The following is a list of men who were imprisoned upon the ship called “The Old Jersey” during the Revolutionary War. The tales the men told of their sufferings can be compared with those suffered by the North imprisoned at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison) during the War of the Rebellion. To find out more about the condition of life upon this ship during their incarceration, see the source listed below.

L Surnames

Basil Laban
Pierre Labon
Francois Labone
Deman Labordas
Fortne Laborde
Frederick Laborde
Anton Laca
Michael La Casawyne
John Lack
Christopher Lacon
Oliver Lacope
Guilham La Coque
Anthony Lafart
Dennis Lafferty
Pierre La Fille
Anthony Lagarvet
Jeff Laggolf
Samuel Laighton
Thomas Laigue
Peter Lain
Christopher Laird (3)
John Laird (2)
Simon Lake
Thomas Lake
Nathan Lakeman
Thomas Laley
Samson Lalley
John Lalour
David Lamb
William Lamb
Pierre Lambert
Richard Lambert (2)
Cayelland Lambra
Thomas Lambuda
Evena Lame
Thomas Lame
Jean Lameari
Michael Lameova
Alexander Lamere (2)
Roque Lamie
Henry Land
Stephen Landart
George Landon
Peter Landon
William Lane
John Langdon
Jonathan Langer
Darius Langford
William Langford
John Langler
Obadiah Langley
Thomas Langley (2)
James Langlord
Joseph Langola
Andrew Langolle
Thomas Langstaff
Franes Langum
Francois Lan Hubere
Samuel Lanman
Nicholas Lanmand
William Lanvath
David Lapham
Bundirk Laplaine
Joseph La Plan
James Lapthorn
Pierre Laquise
Francis Larada
Matthew La Raison
Charles Larbys
Thomas Larkin
James Larkins
Gillian Laroache
Bundirk Larplairne
Pierre Larquan
Benjamin Larrick
Lewis Larsolan
Guillemot Lascope
Julian Lascope
Joseph Laselieve
John Lasheity
William Lasken
Jachery Lasoca
David Lassan
Michael Lassly
Pierre Lastio
David Latham
Edward Latham
James Latham
Thomas Latham
Elisha Lathrop
John Lathrop
Hezekiah Lathrop
Solomon Lathrop
James Latover
Lorenzo Lattam
Peter Lattimer
Thomas Lattimer
William Lattimer
William Lattimore
Frederick Lasker
William Lathmore
Samuel Laura
John Laureny
Homer Laury
Michael Lased
Daniel Lavet
Pierre Lavigne
Michael Lavona
Ezekiel Law (2)
John Law
Richard Law
Thomas Law
Michael Lawbridge
Thomas Lawrance
Antonio Lawrence
Isaac Lawrence
James Lawrence
John Lawrence (2)
Joseph Lawrence
Michael Lawrence
Robert Lawrence
Samuel Lawrence (3)
Thomas Lawrence
William Lawrence (2)
John Lawrie
Andrew Lawson
Joseph Lawson
Joseph Lawton
Edward Lay
Lenolen Layfield
William Layne
John Layons
Colsie Layton
Jessie Layton
Anthonv Layzar
Ezekiel Leach
Thomas Leach (3)
William Leach
William Leachs
John Leafeat
Cornelius Leary
John Leasear
John Leatherby
Louis Leblanc
Philip Le Caq
William Le Cose
Baptist Le Cour
Benjamin Lecraft
Joseph Lecree
Aaron Lee
Adam Lee
David Lee
Henry Lee
James Lee
John Lee
Josiah Lee
Peter Lee
Richard Lee (3)
Stephen Lee
Thomas Lee (3)
James Leech
John Leech (2)
George Leechman
Jack Leeme
Joseph Leera
Jean Lefant
—- Le Fargue
Michael Lefen
Samuel Le Fever
Nathaniel Le Fevere
Alexander Le Fongue
Jean Le Ford
Hezekiah Legrange
Thomas Legrange
Joseph Legro
Samuel Legro
George Lehman
Gerge Lehman
George Leish
Jacob Lelande
Jeremiah Leman
John Lemee
Rothe Lemee
Abraham Lemon
Peter Lernonas
Pierre Lemons
John Lemont
Powell Lemosk
John Lemot
James Lenard
Joseph Lenard
John Lenham
Tuft Lenock
Joseph Lenoze
John Leonard
Simon Leonard
Louis Le Pach
Joshua Le Poore
Pierre Le Port
Francis Lepord
Pierre Lepord
Pierre Lerandier
Jean Le Rean
Joseph Peccanti Lescimia
John Lessington
John Lessell
Christian Lester
Henry Lester
Lion Lesteren
Ezekiel Letts (2)
James Leuard
Anthony Levanden
Thomas Leverett
John Leversey
Joseph Levett
Nathaniel Levi
Bineva Levzie
Jean Baptiste Leynac
Nicholas L’Herox
Pierre Liar
John Lidman
George Lichmond
Charles Liekerada
Charles Liekeradan
Louis Light
John Lightwell
Homer Ligond
Joseph Lilihorn
Jonathan Lillabridge
Joseph Lillehorn
Thomas Lilliabridge
Armistead Lillie
John Lilling
John Limberick
Christopher Limbourne (2)
Lewis Lincoln
Samuel Lindsay
James Lindsey
Matthew Lindsley
William Lindsley
Lamb Lines
Charles Linn
Lewis Linot
Richard Linthorn
Nicholas Linva
Samuel Linzey
William Linzey
Jesse Lipp
Henry Lisby
Francis Little
George Little
John Little (3)
Philip Little
Thomas Little
Thomas Littlejohn
William Littleton
Thomas Livet
Licomi Lizarn
James Lloyd
Simon Lloyd
William Lloyd
Lones Lochare
John Logan
Patrick Logard
Eve Logoff
Samuel Lombard
John London
Richard London
Adam Lone
Christian Long
Enoch Long
Jeremiah Long
William Long
Martin Longue
Emanuel Loper
Joseph Lopez
Daniel Loran
John Lorand
Nathaniel Lord
William Loreman
Francis Loring
John Lort
Thomas Lorton
Jean Lossett
William Lott
David Louis
John Love (2)
Stephen Love
Thomas Love
John Loveberry
William Loverin
James Lovett
Thomas Lovett (2)
James Low
William Low
John Lowe
Abner Lowell (2)
Israel Lowell
Jonathan Lowell
John Lowering
Jacob Lowerre
Robert Lowerre (2)
Robert Lowerry
John Lowery
Philip Lowett
John Lowring
Pierre Lozalie
Jacques Lubard
James Lucas
Lucian Lucas
Jean Lucie
William Lucker
William Luckey (2)
W. Ludds
Samuel Luder
David Ludwith
Peter Lumbard
Francois Lumbrick
Joseph Lunt (3)
Skipper Lunt
Philip Lute
Nehemiah Luther
Reuben Luther
Benjamin Luyster
Augustin Luzard
Alexander Lyelar
Charles Lyle
Witsby Linbick
Jean Lynton
Peter Lyon
Samuel Lyon
Archibald Lyons
Daniel Lyons
Ephraim Lyons
Ezekiel Lyons
Jonathan Lyons
Samuel Lyons