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MacDonald McDonald Family Records

THE M(a)cDonald Family is among the forty-nine “best families” selected by the American Historical-Genealogical Society for whom the Society has published family histories during the past few years. The M(a)cDonald family has been prominent in the British Empire and in the United States; its members having played important roles in war and in peace. Family pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All M(a)cDonald have just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions.

In reference No. 14 we find the following regarding the origin and meaning of the name MacDonald:

The surname, MacDonald, means the son or descendant of Donald. Donald is a well-known northern personal name. By some etymologists it is thought to be derived from the Gaelic “donhuil,” which means “browneyed.” Others say that it comes from two Gaelic words, “domhan”-the world-and “all”-mighty. In Scotch histories of the family the name is always written Macdonald or MacDonald, while those of the clan who have come to America usually use the abbreviation, McDonald.

The clan MacDonald is certainly one of the oldest and most important in Scotland. Its chiefs descended from Somerled, Thane of Argyle, but sometimes styled King of the Isles, who flourished in the twelfth century.

This clan has been known for centuries for its fearlessness and bravery, and also for its ancient and unbroken lineage. It is well represented today throughout Great Britain and the United States.

The data in this volume is gathered from reliable sources. We have selected what we consider the most important material. Many of the daughters, and sons for whom no issue was shown, have been omitted from the pedigrees. A missing symbol indicates that a name has been omitted. Those desiring further information are advised to consult the volumes mentioned in the list of References.

The compiler hopes that, in producing this volume he is bringing to the M(a)cDonald Family information which will be of interest and value to them, and that he is rendering an important service to the public. He and his associates will be glad to give their cooperation to members of the family who are interested in having a complete genealogy of the family published..

Unless otherwise plainly shown, the persons in this volume whose names are accompanied by three figures are children of the immediately preceding persons bearing immediately preceding numbers. All persons in each group bearing the same letter as a part of their numbers, are directly related. The generations of the descendants of those bearing numbers of three figures are represented as follows. However, some of our material is published as copied from various records without rearrangement according to this system.

Generations: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Symbols: (1),etc. (A),etc. (a),etc. 1,etc. A,etc. a,etc. (I),etc. (i),etc. I,etc. i,etc.


Add., address;
b., born;
ch., children;
coll., college;
d., died;
d. y., died young;
d. w. i., died without issue;
dau., daughter;
grad., graduated;
l., lives, lived;
m., married, moved;
s., son;
univ., university.

MacDonald/McDonald References

All of the works listed below will be found in the Library of Congress. Most of them will be found in the libraries of historical and genealogical societies. Some of them will be found in the libraries of all of the large American cities.

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Ancient MacDonald Families

The following titled MacDonald families are listed in BURKE’S GENERAL ARMORY:

Slate, Isle of Skye, Bart., 1625;

Bosville Macdonald; East Sheer, Co. Surrey, bart.;

Moydart, Scotland, Captain of Clanranald; Largie;

Sir John Macdonald, K. C. B., 1818;

General Sir John Macdonald, G. C. B., 1849; St. Martin’s Co. Perth, 1849;


Craig-na-Gower; Co. Argyll, 1875.

Prominent British MacDonald, Past Generations

ALEXANDER MACDONALD: third Lord of the Isles and tenth Earl of Ross; (d. 1449); s. Donald, second Lord of the Isles. In 1425 he sat as one of the jury who condemned Murdac, Duke of Albany, in 1438; was appointed justiciar of Scotland. ‘

GEN. ALEXANDER: (d. 1647); when Antrim fitted out an expedition of confederate Catholics to recover lands of MacDonalds from the Campbells, and to hold out a hand to projected enterprise of Montrose in Scotland, MacDonald was placed in command of 1600 Scotch-Irish men levied from Antrim’s tenants. Following his victory he was knighted by Montrose.

ALEXANDER (or MacIan) of Glencoe: (d. 1692); chief of a sept of MacDonalds inhabiting Glencoe, on borders of Argyll and Inverness. He and his wife killed by soldiers who entered and massacred under disguise of appearing guests; his two sons were among those who escaped.

ALEXANDER (Alasdair MacMhaighster Alasdair) : (1700?-1780?); Gaelic poet; s. Alexander, M.A. (“Maighstear Alasdair”); the Episcopal clergyman of Ardnamurchan; had a commission in highland army under his cousin, but the passing of Act of Indemnity gave him a settled home. Clanranald made him baillie of Isle of Canna and gave him farm of Eigneig on the Glenuig estate. His eldest s., Ranald, was a poet. The farm of Laig in that island remained in the family till emigration of the poet’s great-grandson Angus to U. S. about 1850, when American civil war broke out, he, receiving a commission in 11th Wisconsin regiment, was distinguished for his gallantry.

REV. ALEXANDER: (1736-1791); Scottish catholic prelate; s. Laird of Bornish; vicar-apostolic of highland district, being consecrated by Bishop Hay at Scalan, with title of Bishop of Polemonium.

ALEXANDER: (1755-1837); Gaelic scholar; missionary of Gaelic chapel in Blackfriars’ Wynd, Edinburgh; returned to Balloch, and built a chapel at Crieff.

ALEXANDER: (1791?-1850); Scottish antiquary; mem. of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland; joint curator of the Society’s museum; in 1836 was principal keeper of register of deeds and probate writs; supplied material for Sir Walter Scott’s notes to the “Waverley Novels”.

ANGUS: M.D.; (1834-1886); medical writer, of humble Aberdeen family. Physician to Royal Maternity Hospital, Edinburgh, and fellow of Royal College of Physicians.

ARCHIBALD: (1736-1814); author; Benedictine monk; R. C. pastor Seal St. Chapel, Liverpool.

SIR ARCHIBALD: B.A., M.A.; (1747-1826); judge; 3rd and posthumous s. Sir Alexander (7th baronet of Sleat in island of Skye); in 1778, was made a king’s counsel; one of the justices of the grand sessions in Wales; was lineal descendant of old Lords of the Isles.

DONALD: second Lord of the Isles and ninth Earl of Ross; (d. 1420?); s. John, first Lord of the Isles. In 1405 Henry IV sent commissioners to treat for an alliance with him and his brother John; the alliance with England became permanent.

HON. DUNCAN GEORGE FORBES: F.G.S., F.R.G. So. J.P., LL.D.; (1823?1884); agricultural and miscellaneous writer; one of the commissioners to adjust boundary line of British North America, and he later wrote a book on British Columbia.

FLORA: (1722-1790); Jacobite heroine; dau. Ronald, tacksman of Milton; aided Prince Charles Edward to escape from Hebridean island after disaster at Culloden, 1746; was imprisoned in the Tower at London. Receiving her liberty, she stayed in the house of Lady Primrose and was visited by persons of distinction; was presented with £1500, and at Scotland was entertained at Monkstadt at a banquet with principal families in Skye. An obelisk was erected to her memory at Kilmuir; her portrait is in Bodleian Library of Oxford, another painting in possession of Lord Donington, and a third in town hall at Inverness.

REV. HUGH: (1701-1773); Scottish catholic prelate; s. laird of Morar, Invernessshire; consecrated in Edinburgh; ordained priest and nominated to vicariate of highland district, and to see of Diana in Numidia; in partibus infadelium.

HUGH: (1817-1860); Scottish poet; literary editor of Morning Journal at Glasgow. To his memory was erected a rustic stone fount, with his medallion bust, on site of “the bonnie wee well” (subject of one of his songs).

JOHN: of Isla, first Lord of the Isles; (d. 1386?); traced descent from Donald; s. Reginald (2d s. of Somerled of Argyll, king of the Isles). On accession of his father-in-law to throne, 1370, he resigned part of his territories into king’s hands; gave him new charter in favour of himself and heirs by marriage with king’s dau.; was confirmed in possession of Scottish heritage of house of Somerled by charter at Scone, 1372.

JOHN: fourth and last Lord of the Isles, and 11th Earl of Ross; (d. 1498?); only legitimate s. of Alexander, third Lord of the Isles; assumed title, King of the Hebrides; retired to monastery of Paisley and was interred in tomb of royal ancestor, Robert II.

JOHN: (1620?-1716?); known in highlands as Ian Lorn., Gaelic poet and warrior; descendant of a chief of Keppoch branch of MacDonalds; in 1639 took part in a raid on Campbells of Breadalbane (in revenge for their onslaught), the castle of Keppoch was burned to the ground; a stone and inscription marks the place of the slaughter.

JOHN: (1727-1779); Scottish catholic prelate, nephew of Bishop Hugh MacDonald; consecrated at Preshome to see of Tiberiopolis, in partibus infidelium, the Propaganda having appointed him coadjutor to his uncle; succeeding him on his death as vicar apostolic of the highland district of Scotland.

LT.-COL. JOHN: F.R.S.; (1759-1831); lieut.-col. and military engineer; was in Sumatra, as first lieutenant, for seventeen years of Indian service, where he made maps and charts, and observations on variation of magnetic needle: these are now in British Museum.

REV. JOHN: M.A., D.D.; (1779-1849); called “The Apostle of the North”; in 1813 was promoted to charge of Urquhart, Caithness, in gift of Duncan George Forbes of Culloden.

SIR JOHN: C.B., K.C.B., G.C.B.; (d. 1850); adjutant-general at horse guards under Dukes of York and Wellington 1820-1830; a connection of Flora ‘the Jacobite heroine); bro. to Lt.-Gen. Alexander, C.B., royal artillery.

REV. JOHN: D.D.; (1818-1889); Scottish catholic prelate; consecrated at Aberdeen by title of Bishop of Nicopolis, coadjutor to vicar-apostolic of northern district of Scotland.

SIR JOHN ALEXANDER: G.C.B., D.C.L.; (1815-1891); organiser of Dominion of Canada; in 1844 was mem. for Kingston to House of Assembly; was responsible for expansion of Canada into area of 3,500,000 square miles, with population of 4,000,000; for 20 years prime minister of Dominion of Canada; regarded as foremost statesman on American continent; his last public utterance was a warning to his countrymen (1890) that “Canada could not stand alone”. A white marble bust erected to his memory was unveiled in south aisle of St. Paul’s cathedral, London, by Earl of Rosebery, secretary of state for foreign affairs.

LAWRENCE: (1799-1878); sculptor; his bust of John Marshall, M. P., was sent to Royal Academy; frequent contributor to succeeding exhibitions; his “Ulysses recognized by his Dog”, shown in Paris exhibition, became property of Lord Kilnorey; a mem. of Scottish Academy.

REV. RANALD: D.D.; (1756-1832); Scottish catholic prelate; of highland parents; ordained priest at Donay; first vicar apostolic of newly created western district of Scotland.

WILLIAM BELL: B.A.; (1807-1862); linguist; served as surgeon in Sir Pulteney Malcolm’s flagship in Mediterranean; translated Irish songs into German, Latin, Greek and Hebrew, making a special study of Coptic; succeeded to estate of Rammerscales, where he collected a large and valuable library.

WILLIAM RUSSELL: (1787-1854); miscellaneous writer, editor and part proprietor of Sunday Herald and other papers; most successful in producing books for the young.

Prominent British McDonalds of Today

BOUVERIE FRANCIS PRIMROSE MCDONALD: M.D., C.M., L.R.C.P. and S. Edin.; M.P. (C. U). Wallasey; Consulting Surgeon Victoria Hospital, Liscard; b. Edinburgh, 1861; s. of Commander Samuel Pembleton; educ., Edinburgh Academy, President Wallasey Medical Soc. Pub. “Multiple Rodent Ulcer”. Add.: London.

SIR DONALD: Kt., cr., 1922; Town Councillor since 1890; Provost of Inverness, 1916-22; b. 1849; s. of John; educ., Training School, Inverness; for many years has carried on business as a shipowner and coal merchant and Morrison. Add.: London.

HON. DONALD: J.P., senior partner of McDonald & Co., West India Merchants; b. Antigua, 1865; e. s. of late John Scotland; educ., Private School. Pub.: “Songs of an Islander.” Add.: London.

BRIG.-GEN. HAROLD FRENCH: C.M.G., 1917; D.S.O., 1916; b. Fort Qu’Appelle, Sask., 1885; y. s. of late Archibald; educ., Upper Canada College, Toronto; General Officer Commanding Military District No. 13. Pubs.: Professional papers.

RT. Rev. JOSEPH: O.S.B. Abbot of Fort Augustus Abbey since 1919; b. 1871; s. of late D.P.; educ., Fort Augustus Abbey School.

SAMUEL: C.M.G., 1919; D.S.O., 1916; Advocate, 1920; Sheriff-Substitute of Angus at Forfar since 1927; b. Macduff, 1877; s. of James; educ., Gordon College; served European War. Add.: London.

Prominent British MacDonalds of Today

MACDONALD, 6th Baron, cr., 1776; RONALD ARCHIBALD MACDONALD: D.L.; Bt. 1625; b., 1853; y. s. of 4th Baron; owns about 132,500 acres. Add.: Armadale Castle, Isle of Skye.

RT. REV. ALEXANDER: D.D.; Titular Bishop of Hebron; b., Nova Scotia, 1858; educ., St. Francis Xavier’s Coll., Antigonish; Parish Priest of St. Andrew’s Antigonish. Pubs.: “The Apostles’ Creed”. Add.: Nova Scotia.

ALEXANDER: F.R.G.S., F.R.S.G.S.; Explorer, Mining Engineer, Author; b., 1878; was one of the pioneers of the Wondyke gold-fields; led various exploring and geological expeditions in interior, Australia. Pubs.: “In Search of El Dorado.”

ALEXANDER GODFREY: b., 1909; e. s. of late Hon. Godfrey Evan Hugh. Add.: Ostaig House, Isle of Skye.

MACDONALD OF THE ISLES, SIR ALEXANDER WENTWORTH MACDONALD BOSVILLE: 14th Bt., J.P., D.L., landowner, Thorpe and Gunthwaite, Yorkshire; b., 1865; educ., Eton; Organist and Choirmaster Rudston Church. Add.: London.

ANGUS RODERICK: 23rd Chief of Clanranaid; b. 1858; 2nd s. of Admiral Sir Reginald; educ., Clifton Coll.; State Engineer, Alwar State, till 1902. Add.: London.

ANNE: Principal St. Helen’s School, Bridge of Allan; e. d. of late Rev. George; educ., Aberdeen; etc.; founded St. Helen’s School, Bridge of Allan, 1898. Pubs.: Lyrics, “In Life’s Garden”. Add.: Sussex.

COLONEL ARC141BALD WILLIAM: D.S.O., 1902; b., 1869; educ., Edinburgh Academy; served in the 1st Cameron Highlanders; served S. Africa as Adjutant of Lovat Scouts. Add.: Inverness-shire.

LT.-COL. ARTHUR CAMERON: D.S.O., 1916; Governing Director, Macdonald Gills and Co., Engineers, Ltd.; 2nd s. of late Hon. Alexander Cameron; educ., Royal Military Coll. of Canada. Civil Engineering and Contracting; Servian Order of White Eagle 4th Class. Add.: London.

CHARLES JAMES BLACK: Agricultural Correspondent of The Timer since 1907 Editor of the Journal of the Royal Agricultural Soc. of England; b. 1864; has studied on the spot the agriculture of Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Hungary, to supplement knowledge of farming acquired in like manner in almost every country in Great Britain. Add.: London.

COL. CHARLES JOSEPH: C.M.G., 1918; M.D.; late A.M.S.; Fellow R.I. Public Health; b. 1862; educ., Queen’s College, Cork, Charing Cross Hospital; served European War. Add.: Blackrock, Co. Cork.

LIEUT.-COL. CHARLES LESLIE: D.S.O., 1916; Headmaster, Amesbury School, Hindhead, Surrey; b. 1881; educ., Merchiston Castle; served European War. Add.: London.

LT.-COL. CLARENCE REGINALD: C.M.G., 1918; late commanding 1st Batt. Royal Warwickshire Regt.; b., 1876; served S. Africa.

HON. DANIEL ALEXANDER: Chief Justice of the Court of King’s Bench since 1927; b., Prince Edward Island, 1858; educ., Prince of Wales Coll.; Practiced Law in Manitoba 23 yrs.; admitted to Bar of Prince Edward Island. Add.: London.

DONALD: journalist and naturalist; Melbourne Argus War Correspondent; pubs.: “How We Kept the Flag Flying”. Add.: Melbourne.

REV. DONALD BRUCE: M.A., LL.D.; Headmaster St. Andrew’s Coll., Auora; b. Toronto, 1872; educ., Toronto Collegiate Institute; President Canadian Club, Toronto.

MAJOR DONALD R.: D.S.O., 1918; M.C.; Royal Artillery; b., 1884; s. of late Dudley Ward; educ., Harrow; served in France and Belgium, 1914 to end of War. Add.: Ireland.

EDWARD MORTIMER: K.C., 1904; Minister of National Defence, Canada; b., 1865; educ., Pictou Academy; represented Canada at the League of Nations at Geneva in 1924. Add.: Nova Scotia.

REV. FREDERICK CHARLES: O.B.E., 1924; Hon. Canon of Durham; Rector of Purleigh since 1924. Add : Essex.

REV. FREDERICK WILLIAM: J. P.; Hon. Canon of Salisbury; late Rural Dean of Wylye; b., 1848; s. of W.; educ., Somerset College; In Freemasonry Past Grand Chaplain of England. Pubs.: Brochures on Local Govt. Add.: Somerset.

REV. FREDERIC WM.: President of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference, 1899; b. 1842; s. of Rev. G.B.; educ., St. Peter’s Collegiate School and Owens College; visited Australia and New Zealand. Pubs.: “Life of Fletcher of Madeley.” Add.: Bournemouth.

SIR GEORGE: K.C.B., cr., 1927; C.B., 1916; M.A., Hon. LL.D. (Glasgow) Hon. D. Litt. (Oxford) F.B.A.; Permanent Sec. Scottish Education Dept. B. Elgin, 1862; educ., Edinburgh Univ. Add.: London.

GREVILLE: M.D.; Consulting Physician to King’s College Hospital (retired); b. Manchester, 1856; educ., King’s Coll. School and Hospital. Pubs.: “On the Respiratory Functions of the Nose.” Add.: London.

HECTOR MUNRO: F.R.S., 1901; M.A. (Aber. and Camb); F.R.A.S.; Prof. of Mathematics, Aberdeen Univ.; b. 1865; educ., Aberdeen; formerly Lecturer in Math. Pubs.: “Electric Waves, 1902.” Add.: Aberdeen.

HON. SIR. HUGH JOHN: Kt., cr., 1913; K.C.; Police Magistrate of the city of Winnipeg since 1911; b. 1850; educ., Queen’s Coll. and Univ. of Toronto. Add.: Manitoba.

HON. JAMES ALEXANDER: Chief Justice, Court of Appeal, British Columbia, since 1909; b. 1858; educ., Toronto Univ. Add.: Victoria, B. C.

LIEUT.-COL. JAMES BRODIE LAUDER. D.S.O., 1918; b. North Uist, Invernessshire, 1867; educ., Edinburgh; joined Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1916.

JAMES LESLIE AULD: D.S.O., 1918; D.Sc.; scientific adviser and laboratory director to manufacturing company; b. 1887; educ., Rugby School; served European War in the Royal Scots. Pubs.: Several papers in Transactions of Chemical Soc. London. Add.: London.

RT. HON. JAMES RAMSAY: P.C., 1924; LL.D.; J.P. Morayshire; M.P. (Lab); Prime Minister of Great Britain; b. 1886; s. of J.; educ., at a Board school; Hon. LL.D. University of Wales. Pubs.: “Socialism and Society.” Add.: London.

JOHN: senior partner in the Ben Nevis Distilleries; b. Millburn by Fort William; educ., Ushaw Coll.; keen on all Highland sports.

HON. JOHN ALEXANDER: P.C. Can, 1926; M.P. King’s County, P.E.I. since 1925; b. Tracadie, P.E.I., 1874; P.C. Canada and Minister without Portfolio in the Dominion Cabinet, 1926. Add.: P.E. Island.

RT. HON. JOHN ARCHIBALD MURRAY: P.C., 1916; M.P. (L.) Falkirk Burghs; b. Strachur, 1854; educ., Glasgow Univ.; elected mem of the London School Board for Marlebone in 1897. Add.: London.

JOHN ROBERT: O.B.E.; Stipendiary Magistrate for Kingston-upon-Hull; b., 1879; educ., Street Court, Westgage-on-sea; Standing Counsel to the National Traction Engine Owners’ and Users’ Ass’n. Pubs.: “Traction Engine Law Codified”. Add.: London.

JOHN SMYTH: F.R.S., 1917; Holt Prof. of Physiology, Liverpool Univ.; b. Dublin, 1867; educ., King’s School, Chester; Prof. of Physiology, Sheffield Univ. Pubs.: “Structure and Function of Nerve Fibres.” Add.: Liverpool and London.

REV. JOHN SOMERLED: M.A.; D.D. University of Aberdeen, 1926; Minister, Sefton Park Presbyterian Church. Add.: Liverpool.

CAPT. KENNETH: D.S.O., 1900; late A.S.C.; b. 1873; s. of Lt.-Col. C.E. Captain, 1899; served Soudan Campaign, 1898.

LIEUT.-COL. KENNETH LACHLAN: D.S.O., 1916; J.P.; 2nd s. of late Lachlan McKinnon; b. 1867; educ., Edinburgh Univ.; European War. Add.: Invernessshire.

MRS. L. M. MONTGOMERY: F.R.S.A.; b. Clifton, P.E. Island, 1874; educ., Prince of Wales’ College; taught in school for 3 yrs. and wrote for periodical publications for several yrs. Pubs.: “Anne of Green Gables” etc. Add.: Ontario, Canada.

COMMANDER MALCOLM HENRY SOMERLED: D.S.O., 1916; O.B.E., 1919; Royal Navy British Representative on the Straits Commission, Constantinople; educ., H.M.S., Britannia; served in Intelligence Department at Admiralty, 1918; a member of the Naval Section at Paris Peace Conference.

SIR MURDOCK: K.C., M.G., cr., 1914; C.M.G., 1910; C.B., 1917; M. Inst. C.E.; Consulting Civil Engineer; M.P. (L.) Inverness since 1922; late Adviser and UnderSecretary of State for Public Works in Egypt; b., 1866; Civil eng.; railway construction in Scotland. Add.: London.

CAPTAIN PETER DRUMMOND: M.P. (U.) Isle of Wight since 1924; b. Nova Scotia, 1895; educ., Dalhousie Coll.; served European War. Add.: London.

RANALD: C.M.G., 1924; O.B.E., 1919; F.S.A. (Scot); Hon. Sheriff-Substitute and J. P. Inverness-shire; b., 1868; educ., Lochmaddy and Glasgow; Permanent Overseas Forces L.S. and G.C. medal, 1925. Add.: Isle of North Uist.

RANALD MACKINTOSH: C.B.E., 1919; N.Z. Red Cross Service, England; b. 1860; e. s. of late W.K.; Managing Director Christchurch Tramways; Director several companies. Add.: New Zealand.

LIEUT.-COL. REGINALD JAMES: D.S.O., 1918; retired List Royal Artillery; e. s. of late Hon. W. J.; Royal Military Coll. Pub.: “History of the Dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery”. Add.: London.

ROBERT: M.P. (C.) Cathcart Division of Glasgow since 1923; member of Glasgow Town Council; b. 1875. Add.: London.

LIEUT.-COL. RODERICK WILLIAM: I.A., C.I.E., 1927; Inspector-General of Police, Burma, since 1923; b. 1881; educ., Inverness College; Commissioner of Police, Rangoon, 1921-23; King’s Police Medal.

RONALD: Novelist and dramatist; b. 1860; educ., Trinity College. Pubs.: Novels “The Sword of the King”. Add.: London.

MAJ.-GEN. STUART: C.B., 1918; C.M.G., 1916; M.B.; b. 1861; s. of late William; educ., Elgin Academy; Hon. Physician to the King, 1918. Add.: Ross-shire.

SYDNEY GRAY: M.A., M.B., B.C., Cantab; F.R.C.S.; Consulting Surgeon; Specialty, Diseases of the Urinary Organs; b. 1879; e. s. of Eben; mem. of the British Medical Ass’n, and of the Ass’n Internationale d’Urologie. Pubs.: books and various medical journals. Add.: London.

MAJOR THOMAS WILLSON: D.S.O., 1918; late Border Regiment; served European War, 1914-18; retired pay, 1921. Add.: Scotland.

WILLIAM: Sc.D. (Agr.) Ph.D., D.Sc., F.R.S.E.; Editor and Proprietor of the Agricultural Journal of S. Africa; b. 1875; educ., Royal High School, Edinburgh. Pubs.: “The Conquest of the Desert”

Bryan McDonald


PRINCESS MARGARET STUART: m. Eoin Mor MacDonnell, Lord of the Ebudae isles, d. 1387. Their son was:

EOIN-OGE MACDONNELL: the hero of Sir Walter Scott’s “Lord of the Isles”; m. Lady Margery, dau. of Mac Eoin Bissett, of the Glinns, Antrim.

MARCACH MACDONNELL: of the Glinns; k. 1397; m. a dau. of Okeyan, Lord of Dunsevern.

TIRLOUGH MOR MACDONNELL: of the Glinns; d. 1435.

TIRLOUGH OGE MACDONNELL: the 1st of the MacDonnells to settle in Leinster. where they afterwards formed three Septs.

DONOCH MACDONNELL: of Leinster; slain in Leix, 1504.



CALVAGH MacDONNELL: Lord of Tenekille; d. 1570.

HUGH-BUIDHE MACDONNELL: Lord of the Manors of Tenekille and Ballycrassel, Queen’s County, Ireland; b. 1546, d. 1618; m. Mary Moore.

BRIAN MAcDONNELL: younger son.

ALEXANDER MACDONNELL “the Constable of Wicklow” and Commander of the Gallowglasses in 1641; m. a dau. of Thomas Archibald, of Wicklow.

LIEUTENANT BRYAN MCDONALD: of Arklow, County Wicklow; served in the army of King James II, and in 1691 removed with his family to America and settled in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle Co., Del., where he purchased six hundred acres of land from Penn. He m. Mary, dau. of John Doyle, of Arklow; d. 1707.

BRYAN MCDONALD: 4th son; removed, about 1753, to Botetourt County, Va.; d. 1757.

(1) EDWARD MCDONALD: killed by the Indians. He had several daughters who m. into the Campbell, Greenway, and Russell families of Abington, Va., and had issue.

(2) JOSEPH MCDONALD: of Greenfield, near Blacksburg, Montgomery Co., Va.; b. 1722, d. 1809; m. Elizabeth Ogle.

(A) MAJOR RICHARD MCDONALD: of Macksville, Washington Co., Ky.; 5th son, b. 1763, d. 1809; m. Mary Long Martin.

(a) COLONEL JAMES MCDONALD: of Sacramento, Cal.; b. 1797, d. 1865; mem. of Kentucky State Legislature, 1828-37; m., 1819, Martha Shepard, dau. of Jesse and Milly Peter.

1. DR. RICHARD HAYES MCDONALD: of San Francisco; b. 1820; m., 1851, Mrs. Sarah Maria Steinagel (nee Whipple).



Colonel James McDonald


PRINCESS CATHERINE STEWART: m. Sir David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford. Their son was:

ALEXANDER LINDSAY: 2nd Earl of Crawford; m. Lady Marietta, dau. of Sir David Dunbar, of Cockburn.

SIR WALTER LINDSAY: of Beaufort; m. Lady Isabella, dau. of William, Lord Livingston.

SIR DAVID LINDSAY: of Edzell and Beaufort; d. 1527.

WALTER LINDSAY: of Edzell; killed at the battle of Flodden, 1513.

ALEXANDER LINDSAY: of Edzell; m. a dau. of Barclay, of Maithers.


RACHEL LINDSAY: m. the Most Rev. John Spottiswood, Archbishop of St. Andrews, in 1615, and Lord High Chancellor of Scotland in 1635. He crowned King Charles I, at Holyrood, in 1639, and dying in that year, was buried by the King’s command in Westminster Abbey. From them was descended, 4 generations removed:

ANNE CATHERINE SPOTTSWOOD: d. 1802; m. Colonel Bernard Moore, of “Chelsea”, King William County, Va., descended from Thomas More of Chelsea, the author of “Utopia”.

ALEXANDER SPOTTSWOOD MOORE: b. 1763; m., 1787, Elizabeth, dau. of Col. William Aylett, of “Fairfield”, King William County, Virginia.

(1) ANN HENRIETTA McDONALD: m. Sterling R. Cockrill, of Pine Bluff, Ark.
(2) EFFIE McDONALD: m. O. H. Bynum, of Cortlandt, Alabama.


O217 …. MCDONALD: of Ireland; descended from a Scotch family of Protestant faith who emigrated to Ireland during the Persecution.

(1) Robert: b. in Ireland, either in County Down or Tyrone; went to America about 1830; went South to St. Louis, Missouri; stood with Confederacy and was captain of a battery of a artillery during Civil War; m. Rebecca Miller, dau. of Thomas N. Miller, one of the builders of Pittsburgh and its iron industries.

(A) W. T.: b. 1852, in Allegheny, Pa.; m. Mary Swain, 1874, in Texas; minister of the M. E. Church, South; 31 years in active service, 18 of which were spent as chaplain of the State Penitentiary in Huntsville, Texas; served 4years as Representative in Texas Legislature; father of three sons. Add.: 5515 Pershing Ave., St. Louis, Missouri.

(a) G. N.: only surviving son.

(B) Robert Alex: m. Nannie Miller; had 7 children, 4 now living. Add.: Smithville, Texas.
(2) John: a contractor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


A101 SOMERLED: married Ragnhilbis, daughter of Olave, King of Man. He was Baron of Argyle from 1140 to 1164; slain at Battle Renfrew. Also known as Rex Insularum (King of Isles). (From him are descended not only the Macdonalds, who were allied by intermarriages with the Norwegian Earls of the Orkneys, Hebrides and Isle of Man, but also the MacDonells, one of the most powerful of Irish families.)

A102 REGINAL, SON OF SOMERLED: married Fonia, granddaughter of Fergus, Prince of Galloway; d. 1207. He was lord of Isles and succeeded by his son, Donald, from whom descended the “Clan Donald” (Macdonalds).

A103 DONALD: Lord of Isles, married daughter of Walter Stewart and d. prior to 1249. From this on the descendants were called Macdonald.

A104 AUGUS MOR: Lord of Isles; married daughter of Sir Colin Campbell of Lochow.

A105 AUGUS OG: Lord of Isles and hero of Battle of Bannockburn; m. Agnes (dau. of Guy O’Cohen, a branch of the O’Neils).

A106 JOHN: Lord of Isles and Earl of Ross; m. Princess Margaret (dau. of ROBERT 11, (STUART) KING OF SCOTLAND and his wife, Lady Elizabeth Mure).

A107 JOHN MOR: Lord of Dunnyveg and Earl of Antrim; m. Margery Bissett (heiress of Seven Glens of Antrim); was assassinated in 1427 by James Campbell.

A108 MARCUS: m. Amy (dau. of Olahan, Lord of Derry); slain in battle when young.

A109 CHARLES (OR TURLOUGH): was Capt. of Galloglasses (the heavily armed troops); migrated to Queens Co., Ireland, and became constable of the Pale and Lovell of Tynekill; d. 1435.

A110 JOHN CARROGH: Lord of Tynekill, described as “The best Captain of the English”; slain in 1466.

A111 CHARLES OG (OR TURLOUGH OG): Lord of Tynekill; slain in battle 1503.

A112 JOHN: Lord of Tynekill; killed in 1514.


A114 CALVAGN, OR CALLA, also called MACTURLOUGH: had a grant of Tynekill from Queen Elizabeth in 1562; was slain June 18th, 1570.

A115 HUGH Buy: Lord of Tynekill and Ballycastle; m. Mary Moore; d. in 1618.

A116 BRYAN: younger son.

A117 ALEXANDER: a distinguished Commander of Galloglasses; m. a dau. of Thos. Archibald of Wicklow.

A118 BRYAN: emigrated to America; m. Mary Combs; served as Lieutenant in Col. Francis Toole’s regt. under King James II, Monarch from 1685 to 1688. On Nov. 18, 1689, he bought 693 acres from William Penn near New Castle, Del., and d. there. For his descendants in America see Chapters (F) and (G).

Macdonald of Clanranald

The Macdonalds of Clanranald trace their descent from the great family of the Lords of the isles, and when the vassal clans became separate communities, each under its own chief, the Clan Donald proper gradually divided into three factions-supporting the claims to precedency of the branches Clanranald, Glengarry, and Sleat, respectively-thus effectually destroying its power as an organization. It has long been recognized that the question of precedence can never be decided, and thus with a view to creating a better feeling, a compromise to enable them to act together for the common interest was arranged by the Chiefs of the three factions in 1911.

B119 REGINALD (OR RANALD) DE ILE (family name Macdonald): became first chief of the branch of Clanranald; d. 1386; five sons, including,
(1) Allan: 2nd of Clanranald-B120.
(2) Donald: 1st chief of the branch of Glengarry.
13120 ALLAN: d. 1419; s. by eldest son of first wife, dau. of Stewart of Appin.
B121 RORY: d. 1481; m. dau. Donald Macdonald, of Dunnyveg.
(1) Allan: his heir-B122.
(2) Hector: progenitor of the MacEachens (or sons of Hector).

B122 ALLAN: d. 1505; a distinguished warrior; kept at bay all other forces brought to bear against the Clan during troubled times following fall of the Lordship of the Isles; prevented the subjugation of the W. Highlands; recognized by the Crown as the next heir, on the death, in 1502, of John, 2nd chief of Sleat, only acknowledged heir of Hugh, half-brother of John, 10th and last Lord of the Isles; m. three times, having eight sons and one dau.; by 1st wife, Florence (dau. Donald Macian) were,
(1) Ranald Bane: his heir-13123.
(2) Alexander: subsequently became 7th chief-B125
(3) Ranald Gallda: son of Allan by Isabella (dau. of Lord Fraser); slain at Blairlene-B 127.

B123 RANALD BANE: led clan four years; went to meet King at Perth and d. there, 1509; m. Catherine (dau. Lachlan MacIntosh); s. by his eldest son,

B124 DUGALL: apparently a madman, showed himself incapable to last degree; lost lams in Skye; general conduct of affairs exasperated clansmen, who saw themselves on point of ruin; assassinated 1520, and uncle Alex. elected chief (not necessary, for documents prove him next legitimate heir); sons by irregular unions.
(1) Allan: progenitor of the branch of Morar.
(2) Lachlan. (3) Alexander.
(4) Ranald: 1st of the Bornish branch.

B125 ALEXANDER [B122-(2)]: eight sons by “handiest” unions (rite recognized in Highlands but not in Lowlands); d. about 1530; s. by eldest son,

B126 JOHN MUIDERTEACH: (or of Moidart); greatest chief Clanranald ever had; succeeded when all was chaos, not only in the Clanranald through the incapacity of Dugall, but in the Isles severally, through the fall of the lordship; fought hard to establish his position and still harder to maintain it, especially as he was a staunch supporter of Queen Mary; was a born leader of men; took out charters from the crown to establish right to lands (first having to obtain a precept of legitimation, since he was the offspring of a handfast union). The Latin word “Capitanus,” used to translate “Chief,” was the cause of fierce controversy and was supposed to have proved John an illegitimate interloper. He was kidnapped by the Crown, 1540, and imprisoned at Edinburgh. Lord Lovat, Chief of the Clan Fraser, invaded Moidart and installed Ranald Gallda. John escaped and, powerfully supported, drove out Ranald Gallda, slaying him and most of his party at the battle at Blairlene. John m. three times and had 8 sons; d. 1574.
(1) Allan: his heir (by Margaret, dau. of Macian of Ardmurchad) B 128.
(2) John: 1st of the branch of Glenaladale (by dau. of Macdonald of Knoydart)-See F187.

B127 RANALD GALLDA: slain by John Muiderteach, after which the latter was again Chief.

B128 ALLAN: d. 1593; by dau. of Macleod of Harris, had,
(1) Allan Og: murdered by brothers. by Janet (dau. of Maclean of Duart), had,
(2) John: of Strome; accidentally killed at Strome where he was being fostered by Glengarry.
(3) Angus: the heir-B129.
(4) Donald: s. Angus-B130.
(5) Ranald: 1st of the branch of Benbecula.
(A) Angus Og: progenitor of the branches,-1st, of Milton (to which Flora Macdonald of 1745 fame belonged); 2nd, of Dalilia.
(B) A Son: 2nd of Benbecula.
(a) Donald: 3rd of Benbecula; 14th Chief of Clanranald-B135.
(b) James: (a grandson of Ranald though perhaps not a bro. of Donald); 1st of the branch of Belfinlay.
(6) John: 1st of the branch of Kinlochmoidart.
(7) Rory.
(8) Margaret: m. Donald MacDonnell, 7th of Glengarry.
(9) Marion: m. Roderick MacNeill, of Barra.
(10) Letitia: m. Alex., 2nd of Glenaladale.

B129 ANGUS [B128-(3)]: captured by the Macleods and killed; brother.

B130 DONALD [B128-(4)]: knighted by James VI, to whom he made mission; m. Mary (dau. Alex. MacDonald, of Dunnyveg); d. 1617; s. by eldest of four sons.

B131 JOHN: (known as second John of Moidart); strong supporter I; fought with distinction under Montrose; m. Marion (dau. Sir Roderick Macleod); d. 1670.
(1) Donald: the heir-B132.
(2) Marion: m. Lachlan Maclean, 8th of Coll.
(3) Catherine: m. McNeill, of Barra.
(4) Anne: m. Ranald Oge Macdonald, 2nd of Benbecula.

B132 DONALD: served with father under Montrose; later with Earl Antrim in Ireland; m. (1) 1655, Janet (dau. Sir Donald Macdonald Sleat); m. (2), Marion (dau. of John, 14th of Macleod); three sons and three daus.; d. 1686; s. by eldest son.

B133 ALLAN: joined Dundee with his tutor, Donald Macdonald; [B128-(5)-(B)-(b) above, and B135 below], 3rd of Benbecula, and greatly contributed to victory at Killiecrankie; refused to take oath to new Government when all hope of success for the Cause vanished; retired to France with brother Ranald and completed education; obtained commission under Duke of Berwick and served in his campaign in Spain; severely wounded at the battle of Almanza; collected his vassals and joined Mar when he raised his standard for the Stewarts; took prominent part in all subsequent operations; led right wing of Mar’s army at Sheriffmuir where he fell, 1715; burnt Castle Turrim before leaving for South so it couldn’t fall into hands of the enemy; his house at Ormiclate, S. Uist, accidentally burned day he fell at Sheriffmuir; m. Penelope (dau. Alex Mackenzie, Gov. of Tangiers under Charles II); s. by brother.

B134 RANALD: did not leave France with Allan; Clan in disgrace after Rising of 1715, so unable to do so; d. unm. at St. Germains, 1725; s. by cousin,

B135 DONALD [B128-(5)-(B)-(b)]: 3rd of Benbecula, where he d., 1730; m. (1) Margaret (dau. Donald, 13th of Clanranald).
(1) Ranald: b. 1692; his heir-B136. m. (2) Margaret (dau. Geo. Mackenzie, of Kildin).
(2) James: d. unm., 1719.
(3) Alexander: 1st of the branch of Boisdale.
(4) Anne: m. John Mackinnon.

B136 RANALD: (known as Old Clanranald of the ’45); lived in retirement in Benbecula; took no active part in Rising of 1745, but was arrested for complicity in escape of Prince Charles from the Hebrides because arrangements were made from his house where principal actors, Flora Macdonald and Neil MacEachen, were staying as guest and tutor respectively); returned to Benbecula and d. there, 1766; m. Margaret Macleod of Luskintyre; had, with other issue,
(1) Ranald: his heir-B137.
(2) Donald: who fought for the Stuarts in ’45; later joined gov’t and was killed as a Capt. in the Fraser Highlanders at the storming of Quebec, 1759.
(3) William: lieut. 78th regt.; 1st of the branch of Ormiclate; d. 1779.

B137 RANALD: (known as Young Clanranald of the ’45); educated at St. Germains at the expense of Penelope, widow of Allan; here made acquaintance of Prince Charles and Jacobite party, becoming a staunch adherent; tried to dissuade Prince Charles from attempting Rising of 1745, but failing, joined him with all the men he could collect and supported them at his own expense; helped him till all was lost; gave large bond to enable army to leave Edinburgh (burden so crippled family
that it never recovered); after Culloden took refuge in France, until discovered; was mentioned as Donald instead of Ranald in the bill of attainder; after executions of Jacobites stopped, returned and lived unmolested in Benbecula; assisted Lord Macdonald, head of the Sleat branch, to raise regt.; m. (1) Mary (dau. Lord Basil Hamilton) and had,
(1) Charles James Somerled: d. 1755. m. (2) Flora (dau. of John, younger of Mackinnon); d. 1776; had, with three daus.,
(2) John: his heir-B138.
(3) James: a col. in the army; d. 1838.
(A) Ranald;
(B) Archibald;
(C) James;
(D) John; (all d. without male issue).
(E) Flora Mary: m. (1) Hon. Arthur Annesley (eldest son 10th Viscount Valentia); m. (2) Col. Hon. George Devereaux; d. 1884.
(a) A son: 11th Viscount.

B138 JOHN: m. (1) 1784, Katherine (dau. Rt. Hon. Robt. Macqueen), by whom he had 5 ch.; m. (2), Jane (dau. Colin, 2nd of Boisdale) who d. s. p., 1794.

B139 REGINALD GEORGE: b. 1788; J. P. and D. L.; M. P. for Plympton. On the death of Henry, Cardinal of York, the last representative of the Stuarts, trustees decided that the Chief of the Clan should emerge from retirement. They sent him to London during Regency. Financial difficulties and bond of 1745 overwhelmed him and obliged him to sell his estates. Matriculated his arms in 1810, as Chief and Captain of Clanranald. He was b. 1788; m. (1) 1812, Lady Caroline Anne Edgecumbe (dau. of Richard, 2nd Earl of Mount Edgecumbe) and had six children; m. (2) Anne (dau. Wm. Cunningham); m. (3), 1855, Elizabeth Rebecca Newman; d. 1873.
(1) Reginald John-B140.
(2) Caroline Sophia: m. 1842, Hon. Chas. Henry Cust; d. 1887; issue.
(3) Emma Hamilton: m. 1840, Hon. and Rev. Alfred Wodehouse; d. 1852; issue.
(4) Louisa Emily:- m. (1) Chas. Win. Marsham; m. (2), 1856, Col. Hugh Fitzroy; d. 1897.
(5) Flora (Hon.): Woman of the Bedchamber to H. M. Queen Victoria; d. unm., 1899.
(6) Sarah Anne: m. (1) 1848, Baron Porcelli, a Sicilian nobleman; m.
(2) Major Woodhouse.

B140 ADMIRAL SIR REGINALD JOHN: R. N.; K. C. B.; K. C. S. I.; Chief of Clanranald; b. 1820; m. 1855, Hon. Adelaide Louisa Vernon (dau. 5th Lord Vernon); d. 1899.
(1) Allan Douglas: Chief of Clanranald-B141.
(2) Angus Roderick: late representative-B142.
(3) Adelaide Effrida.
(4) Maud: m. 1919, Alex. Tysson Meares.

B141 ALLAN DOUGLAS: Chief of Clanranald; late Capt. R. A.; b. 1856; m. (1), 1896, Gertrude Carter; m. (2), 1897, Marion Cecelia (dau. Theodore Sahelberg of Coblentz and Melbourne); d. s. p., 1908; s. by brother.

B142 ANGUS RODERICK: 23rd Chief of Clanranald; b. 1858; m. 1884, Leuco. line Helen (dau. Rev. Henry Clarke, M.A.)

Moreton-Macdonald of Largie

C143 JOHN MACDONALD: Lord of the Isles; m. Margaret (dau. Robert II, of Scotland); s. by second son,

C144 JOHN MOR MACDONALD: of Isla and Deningveg; m. Marjory Bisset (heir of the Glens, Co. Antrim); had Sir Donald Ballock, ancestor of the Earls of Antrim, and Ranald Bane of Largie in Kintyre, founder of this family who were known as the Clan Ranaldbane; sent by his cousin, the Earl of Ross, as envoy to Edward IV of England, 1461; murdered at Ard-dhu by James Campbell; s. by son,

C145 DONALD MACRANALD BANE: of Largie, 1493-1505; submitted to king, 1505, having been in rebellion; his dau. Marion, of the Zlis, had a grant for life in 1510 from James IV, of Cartynoal, in Kintyre. His descendant

C146 JAMES-: of Largie; fled from the pursuit of the Earl of Argyll in 1594 to his relatives in Antrim; d. there.

C147 ARCHIBALD MAK CONNELL: of Largie; summoned to appear at Loch-kilkerean before Lord Scone to find sureties for peaceable conduct and exhibit his title, 1605; submitted; lands united and erected into a tenandry. He was father of

C148 ALEXANDER MCCONNELL: of Largie; served heir, 1627; father of

C149 ANGUS MACDONALD: of Largie; at the burning of Inverary, 1647; with the force of Macdonald defeated by Gen. David Leslie, 1647; for-feited for rebellion, 1649; restored 1661; s. by son.

C150 JOHN MACDONALD: of Largie; signed a bond at Blair, 1689, to serve James II with fifty followers; d. 1710; s. by son,

C151 JOHN MACDONALD: of Largie; executed a deed of entail, 1763; m. Eliz. (only dau. John Macleod of Muiravonside, Co. Linlithgow, Advocate, repres. of Sir Norman Macleod, of Bernera, knighted after the Restoration); a dau.,

C152 ELIZABETH MACDONALD: of Largie; s. father, 1768, and uncle of Muiravonside, 1784; m. 1762, Charles Lockhart, who assumed surname of Macdonald; d. 1787.
(1) James: of Largie-C153.
(2) Alexander: heir to his brother-C154.

C153 JAMES MACDONALD: of Largie and Muiravonside; d. s. p., 1793; s. by brother.

C154 SIR ALEXANDER MACDONALD: of Largie and Muiravonside; resumed paternal surname, 1802, on inheriting maternal grandfather’s estates of Lee and Carnwath, Co. Lanark; created baronet, 1806; d. 1816. His eldest son,

C155 SIR CHARLES MACDONALD-LOCKHART: d. 1832; had, besides another dau.,

C156 MARY JANE MACDONALD: heir to Largie; m. 1837, Hon. Augustus Henry Moreton (M. P.; assumed surname of Macdonald); d. 1851.
(1) Charles: of Largie-C157.
(2) Augustus Henry Macdonald: Col. late Coldstream Guards; b. 1848; m. 1878, Anna Harriet Mary (dau. Sir Richard Sutton, Bart.); d. 1918.
(A) Norman Charles Henry: b. 1888.
(B) Cora Emily: m. 1900, K. R. Mackenzie.
(C) Hilda Maud: m. 1898, Col. Sir Simon Macdonald-Lockhart, 5th and last Bart.
(D) Evelyn Geraldine.
(E) Muriel Harriet Charles: m. 1903, James Hainsworth Ismay; issue.
(F) Margaret Olive.
(G) Audrey Beatrice: m. 1913, Maj. August Chas. Oppenheim; issue.
(H) Isla Mary Cecil.
(3) Frances Augusta: m. 1858, Christopher Armitage Nicholson; issue.
(4) Emilia Olivia: m. 1879, Capt. the Hon. Algernon Thomas Moreton; d. 1920. (5) Mary. (6) Julia: m. 1878, Sir Thos. Digby Pigott, C.B.; issue. (7) Jane Geraldine: m. 1894, Rev. Edmond Pigott.

C157 CHARLES MORETON-MACDONALD [C156-(1)]: of Largie; b. 1840; m. 1870, Eliz. Hume (dau. Arch. Campbell of Glendarnel); d. 1879.
(1) John Ronald: of Largie-C158.
(2) Esther: m. 1898, T. W. Westropp Bennett; d. 1920.

C158 The LATE JOHN RONALD MORETON-MACDONALD: of Largie, Co. Argyll; J. P. and D. L.; M.A., Oxon; late lieut. 3rd Vol. Batt., Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders; b. 1873; m. 1906, Daisy Maud (now of Largie), twin dau. of the late Brig.-Gen. Eyre Macdonnell); d. 1921.
(1) John: b. 1908.
(2) Elizabeth: b. 1909.
(3) Charles Angus: b. 1913

Bosville Macdonald of the Isles

D159 ALEXANDER MACDONALD: Lord of the Isle and Earl of Ross by union with dau. of Gillepatrick Roy.

D160 HUGH (AISDUIN) : 1st of Sleat in the Island of Skye, Co. Inverness; descended from Somerled, 1st of the family of the Isles; had a Charter, 1469, from his half brother John, last Celtic Lord of the Isles and Earl of Ross, of the lands of Skirhough in S. Uist, Benbecula in N. Uist, and of Sleat to him and his heirs male (this Charter confirmed 1495, under great seal of James IV); d. 1498.

D161 JOHN: 2nd of Sleat; d. s. p., 1502; s. by half brother,

D162 DONALD GALLOCH: 3rd of Sleat; killed by half brother, Archibald, 1506; m. dau. of John of Islay and Glennis.

D163 DONALD GRUMACH: 4th of Sleat; m. Margaret (dau. Macdonald of Moydert); d. 1534.

D164 DONALD GORM: 5th of Sleat; claimed Lordship of the Isles, besieged castle of Islandoanne to support pretensions and was shot from the battlements in 1539; m. Mary (dau. John Torquil Macleod); s. by infant son.

D165 DONALD GORMESON: 6th of Sleat; m. Mary (dau. Hector Maclean); d. 1573.
(1) Donald Gorm Mor: his heir-D166.
(2) Archibald: the clerk; m. Margaret (dau. of Angus Macdonald of Duniveg to Glennis).
(A) Donald (Sir): 1st Bart.; s. his uncle-D167.

D166 DONALD GORM MOR: 7th of Sleat; m. (1) Margaret (dau. Tormac Macleod); m. (2) Mary (dau. Colin Mackenzie); d. s. p., 1616; s. by nephew.

D167 SIR DONALD: lst Bart. of Sleat in the Island of Skye; supported Charles I in the Civil Wars; created a baronet of Nova Scotia, 1625, with remainder to his heirs male with precedence over Sir Win. Doug las of Glenbervie, created a baronet in the same year; m. Janet (dau. 1st Lord Mackenzie of Kintail); d. 1643.
(1) James (Sir): 2nd Bart.-D168.
(2) Donald: of Castleton: ancestor of Macdonald of Castleton. (3) Margaret: m. 1646, Angus Macdonnell of Glengarry.
(4) Katherine: m. Kenneth Mackenzie of Gairloch; d. s. p. (5) Janet: m. Donald Macdonald of Moydart; d. s. p.
(6) Mary: m. Sir Ewen Cameron.

D168 SIR JAMES: 2nd Bart.; joined the Marquess of Montrose, 1645; sent some of his men to assistance of Charles II when he marched into England, 1651; m. (1), 1633, his cousin Margaret (dau. Sir Roderick Mackenzie); m. (2), Mary (dau. of John Macleod); d. 1678; had, with other issue, (1) Donald (Sir): 3rd Bart.-D169.
(2) Roderick: m. and had issue.
(3) Hugh: of Glenmore.
(4) Somerled : of Sortle.
(5) John: of Backney.

D169 SIR DONALD: 3rd Bart.; m. 1662, Lady Mary Douglas (dau. 8th Earl of Morton); d. 1695.
(1) Donald (Sir): 4th Bart.-D170.
(2) James (Sir): 6th Bart.-D172.
(3) William: ancestor of Macdonalds of Vallay.
(4) Isabella: m. Sir Alex. Bannerman.
(5) Barbara: m. Col. Macdonald of Keppoch.

D170 SIR DONALD: 4th Bart.; joining rebellion of 1715, is said to have been attainted, but no forfeiture followed; m. Mary (dau. Donald Macdonald of Castleton); d. 1718; had, besides 4 daus.,

D171 SIR DONALD: 5th Bart.; b. 1697; d. unm., 1720; baronetcy reverted to uncle,

D172 SIR JAMES [D169-(2)]: 6th Bart.; m. (1) Janet (dau. Alex. Macleod); m. (2) Margaret (dau. John Macdonald of Castleton); d. 1723; had, with other issue,
(1) Alexander (Sir): 7th Bart.-D173.
(2) Margaret: m., about 1738, Sir Robt. Douglas, 6th Bart. of Glenbervie.
(3) Janet: m. Sir Alex. Mackenzie, 5th Bart. of Coul; issue.

D173 SIR ALEXANDER: 7th Bart.; b. 1711; supported the government, 1745; m. (1), 1733, Anne (dau. David Erskine); m. (2), 1739, Margaret (dau. Alex., Earl of Eglinton) mother of the ch. below; d. 1746.
(1) James (Sir): 8th Bart.-D174.
(2) Alexander (Sir): 9th Bart.; 1st Lord-D175.
(3) Archibald (Sir): Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in England created a baronet, 1813. (Baronetcy became extinct, Oct. 11, 1919.)

D174 SIR JAMES: 8th Bart.; b. 1742; one of greatest scholars and mathematicians of his time; d. unm., at Rome, 1766; s. by brother.

D175 SIR ALEXANDER: 9th Bart.; 1st Lord Macdonald; elevated to peerage of Ireland, 1776, by the title of Baron Macdonald, of Slate, Co. Antrim; raised Macdonald Highlanders in 1778, and another reg’t. in the Highlands and Islands for Government, 1795; Brig.-Gen. of the Royal Company of Archers; Capt. of the Caledonian Band; D. L. for Inverness-shire; m. 1768, Elizabeth Diana (dau. and in her issue co-heir of Godfrey Bosville, of Gunthwaite, Co. York and Diana his wife, dau. Sir Win. Wentworth, 4th Bart. of Bretton); d. 1795. (See E181).
(1) Alexander Wentworth: 2nd Baron-D176.
(2) Godfrey: 3rd Baron-D177.
(3) Archibald: b. 1777; m. 1802, Jane (dau. and co-heir of Duncan Campbell); d. 1861; issue now extinct.
(4) James: Lieut. Col. 1st Regt. of Foot Guards; b. 1783; killed at Bergen of Zoom, 1814.
(5) Dudley Stewart Erskine: b. 1786; d. unm., 1840. (6) John Sinclair: b. 1788; d. before 1812. (7) William: b. 1789; d. before 1813.

D176 SIR ALEXANDER WENTWORTH [D175-(1)]: 10th Bart.; 2nd Lord Macdonald; b. 1773; d. unm., 1824; s. by brother. (See E182).

D177 SIR GODFREY BOSVILLE: 11th Bart.; 3rd Lord Macdonald; entered navy as ensign 60th regt., 1795; lieut-gen. on active list at time of his death; served in Low Countries, West Indies, Cape of Good Hope and Peninsular War till 1814; s. to estates of Thorpe and Gunthwaite, 1813, on death of maternal uncle, Win. Bosville; assumed name of Bosville by Royal Licence 1814; s. to Scottish estates and baronetcy of Nova Scotia and Irish barony on death of brother; assumed name of Macdonald after Bosville in 1824 by Royal Licence; b. 1775; m. 1803, Louisa Maria La Coast (natural dau. of H. R. H. the Duke of Gloucester and Lady Almeria Carpenter); three children before marriage and ten after, all legitimate according to Scottish law, but succession to Irish Barony on different footing; d. 1832; s. to Irish barony by eldest son after marriage, Godfrey Win. W. Bosville Macdonald. (See E183).
(1) Alexander William Robert: dejure 12th Bart.-D178.
(2) Louisa: b. 1802; m. 1826, John (5th Earl of Hopetoun); d. 1854; issue.

D178 ALEXANDER WILLIAM ROBERT: afterwards Bosville; de jure 12th Bart.; b. 1800; took no steps to prove legitimacy and did not assume title; entered in possession of estates of Thorpe and Gunthwaite in accordance with will of great uncle; assumed name of Bosville by Royal Licence, 1832; by decree of Court of Session in Scotland, 1910, in an action of declarator on petition of grandson; found to be eldest lawful son of Godfrey, 3rd Lord Macdonald and 11th Bart.; m. 1823, Matilda Eliza Moffatt (dau. John Bayard); d. 1847.
(1) Godfrey Wentworth Bayard: de jure 13th Bart.-D179.
(2) Julia Louisa: m. 1843, Henry Willoughby, 8th Baron Middleton; d. 1901; issue.

D179 GODFREY WENTWORTH BAYARD BOSVILLE: of Thorpe and Gunthwaite, Yorks; de jure 13th Bart.; b. 1826; did not assume the title; m. 1864, Hon. Harriet Cassandra Willoughby (sister 8th Baron Middleton); d. 1865. His son,

D180 SIR ALEXANDER WENTWORTH MACDONALD BOSVILLE (MACDONALD): 14th Bart.; of Sleat, in the Island of Skye, Co. Inverness; 21st Chief of Sleat; J. P. and D. L., East Riding, Yorks; High Sheriff, 1901; Chairman Quarter Sessions E. R. Yorks, 1920; b. 1865; m. 1886, Alice Edith (dau. late John Middleton); assumed title in 1910 after Court Decree; resumed name of Macdonald in addition to that of Bosville; has matriculated his arms in that name and title in the Lyon Office.
(1) Godfrey Middleton: M. B. E. (1918); b. 1887; m. 1917, Rachel Audrey (dau. Colin Frederick Campbell).
(A) Alexander Somerled Angus: b. 1917.
(B) Jean Alice: b. 1919.
(C) Angela Daphne Rachel: b. 1923. (2) Celia Violet: b. 1889.

Macdonald Barons

E181 SIR ALEXANDER MACDONALD: 1st Baron Macdonald (see Bosville Macdonald of the Isles, D175); s. by son,

E182 ALEXANDER WENTWORTH: (D176) 2nd Baron Macdonald; s. by

E183 GODFREY: 3rd Baron. (See D177 for children before marriage). Issue after marriage included seven daus. besides the following ch.:
(1) Godfrey William Wentworth: 4th Baron-E184.
(2) James William Bosville: C. B.; Lieut.-Gen. and Col. of 21st Hussars; knt. of the Legion of Honour and of the Medjidie; A. D. C.; equerry and private secretary to H. R. H., the commander of the Forces; b. 1810; m. 1859, Eliz. Nina (dau. Joseph Henry, 3rd Lord Wallscourt); d. 1882.
(A) George Godfrey: Capt. (ret.) Gren. Arms; late page of honour to Oueen Victoria; b. 1861.
(B) Mary Selina Honoria: b. 1865; m. 1889, Hon. Alex. Hugh Willoughby; issue.
(3) William: b. 1817; in army; d. 1847.

E184 GODFREY WILLIAM WENTWORTH [E183-(1)]: 4th Baron: b. 1809; m.,
1845, Maria Anne (dau. Geo. Thos. Wyndham); d. 1863; had, with 2 ch. who d. y.,
(1) Somerled James Brudenell: 5th Baron-E185.
(2) Ronald Archibald: 6th and present Baron-E186.
(3) Eva Maria Louisa: m. (1), 1873, Capt. Henry Algernon Langham; m. (2), 1885, Robert William (2nd Lord Napier of Magdala); issue.
(4) Lillian Janet: m. (1), 1876, Francis, Earl of Cromartie; issue; m. (2), Reginald F. Cazenove.
(5) Alexandrina Victoria: (for whom Queen Victoria stood sponsor); m., 1886, Sir Anthony C. S. Abdy, Bart.; issue.

E185 SOMERLED JAMES BRUDENELL [E184-(1)]: 5th Baron; D. L. for
Inverness; b. 1849; d. unm., 1874; s. by brother.

E186 RONALD ARCHIBALD: 6th Baron Macdonald; of Slate, Co. Antrim;
J. P. and D. L. for Inverness; b. 1853; m., 1875, Louisa Tane Hamilton (dau. George Win. Holmes Ross).
(1) Somerled Godfrey James: sub. lieut. R. N. Volunteer Reserve; b. 1876; d. unm., 1913.
(2) Godfrey Evan Hugh: J. P. Co. Inverness; Lieut. Scots Guards; served in Great War, 1914; b. 1879; m., 1908, Helen (dau. Meyrick Bankes); d. of wounds received in action, 1914.
(A) Alexander Godfrey: b. 1909; heir-presumptive to Barony. (B) James Archibald: b. 1911.
(3) Archibald Ronald Armadale: 2nd lieut. 9th Lancers; b. 1880; killed in action at Kruger’s Drop, S. Africa, 1901.
(4) Ronald Ian: Capt. 5th Batt. Cameron Highlanders; served in Great War; Legion of Honour; b. 1884; m., 1915, Helen Elizabeth Swinnerton (dau. Late Sir Thos. Swinnerton Dyer, Bart.); d. in active service, 1918.
(5) Iona Mary Adelaide: b. 1886.

Macdonald of Glenaladale

F187 JOHN MACDONALD [B126-(2)]: 14th in descent from John, last Lord of the Isles; m. his cousin Juliet (dau. Clanranald); d. 1584.

F188 ALEXANDER: of Glenaladale; m. his cousin Letitia (dau. of Clanranald); left, with other issue,

F189 RORY OR RODERICK: of Glenaladale; m. dau. of Macdonald of Kinlochmoidart.

F190 ANGUS: entered Holy Orders; s. by brother,

F191 JOHN: of Glenaladale; m. dau. of Macdonald of Morar.

F192 ALEXANDER: of Glenaladale; took active part in Jacobite Cause, 1745; Maj. in Clanranald’s Regt.; severely wounded at Culloden; m. only, dau. of Macdonald of Scotus.

F193 JOHN: of Glenaladale; m. dau. of Gordon of Baldornie; formed project of leaving Scotland and establishing family in Prince Edward’s Island, N. America, where he purchased a tract of land; resolved to leave and sold and made over estates to cousin and nearest kin, Alexander-F194. Ch.: William, Donald, John, Rory, a dau.

F194 ALEXANDER: eldest surviving son of Angus, of Borrodale (son of 5th Laird of Glenaladale); m. (1), Mrs. Handyside, of Jamaica, who d. s. p.; m. (2) Miss MacGregor; had, with other issue,

F195 ALEXANDER: of Glenaladale; d. s. p., 1815; cousin-germain as heir-at-law.

F196 JOHN: of Borrodale (son of Ranald, son of Angus, 1st of Barrodale, son of John 5th Laird of Glenaladale); m. 1793, Jane (dau. Alex. McNab); four sons and four daus.; d. 1830.

F197 ANGUS: of Glenaladale; b. 1793; m. 1836, Mary Agnes (dau. Hugh Watson); d. 1870.
(1) John Andrew: late of Glenaladale-F198.
(2) Hugh Joseph (Rt. Rev.); R. C. Bishop of Aberdeen; b. 1841; d. 1898.
(3) Angus (Most Rev.): B.A.; R. C. Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburg; b. 1844; d. 1900.
(4) Mary Margaret: a nun; b. 1838; d. 1892.
(5) Jane Veronica.

F198 THE LATE COLONEL JOHN ANDREW [F197-(1)]: of Glenaladale, Co. Inverness; C. B.; J. P. and D. L., Co. Argylle; Hon. Col. (ret.) and late Lieut.-Col. Commanding 3rd Battalion Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders; b. 1837; m. (1), 1862, Helen Mary (dau. late Ed. Chaloner) who d. s. p.; m. (2), 1901, Mary Theresa, now of Glenaladale (dau. late Sir Ed. Blount, Bart.); d. s. p., 1916.

MacDonald of St. Martin’s Abbey

There seems to be no authentic account of the heads of this branch of the MacDonalds till 1630, when mention is made of Alexander Macdonald, known by the name of Marcus. His great-great-grandson was the James Macdonald (G199) mentioned below.

G199 JAMES MACDONALD: of Ranathan; b. 1702; m. 1731, Helen (dau. and heir of Ludovic Grant, of Tullach); d. 1776; had, with other issue,
(1) William: his heir-6200.
(2) Christina: m. John Farquharson (a descendant of Findlamore).
(A) James Alexander Farquharson: of Oakley, Fifeshire; Gen. in the Army; Gov. of Windward Islands; b. 1775; m. 1820, Rebecca (dau. and co-heir of Sir Geo. Colquhoun, Bart. of Tully Colquhoun) ; d. 1834.
(a) William Macdonald Farquharson Colquhoun MacdonaldG202.
(b) Charlotte Grace: d. unm.
(c) Fanny Maria: m. 1850, Rev. Valentine Grantham Faithfull, M.A.; issue.

G200 WILLIAM [G199-(1)]: of Kanathan and St. Martin’s; b. 1732; m. Cecilia (dau. of Kinloch, of Kilrog and Logie).

G201 WILLIAM: s. father, 1814; m. 1808, Grizel (dau. Sir Win. Miller, Bart.); d. 1841; s. by cousin.

G202 COL. WILLIAM MACDONALD FARQUHARSON COLQUHOUN: of St. Martin’s Abbey, Co. Perth, of Glen Shee, Blairgowrie and of The Craig, Montrose; J. P. and D. L.; Col. Com’d’g 2nd Perthshire Highland R. U.; F. R. S. E.; F. R. G. S.; assumed, by Royal Licence, 1841, names and arms of Macdonald in addition to his patronymic of Colquhoun Farquharson; b. 1822; m. (1), 1849, Hon. Clara Anne Jane Brownlow (dau. 1st Lord Lurgan); m. (2), 1886, Amelia Anne (dau. Chas. Maynard); d. 1893.
(1) Montague William: late of St. Martin’s-G203.
(2) Charles Brownlo: Lieut. R. N.; b. 1855; killed in action in Burmah, 1887. (3) Harry Colquhoun Farquharson: now of St. Martin’sG204. (4) Francis Roderick Farquharson: now of St. Martin’s-G204. (5) Emily Jane: b. 1853; m. Sewallis Evelyn Shirley; d. 1918.

G203 MONTAGUE WILLIAM COLQUHOUN FARQUHARSON: of St. Martin’s Abbey, Co. Perth; late Lieut. Grenadier Guards; Capt. Perthshire Vol.; b. 1852; d. 1920: s. by brothers.

G204 HARRY COLQUHOUN FARQUHARSON: Maj. Seaforth Highlanders; b. 1858.

Macdonald of Rammerscales

H205 DONALD MACDONALD: b. 1665; Capt. of the Macdonald Highlanders at the battle of Killiecrankie, under his cousin, Benbecula; Claymoer and silver Cruaick still retained in good preservation; m. 1713, Miss Maclean of Torloisk, in Mull.

H206 DONALD: officer in Prince Charles’ Army, 1745; m. Miss Payne (grand-dau. of Carlyle of Brydekirk); three sons and one dau.

H207 DONALD: b. 1759; m. Mary (sister of Win. Bell, of Rammerscales).
(1) William Bell: his heir-H208.
(2) Margaret.

H208 WILLIAM BELL: of Rammerscales; J. P.; b. 1807; s. his uncle, 1837; m. 1839, Helen (dau. Thos. Johnstone); d. 1862; had, with other issue, (1) William Bell: now of Rammerscales-H209.
(2) Donald: b. 1846.
(3) Thomas Johnstone: b. 1851; d. at Shanghai, 1887.

H209 WILLIAM BELL: of Rammerscales, Co. Dumfries; Capt. late 1st Regt. (Royal Scots); b. 1845; m. 1882, Violet Frances (dau. late John Buckley Rutherford).
(1) William Malcolm Bell: b. 1884; m. 1913, Nora Millicent (dau., Ed. Field Hebden, of Montreal).
(A) Alan Malcolm Bell: b. 1914.
(2) Monica: b. 1890.

James MacDonald

J212 JAMES MACDONALD (a sailor): b. in Scotland, 1783; m. Mary Birch in New York; d. 1870, Downsville, N. Y.
(1) John: b. New York City, 1810.
(A) Mary Elizabeth: m. William Pangburn. Issue.
(B) Millie: m. Mr. Miller. Issue.
(C) James: m. Catherine Vail. Ch.: Lena, Hettie, Elmer, Vincent, Vernard, Ethel.
(D) Sarah.
(E) Jacob: m. Lizzie Rockafellow. Ch.: Bessie, Clarence, Maude, Floyd.
(F) Benjamen: married. Ch.: Edith, Olive, Bert, Evelyn.
(G) Stephen: m. Emily Hitt; d. 1918 at Downsville, N. Y. Ch.: Jennie, John, Howard, Bernice, Marvin, Laura.
(2) James: b. Mar. 23, 1814, at Kipp’s Bay, N. Y.; d. 1888, in Philadelphia; m. (1), Susan Signor at Downsville, N. Y.; m. (2), . . . . ; m. (3), Catherine Vincent.
(A) George W.: b. Feb. 6, 1837, Downsville, N. Y.; m. Elizabeth Vail, Feb. 28, 1866; d. Nov. 29, 1922.
(a) William A.: b. Nov. 24, 1866, at Downsville, N. Y.; m. Viola Signor, Nov. 9, 1887. Ch.: Mayhew, Stanley.
(b) Acta: b. Nov. 8, 1867; m. Herman Miller, June 16, 1885. Issue.
(c) Helen: b. May 8, 1869; m. John Turnvull, Oct. 24, 1888; d. July 1, 1926; issue.
(d) George A.: D. D.; clergyman; b. Sept. 25, 1871; m. Calista Dann.
1. Robert D.: Student in N. Y. Univ.
(e) Charles W.: b. Jan. 3, 1877; m. Ola Signor; m. (2).
1. Charles Edward MacDonald; m. Lillian Howard, Sept., 1927; issue; m. (2), Florence Craft, Scranton, Pa.
2. Bruce.
(f) Mabel MacDonald: b. Dec. 17, 1879.
(B) William: b. 1842; m. Esther Dibble. Ch.: John, Frank (m. Margaret Thompson), Harry, James, Herman, Jennie (d. 1893). Malissa: m. Mr. Telford and had 1 ch., Etta; m. (2), Mr. Bradley and had Susie.
(D) Andrew Marshall: m. Susan O. Wilson.
(E) Eliza: d. when a child.
(F) John: b. in Philadelphia.
(G) Dan.
(H) Edward.
(I) Frank.
(3) William: b. Apr. 28, 1816, at Bull’s Ferry, N. J.; went to Pike’s Peak and did not return.
(4) Mary: b. Mar. 14, 1823; m. Ezra Signor, 1845; d. 1903; issue.
(5) Eliza: b. Apr. 11, 1826; m. Jacob Fuller; d. June 30, 1895; issue.
(6) Henry: b. May 5, 1828; m. Margaret Smith; d. 1872. Ch.: Flora.
(7) Sarah: b. Feb. 29,1830; m. Rev. Mallory. Ch.: Mary, Eddie, John.

Rev. William McDonald

K213 REV. WILLIAM MCDONALD: b. 1798; d. May 10, 1863; m. Lucinda Ferguson (b. Richmond, Va., 1807; d. June 3, 1880). They were friends and neighbors of George Washington and family, of Virginia.

(1) Thomas: m. Unice. Ch.: William, Frank, Anice, Addie, Edward and Millie.
(2) Samuel: m. Ch.: Rev. Horace (of Bell Plain, Iowa), Ella May McDonald Woods (of Los Angeles, Cal.), Thomas McDonald, Howard, Mrs. Hugh Scott Berkett.
(3) Mildred Ann: m. Samuel McClellan of St. Joseph Co., Ind. Ch.: Henderson, Jane, William, Mary McClellen Ball, Martha, James and Charles.
(4) John Milton: b. June 16, 1835, Xenia, Green Co., Ohio; d. July, 1909; m. Elizabeth Cronk Ouderkirk, Oct. 6, 1858 (Holland, Dutch and English extr.).
(A) Charles Albert: b. Sept. 13, 1859; d. Dec. 15, 1905; m. Nov. 17, 1886, Fannie E. Bradly of Berrien Springs, Mich.
(a) Marie: m. Mr. Harris of Salem, Ohio; had a dau., Marie; d. few years later.
(b) Arthur Royce: m. Miss Lontz.
1. Arthur Royce, Jr.: b. Oct. 25, 1925.
(c) Kenneth Bradley: m. Margaret Jarclow of Chicago.
(d) Charles Albert 11: m. Jeannette Judy of South Bend. Ch. Meredith, Charles Albert 111, Bruce, Gloria, and Malcolm.
(B) Dr. Arthur J.: b. Feb. 26, 1861; m. Minnie Kenyon; no issue.
(C) Dr. William Sherman: b. Oct. 1, 1862; m. Mammie Louise Parker Baskin, Feb. 12, 1907; divorced, Nov. 1924; no issue.
(D) Lillie May: b. June 17, 1864.
(E) Jennie: b. Feb. 19, 1866; d. Dec. 22, 1928; m. M. B. Roberts; no issue.
(F) Dr. Sam M.: m. Bessie Trombly; no issue.
(G) Grace: b. Jan. 17, 1876; m. Thomas Kenyon; no issue.
(H) Mamie Bell; d. July 27, 1907.
(5) Alfred: bachelor.
(6) Mary Ellen: m. Henry Whitmer; 5 ch.
(7) Joseph: m. Sarah Smith of Elkhart, Ind.; 2 ch., Jennie and Elmer.

Laurence McDonald

L214 LAURENCE MCDONALD: b. in Knocklonagad, Garryhill, County Carlow, Ireland, 1821; d. August, 1885; m. Margaret Foley (b. 1836, in Ballykelly, Priest’s Haggard, Sutton’s Parish, Co. Wexford, Ireland; d. August 29, 1900, at Chicago, Illinois).

(1) Thomas: b. Oct. 6, 1857, in New Ross, Co. Wexford, Ireland; d. July 2, 1890, Chicago, Ill.; had, besides 3 other ch.
(A) Patrick Francis: resides in Chicago.
(2) Bridget: b. March 12, 1859; resides in Chicago.
(3) Margaret: b. Sept. 1, 1860; m. John Kavanagh.
(A) Philip: m. and has two ch.; 1. in Chicago.
(B) Margaret: m. Charles McCarthy and has 3 ch.; 1. in Chicago.
(C) Anna: deceased.
(D) Laurence A.: m. Helen Smith; has 6 ch.; 1. at Altadena, California.
(4) James: b. Jan. 12, 1862, in Chilcomb Lodge, Rosbergon, Co. Kilkelly, Ireland; d. May 18, 1885, at Chicago; unm.
(5) Patrick Joseph: b. Mar. 17, 1863, Chilcomb Lodge; m. Jan. 28, 1891, in Fresno, Calif., Carolina Louise Mann (b. Mar. 27, 1864, at Galion, Ohio; dau. of John Alexander and Martha J. (Bodley) Mann). Add.: 450 East Adams Street, Los Angeles, Calif.
(A) Laurence Earl: b. Jan. 7, 1892; m. Ellen Travers, Mar. 7, 1923.
(a) Laurence Joseph: b. Jan. 14, 1924.
(b) James Anthony: b. Dec. 24, 1927.
(B) Ethel Mae: b. Sept. 14, 1893; m., June 25, 1919, Edward B. Murray.
(a) Patrick Charles: b. June 4, 1920.
(b) Margaret Louise: b. Jan. 29, 1922.
(c) Edward Bernard: b. Oct. 23, 1923.
(d) Ethel May: b. Nov. 25, 1925.
(C) Genevieve Beal: b. Aug. 14, 1896; m., July 4, 1929, Warren Birdsell.
(D) David Eugene: b. April 17, 1900; m., July 15, 1922, Elsie Baird.
(a) Mary Loraine: b. May 1, 1923.
(6) Mary Ann: b. Chilcomb Lodge; m. M. D. O’Sullivan; both d. in Chicago. Ch.: Daniel, Margaret, Laurence, Mary, David, Agnes, Joseph-all married excepting Joseph, and all live in Chicago.
(7) Lawrence Thomas: b. Aug. 14, 1866, Chilcomb Lodge; m. Sarah McBride, Oct. 24, 1901.
(A) Francis: b. Jan. 17, 1903; m. Dorothy Walker, Oct. 2, 1926.
(B) Beatrice: b. Sept. 16, 1907.
(8) Annie: b. July 12, 1867, Chilcomb Lodge; d. May 18, 1885, at Chicago; unm.
(9) John William: b. March 5, 1869, Chilcomb Lodge; m. Mamie Kennedy.
(A) Margaret: married and living in Chicago.
(B) Ellen Teresa: married and living in Chicago.
(10) David: b. March 25, 1870, Chilcomb Lodge; d. in infancy.
(11) Johanna: b. Dec. 28, 1871; m. James McNally of Chicago; no issue.
(12) David L.: b. June 5, 1874; now The Rt. Rev. Mons. D. L. McDonald, pastor of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Chicago.
(13) Ellen Teresa: b. Feb. 29, 1876, Chilcomb Lodge; m. John J. Meehan; lives in Chicago; no issue.

Patrick McDonald

M215-PATRICK MCDONALD: m. Mary Ellen Cameron; came to America from M215-PATRICK County Mayo, Ireland; had four ch., all born in Ireland.

(1) Patrick; had three sons and a dau.
(A) James.
(B) Andrew.
(C) A son: died in the army.
(2) Daniel: m. (1), Miss Sullivan and had a dau. (d. a a child) and William (d. about 1907); m. (2), Portsmouth, N. H., Abbie Sullivan; went to Concord, N. H.
(A) Margaret: d. y.
(B) Mary: unmarried.
(C) Abbie: d. y.
(D) Charles John: b. Concord, N. H., Nov. 17, 1860; m., Jan., 1885, Margaret Johnston, of Scotch-Irish descent.
(a) Abbie T.: Add.: 78 Washington Street, Concord, N. H.
(b) Katharine A.
(c) Charles J.: d. January 29, 1919, in a hospital at Nantes, France, while serving with Battery A, 115th Field Artillery.
(d) Daniel E.: d. April 27, 1918.
(e) William J.: d. in infancy.
(f) James F.: served overseas with Co. B, 14th Engineers, first volunteers to leave this country and first foreign armed troops that had marched in London for over 200 years.
(g) William A.: served overseas with 1st Army Headquarters Medical unit at Brest.
(h) Edward J.: served overseas with 19th Engineers.
(i) Mary E.
(3) Maria: m. Mr. Hosling. Issue.
(4) Elizabeth: m. Augustus Wiley and lived at Fitchburg, Mass. Ch.: Augustus and Erastus, both living at Fitchburg.

Donald Malcolm MacDonald

N216 DONALD MALCOLM MACDONALD: descendant of the clan Ranald, branch of the Macdonalds of the Isles and of Scotland; b. west of Inverness, Scotland; when a young man went to London and was employed in the shipbuilding firm headed by Sir John Campbell; m. Mary Campbell, dau. of Sir John; was made master of one of Campbell’s ships and lived in Plymouth, England, where his children were born; after his death his widow moved with her children to Philadelphia, about 1806.

(1) Donald Malcolm: married and was father of
(A) W. A. P.: resides at 1934 Mulberry Street, St. Joseph, Mo.
(2) William.
(3) Archibald.
(4) Leonidas.
(5) Orlando.
(6) Ellen.
(7) Elizabeth: m. George Reeves of Philadelphia.
(A) Dr. Joseph M. Reeves: resides at 2102 Spruce Street, Philadelphia.

James McDonald

P218 JAMES MCDONALD: m. Flora Campbell.

(1) James: m. Mary Adams.
(A) Albert Critington: m. Caroline Elizabeth White.
(a) Myrtle L.: resides at Meridian, Mississippi.
(b) Glenn.
(c) Clay Earl.
(d) Mable Claire: m. James M. Neal. 2 ch., William and Rowens.
(e) Leta: m. Mercer C. Johnson.
(2) John T.: m. Mary Elizabeth Griffin. Ch.: Ulmer, Leslie, Lula.
(3) James: m. Bettie Ann Darnell and had James; m. (2), Mealie Harbour.
(A) Effie: m. Martin McKee.
(B) Elva James: m. Arvid Griffin.
(3) Sallie: m. Thomas M. White, issue.

George T. MacDonald

Q219 GEORGE T. MACDONALD: lived in Michigan City, Ind.; m. Miss MacCleeve.

Q220 CHARLES HOWARD MAcDONALD: b. Michigan City, Sept. 30, 1857; m. Laura Case Brenton, a descendant in the 7th generation from Roger Williams.


R222 . . . . MCDONALD: had with other issue.
(1) Jacob: father of
(A) Lemon MaCurdy.
(2) Joseph.
(3) Matthew.
(4) Horner.

 American MacDonald and McDonald Families

1210 LIEUTENANT BRYAN McDONALD: b. in Arklow, County Wicklow; served in Col. Francis Toole’s regt. under King James II; emigrated to America and on Nov. 16, 1689, bought from William Penn 693 acres of land near New Castle, Delaware, and died there, 1707; m. Mary Doyle (Combe?). For his ancestry see chapters (C) and (F).

1211 BRYAN McDONALD: 1686-1757; m. Catherine Robinson; moved to Botetourt Co., Virginia.
(1) Edward: 1720-1760; m. Mary …..
(2) Joseph: 1722-1809; m. Elizabeth Ogle.
(A) Bryan: 1753-1802; m. Mary Bane.
(a) Bryan: 1784-1863; m. Elizabeth Tellace.
1. John Saring: 1816; m. Susan Ecas. Ch.: Henry (m. Virginia Broce), Howard, Jonas (m. Nancy Ann Alls), Joseph, Benjamin.
(b) Hercules: 1786; m. Margaret Brown.
1. Lewis: 1827; m. Martha Burgess. Ch.: Mordecai (1863), Charles H. (1866), Columbus (1870).
(c) Richard: 1795; m. Mary Ingram; 7 ch.
(d) Jonas: 1797; m. Susan Clark; m. (2), Ida Jane Smith.
1. Bryan: 1843; m. Rebecca Gore; 2 ch.
2. Jonas: 1848; m. Ann Fellinger. Ch.: Allen H. (1870), George L. (1872).
(e) John: 1800-1861; m. Elizabeth Henderson.
1. Astynox: 1837; m. Jane Dingess. Ch.: Geneta, Dingess; Charles.
2. Bolivar: 1838; m. Mary Gartner. Ch.: John Alexander (1868), Lewis Scott (1871).
3. Maltravis: 1842; m. Perlina Drop; 2 ch.
(B) John: 1756-1807; m. Miss Sawyer; m. (2), Miss Canady.
(a) Frederic: m. Sarah Halpain. Ch.: John, William, George (m. Mary Hipes), Frederick (m. Julian Loop).
(b) Alexander: d. 1854; m. Susan Springer; m. (2), Mrs. Moulton; m. (3), Mrs. . . . ..
1. John: 1805-1853; m. Sallie Ford. Ch.: Richard Joseph.
2. Levi: 1811-1845; m. Martha Short. Ch.: Richard.
3. Elihu: 1813-1873; m. Mary Short; 3 ch.
(c) Joseph: 1782-1857; m. Elizabeth Gordon; 3 ch.
(d) John: d. 1848; m. Mary Maples.
1. John Smith: 1820-1865; m. Fannie Ayers.
(e) Robert: d. 1860; m. Nancy Morris.
1. James: m. Elizabeth Crawford; m. (2), Mrs. Eliza Reeves (nee Dupree). Ch.: James Robert, William J. 2. Arnold: m. Mary Ida Ayres. Ch.: John R., William A., Charles A.
3. Robert: m. Eugenia Stinson. Ch.: Robert J., William A.
4. Louis J.: m. Kate Asbury. Ch.: Rufus, Frank, Lewis.
(C) Joseph: 1758-1839; m. Nancy Sawyers.
(a) William: m. Susan Lewis; m. (2), Bathsheba Lewis; m.
(3), Nancy Hays. Ch.: Stephen, Joseph (m. Elizabeth Saybold), Levi, William, Milton and Rufus.
(D) Edward: 1761-1835; m. Kesiah Stevens.
(a) Lewis: d. 1820; m. Sarah Harvey. Ch.: Gordon (m. Miss Dingess), Lewis (m. Sallie Taylor).
(b) Joseph: 1789-1866; m. Nancy Chapman; m. (2), Mrs. Rhodey Pack.
1. Lewis: 1823; m. Virginia T. McDonald; m. (2), Mrs. Sallie Vickias (nee Keffer). Ch.: John Lewis (1874).
(c) Stephen: 1793-1851; m. Susan Peck.
1. John Black: 1824; m. Bethsheba Peery. Ch.: Evans P. (1848), Albert (1852), George (1857), John (1863),
2. Cyrus: 1826; m. Lavinia W. Moore. Ch.: William J. (1853), Charles B. (1855), Rush (1857), Walter C. (1864), Emmet (1870).
3. Andrew Jackson: 1829; m. Pauline Grove. Ch.: Harry L. (1870).
4. Crockett: 1839-1874; m. Ella V. Hall. Ch.: John (1864), Robert (1870).
5. Whitten: 1846; m. Clara Bird. Ch.: Frank (1869), William R. (1872).
(d) William: d. 1863; m. Mariah McDonald.
1. Edward: 1834; m. Lizzie A. Dowd. Ch.: Charles Otis (1858), William Mark (1860), Edward Blake (1865).
(E) Richard: 1763-1809; m. Mrs. John Martin (nee Mary Long)
(a) James: 1797-1865; m. Martha Shepard Peter.
1. Richard Hays: 1820; m. Mrs. Sarah Maria Steinagel (nee Whipple). Ch.: Frank Virgil (1852), Richard Hays (1854). DeWitt Livingston: 1828; m. Martha Ellenor Hunter. Ch.: James Monroe, Jr. (1858), William Hunter (1861). Marcus Linsey: 1833; m. Ralphine North. Ch.: Marcus Linsey (1868).
(b) Joseph: 1799-1861; m. Mrs. Foster; 1 ch.
(c) Griffin: 1801; m. Harriet Ann North; m. (2), Mrs. John J. LaRoche (nee Frazer).
A. James Long: 1841-1871; m. Florence Kimberly; 1 ch.
(F) Alexander: 1763-1843; m. Elizabeth Taylor.
(a) John: 1795-1825; m. Sarah Flunoy. Ch.: Joseph (1822) Alexander (b. 1823; m. Miss Collier).
(b) Edward: 1797; m. Martha Silvers.
1. James Monroe: 1831; m. Nannie Tallis; 1 ch.
2. William Alexander: 1841; m. Mary Adeline Mitchell Thompson. Ch.: Augustus (1870), Charles Edward (1872).
(c) Zachariah: 1799; m. Sallie Yeocum.
1. DeKalb Lafayette: 1836; m. Fannie Murth. Ch.: David Rice (1870), Jesse Murth (1872).
2. James William: 1838; m. Mary Bosley. Ch.: John Alexander (1870), Daniel Rice (1872).
(d) Daniel: 1803-1873; m. Martha McMurtry.
1. Rufus Lee: 1832; m. Mary Ann Wilson. Ch.: John Irving (1858), Robert Wilson (1866), Rufus Lee (1871).
(e) Silas H.: 1812; m. Sarah Donald.
1. Daniel: 1844; m. Anna S. Landis. Ch.: John Donnell  (1870), Lee Landis (1874).
(G) William: 1766; m. Ursula Huff (Hough?); m. to Alabama.
(a) Jonathan, M.D.: 1798-1886; eminent physician; built and was first president of Nashville & Decatur Ry.; m. Mary Briggs Malone.
1. Joseph Bibb: 1834-1883; col. in C. S. A.; lawyer; m., 1858, Henrietta Alston Bacon (1840-1907).
A. John Bacon: b. Athen, Ala., Feb. 8, 1859; d. 1926; m., Aug. 23, 1888, Katherine Celia Murphy, dau. of Hon.
Daniel Murphy of San Antonio. For a short sketch of his life see Chapter (J).
a. Joseph Edmund: Nov. 8, 1890-Jan. 8, 1916.
b. Robert Dyer: b. Ft. Custer, Mont., Aug. 27, 1892; Captain, U. S. Army.
c. Lila May: b. May 1, 1894; m., 1917, Gordon McPherson of London. Ch.: Gordon and Ian A.
d. John Bacon, Jr.: b. Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. 3, 1897; U. S. N.
e. Sue Alston: b. Washington, D. C., July 2, 1902.
2. Thomas James: 1836; m. Madgie Simpson; 3 ch.
3. Jonathan Robert: 1843; m. Elizabeth W. Anderson. Ch.: Jonathan (1870), Charles.
4. Sterling Payne: 1845; m. Sarah Jane Foster; 1 ch.
(H) Jonas: 1771-1856; m. Elizabeth Foster.
(a) Charles: 1798=1864; m. Dioney Dickinson; 1 ch.
(b) William: 1800; m. Lucinda Patton. Ch.: Taylor Patton (1836).
(c) Joseph: 1802-1855; m. Lorena Ross; 5 ch.
(d) Floyd Fetchig: 1819; m. Jane Black. Ch.: Jonas Cloyd (1852), Charles Black (1860).
(I) James: 1774-1825; m. Elizabeth New; m. (2), Mrs. Mary Flint (nee Davis); m. (3), Mary Flunoy.
(a) Jonas: 1801-1873; m. Matilda Robinson.
(3) Bryan: 1732-1777; m. Susan Ogle.
(A) William: 1756-1833; m. Nancy Ann Robinson.
(a) Bryan: 1781-1841; m. Miss Nancy Thomason. Ch.: James (m. Miss Thomas), John (m. Miss Hodge), Lewis (m. Miss Snidon).
(b) William: 1799; m. Sarah Merrell. Ch.: Samuel C. (1859). (B) Edward: 1761-1855; m. Mary Rowland.
(a) James: 1793; m. Kitty Jones.
1. Benjamin Jones: 1827; m. Sophronia Patterson; m. (2), Marie Louisa Beard. Ch.: John Patterson (1855), James Richard (1858), George (1863), Franklin Jones (1870), William Edward (1872), Albert Gilson (1874). (b) William: 1795-1858; m. Nancy McDonald. Ch.: Roland (b. 1824; m. V. E. Brown; m. (2), O. J. Paine), Jonas (1830), Milton (1839).
(c) Bryan Rowland: 1797-1874; m. Elizabeth McDonald. Ch.: Lewis Foster (1826; m. Nancy McDonald), Charles Taylor (1832; m. Caroline E. Rice), Floyd Joseph (1839), Constantine (1842), George Alexander (1844).
(d) George: 1801; m. Susan M. Harvey.
1. Edward Harvey: 1831; m. Matilda Towson. Ch.: Edward Towson (1870).
2. Lewis: 1833; m. Magdalena Lewellyn. Ch.: Charles R. (1863), Robert T. (1873), James (1873). (C) George: 1767-1815; m. Ruth Owen.
(a) George: 1810; m. Nancy Sesler.
1. George Edward: 1849; m. Mary T. Jones; 2 ch. (D) Edward: 1812; m. Catherine Sesler.
(a) John Edward: 1841; m. Mandola Shufflebayer. Ch.: Holman Jackson (1867), Montgomery Warren (1871), David Edward (1874).

Officers of the Continental Army

Adam McDonald (S. C.). Captain 1st South Carolina, 17th June, 1775; Major, 16th September, 1776; was killed in 1777, the date and place not stated.

Alexander (Del.). Regimental Quartermaster, Delaware Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776.

Barney (Va.). Ensign 4th Virginia, 6th January, 1777; 2d Lieutenant, 29th November, 1777; deserted 7th March, 1778.

Daniel (N. J.). Major New Jersey Militia, 1777-1778.

Donald (Pa.). 2d Lieutenant 3d Pennsylvania, 1st January, 1777; omitted, March, 1777.

James (S. C.). Captain 1st South Carolina, 17th June, 1775; was Captain South Carolina Dragoons in 1777.

John (Pa.). 1st Lieutenant 6th Pennsylvania Battalion, 9th January, 1776; Captain of Swope’s Pennsylvania Battalion of the Flying Camp, July, 1776; taken prisoner at Fort Washington, 16th November, 1776; exchanged 2d November, 1780, and did not return to the army.

William (Ga.). Lieutenant 4th Georgia, 1779 and 1780.

William (N. J.). 2d Lieutenant 3d New Jersey, 21st March, 1776; cashiered, 1st August, 1776.

McDonalds of the American Revolution

The following McDonalds served in the American Revolution from the respective colonies. Figures following some of the names indicate the number of times those names appear on the records examined:

Connecticut: Charles-3, James-5, Patrick. Delaware: Alexander-10, Bennitt-3, Bernard-3, Daniel-10, Donald-3, John-8, Joseph, Nathaniel, Philip-5; William-2.

Georgia: Charles, Hugh-2, Isam, James, John-6, Tekiah, William-2.

Maryland: Alexander, Allen, Archibald, Charles-3, Daniel, George-6, James-19, John-23, Joseph-2, Martin-2, Michael-3, Patrick-2, Philip-3, Richard-3, Robert-4, Stephen, Thomas-2, William -2, William D.

Massachusetts: Alexander, Briant, Charles-3, Daniel-2, Donald-2, James-4, John-14, John, Jr., Joseph-2, Patrick-2, Pelatiah, Robert, Roger, William.

New Hampshire: Edmond, George, James-2, John-6, Neal, Philip, Robert.

New Jersey: Alexander-2, Benjamin-3, Elizar, James-3, John-5, William.

New York: Alexander-2, Colin, Colle, Cornelius, Daniel-4, Duncom, Edward-2, Hugh, James-7, John-9 Michael-3, Nicholas, Peter, Reynolds, Roland, Thomas, William-2.

Pennsylvania: Alexander-25, Alexr.-5, Anges-2, Angus-9, Anthony-2, Benjamin-2, Boyan-3, Bryan-6, Charles-5, Christian-2, Christopher-2, Daniel-6, David-5, Donald-8, Edward-14, Duncan-9, Duken-2, Francis-5, George-5, Godfrey-10, Godf.-3, Henry-2, Hester-2, Hugh -2, James-25, Jas.-2, John-64, Joseph-2, Malcom-2, Malcolm-6, Martin-2, Michael-6, Michl-15, Minass-2, Murdoch-2, Neal-3, O’Lneas-2, Owens-3, Patrick-17, Patt-5, Patti-2, Pattrick-2, Peter-5, Rendal-2, Randol-6, Renold-2, Richard-4, Robert-16, Samuel-2, Terrence-3, Terrance-2, William-63, William, Jr.-2, Wm.-5.

Rhode Island: John-7. Virginia: Alexander, Angus, Archibald, August, Barney, Benjamin, Bryan, Charles, Crawford, Daniel, David, Duncan, Edward, Francis, Frederick, Henry, Hugh-2, James-2, John-2, Josiah, Peter, Reuben, Roderick, Roger, Ronald, Tarrence, Terence-2, Thomas, William. Total, 763.

Our records show that Bartholomew MacDonald, of Maryland, was the only man of the family name “MacDonald” to serve in the American Revolution.

Prominent MacDonalds of America, Past Generations

ANDREW ARCHIBALD MACDONALD: Canadian statesman; b. 1829, at Three Rivers, P. E. I., to which his grandfather, Andrew, with his retainers, emigrated from Scotland in 1806. He was Consular Agent for the United States at Three Rivers, 1849-70; represented Georgetown the House of the Assembly, 1854-70; and was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of P. E. I., 1884.

DONALD: loyalist; b. Scotland, 1712. He raised a body of loyal Scots and Regulators in January, 1776, was commissioned their General by Gov. Josiah Martin, and marched upon Wilmington. The militia was called out in haste and he was among the prisoners captured. He was confined in Halifax jail and afterward in Philadelphia, until he was finally exchanged.

HUGH: Canadian jurist; b. Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 1827; admitted to bar in Nova Scotia, 1855, and became Queen’s Counsel, 1872. He was elected a mem. of the Provincial Parliament for Inverness, 1859-62; later declined the Solicitor-Generalship, and, after serving in several high Offices, in 1873, was’ appointed judge of the Superior Court of Nova Scotia for life.

JAMES MADISON: clergyman, b. in Limerick, Me., 1812. He was graduated from Union College, 1832, and from Yale Theological Seminary, 1835, , and ordained pastor of 3rd Congregational Church of Berlin, Conn., the same year; delivered a course of lectures on homiletics at Boston University in 1874.

MOSES: congressman; b. Limerick, Me., 1814; bro. of James Madison. He served in the Legislature and in Congress, and was collector of customs at Portland, 1857-61.

JAMES WILSON ALEXANDER: sculptor; b. Steubenville, O., 1824. He moved to New York in 1865, and executed colossal statues for several states. Besides these, his work included busts of various ‘men, including Peter Cooper and John Van Buren. He painted portraits and landscapes in oil, lectured on art and science, and wrote analytical criticisms on American artists.

JOHN: Canadian M.P.; b. Saratoga, N. Y., 1787; s. of John, who came to Saratoga from Perthshire, Scotland, a few days before the birth of his son.’ In 1840 he was a member of the Legislative Council of Upper and Lower Canada; was for some time a Colonel of Leeds Militia, held local offices in Gananoque, and, with his bro. Charles, paid for the first church erected there.

HERBERT STONE: Canadian jurist; b. Gananoque, 1842; s. John, Canadian M.P.; grad. Queen’s University, 1859. In 1878 he was appointed Senior judge and later became revising-officer for several electoral districts. He had charge of the Orange incorporation bills in 1873, and that year went on lecturing tour in Ireland.

JOHN: Canadian merchant; b. Perth, Scotland; from 1824 to 1849 engaged in business in Toronto, Can., and became one of wealthiest merchants in the country. He was a member of the general conference of the M. E. Church, was actively connected in the Evangelical Alliance, the Bible Society, and the Y. M. C. A. In Nov., 1887, he became a mem. of the Dominion Senate, and later gave $40,000 to found a Toronto hospital. He was author of the pamphlet “Business Success”.

SIR JOHN ALEXANDER: Canadian statesman; b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1815; s. of Hugh, who emigrated from Sutherlandshire and settled in Kingston, Can., in 1820. In 1846 he was appointed Queen’s Counsel and afterward became a bencher, ex-officio, of the Law Society of Ontario. He was elected M. P. for Lennox, Carleton and Kingston Counties, became Receiver-General, and, later, Commissioner of Crown Lands; was the recipient of many honorary scholastic degrees.

JOHN SANDFIELD: Canadian statesman; b. St. Raphaels, Glengarry, 1812. His grandfather had come there from Scotland, in 1786, with one of those Highland migrations by which the County of Glengarry was almost exclusively colonized. At Cornwall Grammar School, he was declared “dux” of the school at the end of two years, although the usual course was three. In 1862 he was called upon by Lord Monk to form a government after the defeat of the Cartier-Macdonald administration. This he did, and remained Premier until he resigned in 1864. -In 1867 he became Premier of the Province of Ontario.

DONALD ALEXANDER (brother of John Sandfield): statesman; b. St. Raphaels, Glengarry, Ont., 1817. He was elected Postmaster-General of Glengarry for several terms, but resigned to accept the office of Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 1875-80. He was President of the Montreal and Ottawa Junction Railroad, and Lieutenant-Colonel in command of the Glengarry reserve militia.

Prominent American MacDonalds of Today

ALEXANDER MacDONALD: conservation commr.; b. Nova Scotia, Can., 1867; s. Alexander; dep. conservation commr. of N. Y., 1916-22; conservation commr. since 1922. Add.: Albany, N. Y.

ANNA ADDAMS: librarian; b. Scottsville, Va., 1871; d. Abraham Addams; in charge traveling free libraries Commn., Pa., 1908; war library work for A.L.A., at Gettysburg, Pa., and in France, 1918-19. Add.: Harrisburg, Pa.

ARTHUR: anthropologist; b. Caledonia, N. Y., 1856; s. Angus; author of Study of the U. S. Senate”; “Scientific Political Training of President Coolidge”; etc. Add.: Washington, D. C.

CARLOS FREDERICK: psychiatrist; b. Niles, O., 1845; s. John; called to Buffalo by Erie Co. Bar Assn. to determine mental condition of Czolgosz, assassin of President McKinley; med. Counsel to Dist. Atty. Jerome in the trial of Harry K. Thaw, 1907. Add.: New York.

CHARLES: civil engr.

CHARLES BLAIR: stockbroker; b., Niagara Falls, 1855 e. s. of Godfrey; educ., Univ. of St. Andrew’s, Scotland. Add.: Southampton, Long Island.

DUNCAN BLACK: theol. prof; b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1863; s. Thomas; head of Mohammedan dept., Kennedy Sch. of Missions, Hartford, 1911-25. Add.: Hartford, Conn.

K GEORGE ALEXANDER: lawyer, capitalist; b. New York, 1869; s. Alexander Forties; apptd. by Supreme Court of Can. to take testimony in New York; Campaign speaker for Rep. party since 1896. Add.: New York.

J. CARLISLE: journalist; b. N. Y. City, 1894; s. John James; corr. New York Herald and 30 associated papers during entire Peace Conf., accompanied Pres. Wilson on a European tour. Add.: Paris, France.

JAMES ALLAN: capitalist.

JESSE JUAN: mining engr.

JOHN BACON: army officer; b. Athens, Ala., Feb. 8, 1859; d. 1926; H General, U. S. M. A., 1881; Brig.-Gen., U. S. A., 1823; Brig.-Gen. 181st Brigade, 91st Div. A. E. F.; awarded D. S. C., D. S. M., Croix de Guerre with Palm (France), Croix de Guerre (Belgium), ItalianWar Cross; officer of Legion d’Honneur, etc. For his pedigree see Chapter (G), page 35.

PIRIE: photographer; b. Chicago, 1867; s. Dr. George; has been awarded Gramer grand prize cup; 7 gold, and 2 silver medals by Photographers’ Assn. of America. Add.: New York.

ROBERT: clergyman.

STEWART LINCOLN: mathematician; b. Boscoe, O., 1873; s. James William; E mem. of various learned societies incl. Am. Math. Assn. and Am. Assn. Univ. Profs. Add.: Ft. Collins, Colo.

THOMAS HARRIS: engineer; b. Leadville, Colo., 1881; s. John; was largely instrumental in building up in Ia. one of the best highway systems in the U. S. Add.: Washington, D. C.

WILLIAM: author, journalist; b. Providence, R. I., 1863; s. Rev. William; author of “History and Government of Maine”; “Larger History of the U. S.” etc. Add.: New York.

WILLIAM J.: congressman.

WILLIAM TOWNLEY: mining and metal engr.; b. Red Willow Co., Neb., s. of Samuel Franklin; asst. supt. and supt. mills, Chino Cooper Co., Hurley, N. M., 1911-1915. Add.: Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico.

Prominent McDonalds of America, Past Generations

ALEXANDER MCDONALD: senator; b. Clinton Co., Pa., 1832. He settled in Arkansas as a merchant in 1863, established and became president of a National bank at Fort Smith, and was also president of the Merchants’ National Bank of Little Rock. On the readmission of Arkansas into the Union, he was elected a U. S. Senator, serving from 1868 to 1871.

CHARLES JAMES: jurist; b. Charleston, S. C., 1793; brought up in Hancock Co., Ga.; was a judge of the Supreme Court of Georgia from 1857 until his death in 1860. He was a man of great influence and probity.

DANIEL: Canadian clergyman; b. St. Andrew’s, P.E.I., 1822; studied seven years in Rome and received the degree of D.D.; was ordained in Rome in 1851, and in 1857 returned to P.E.I. He was appointed Vicar-General and senior priest of St. Dunstan’s Cathedral and later became professor at St. Dunstan’s College. His ability as a speaker brought him wide fame.

DONALD: Canadian senator; b. Caledonia, N. Y., 1816; s. of Alexander, a native of Inverness-shire, Scotland, who settled in New York State early in the 19th century, and moved to Canada with his family in 1823. He served in the Legislative Council of Canada in 1858 and later in the Senate; was interested in the formation of “the separate school system”, and was a trustee of Queen’s University.

JAMES: physician; b. White Plains, N.Y., 1803. In 1831 he has sent by the governors of New York Hospital to visit insane asylums of Europe, with understanding that on his return he should have entire charge of Bloomingdale asylum for five years. He gave a course of lectures on mental diseases at the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1842, that were probably the first of that character ever delivered in the United States. He was the author of several books, including “Reports on the Condition of Blackwell Island Asylum”.

JAMES: Canadian Jurist; b. East River, Pictou, N.S. 1828, his ancestors having come from Scotland and settled in Pictou in the 18th century. He was educated at New Glasgow; admitted to U.S. bar, 1857, and appointed Queen’s Counsel, 1867; served in Nova Scotia Legislature, was its chief railway commissioner, Financial Secretary, Minister of Justice, and Chief Justice.

JOSEPH EWING: senator; b. Butler Co., O., 1819. He served in the United States Congress and Senate, took a conspicuous part in debates on finance, and was in favor of hard money and a protective tariff.

RONALD: Canadian Roman Catholic bishop; b. Antigonish Co., N.S., 1835. He began his classical studies in Cape George and finished his theological course in St. Francis Xavier’s College, where he was ordained priest in 1859. During his ministry he erected five churches, a lay convent, and extension schools at Pictou, and was consecrated Bishop of Harbor Grau in the church of Pictou in 1881. He also established schools among the Micmac Indians.

Prominent American McDonalds of Today


ANGUS DANIEL: railway official; b. Oakland, Calif., 1878; became v. p. and controller, Southern Pacific R. R. Co.; now v.-churn., exec. committee. Add.: New York.

ARCHIBALD ARNOTT: educator; b. Hartley, Ia., 1876; s. Archibald; supt. schs., Sioux Falls, since 1907. Add.: Sioux Falls, S. D.

ARCHIBALD LEETE: M.D., surgeon; b. Grand Forks, N. D., 1879; s. Donald; organized dept. A anatomy and physiology, med. dept. U. of N. D. Add.: Duluth, Minn.

CHARLES HENRY: lawyer; b. Manchester, Wis., 1872; s. Daniel; chmn. of’ law and joint bds. of Review of Federal Trade Commn. Add.: Wittenberg, Wis.

CHARLES SANFORD: b. Cromwell, Ia., 1879; s. Charles Walker; mem. of . numerous learned societies; S. Dak. Ho. of Rep., 1923-25 (speaker of House1925). Add.: Sioux Falls, S. Dak.

ETTA AUSTIN BLAISDELL: author; b. Manchester, N. H., 1872; d. Clark. Author of many books, incl. “Kathleen In Ireland”; “Child Life in Tale and Fable, etc. Add.: West Medford, Mass.

HOWARD: educator; b. Duncan Falls, O., 1876; s. Emesiah; prof. Greek and Latin, Knoxville Coll., 1902-03. Add.: Fairfield, Ia.

HUNTER: civil engr., b. Winchester, Va., 1860; s. Angus W.; chief engr., Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Ry., since 1892. Add.: Nashville, Tenn.

JAMES GROVER: chairman Foreign Policy Assn.; b. Coldwater, O., 1886; s. Kenneth; mem. of numerous societies incl. Federal Council Chs. of Christ in America. Add.: New York.

JAMES RICHARD: editor; b. Brunswick, Me., 1867; s. Thomas; editor and ednl. mgr., Little, Brown & Co. (estab. schoolbook bus.). Add.: West Medford, Mass.

JESSE FULLER: ex-governor; b. Ashtabula, O., 1858; s. Lyman; elected State Senate, 1902; elected It.-gov. of Colo., 1904; and presided over Senate and joint sessions of 15th Gen. Assembly; gov. of Colo., 1905-06. Add.: Leadville, Colo.

JESSIE CLAIRE: educator; b. Indianapolis, Minn.; d. Ezekiel; Prin. National Cathedral School, Washington, D. C., 1913. Add.: Washington, D. C.

JOHN BACON: army officer; 1859-1926.

JOHN DANIEL: naval officer; b. Machias, Me., 1863; served on Montery, Spanish-Am. War, 1898; apptd. commandant Navy Yard, N. Y., 1918. Add.: Washington, D. C.

JOHN JOSEPH: lawyer; b. Boston, Mass., 1889; s. David; asst. counsel for U. S. in Am. and British Claims Arbitration, 1922-24; asso. counsel 192325. Add.: Washington, D. C.

MORRIS: railway official; b. New Albany, Ind., 1865; pres. Me. Central R. R., since 1914; also prs. Portland Terminal Co. Add.: Portland, Me.

ROBERT ALEXANDER: educator; b. Winnipeg, Man., 1878; s. Rev. Alexander; mem. of numerous learned societies, incl. Nat. Soc. Study of Edn. and Nat. Conf. on Ednl. Method. Add.: Lewiston, Me.

The MacDonald-McDonald Coat of Arms

COAT of Arms is an emblem or a device which is displayed by titled persons, persons of royal blood, and their descendants. Coats of Arms were originally used for purposes of identification and recognition on the field of battle as well as in civil life.

It is claimed by some writers that Coats of Arms, in a crude form, were used by Noah’s sons after the flood. There are records of other Coats of Arms, in one crude form or another, at different periods of ancient history. Heraldry, however, as we know it today, did not become of much importance until soon after the invasion of England by William the Conqueror, A. D. 1066. Heraldry became of general interest at about the time of the Crusades.

The MacDonald (McDonald) Coat of Arms shown in the front of this volume is the Arms of the MacDonalds of St. Martin’s Abbey and of Slate, Isle of Skye (created 1625). Coats of Arms very similar to it are used by the MacDonalds of Clanranald; the MacDonalds of Sleat; the Bosville Macdonalds of the Isle, and many others. Numerous other branches of the MacDonald family have Coats of Arms resembling it.

This is the most widely used of all MacDonald Coats of Arms and has been in existence for many centuries. It is described in BURKE’S GENERAL ARMORY, BURKE’S PEERAGE AND BARONETAGE, BURKE’S LANDED GENTRY and other reliable works on heraldry, in some cases accompanied by illustrations and pedigrees. It has been used for generations by many American branches of the MacDonald-McDonald family.


Arms . . . . . . . . . . Quarterly, first argent a lion rampant gules; second, or, a dexter arm in fesse couped below the elbow, armored gules hand proper, holding a cross-crosslettfitchee of the second; third or a lymphad sable; fourth, vert, a fish fesseways argent. A shield divided into quarters: the first silver, bearing a red lion rampant; the second, gold, bearing an arm in red armor, the hand (natural color) holding erect a red cross; the third, a black ship upon a golden field; the fourth, a silver fish upon a green field.
Crest . . . . . . . . . Issuant from the wreath a forearm holding a crosscrosslett-fitchee, erect, gules. A forearm holding a cross like that in the Arms, both red and both erect.
Motto . . . . . . . . . Per mare per terras. (Latin). By land and by sea.

Sir Bernard Burke, of Heralds College, London, said “Heraldry is prized by all who can show honorable ancestry or wish to found honorable families.”

Besides its family significance this Coat of Arms makes an excellent mural decoration and inspires the admiration and comment of all who see it.

It is quite appropriate that members of the MacDonald-McDonald family who have a pride in their ancestry should display the family Coat of Arms, in proper colors.