George Elliott, formerly one of the leading merchants in Guelph, and largely indent , fled with its municipal history, is a native of Rochester, county of Kent, England, dating his birth February 27, 1819. His father, George Elliott, senior, a country gentleman, was descendant from an ancient Scottish family; his mother, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Moulden, descended from an old Kentish family.
Our subject received a good education, including the mathematics and classics; came to Canada with the family in the autumn of 1832; was in business in Toronto and Cincinnati, Ohio, for several years; came to Guelph in 1850, and was a general merchant here until 1865 when he retired, having been eminently successful in his business. Here his father died only a few years ago in his ninety-fifth year, much lamented by many friends.

Mr. Elliott has served in the town, city and county councils, at sundry times, in all more than twenty years, having been town councilman, deputy-reeve, reeve, warden and mayor. He has done a great deal of valuable labor in the interests of Guelph, and the County of Wellington; was chairman of the building committee when the Town Hall and other public buildings were erected; was chairman of the old Board of Public Instruction, and for six years was a member of the High School Board of Trustees, taking great pleasure in aiding in the elevation of the standard of public instruction. He found earnest and efficient cooperators in this noble work. When in the council he was almost constantly chairman of the finance committee, having fine business talents, and being eminently trustworthy. He was arbitrator on behalf of the city upon the adjustment of the indebtedness between the county and Guelph, when the latter became a city. He is a justice of the peace. When the Guelph General Hospital was organized and opened in 1875 he was made chairman of the Board of Directors, which position he still holds.

Mr. Elliott is a Reformer, and quite an influential member of that party, being now, and having been for some time, president of the Reform Association for the south riding of Wellington. He is president of the St. George’s Society, Guelph.

Mr. Elliott is a member of the Church of England; was warden of St. George’s church, Guelph, for several years; and is a lay delegate to the Diocese of Niagara, and also to the Provincial Synod which meets at Montreal. He was a member of the Building Committee and treasurer, when the St. George’s magnificent house of worship: was erected, and is indefatigable in church and other work. The poor find a warm friend in Mr. Elliott, and his equally benevolent wife and his sister, who resides with him. His residence ” Vinehurst,” on the Paisley Street hill, is one of the most sightly and pleasant homes in this young and beautiful city.