61 out of Homer. Mr....

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Biography of Francis M. Leigh

Francis M. Leigh of St. Joseph village is one of Champaign County’s veteran farmers. He is also one of those living who have seen most of the development of this section of the country. His own part has been not entirely...

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Biography of Albert R. Cooper

Albert R. Cooper, postmaster of Pesotum, has spent most of his life in this county as a practical farmer and also as a teacher, and is one of the dignified and influential leaders in his community. Mr. Cooper was born in Pesotum...

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Biography of E. Clarence Churchill

E. Clarence Churchill. With the exception of a short period spent at St. Louis, E. Clarence Churchill has passed his entire career in Champaign County, where he is now known as a representative of the class of men who have added...

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Biographical Sketch of Peter H. Mulligan

Peter H. Mulligan, present postmaster of Tolono, has been so long identified with the citizenship and farming activities of southern Champaign County as to require no special introduction. Mr. Mulligan was born at Tolono July 4,...

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Biography of C. Maxwell Caldwell

C. Maxwell Caldwell. As a general electrical contractor C. Maxwell Cal dwell has more than made good in Champaign, and a few years ago he established his business in a two-story building which in point of equipment and service...

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