The following is a list of men who were imprisoned upon the ship called “The Old Jersey” during the Revolutionary War. The tales the men told of their sufferings can be compared with those suffered by the North imprisoned at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison) during the War of the Rebellion. To find out more about the condition of life upon this ship during their incarceration, see the source listed below.

T Surnames

Anthony Tabee
John Taber (2)
Thomas Taber
Samuel Table
John Tabor
Pelack Tabor
Ebenezer Tabowl
Ebenezer Talbot
Silas Talbott
Ebenezer Talbott
Wilham Talbut
James Talketon
Archibald Talley
John Tankason
Caspar Tanner
John Tanner
William Tant
Thomas Tantis
Samuel Tapley
Isaac Tappin
Antonio Tarbour
Townsend Tarena
Edward Target
John Tarrant
Lewis Tarret
Domingo Taugin
Edward Tayender
Samuel Taybor
Alexander Taylor
Andrew Taylor (2)
Gabriel Taylor
Hezekiah Taylor
Isaac TaylorJacob Taylor (3)
John Taylor (8)
Captain John Taylor
Joseph Taylor (3)
Major Taylor
Noadiah Taylor
Peter Taylor
Robert Taylor (3)
Tobias Taylor
William Taylor (3)
George Teather
Thomas Tebard
John Teller
Jean Temare
John Templing
Philip Temver
Gilbert Tennant
Thomas Tenny
Henry Teppett
Governe Terrene
Joshua Ternewe
Thomas Terrett
William Terrett
John Terry
Samuel Terry
William Terry
Joshua Teruewe
Zerlan Tesbard
Jean Tessier
Freeborn Thandick
Lewis Thaxter
Seren Thaxter
John Thelston
Robert Therey
Simon Thimagun
Thurdick Thintle
—- Thomas
Abner Thomas
Andrew Thomas
Cornelius Thomas
Ebenezer Thomas (2)
Edward Thomas
Green Thomas
Herod Thomas
Jacques Thomas (2)
James Thomas (2)
Jean Supli Thomas
Jesse Thomas (2)
John Thomas (8)
Joseph Thomas
Thomas Thomas
Urias Thomas
William Thomas
Abraham Thompson
Andrew Thompson (3)
Bartholomew Thompson
Benjamin Thompson (2)
Charles Thompson
Eli Thompson
George Thompson
Harvey Thompson
Isaac Thompson
Israel Thompson
John Thompson (8)
Joseph Thompson (2)
Lawrence Thompson
Patrick Thompson
Robert Thompson (3)
Seth Thompson (2)
William Thompson (6)
John Thorian
William Thorner
James Thornhill
Christian Thornton
Christopher Thornton
Jesse Thornton
Samuel Thornton
Thomas Thornton
William Thorpe
Gideon Threwit
Sedon Thurley
Benjamin Thurston
Samuel Thurston
Samuel Tibbards
Richard Tibbet
George Tibbs
Henry Ticket
Harvey Tiffman
Andrew Tillen
Jacob Tillen
Peter Tillender
Thomas Tillinghast
David Tilmouse
John Tilson
Nicholas Tilson
Grale Timcent
George Timford
Jeremiah Timrer
Alexander Tindell
James Tinker
William Tinley
Joseph Tinleys
Anthony Tioffe
Samuel Tippen
Jean Tirve
Stephen Tissina
Michael Titcomb
Moses Titcomb
James Tobin
Thomas Tobin (2)
John Todd
William Todd
Thomas Tolley
Francis Tollings
Henry Tollmot
Thomas Tomay
James Tomkins
Charles Tomped
Benjamin Tompkins
William Tompkins
Thomas Thompson
Henry Too
Andrew Toombs
Rufus Toppin
Christopher Torpin
Francis Torrent
Michael Tosa
Daniel Totton
Pierre Touleau
Robert Toulger
Sylvanus Toulger
Dominic Tour
Jean Tournie
Francis Tovell
Joseph Towbridge
John Towin
Samuel Townhend
James Townley
Samuel Towns
Elwell Townsend
Jacob Townsend
Jeremiah Townsend
William Townsend
Jille Towrand
James Towser
Thomas Toy
Benjamin Tracy
Jesse Tracy
Nathaniel Tracy
Jacob Trailey
William Traine
Thomas Trampe
Nathaniel Trask (2)
Richard Traveno
Christopher Traverse
Solomon Treat
James Treby
James Tredwell
William Treen
Andrew Trefair
Thomas Trenchard
William Trendley
Thomas W Trescott
Andre Treasemas
Edward Trevett
Job Trevo
John Trevor
Thomas Trip
Richard Tripp
Thomas Tripp
Jacob Tripps
John Tritton
Ebenezer Trivet
Jabez Trop
John Trot
John Troth
William Trout
John Trow
Benjamin Trowbridge
David Trowbridge
Stephen Trowbridge
Thomas Trowbridge
Joseph Truck
Peter Truck
William Trunks
Joseph Trust
Robert Trustin
George Trusty
Edward Tryan
Moses Tryon
Saphn Tubbs
Thomas Tubby
John Tucke
Francis Tucker
John Tucker (4)
Joseph Tucker (2)
Nathan Tucker
Nathaniel Tucker
Paul Tucker
Robert Tucker (2)
Seth Tucker
Solomon Tucker
George Tuden
Charles Tully
Casper Tumner
Charles Tunkard
Charles Turad
Elias Turk
Joseph Turk
Caleb Turner
Caspar Turner
Francis Turner
George Turner
James Turner
John Turner (3)
Philip Turner
Thomas Turner (4)
William Turner (2)
Lisby Turpin (2)
Peter Turrine
John Tutten
Daniel Twigg
Charles Twine
Joseph Twogood
Daily Twoomey
Thomas Tyerill
Jean Tyrant
John Tyse