Henry and Charles Kuchel editors and proprietors of the Anaheim Gazette, took charge of this paper in 1887. They are the sons of Conrad Kuchel, a native of Germany, and one of the earliest settlers of Anaheim. For several years previous to his arrival in Anaheim he was engaged in the business of engineering in San Francisco. Henry Kuchel, the senior editor of the Gazette, was born in San Francisco, June 11, 1859.
He received a high-school education at the Anaheim schools and, learned the printer’s trade in the office which he and his brother now own. He subsequently worked for ten years on the principal newspapers throughout the State. He has spent his whole time as a printer and editor, and the Gazette of to-day has for its editor one of the most practical newspapermen in Southern California. Mr. Kuchel is still a young man, and, having so thoroughly acquainted himself with journalism, it is but natural to predict that he will in the future hold an enviable position among the prominent members of the “art preservative of arts.”