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Patentee Survivors Eldon Township, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals.

The following 56 Eldon patentees families still persist on the original farms:

Mary Black, XI 17
Neil Brown, IX 19
Alex. Cameron, VI 25
Alex. Campbell, II 12
Archibald Campbell, II 12
Donald Campbell, V 20
Neil Campbell, II 9
John Ferguson, XI 15
John Fraser, VII 22
Charles Fry, SPR 55-6,
John Gillespie, VII 11
Thomas Graves, X 20
Angus Logan, X 20
Thomas Lyons, V 6
Moses Mitchell, NPR 53-4
Roger Moran, X 12
John Morrison, VI 20
James McAlpine, II 6
Duncan McArthur, V 9
John McArthur, VIII 7
Peter McArthur, VII 7
Duncan McCorquodale, I 2
Ailan McEachern, III 11
Archibald McEachern, II 22
Donald McEachern, V 15
Dugald McEachern, IV 10
Duncan McEachern, III 15
Hugh McEachern, IV 7
Lachlin McEachern, X 23
Malcolm McEachern, II 11 and 15
Neil McEachern, II 19
Neil McEachern, VI 6
Neil McEachern, VII 3
Neil McEachern, VIII 24
Ronald McEachern, II 20
Wm. McEachern, VIII 24
Ann McDonald, II 23
John McDonald, III 19
Donald McFadyen, II 17
Samuel McFadyen, X 8
Dougald McGillvary, SPR 12
John McGillvray VII 23
John McInnis, VIII 16
Malcolm McMillan, VIII 6
Neil McNabb, IX 20
Duncan McPherson, IV 4
James McPherson, IV 4
Colin McRae, VIII 23
John McRae, SPR 30
John Nicholls, SPR 21
John Pearce, XI 21
George Ross, II 16
Duncan Smith, V 5
John Spence. X 5
Wm. Taylor, XI 25
John Torrey, V 15

MLA Source Citation:

Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921. Web. 30 July 2016.
- Last updated on Oct 9th, 2012

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