Arthur Hill Ringland Mulholland, Rector of St. George’s Church, Owen Sound, and Canon of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, London, was born in the County of Down, Ireland, June 18, 1828. His father, John Mulholland, was a linen merchant, and his grandfather, same name, was a clergyman of the Church of England. The name of his mother, before her marriage, was Winifred Ringland, also a native of Ireland. Our subject was educated at Foyle College, Londonderry, Ireland; immigrated to Canada in 1849; was ordained to the Christian ministry by Bishop Strachan, of Toronto; came directly to Owen Sound as a missionary for the County of Grey, and held that position for several years. It being a frontier county and before the day of railroads in this part of the Province, his travels were extensive and hard, but he never abandoned the field nor failed to attend to its spiritual wants so far as one man could do it. He was Rural Dean for twenty years or more, being appointed meantime to the rectory of St. George, Owen Sound. He was made Canon in the Spring of 1879. He is a very hard worker, a brilliant writer, and scholarly and eloquent preacher, sound in the faith and strong in its defense.

Canon Mulholland has been Chairman of the Town Board of Education for nearly a quarter of a century; has labored untiringly to elevate the standard of the schools, and with a few coworkers has succeeded admirably in this noble work. At the time of writing this sketch a large and substantial High School building, constructed of brick, and to be finished with the modern improvements for seating, heating and ventilating, is approaching completion the result of plans by the School Board, backed by public spirited citizens. The Owen Sound schools are of a very high grade of excellence, owing in a large measure to the efforts of a few such men as Canon Mulholland.

In July, 1846, he married Miss Jane Scott Smith, of Dublin, and they have had six children, all yet living but one son.