The following is a list of men who were imprisoned upon the ship called “The Old Jersey” during the Revolutionary War. The tales the men told of their sufferings can be compared with those suffered by the North imprisoned at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison) during the War of the Rebellion. To find out more about the condition of life upon this ship during their incarceration, see the source listed below.

S Surnames

Francisco Sablong
John Sachel
Jonathan Sachell
George Sadden
George Saddler
John Sadens
Abraham Sage
Edward Sailly
John Saint
Elena Saldat
Gilbert Salinstall
Luther Salisbury
Michael Sallibie
John Salmon
John Salter
Thomas Salter
Edward Same
Pierre Samleigh
Jacob Sammian
Stephen Sampson (2)
Charles Sand
Henry Sanders
Manuel Sandovah
Ewing Sands
Stephen Sands
Daniel Sanford
Anthony Santis
Thomas Sarbett
Louis Sarde
Peter Sarfe
Juan Sassett
David Sasson
Jonathan Satchell
William Saterly
Johns Sathele
Joseph Satton
Edward Sauce
Augustus Saunders
Daniel Saunders
John Saunders
Allen Savage
Belias Savage
Nathaniel Savage(2)
Joseph Savot
Benjamin Sawyer
Daniel Sawyer
Ephraim Sawyer(3)
James Sawyer
Jeremiah Sawyer
John Sawyer
Peter Sawyer
Thomas Sawyer
William Sawyer
Cuffy Savers
Joseph Sayers
Henry Scees
Peter Schafer
Melchior Scheldorope
Peter Schwoob
Julian Scope
Christopher Scott
George Scott
James Scott
John Scott (4)
Robert Scott
Thomas Scott
William Scott
Daniel Scovell
David Scudder
Nutchell Scull
Lamb Seabury
Samuel Seabury
Adam Seager
George Seager
Thomas Sealey (2)
Robert Seares
George Seaton
Antonio Sebasta
Benjamin Secraft
Thomas Seeley
Jean Baptist Sego
Elias Seldon
Edward Sellers
Anthony Selwind
William Semell
John Senior
Adam Sentelume
Abraham Sentilier
Leonard Sepolo
Emanuel Seerus
Anthony Serals
James Seramo
John Serant
Francis Seratte
Francis Sergeant
Thomas Sergeant
Joel Serles
Sebastian Serrea
William Service
Jonathan Setchell
Otis Sevethith
Francis Seyeant
Solomon Shad
Matthew Shappo
Elisha Share
John Sharke
Philip Sharp
Peter Sharpe
Philip Sharper
John Sharpley
Joseph Sharpley
Joseph Shatille
Joseph Shatillier
Archibald Shaver
Jacob Shaver
Abner Shaw
Daniel Shaw
James Shaw
Jeremiah Shaw
Joseph Shaw
Samuel Shaw
Thomas Shaw (3)
William Shaw
Patrick Shea
Jean Shean
Brittle Sheans
Gideon Shearman
Henry Shearman
Stephen Shearman
Philip Shebzain
John Sheffield
William Sheilds
Nicholas Sheilow
Jeremiah Shell
Benjamin Shelton
James Shepherd
John Shepherd (4)
Robert Shepherd (3)
Thomas Sherburn
William Sherburne
Gilbert Sherer
James Sheridan
John Sheridan
John Sherman
Samuel Sherman (3)
Andrew Sherns
Andrew Sherre
George Shetline
John Shewin
Jacob Shibley
George Shiffen
Louis de Shille
Jack Shilling
Jacob Shindle
Frederick Shiner (2)
John Shirkley
Joseph Shoakley (2)
Edward Shoemaker
James Shoemaker
Samuel Shokley
John Short (2)
Joseph Short
Thomas Short
Enoch Shout
Christopher Shoving
Jacob Shroak
James Shuckley
Thomas Shuman
Francis Shun
Enoch Shulte
John Shute
Richard Sickes
Francis Silver
James Simes
Chapman Simmons
David Simmons
Hilldoves Simmons
John Simmons
Joshua Simms
James Simon
William Simon
Francis Simonds
Boswell Simons
Champion Simons
Elijah Simons
Francis Simons
Joseph Simons
Nathaniel Simons
Nero Simons
Samuel Simons
William Simpkins
Benjamin Simpson
Charles Simpson
Thomas Simpson
John Sindee
John Singer
John Sitchell
John Skay
John Skelton
Samuel Skinner (2)
Richard Skinner
Peter Skull (2)
David Slac
Benjamin Slade
Thomas Slager
John Slane
Jean Louis Slarick
Measer Slater
Matthew Slaughter
John Slee
Thomas Slewman
Samuel Slide
Joseph Slight
Josiah Slikes
Christopher Sloakum
Edward Sloan
Timothy Sloan
Andrew Sloeman
Thomas Slough
Ebenezer Slow
Isaac Slowell
William Slown
Henry Sluddard
Samuel Slyde
Richard Slykes
William Smack
Joseph Small
Robert Smallpiece
John Smallwood (2)
Peter Smart
John Smight
William Smiley
Abraham Smith
Alexander Smith
Allan Smith
Andrew Smith (2)
Anthony Smith
Archibald Smith
Basil Smith
Benjamin Smith (2)
Burrell Smith
Buskin Smith
Charles Smith
Clement Smith
Clemont Smith
Daniel Smith (3)
David Smith
Easoph Smith
Edward Smith
Eleazar Smith
Enoch Smith
Epaphras Smith
Ezekiel Smith
George Smith
Gideon Smith
Haymond Smith
Henry Smith
Hugh Smith
Jack Smith
James Smith (7)
Jasper Smith
John Smith (12)
Jonathan Smith (5}
Joshua Smith
Joseph Smith (3)
Laban Smith
Martin Smith
Richard Smith (3)
Rockwell Smith
Roger Smith (2)
Samuel Smith (6)
Stephen Smith
Sullivan Smith
Thomas Smith (8)
Walter Smith
William Smith (4)
Zebediah Smith
Thomas Smithson
Peter Smothers
Samuel Snare
John Snellin
John Sneyders
Peter Snider
William Snider
Ebenezer Snow
Seth Snow
Sylvanus Snow
Abraham Soft
Raymond Sogue
Assia Sole
Nathan Solley
Ebenezer Solomon
Thomas Solomon
James Sooper
Christian Soudower
Moses Soul
Nathaniel Southam
William Southard
Henry Space
Enoch Spalding
Joshua Spaner
Charles Sparefoot
James Sparrows
John Speake
Martin Speakl
James Spear
Eliphaz Speck
Elchie Spellman
William Spellman
James Spencer
Joseph Spencer
Nicholas Spencer
Thomas Spencer
Solomon Spenser
Henry Spice
John Spicer (2)
Lancaster Spicewood
John Spier (2)
Richard Spigeman
John Spinks
Caleb Spooner
David Spooner
Shubab Spooner
William Spooner
Jonathan Sprague
Simon Sprague
Philip Spratt
Charles Spring
Richard Springer
John Spriggs
Joshua Spriggs
Thomas Spriggs
William Springer
Alexander Sproat
Thomas Sproat
Gideon Spry
Long Sprywood
Nathaniel Spur
Joshua Squibb
David Squire
John St. Clair
Francisco St. Domingo
John St. Thomas
John Staagers
Thomas Stacy
Thomas Stacey
Christian Stafford
Conrad Stagger
Edward Stagger
Samuel Stalkweather
John Standard
Lemuel Standard
Butler Stanford
Richard Stanford
Robert Stanford
John Stanhope
William Stannard
Daniel Stanton
Nathaniel Stanton (2)
William Stanton
Joseph Stanley
Peter Stanley
Starkweather Stanley
W Stanley
William Stanley
Abijah Stapler
Timothy Star
Samuel Starke
Benjamin Starks
Woodbury Starkweather
John Stearns
William Stearny
Daniel Stedham
Thomas Steele
James Steelman
John Steer
Stephen Sleevman
John Stephen
Benjamin Stephens
John Stephens (2)
Henry Stephens
William Stephens (3)
David Stephenson
John Stephenson
John Sterns
William Sterry
David Stevens
James Stevens
Joseph Stevens
Levert Stevens
William Stevens
Robert Stevenson
Charles Steward
Joseph Steward
Lewis Steward
Samuel Steward
Daniel Stewart
Edward Stewart (2)
Elijah Stewart
Hugh Stewart
Jabez Stewart (2)
John Stewart
Samuel Stewart
Stephen Stewart
Thomas Stewart
William Stewart
John Stiger
John Stikes
Daniel Stiles
Israel Stiles
John Stiles
Joshua Stiles
Josiah Stiles
Ashley Stillman
Theodore Stillman
Enoch Stillwell
John Stillwell
Jacob Stober
Hugh Stocker
William Stocker
Simeon Stockwell
Israel Stoddard
Noah Stoddard
Thomas Stoddard
Edward Stoddart
Israel Stoddart
Nathaniel Stoey
Abney Stone
Amos Stone
Donald Stone
Elijah Stone
Richard Stone
Thomas Stone (5)
William Stone
Boston Stoneford
Job Stones
John Stones
Matthew Stoney
Jonathan Stott
Seren Stott
John Stoughton
Daniel Stout
George Stout
William Stout
Andrew Stowers
Blair Stove
Joseph Strand
James Strange
Joshua Bla Stratia
James Stridges
John Stringe
John Stringer
Joseph Stroad
Samuel Stroller
Joseph Stroud
Benjamin Stubbe
John Sturtivant
Smith Stutson
James Suabilty
Benjamin Subbs
Jacquer Suffaraire
Manuel Sugasta
Miles Suldan
Parks Sullevan
Dennis Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan
Thomas Sullivan
George Summers
Rufus Sumner
Amos Sunderland
Edward Sunderland (3)
Francis Suneneau
John Suneneaux
Andre Surado
Godfrey Suret
Jack C. Surf
Francis Surronto
Hugh Surtes
John Surtevant
John Sussett
Franco Deo Suttegraz
Louis John Sutterwis
George Sutton
John Sutton
Thomas Sutton
Jacob Snyder
Roman Suyker
Simon Swaine
Zacharias Swaine
Thomas Swapple
Absolom Swate
James Swayne
Isaac Swean
Peter Swean (2)
Enoch Sweat
John Sweeney (2)
Benjamin Sweet
Godfrey Sweet (2)
Nathaniel Sweeting
Joshua Swellings
Daniel Swery
Martin Swift
William Swire