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Bell Census of 1790

The following Bells resided in the respective colonies as shown by the census records of 1790, now on file in the Census Office at Washington , D. C. The figure following each name indicates the number of times that the name appears in the records.

CONNECTICUT : Abraham, Benjamin, Elisha, Jeanus, Joannah, John, 2; John, Jr., Jonathan, Joseph, Jude, Noah, Oliver, Ruth, Stephen, Thaddeus, Thaddeus, Jr.

MAINE: William.

MARYLAND : Ann, Anthony, Archibald, Arthur, Babby, Basill, Cephas, Daniel, 2; Edmund, Eviaf, Frederick, George, Henary, Isaac, James, 3; John, 2; Lucy, Margaret, Nathaniel,Richard, Robert, 2; William, 2.

MASSACHUSETTS : Aaron, Abraham, Benjamin, Daniel, 3; Edward, George, Isaac, James, 3; Jason, John, 6; Peter, Samuel, 2; Shubal, Solomon, Thomas, 2; Walter, William, 3.

NEW HAMP-SHIRE Abednego, George, George, Jr., James, 2; John, 4; Jonathan, Joseph, Mary, Matthew, Reuben, Sampson, Samuel, Shedrech, William, 2.

NEW YORK: Abraham, 2; Alexander, Andrew, Ann, Archibald, Caspar, Elijah, Elizabeth, Epaphras, Gerrit, Hendrick, Henry, 3; Herman, Hezekiah, Isaac, 2; Jacob, 2; James, 4; James, Jr., Jesse, John, 8; Jonathan, 2; Joseph, Joshua, Josiah, Lucy, Mary, Matthew, Peter, Philip, Phineas, Ram, Robert, 2; Samuel, 3; Stephen, Thomas, 2; William, 9.

NORTH CAROLINA Abner, Amey, Archibald, Balaam, Benjamin, 6; Billet, Brickhouse, Burwell, Bythael, Charles, 2; Cornelius, David, 3; Dixon, Eden, Edy, Elisha, Even, Felix, Frances, Francis, 3; Frederick, George, 8; Green, Hezekiah, Horey, Jacornas, James, 7; James, Jr., James, Sr., Jesse, 2; John, 15; Jonathan, Josa, Joseph, 5; Joseph, Jr., Joseph, Sr., 2; Joshua, 3; Joshua, Jr., Lemuel, Linsey, Lucy, Lyttleton, Malicah, Marget, Marmaduke, Mary, 5; Micajah, Morris, Nathan, 2; Nathaniel, Newell, Newell, Sr., Orson, Polly, Richard, Robert, 4; Ross, Samuel, 5; Sena, Shadrack, Starkey, Thomas, 8; Walter, 2; Watson, Whitmil, William, 13; William, Jr., William, Sr., Winifred, Write, Zachariah, Zadock, 2.

PENNSYLVANIA: Abel, Alexander, Andrew, 3; Arthur, 2; Barbary, Benjamin, Christian, David, Ebinezer, Elizabeth, Edward, 2; George, 8; Hamilton, Hannah, 2; Henry, Hugh, 2; Humphrey, Jacob, James, 10; John, 13; Jonathan, Joseph, 3; Mary, Mathew, Nathaniel, 2; Patterson, Reese, Richard, Robert, 5; Samuel, 4; Sarah, 2; Simeon, Thomas, 3; Walter, William, 14; Zephaniah.


SOUTH CAROLINA Adam, Alexander, Ann, Archibald, David, 2; Edward, Elijah, Eliza, Frances, Fredrick, George, Harrison, Izzabel, James, 3; Jane, Jeremiah, John, 11; Joseph, Matthew, Patty, Robert, 3; Samuel, 3; Thomas, 3; Valentine, William, 7; Zachariah, 2; Zachery.

VERMONT: Benjamin, Harvey, Jasen, Jonathan, Joseph, Robert, Samuel, 2; William.

VIRGINIA: Alexander, Ann, 2; Benjamin, 3; Charles, 2; Daniel, Elijah, Elisha, Elizabeth, 2; George, 4; George, Jr., Henry, 2; Jacob, 2; James, 6; Jenny, John, 12; Jonathan, Joseph, Mary, 3; Micajah, More, Nathan, Peter, Robert, 2; Samuel, 2; Selah, Silvanus, Silviah, Stephen, Stephen, Jr., Stephen, Sr., Thomas 9; William, 7; Zepheniah.

MLA Source Citation:

Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Bell Family History. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929. Web. 25 July 2016.
- Last updated on Sep 20th, 2012

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