QUIGG, Jack L., Pfc., USMC. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Quigg, 2006 W. Palm Lane, Phoenix.

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RAMOS, Joe S., Pfc., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Ursula S. Ramos, Anderson Blake Addition, Globe.
RAWSON, George H., 2nd Lt., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Mattie B. Rawson, 618 W. Cherry St., Flagstaff.
RIGGS, Russell Babbitt, Aviation Pilot 2c, USN. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Almon I. Riggs, Route 1, Miami.
ROBERTS, J. L., Seaman 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Roberts, Star Route, Buckeye.
ROBLES, Joe Angel, Seaman 1c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Robles, 1633 E. Adams St., Phoenix.
ROBLES, Merardo D., Pfc., USMCR. Father, Mr. Francisco M. Robles, 506 Riverside Drive, Tucson.
RODRIGUEZ, Frank Wesley, Seaman 1c, USN. Grandmother, Mrs. Victoria Chapin, P. O. Box 171, Morenci.
ROGERS, Kent Byron, Ensign, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Herron Rogers, Route 8, Box 577, Phoenix.
ROGERS, Mervin M., Seaman 1c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers, Gen. Del., Central.
RUNNELS, Ardian N., Seaman 1c, USN. Father, Mr. Lee Runnels, 506 So. 20th St., Phoenix.
RUSSELL, William Louis, Pvt., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Russell, 2223 No. Edgemere St., Phoenix.
RUTKOWSKI, Frank Joseph, Pvt., USMC. Wife, Mrs. Ethel M. Rutkowski, Box 88, Mayer.
RYAN, Kenneth John, Pfc., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Edith E. Ryan, 1337 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix.