A Village in the Township of Townsend, and County of Norfolk, C. W., is situated on Paterson Creek, Lake Erie, distant from Hamilton, 37 miles-usual stage fare, 7s. 6d. Population about 600.

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Public Officers
Haycock, F. H., collector of customs.
Ryerse, J., landing waiter.
Powell, I. W., town reeve and commissioner Queen’s Bench.
Thomson, A., Walker, J., Walker, S., and Decow, J., township councilors.
Waters, Henry, postmaster.

Alphabetical List Of Professions, Trades, &C.
Beaupre, J., Royal Exchange hotel and stage house.
BUCKWELL, A., dealer in groceries, hardware, crockery, &c.
BURTON, E., attorney, notary and conveyancer.
ELLIS &. JOHNSTON, ironfounders and wagonmakers.
HALL, EDWARD, lumber merchant.
LAWSON, J., steam tannery.
LEES, A., civil engineer.
POWELL, I. W., & SON, warehousemen and shipping agents.
RIDDELL, JAMES, dealer in dry goods, groceries, &c.
RIDDELL, ROBERT, soap and candle factory.
ROBINSON, CHARLES, lumber merchant.
WATERS, HENDRY, & CO., oak timber merchants, &c.
WHEELER, HENRY, lumber merchant.
Non Members
Armstrong, W., saddler.
Bradley, J., grocer.
Brown, C. R., innkeeper and baker.
Buck, D., blacksmith.
Crawford, G., tailor.
Drake, D., baker.
Ellsworth, W., blacksmith.
Hendry, Benjamin, tailor.
Mudford, C., tailor.
Murphy, J., boots and shoes.
Neil, M. O., tinsmith.
Norton, T., boots and shoes.
Nottingham, S., boots and shoes.
Palmer, J., M. D.
Passmore, G., boots and shoes.
Seger, J., M. D.
Simpson, J., cabinetmaker.
Sinclair, R., boots and shoes.
Thompson, A., merchant and miller
Thompson, A., tailor.
Thompson, J., blacksmith.
VanNorman, J., innkeeper.
Varey, B., plasterer.
Vears, J., weaver.