George Jordan, proprietor of the largest jewelry house in San Bernardino County, has been in the business in California twenty-three years. Born in Germany forty-eight years ago, he immigrated to the United States when a youth of fifteen, and after stopping for a time in New York, went south into Georgia, where he remained during the late civil war. After the close of the conflict he returned to his native land and spent two years in business in Europe.

Re-crossing the Atlantic, he came directly to the Pacific coast and opened a jewelry store in San Francisco, where he carried on business for twenty-one years. Having faith in the grand future of Southern California and wishing to identify himself with its march of progress, Mr. Jordan closed out his business in San Francisco, and in May, 1888, opened his present store in the Ruffen block, San Bernardino, with an extensive and elegant stock of goods, his purpose being to embrace in variety and quality everything required or sought after in the line of jewelry, diamonds, watches, clocks and optical goods, thus supplying purchasers with an assortment equal to any to be found in the larger cities.

Having a thoroughly practical knowledge of the details of the different branches of his business, and giving the closest personal attention to every department, Mr. Jordan commands a large and prosperous trade, which extends throughout San Bernardino and adjacent counties. He designs and makes to order everything in the line of diamond work, society emblems, jewels, medals, etc., and has a well earned reputation as one of the most skillful and painstaking watchmakers in the State.

Notwithstanding the temporary business depression which has prevailed in this section of the State for the past year or two, as the reactionary result of the speculative boom, Mr. Jordan still has undiminished faith in the great future of Southern California, possessing as it does such a multitudinous number and unparalleled richness of resources. He is a gentleman of fine business qualifications, and an affability and sincerity of manner which wins and retains the esteem of his fellows.