Pacific Branch Solders’ Home, California – Los Angeles County.
Paconthetuck Fort, Vermont
Paddock Island Fort on, Massachusetts – Fort Andrews.
Page Fort, Virginia – Near Williamsburg.
Pages Point Battery at, South Carolina.
Pagosa Springs Fort at, Colorado – Fort Lewis.
Paige Camp, Utah – In San Pete Valley.
Palachocolas Fort, South Carolina – Savannah River.
Palatka Ordnance Depot, Florida -At Palatka.
Palmer Island Fort on, Maryland – Fort Susquehanna.
Palmer Camp North Carolina – Near Newbern.
Palmer Fort, Pennsylvania – Westmoreland County; now town of that name.
Palmer Lunette, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Palmer Camp, Virginia – Near Arlington.
Palmetto Fort, South Carolina – At Stono Inlet.
Palo Alto Camp, Texas – About 5 miles below Brownsville.
Panama Park Camp, Florida – At Jacksonville.
Panmure Fort, Mississippi – At Natchez.
Parapet Camp, Louisianna – Near Carrollton.
Pardees Ranch Post, California – On old Trinity Trail.
Parker Fort, Montana.
Paris Fort, New York – At Stone Arabia, Mohawk Valley.
Parish’s Fort, Wisconsin – At Wingville.
Parke Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Parker Fort, Florida – At Cooks Hammock.
Parole Camp, Maryland – Near Annapolis.
Parrots Point Battery at, Maryland – Opposite St. Michaels.
Parrott Battery, D. C. – Potomac River, above Georgetown.
Parsons Battery, Virginia – At Curtis’ House, near Bermuda Hundred.
Passamaquoddy Defenses of, Me.
Pass au Heron Tower, Alabama – At Mobile Bay.
Passo Cavallo Fortifications at, Texas
Patapsco Fort, Maryland – Below Baltimore, in Patapsco River.
Patience Fort, Virginia – At Henrico.
Patrick Henry Camp, Mississippi – At Jackson.
Patrick Henry Fort, Tennessee – On Holston River.
Patterson Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Chambersburg.
Patterson Park General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Pattersonville Fortifications at, Louisianna.
Paull’s Fort, West Virginia
Paulus Hook Fort, New Jersey – At Jersey City.
Pavlovski, Fort, Alaska – Near Kenayan Bay.
Pawnee Agency Camp at, Nebraska.
Payne Camp, Wyoming – Near Fort Laramie.
Payne Fort, Alabama – DeKalb County; now town of that name.
Payne Fort, Illinois.
Pea Patch Island Fort on, Delaware – Fort Delaware.
Pease Fort, Montana – On the Yellowstone River.
Peat Bay Reservation on. Louisianna.
Pecan Camp, Texas – Near Colorado River.
Pecks Slip Redoubt at, New York – New York City.
Pegan (or Pagan) Creek Battery at, Virginia
Pegypscot Falls Fort at, Me.
Pelham Fort, Massachusetts
Pelican Spit Reservation at, Texas
Pemaquid Fort at Maine – Fort Charles.
Pembina, Fort, North Dakota – On Red River of the North; first called Fort George H. Thomas.
Pemberton Fort, Mississippi – Near Greenwood.
Pemberton Fort, South Carolina – On Stono River, near Charleston.
Pena Colorado Camp, Texas – Near Marathon Station, Southern Pacific Railroad.
Pendelton Fort, Maryland – In Garrett County.
Pendleton Fort, Virginia – Near Romney.
Peninsula Island Reservation, California
Penn Fort, Pennsylvania – At Stroudsburg.
Pennacook, Fort at, New Hampshire.
Pennington Cantonment, New Jersey – At Trenton.
Penns Cove Reservation, Wash.- On Whidby Island.
Pennsylvania Fort, D. C- Northeast of Tennallytown.
Pennsylvania Camp, Maryland – Near Fort McHenry.
Pennsylvania State Soldiers’ Home, Erie, Pennsylvania
Penobscot Fort, Maine.
Penobscot Bay and River Fort on, Maine – At the narrows of the Penobscot.
Penrose Ferry Battery at Pennsylvania
Pensacola Barracks, Florida – At Pensacola. .
Pensacola Battery, Florida – On Santa Rosa Island, at Fort Pickens.
Pensacola Navy Yard, Florida – At Pensacola.
Pentagoet Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Penton Fort, Florida – Nineteen miles from Indian River.
Pepperell Fort, Maine.
Pepperell Fort, New York – Present site of Fort Ontario.
Pequod Fort, Kentucky – Two miles west of Portersville.
Pequod Fort, Connecticut – On Mystic River.
Peralto Station, New Mexico – On Rio Grande, near Albuquerque.
Perdido Bay and River Reservation, Florida
Ferine Camp, New Jersey – At Trenton.
Perkins Camp, Connecticut – At New Haven.
Perrot, Fort, Minnesota – Also called Fort Bon Secours.
Perry Fort, Georgia – In Marion County.
Perry Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Perry Battery, Virginia – On the James River.
Petite Coquille Fort at, Louisianna – Fort Pike.
Pettus Camp, Mississippi – Near Enterprise.
Peyton Fort, Florida – On Moultrie Creek, near Anastasia.
Peyton Fort, Florida – On Anastasia Island, near St. Augustine.
Phantom Hill Fort, Texas – On Clear Fork of Brazos River.
Phelps Fort, Tennessee – Near Missionary Ridge.
Phelps Camp, Texas – On Rio Grande opposite Los Cueras.
Philadelphia Arsenal, Pennsylvania – Schuylkill Arsenal.
Philadelphia National Cemetery, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Philip Fort, Louisianna – Mississippi River, in Plaquemine County. (See Fort St. Philip.)
Phil Kearny, Fort, Wyoming – On Powder River. (See Kearny.)
Phil Kearny, Battery, Kentucky- Near Newport. (See Kearny, Phil.)
Phillips Fort, Massachusetts – At Plum Island.
Phillips Battery, Mississippi – At Corinth.
Phillips Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Williamsburg.
Philpot Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Phoenix Camp, Indian Territory – Subsequently Fort Towson.
Phoenix Fort, Massachusetts – New Bedford Harbor, near Fairhaven.
Piatt Camp, Virginia – Ten miles above Charleston.
Piccatiny Powder Depot, New Jersey.
Pickawillany Blockhouses, Ohio – On Great Miami, in Shelby County.
Pickens Fort, Florida – On Santa Rosa Island, Pensacola Harbor.
Pickens Camp, Virginia – At Manassas Junction.
Pickering Fort, Georgia – At Colerain.
Pickering Fort, Massachusetts – On Winter Island, Salem Harbor,
Pickering Fort, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Pickett Camp, Washington – On San Juan Island.
Pierce Fort, Alabama – On Alabama River, 2 miles south of Fort Mimms.
Pierce Fort, Florida – On St. Lucie Sound, Brevard County; now town of that name.
Pierce Camp, North Carolina – At Newbern.
Pierpont Camp, Virginia – At Ceredo, Wayne County.
Pierpont Camp, Virginia – Prospect Hill, Fairfax County.
Pierre Fort, South Dakota – Stanley County; now town of that name; on Missouri River, opposite Pierre.
Piggot’s Fort, Illinois – Near Columbia.
Pig Point Battery at, Virginia – South of Newport News.
Pike Fort, Louisianna – On the island of Petite Coquille.
Pike Fort, Missouri – On Des Moines River, 10 miles above its mouth.
Pike Fort, New York – Near Sacket Harbor.
Pike’s Cantonment, New York – Three miles west of Plattsburg.
Pikes Peak Reservation, Colo. – Signal Service Reservation.
Pike’s Stockade, Minnesota – At the falls of Painted Rock, upper Mississippi River.
Pikesville Arsenal, Maryland – At Pikesville.
Pillow Fort, Tennessee – Mississippi River, 40 miles above Memphis.
Pilot Butte Camp, Wyoming – At Rock Springs.
Pilot Knob Fort at, Missouri – In Iron County.
Pinal Camp, Arizona – In Pinal Mountains; name changed to Infantry Camp.
Pinckney Camp, Georgia – In Charlton County.
Pinckney Castle, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Pine Ridge Agency Camp at, South Dakota.
Pines Point of Fort at, South Carolina – Fort Edisto.
Piney Fort, Wyoming – On Piney Creek, in Uintah County.
Pinto Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Piper’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Bedford County.
Piqua Fort, Ohio – On Miami River, present site of Piqua.
Piscataway Fort at mouth of the, Maryland – Fort Washington.
Pitt Fort, New York – New York City.
Pitt Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Pitt’s Fort, Tennessee – At Cumberland Gap.
Pittsburg Landing National Cemetery at, Tennessee – Shiloh National Cemetery.
Pittsfield Reservation at, Massachusetts – In Berkshire County.
Pittsford Fort at, Vermont – Fort Mott.
Pittstown Redoubt, Pennsylvania – Near Wilkesbarre.
Plattesville Fort at, Wisconsin – In Grant County.
Plain Fort, New York – Montgomery County; on Mohawk River, near mouth of Oquago Creek; now town of that name, on the New York Central Railroad.
Plank Fort, New York – On Mohawk River, about 10 miles northwest of Fort Plain.
Plaquemine, Fort, Louisiana – On Mississippi River; now Fort St. Philip.
Platte Fort, Nebraska – At junction of Laramie and Platte rivers.
Plattsburg Barracks, New York – At Plattsburg.
Pleasant Fort, Florida – On Econfinee River.
Pleasant, Fort, West Virginia – On south branch of the Potomac.
Plum Island, Fort on, Massachusetts – Merrimac River, in Newburyport Harbor; Fort Phillips.
Plumb Island, Fort at, New York – Fort Terry.
Plume Joseph W. Camp, New York – At Buffalo.
Plummer, Camp, New Mexico – Name changed to Fort Lowell.
Plum Point, Fort, New York – On Hudson River.
Plymouth, Fort at, Massachusetts –Fort Standish.
Plymouth, Defenses of, North Carolina.
Plymouth, Fort at, Pennsylvania – In Luzerne County.
Pocahontas Camp, Virginia – Near Eastville.
Pocahontas Fort, Virginia – On James River, at Wilsons Landing.
Poco Camp, Virginia – On the Kanawha River.
Poinsett Fort, Florida – At Cape Sable.
Point Fort, California – At Golden Gate entrance to San Francisco Bay; now Fort Winfield Scott.
Point Fort, Connecticut – At Fitchs Point, near Norwalk.
Point Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Point Fort, Maryland – At Annapolis.
Point Fort, Massachusetts – Present site of Fort Phoenix.
Point Battery, South Carolina – On Sullivans Island.
Point Fort, Texas – Name changed to Fort San Jacinto.
Point Creek Fortifications on, Ohio.
Point Hudson Reservation, Wash.- Near Port Townsend.
Point Isabel Fort at, Texas – Fort Polk.
Point Lobos Fort at, California – Fort Miley.
Point Lookout Camp at, Maryland – Camp Hoffman.
Point Lorna Reservation, California – At Loma Point.
Point of Rocks Battery at, New York – Near Harlem.
Point Patience Fort on, Maryland – On Patuxent River.
Point Peter Battery at, Georgia – On St. Marys River.
Point Pleasant, Battery at. Missouri – On Mississippi River, 12 miles below New Madrid.
Point Roberts Reservation, Washington – On Puget Sound.
Point San Jose Fort at, California – Now Fort Mason.
Point Wilson Reservation, Washington – Entrance to Admiralty Inlet.
Poland Camp, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Polk Camp, Idaho.
Polk Camp, Tennessee – On Island No. 10.
Polk Fort, Texas – At Point Isabel, Gulf of Mexico. ‘
Pompey Fort at, New York – Ancient fortifications at.
Pompton Plains Camp at, New Jersey.
Ponca or Ponka Fort, South Dakota – Missouri River at the Ponca Agency.
Poncas Island Camp, Nebraska – On Missouri River, near mouth of Ponca Creek.
Pond Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County, near Wentzville.
Pond Creek Camp, Kansas – Name changed to Fort Wallace.
Pond Hill Battery, North Carolina – Near Fort Fisher.
Pontchartrain Fort, Michigan – At Detroit.
Pontoosack Fort, Massachusetts – Housatonic River.
Pool’s Fort, California – On Kings River, Fresno County.
Pooplopens Kill Fort, New York – In the Highlands.
Popham, Fort, Maine – On Hunnewells Point, mouth of Kennebec River.
Poplar Grove National Cemetery, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Poplar Grove Camp, Montana – Near Poplar Creek Agency.
Poposquash Neck, Battery at, Rhode Island – Narragansett Bay.
Portage Fort, Ohio. -On the Portage River, in Wood County.
Portage des Sieux Fort, Missouri – On Mississippi River, near Bellefontaine.
Port Angeles and Ediz Hook Reservation, Washington – In Callam County.
Porter Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Porter Fort, New York – At Buffalo.
Porter Camp, Utah – In San Pete Valley.
Port Hudson Fortifications at Louisanna.
Port Hudson National Cemetery, Louisanna – At Port Hudson.
Portland Head Fort at, Maine – Fort Williams.
Port Royal Roads Forts at, South Carolina.
Portsmouth Battery at, North Carolina – At Portsmouth.
Possum Nose Battery at, Virginia – On Potomac River, below Cockpit Point.
Potato Battery, Maryland – At Havre de Grace.
Potomac Creek Batteries on, Virginia – On Lower Potomac.
Potter’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Center County.
Potter Camp, Virginia – Near Bermuda Hundred.
Poverty Point Fort at, Louisanna – Fort Mississippi.
Powder Point Battery on, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Powder River Fort on. Dakota- Fort Phil Kearny.
Powell Fort, Alabama – On Heron Island, Mobile Bay.
Powell Fort, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Powell Fort, West Virginia
Powers Camp, Maine – At Augusta.
Powhattan Fort, Virginia – On James River, near Little Brandon.
Powles Hook, Fort at, New Jersey – Same as Paulus Hook.
Pownall Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Prairie du Chien Fort at. Wisconsin – Fort Crawford.
Prairie Island Stockade on, Minn.- Near Lake Pepin.
Preble Fort, Maine – At Spring Point, in Portland Harbor.
Prentiss, Camp, California – Near San Bernardino.
Prentiss Fort, Illinois – At Cairo.
Prescott Barracks, Arizona – Now Whipple Barracks.
Prescott Camp, Maryland – Near Darnestown.
Prescott Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Presentation Fort, New York – At Ogdensburg.
Presidio of Monterey, California – At Monterey.
Presidio of San Diego, California – At San Diego.
Presidio of San Francisco, California – At San Francisco.
Presidio of Santa Barbara, California – At Santa Barbara.
Presque Isle Fort at. Pennsylvania – Fort Erie.
Preston Fort, Florida – On Apalachicola River.
Price Camp, Georgia – At Macon.
Pricket’s Fort, West Virginia – On Monongahela River, 12 miles above Morgantown.
Prince Fort, New York – At Kings Bridge.
Prince Charles Redoubt, New York – On Valentines Hill, southeastern part of the State.
Prince George Fort, Georgia.
Prince George Fort, South Carolina – On Savannah River, 300 miles from Charleston.
Prince Maurice Fort New York – On Hudson River.
Prince William Fort, Me.- At Pemaquid.
Pringle Battery, South Carolina – On James Island.
Prior Camp, Georgia – Near Macon.
Proctors Landing or Proctorsville Tower, Louisianna.
Protection Island Reservation, California – Opposite Protection Island, entrance to Port Discovery.
Providence, Fort at, Rhode Island – On College Hill.
Province Fort – At South Windham, Cumberland County, Maine
Province Island Fortifications on, Pennsylvania – Near Fort Mifflin.
Povincetown, Battery at, Massachusetts – Long Point Battery.
Prudhomme Fort, Illinois – One hundred and eighty miles above the mouth of Illinois River.
Prudhomme Fort, Tennessee – Near Memphis.
Pruyn Battery, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Pueblo Fort, Arkansas – On Arkansas River above Fort Bent.
Pueblo Fort at, Colorado – Fort Reynolds.
Puget Sound Narrows Reservation, Washington.
Pulaski, Fort, Georgia – On Cockspur Island, Savannah Harbor.
Puleston Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
Pungoteague Inlet Battery at, Virginia – On Chesapeake Bay.
Puntarassa Fort at, Florida – Fort Dulany.
Purviance Battery, South Carolina – On Morris Island.
Put-in-Bay Blockhouse and Battery at, Ohio.
Putnam Fort, New York – On Mount Independence, West Point.
Putnam Camp, Ohio.
Putnam Fort, South Carolina – At Cummings Point, Charleston Harbor.
Putnam Redoubt, Tennessee – At Chattanooga.
Putney Fort, Vermont – On the Connecticut River, in Windham County.