The following is a list of men who were imprisoned upon the ship called “The Old Jersey” during the Revolutionary War. The tales the men told of their sufferings can be compared with those suffered by the North imprisoned at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison) during the War of the Rebellion. To find out more about the condition of life upon this ship during their incarceration, see the source listed below.

P Surnames

Jean Packet
Abel Paddock
Joseph Paddock
Silas Paddock
Daniel Paddock
Journey Padouan
B. Pain
Jacob Painter
Henry Painter
John Palicut
Daniel Palmer
Elisha Palmer
Gay Palmer
George Palmer
James Palmer
John Palmer
Jonas Palmer
Joshua Palmer
Lemuel Palmer
Matthew Palmer
Moses Palmer
Philip Palmer
William Palmer (4)
Peter Palot
Moses Palot
Nicholas Pamphillion
Emea Panier
Anthony Panks
Joseph Parde
Christopher Pardindes
Jacob Pardley
John Parish
George Park
John Parkard
Thomas Parkard
George L. Parke
Joseph Parkens
Amos Parker
Ebenezer Parker
Edward Parker
George Parker (2)
John Parker (4)
Luther Parker (2)
Peter Parker
Samuel Parker (2)
Thaddeus Parker
Timothy Parker
George Parks
Richard Parks
Thomas Parkson
Joseph Parlot
Thomas Parnell
Jean Parol
Sebastian Parong
Dominick Parpot
Gabriel Parrie
Francis Parshall
James Parsons (3)
Jeremiah Parsons
John Parsons
Joseph Parsons
Samuel Parsons
Stephen Parsons
William Parsons (2)
James Partridge
Roman Pascan
Edmund Paschal
Leroy Pasehall
Richard Pass
William Pass
Israel Patch
Joseph Patrick
David Patridge
Edward Patterson
Hance Patterson
John Patterson (2)
Peter Patterson
W. Patterson
William Patterson
William Paul
Pierre Payatt
James Payne
Josiah Payne
Oliver Payne
Thomas Payne (3)
William Payne (2)
William Payton
John Peacock
Benjamin Peade
Benjamin Peal
Samuel Pealer
William Peals
John Pear
Amos Pearce
Benjamin Pearce
John Pearce
Jonathan Pearce
Edward Pearsol
John Pearson
George Peasood
Elisha Pease
Estrant Pease
Guliel Pechin
Andrew Peck (2)
Benjamin Peck
James Peck
Joseph Peck (2)
Simon Peck
William Peck
Benjamin Pecke
Gardner Peckham
John Peckworth
Zachary Peddlefoot
Solomon Pedgore
Edward Pedlock
Alexander Pees
John Pees
Silas Pegget
Jean Pegit
John Pelit
Pierre Pelit
Samuel Pell
Sebastian Pelle
Jacques Peloneuse
—- Pelrice
Gothard Pelrice
John Pelvert
Amos Pemberton (2)
Thomas Pemberton
William Pemberton
John Pendleton
Sylvester Pendleton (2)
—- Penfield
Peter Penoy
James Penwell
John Baptist Peomond
Alfred Peose
Michael Pepper
Thomas Perall
James Peril
Charles Perinell
Peter Perieu
Charles Perkinell
Charles Perkmell
Jabez Perkins
Jonathan Perkins
Joseph Perkins
William Perkins
Antonio Permanouf
Peter Perons
Peter Perora
Pierre Perout
John Perry
Joseph Perry
Raymond Perry
Richard Perry
William Perry (7)
Manuel Person
Jabez Pervis
Jean Peshire
John Peterkin (2)
Francis Peters
John Peters (2)
Aaron Peterson
Hance Peterson
Joseph Peterson (2)
James Petre
William Pett
Daniel Pettis
Ephraim Pettis
Nathan Pettis
Isaac Pettit
Joseph Antonio Pezes
Thomas Philbrook
John Philip (2)
Joseph Philip
Lewis Philip
Pierre Philip
John Philips
Lewin Philips
Nathan Philips
Thomas Philips
Edward Phillips
John Phillips (2)
Samuel Phillips
James Phimmer
Joseph Phipise
Nathaniel Phippin
Thomas Phippin
Jean Picher
Juan Picko
Pierre Pickolet
Richard Pierce (2)
Stephen Pierce
Jeremiah Pierel
Jean Pierre
Jesse Pierre
Jucah Pierre
Joseph Pierson
Amos Pike
John Pike
George Pill
Joseph Pillion
Truston Pilsbury
John Pimelton
Simeon Pimelton
James Pine (2)
Charles Pinkel
Jonathan Pinkman
Robert Pinkman
Augustus Pion
Henry Pipon
Jean Pisung
Elias Pitchcock
Sele Pitkins
John Pitman
Jonathan Pitman (2)
Thomas Pitt
John Pittman
W. Pitts
Nathaniel Plachores
Elton Planet
Etena Planett
John Platte
William Plemate
Francis Plenty
John Ploughman
Thomas Plunkett
James Plumer
John Plumstead
Thomas Plunkett
Motthew Poble
Henry Pogan
Daniel Poges
Salvador Pogsin
Michael Poinchet
Gilman Poirant
William Poke
John Poland
John Pollard
Peter Pollard
Jonathas Pollin
Elham Poloski
Samuel Polse
William Polse
Charles Pond
Pennell Pond
Peter Pond
Culman Poni
Fancis Ponsard
Hosea Pontar
Joseph Pontesty
Robert Pool
David Poole
Hosea Poole
John Poole
Richard Poole
Robert Poole
Morris Poor
Thomas Poor
Henry Poore
Morris Poore
William Poore
Alexander Pope
John Pope
Etienne Porlacu
Nathaniel Porson
Anthony Port
Charles Porter (3)
David Porter (3)
Edward Porter
Frederick Porter
Howard Porter
John Porter (2)
Thomas Porter
William Porter
Frank Portois
Seren Poseter
Jeremiah Post
Jean Postian
Edward Posture
Thomas Posture
Thomas Poteer
Abijah Potter
Charles Potter
Ephraim Potter
Rufus Potter
Mark Pouchett
Jean Poullain
Mark B Poullam
William Powder
John Powell
Thomas Powell
William Powder
Patrick Power
Richard Powers
Stephen Powers
Nicholas Prande (2)
Benjamin Prate
James Prate
Ebenezer Pratt
Ezra Pratt (2)
Andre Preno
Nathaniel Prentiss
Robert Prentiss
Stanton Prentiss
Andrew Presson
Isaac Presson
Benjamin Prettyman
John Pribble (2)
Edward Price (2)
Joseph Price
Nathaniel Price
Reason Price (2)
Richard Price
Samuel Price
William Price
John Prichard
Jonathan Pride
William Priel
Henry Primm
Edward Primus
Charles Prince
Negro Prince
Nicholas Priston
James Proby
James Proctor
Joseph Proctor
Samuel Proctor
Claud Provost
Paul Provost
John Proud (2)
Joseph Proud
Joseph Prought
Lewis de Pue
James Pullet
Pierre Punce
Peter Purlett
William Purnell
Edward Pursell
Abraham Putnam
Creece Putnam