Arkansas Post, Fort at. Arkansas – On Arkansas River; Fort Hindman.
Army and Navy General Hospital, Arkansas – At Hot Springs.

Carr Camp, Arkansas – On Big Sugar Creek.
Charles Fort, Arkansas – On White River.
Curtis Fort Arkansas – At Helena.

Dodge Camp, Arkansas – At Little Rock.
Douglas Fort, Arkansas – In Johnson County; now town of that name.

Fayetteville National Cemetery Arkansas – At Fayetteville.
Fillmore Camp, Arkansas- Near Fort Washita.

Gibson, Cantonment, Arkansas – On Arkansas River.

Helena Redoubt, Arkansas – At Helena.
Hindman Fort, Arkansas – At Arkansas Post.
Hot Springs Reservation, Arkansas – In Garland County; Army and Navy Hospital.

Little Rock Arsenal, Arkansas – At Little Bock; name changed to Little Rock Barracks.
Little Rock Barracks, Arkansas – At Little Rock.
Little Rock National Cemetery, Arkansas – At Little Rock.
Logan H. Roots Fort, Arkansas – Near Little Bock.
Lynn, Fort, Arkansas – Miller County; now town of that name.

Osceola, Fort, Arkansas – At Plum Point, Mississippi River.

Pueblo Fort, Arkansas – On Arkansas River above Fort Bent.

Red River Fort on Arkansas.
Reiter Fort, Arkansas – Near Helena.

St. Charles Battery, Arkansas – Near White River.
St. Francis Fort, Arkansas – Mouth of St. Francis River.
Smith Fort, Arkansas – On Arkansas River; now town of that name. (See Life Among the Choctaw Indians or Fort Smith Database)
Smith Fort National Cemetery, Arkansas – On Arkansas River.