A Village And Parish situated on the River St. Lawrence, in the County of L’Islet, C. E distant below Quebec, 35 miles. This is a thriving village and several large lumbering establishments have mills here.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C
Beaubien, Rev. Louis, Roman Catholic.
Beaubien. Joseph Octave, M. D., and foundry proprietor.
Bernier, Godefroi, general store.
Bernier, Miss. general store.
Binder, Albert, clerk of the circuit and commissioners’ courts.
Cazeau, Miss Louise, general store.
Cazeau, Captain Louis, commissioner of court of small causes.
Corriveau. Jean Baptiste, general store.
Cote, Antoine, general store.
Coté. Isidore, general store.
Dion, Eucher, J. P.
Dubé, Magloire, general store.
Dugal, Luc, miller.
Dupuis, Major Jean Baptiste, seignior and flour millowner.
Fiset, Joseph, general store.
Fournier, Captain Louis, mayor and J. P.
Fournier, Mrs. Jean Baptiste, boarding house.
Gendreau, Francois Xavier, notary public and postmaster.
Goudreau, Jean Baptiste, general store.
Hamond, Jean, general store.
Joncas, Charles, ship builder.
Laberge, Alexis, general store.
Laberge, Joseph, general store.
Lebreux, Eteynne, general store.
Levesque, Mrs. Golbec, general store.
Marmet, Joseph, M. D.
Mercier, Joseph, general store.
Nicol, Thomas & Prudent, axe manufacturers.
Patton, William, seignior, general store and mill owner.
Price, William, general store and wharfinger.
Protean, Moise, miller.
Talbot, Mrs. Pierre, fur store.
Talbot, Francois Xavier, notary public and agent for the seigniory.
Talbot. Nicolas, boarding house.
Tétu, Magloire, commissioner of small causes.
Tétu, Major Francois.
Thibault, Michel, M. D.
Thoury, Jean, general store.
Vallée, Stanislas, notary public.
Vallée, Achille, general store.