John Marjoribanks Lawde Et, late Judge of the County of Lincoln, dates his birth at Greenock, Scotland, August 16, 1824, his parents being John Lawder, Custom House officer at Greenock, and Jane Hervey, a native of Glasgow. Both died while he was young, and in 1837, an orphan boy, he came to Upper Canada, having completed his school studies before leaving the old country.

He studied law at Toronto with Robert Hervey, now of Chicago; was called to the Bar at Hilary term, February, 1845; practiced at Niagara a little more than twenty-two years; was appointed county attorney and clerk of the peace in 1856, and on the death of Edward C. Campbell, Judge of the county, in 1860, was appointed to that office, which he held until November, 1877, when he resigned.
The Judge is a man of fair abilities; has a good knowledge of judicial, duties; was ever temperate on the Bench, and pleasant, affable, and easily approachable, and hence was well liked by the legal fraternity.

Since leaving the Bench, Judge Lawder has been engaged in general business, and is living an easy and independent life.

He is a member of the Presbyterian church.

August 24, 1848, he married Mary Catharine, daughter of John L. Alma, a very early settler at Niagara, and one of its leading merchants, being still in business. Mrs. Lawder is the mother of six children, five of them still living. Emily, the eldest daughter, is the wife of Charles Hunter, of St. Catharines, Inspector for the Standard Insurance Company; the other four axe single.