Mackenzie Camp, Georgia – At Augusta.
Mackenzie Fort, Wyoming – Near Sheridan.
Mackeys Island Camp on Maine – In Portland Harbor.
Mackinac Fort, Michigan – On Mackinac Island.
Mackintosh Redoubt, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Macomb (1) Fort, Florida – On Suwanee River, in Lafayette County.
Macomb (2) Fort, Florida – St. Marks River, 10 miles north of St. Marks.
Macomb Fort, Louisiana – At Chef Menteur Pass; first called Fort Wood.
Macon Fort, North Carolina – On Bogue Island, Beaufort Harbor.
Madison Fort, Louisianna – Between Alabama and Tombigbee rivers.
Madison Fort, Iowa – Lee County; now town of that name.
Madison Camp, Kentucky – In Franklin County.
Madison Fort, Maine – At Castine.
Madison Fort, Maryland – At Annapolis.
Madison Fort, Mississippi
Madison Barracks, New York – At Sacket Harbor.
Madison Fort, South Carolina – In Oconee County; now town of that name.
Maggoffin Camp, New Mexico – Near White Mountain.
Maginnis Fort, Montana – Fergus County; now town of that name, 53 miles from Rocky Point.
Magnolia Bluff Fort at Washington – Fort Lawton.
Magruder Camp, Kansas – On Arkansas River.
Magruder Fort, Virginia – Near Williamsburg.
Mahan Fort, D. C. – Near Washington.
Mahan Battery, New York – At Fort Totten.
Mahone Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Maine Camp, New York – In New York City.
Maine Island Reservation, California – San Pablo Bay.
Maitland Fort, Florida – Near Lake Monroe.
Malade Fort, Idaho – Malade River.
Mallory Fort, Tennessee – At Cumberland Gap.
Mamacock Fort, Connecticut – At New London.
Mandan Fort, Pennsylvania – In Dauphin County.
Manaiung Fort, Pennsylvania – At mouth of Schuylkill.
Manary’s Blockhouse, Ohio – Eighty-six miles from Chillicothe.
Manchac Fort, Louisianna – On Mississippi River, near Baton Rouge.
Manchester Blockhouse at, Ohio.
Mandan Fort, North Dakota – On Missouri River, present site of Mandan.
Manhattan Island Forts on, New York.
Manhattanville Redoubts at, New York.
Mann Fort, Kansas – Twenty miles from Fort Atkinson.
Mansfield Camp, Louisianna – At Carrollton.
Mansfield Fort, Maryland – Near Tennallytown.
Mansfield Camp, Ariz. – Seven miles south of Fort Defiance.
Mansfield General Hospital North Carolina – At Moorehead.
Mansfield Blockhouse at, Ohio.
Mansfield Fort, Rhode Island – At Mapatree Point, near Watch Hill.
Mansfield Camp, Virginia – At Deep Creek.
Mansfield Battery, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Mantanzas Fort, Florida – On Anastasia Island.
Manuel’s Fort, Montana – On the Yellowstone, at month of the Big Horn River.
Many Fort, Florida – Sixteen miles southeast of Tallahassee.
Mapatree Point Fort at, Rhode Island -Fort Mansfield.
Marblehead Arsenal, Massachusetts – At Marblehead.
Marcy Fort, New Mexico – At Santa Fe.
Marcy Fort, New York.
Marcy Fort, Texas – Near. Corpus Christi
Marcy Fort, Virginia – Near Chain Bridge.
Margarets Fort, Ohio – On Hocking River.
Marian Islands Reservation, California – In San Francisco Harbor.
Marianna Fort at, Florida
Marietta National Cemetery, Georgia – Near Marietta.
Marietta Fortifications at, Ohio.
Marine General Hospital, Louisianna – At New Orleans.
Marine General Hospital, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Marine General Hospital, Ohio – At Cincinnati.
Marion Fort, Florida – At St. Augustine.
Marion Fort, South Carolina – At Beaufort.
Marion Battery, South Carolina – On Sullivans Island.
Marion Camp, South Carolina – At Summerville.
Marion Camp, Virginia – At Uptons Hill.
Marion Branch National Military Home, Indiana – Grant County.
Marshall Fort, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Marshall’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Marshall Fort, South Carolina – On Sullivans Island
Marshall Battery, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Marshall Camp, Wyoming – North fork of the Platte River.
Martello Tower, Louisianna – On Bayou Bienvenue.
Martello Tower Fort, South Carolina – On Sullivans Island.
Martin’s Fort, Kentucky – On Licking River.
Martin’s Fort, West Virginia – On Crooked River.
Martin Scott Fort, Texas – On a branch of the Colorado, near Fredericksburg.
Mary Fort, Maine – At Biddeford.
Mason Fort, Arizona – Twelve miles southeast of Tubac; name changed to Camp McKee.
Mason Fort, California – At Black Point, San Francisco.
Mason Fort, Florida – Near St. Johns River, 14 miles southwest of Volusia.
Mason General Hospital, Massachusetts – At Boston.
Mason Fort, Missouri – On Mississippi River, 100 miles above St. Louis.
Mason Camp, Texas – On the Limpia.
Mason Fort, Texas – On Comanche Creek, near the Llano River.
Masonic Redoubt, New York – At Brooklyn.
Masonic Hall Fortifications at Missouri – Near Lexington.
Massac Fort, Illinois – On Ohio River, 11 miles below Paducah, Kentucky
Massachusetts Fort, Colorado – On Utah Creek, 2 miles from Fort Garland.
Massachusetts Fort, D. C- Near Washington.
Massachusetts Fort, Massachusetts – On Hoosic River.
Massachusetts Fort, Mississippi – On Ship Island.
Massachusetts Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Massachusetts Battery, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Massachusetts State Soldiers’ Home, Chelsea, Massachusetts
Matagorda Bay Battery at, Texas – On Matagorda Bay.
Matamoras Mexico Camp opposite, Texas – Now Fort Brown.
Matanzas Inlet, Fort, Florida
Mathias Point, Battery at, Virginia – On Lower Potomac River.
Matheo Fort, Florida – (See San Matheo.)
Mathews Fort, Georgia
Matson Fort, Missouri
Matthews Fort, Florida – On Oconee River.
Maverick’s Fort, Massachusetts
Maxey Fort, New York – On Blackwells Island.
Maxwell’s Fort, Pennsylvania – On Conococheague Creek.

McAllister Fort, Georgia – On Great Ogeechee River, near Savannah.
McAloon Battery, Tennessee – Near Chattanooga
McAlvey’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Huntingdon County.
McArthur Fort, Ohio – On Scioto River, near Kenton.
McCallister Fort, Pennsylvania
McClary Fort, Maine – On Kittery Point, Portsmouth Harbor.
McClear Camp, California – On Fergno River.
McClellan Fort, Florida.
McClellan Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
McClellan Camp, Iowa – At Davenport.
McClellan Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Harrisburg.
McClellan General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Nicetown.
McClellan Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
McClelland’s Fort, Kentucky – At Georgetown.
McClernand Camp, Illinois – At Cairo.
McCloud Camp, Tennessee – Near Mitchellsville.
McClure Fort, Florida – At Warm Spring, on Withlacoochee River.
McClure Camp, Pennsylvania – At Chambersburg.
McClurg Fort, Missouri – On Lime Creek.
McConihe Redoubt, Virginia – On James River.
McCook Fort, Tennessee – Near Battle Creek.
McCord Fort, Pennsylvania
McCormick Fort, Pennsylvania – On Stone Creek.
McCoy Fort, Florida – Marion County; now town of that name.
McCrabb Fort, Florida – At Suwanee.
McCrary Fort, Alabama – Near Roanoke.
McCulloch Ben Camp Missouri – Near Springfield.
McDermit Fort, Nevada – On Quinns River, in Humboldt County.
McDermitt Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile.
McDongall General Hospital, New York – At Fort Schuyler.
McDongall Battery, New York – New York City, near Trinity Church.
McDowell Fort, Arizona – On Rio Verde, 8 miles above its junction with Salt River.
McDowell Fort, California – On Angel Island, San Francisco Bay.
McElery’s Fort, Pennsylvania – On Shavers Creek.
McFarland, Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
McGarry Camp, Nevada – At Summit Springs, Lassen County.
McGees Station, Kentucky – North of Kentucky River.
McGilvery Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
McGinnis Camp, Tennessee – In Fentress County.
McGowans Pass Fortifications at, New York
Machault Fort, Pennsylvania – At Franklin.
McHenry Fort, Maryland – At Baltimore.
McHenry Fort, Wyoming.
Machias Fortifications at Maine.
McIntosh Battery, Alabama – A defense of Mobile.
McIntosh Fort, Georgia – On Saltilla River.
McIntosh Fort, Ohio – At the mouth of Beaver Creek, 29 miles from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
McIntosh Fort, Texas – On Rio Grande, near Laredo ; first called Camp Crawford.
Mackall Camp, California – In Round Valley.
McKavett Fort, Texas – Menard County; now town of that name; on San Saba River, 2 miles from its source.
McKay or Mackay Fort, Florida – On Ocklawaha River.
Mackay Fort, Kansas – On Arkansas River.
McKay Fort, Wisconsin – At Prairie du Chien.
McKean Fort, Nebraska – Name changed to Fort McPherson.
McKean Camp, Iowa – Near Mount Pleasant.
McKean Fort, New York – Fifty-six miles west of Albany.
McKean Fort, North Dakota – Name changed to Fort A. Lincoln.
McKee, Camp, Arizona – First called Fort Mason.
McKee Camp, Nebraska – On Granite Creek.
McKee’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Dauphin County.
McKim Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
McKim’s Mansion General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.
McKinley Camp, Hawaii – At Honolulu.
McKinley Camp, Iowa -At Des Moines.
McKinley’s Blockhouse, Kentucky
McKinney, Fort, Wyoming – On Powder River; established as Cantonment Reno.
McKinzie Fort, Montana.
McKown Camp, Wisconsin – Thirty-five miles north of Madison.
McLane Fort, Georgia – Okeefinokee Swamp.
McLane Fort, New Mexico – Fifteen miles south of Santa Rita copper mines.
McLane Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Erie.
McLean Battery, Kentucky – Near Newport.
McLemore Camp, Florida – On Withlacoochee River.
McLouis Fort, Missouri – Near site of New Franklin. (See Fort Hemstead.)
McMahon Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
McNeill Fort, Florida – Near Lake Poinsett.
McPherson Camp, Arizona – Name changed to Camp Date Creek.
McPherson Fort and Barracks, Georgia – At Atlanta.
McPherson Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
McPherson Fort, Mississippi – At Natchez.
McPherson General Hospital, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
McPherson Fort National Cemetery, Nebraska – At Maxwell, Lincoln County.
McPherson Fort, Nebraska – At Cottonwood Springs; established as Cantonment McKean.
McPherson Fort, Virginia – Near Arlington.
McRae Fort, Florida – Near Lake Okechobee.
McRae Battery, Kentucky – Near Fort Mitchell.
McRae Fort, New Mexico – Near the Rio Grande, at the Ojo del Muerto.
McRae, Fort, Virginia – Near Poplar Grove Church.
McRee Fort, Florida – Pensacola Bay, opposite Fort Pickens.
McReynolds, Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.

Meade Fort, Florida – On Pease Creek, Polk County; now town of that name.
Meade Fort, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Meade Camp, Pennsylvania – At Middletown.
Meade Fort, South Dakota – On Bear Butte Creek, near Sturgis; first called Camp Ruhlen.
Meagher Camp, D. C. – Near Washington.
Means Fort, Georgia
Mechanic Fort, South Carolina – At Charleston.
Medicine Butte Camp, Wyoming – Near Evanston.
Medill Camp, Oregon – At Grove Creek.
Meigs Fort, D. C. – East of the Eastern Branch.
Meigs Fort, Indiana – At the rapids of the Maumee.
Meigs Battery, Maryland – At Fort Washington.
Meigs Camp, Massachusetts – At Readville.
Meigs Fort, New York.
Meigs Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Meikle Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Meiklejohn Camp, Nebraska – At Omaha.
Mellon Fort, Florida – On Lake Monroe.
Memphis National Cemetery, Tennessee – At Memphis.
Memphis Fort at Tennessee – Fort Pickering.
Mendocino Fort at California – Fort Bragg.
Menlendael Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
Menninger Fort, Pennsylvania – Near month of Warrior Run.
Mercer Fort, New Jersey – On Delaware River, opposite Fort Mifflin.
Meredith Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Greencastle.
Merriam Camp, California – At the Presidio.
Merrill Fort, Texas – On Nueces River, about 50 miles northwest of Corpus Christi.
Merritt Camp, California – At the Presidio.
Merritt Camp, Montana – At Tongue River Agency.
Mexico City National Cemetery, Mexico. – City of Mexico.
Miami Fort Michigan – At mouth of Josephs River.
Miami Fort Missouri – On Missouri River, a little below Fort Osage.
Miami Fort, Missouri – On Maumee River.
Miami Fort, Illinois – On Illinois River.
Micanopy Fort, Florida – At Micanopy.
Michael Fort, Alaska – On Michael Island.
Michalotzky’ Fort, Tennessee – Defense of Chattanooga
Michault Fort, Pennsylvania – On French Creek.
Michie Fort, New York – On Great Gull Island, 12 miles from New London, Connecticut
Michigan Camp, Maryland – At Annapolis.
Michigan State Soldiers’ Home, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Michilimackinac Island Fort on, Michigan – Fort Mackinac.
Middle Ground Fort on, New York – New York Harbor.
Middleton Fort, Illinois – Kaskaskia River.
Midway Fort at, Georgia
Mifflin Fort, Pennsylvania – On Mud Island, Delaware River, 7 miles from Philadelphia.
Mike Fort, New York.
Miiey Fort, California – At Point Lobos, San Francisco Harbor.
Milford Indian Fortifications at Connecticut
Mill Fort, South Carolina – In York County; now town of that name.
Miller A. S. Fort, Georgia – At Okefinokee Swamp.
Mill Creek Works on, Ga.- Near Dalton.
Mill Creek Redoubt, North Carolina – At Plymouth.
Millen Prison, Georgia – At Millen.
Miller Camp, California – At the Presidio.
Miller Fort, California – On San Joaquin River, at Millerton.
Miller Silas Camp, Kentucky – On Green River.
Miller Fort, Massachusetts – At Nangus Head, in Salem Harbor.
Miller Camp, Missouri – Now Jefferson Barracks.
Miller Fort, New York – Washington County; now town of that name.
Miller ‘s Blockhouse, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Mill Farm Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Milliken Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Millrock Fort at, New York – In the middle of East River, at the mouth of Harlem River.
Mills Fort, Florida – Ten miles from Newnansville.
Mills Camp, Tennessee – Near Paris.
Mill Springs National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Mill Springs.
Mims Fort, Alabama – Near Montgomery.
Minnesota State Soldiers’ Home, Minnehaha, Minnesota.
Minnisink Fort, New York – In Orange County.
Miro Fort, Louisianna – On Washita River, about 100 miles above its month.
Misery Camp, Virginia – Near Martinsburg.
Mississippi Fort, Louisianna – At Poverty Point, 38 miles below New Orleans.
Missoula Fort, Montana – On Bitter Root River, 4 miles from Missoula Station.
Missouri Battery, Alabama – Above Dog River, near Spanish Fort.
Missouri Ordnance Depot, Liberty Arsenal.
Missouri State Soldiers’ Home, St. James, Missouri
Mitchell Fort, Alabama – Russell County, on Chattahoochee River; now town of that name; 10 miles below Columbus.
Mitchell Fort, Florida – Tenhallama River.
Mitchell Fort, Georgia- Chattahoochee River.
Mitchell Fort or Camp, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Mitchell Camp, Nebraska – At junction of Spoon HITI Creek and north fork of Platte River.
Mitchell Camp, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Mitchell Fort, Virginia – Lunenburg Comity; now town of that name.
Mobile Arsenal, Alabama – At Mobile.
Mobile National Cemetery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Mobile Point, Fort at, Alabama – Fort Morgan.
Moccasin Point Fort at, Tennessee – On Tennessee River.
Moffitt Channel Battery at, South Carolina – On Sullivans Island.
Mogollon Camp, Arizona – Now Fort Apache.
Mohawk Castle Fort, New York – At Danube.
Mohawk River Camp on, New York – At month of Mohawk.
Mohican Fort, New York – Near Manhattan.
Mojave Fort, Arizona – On Colorado River, near the head of Mojave Valley.
Molate Inland Reservation, California – San Francisco Bay.
Monets Bluff Fortifications at Louisianna – On Cane River.
Moniac Fort, Florida – At Hogans Ferry, on St. Marys River.
Monks Corner Camp at. South Carolina – Thirty miles north of Charleston.
Monmouth Courthouse Camp at, N. J.
Monroe Camp. North Dakota – On Red River, opposite Pembina.
Monroe Camp, Florida – Afterwards Fort Mellon.
Monroe Camp, Ohio – Near Cincinnati.
Monroe Fort, Virginia – At Old Point Comfort.
Monroe Arsenal Fort Virginia – At Fort Monroe.
Montana State Soldiers’ Home, Columbia Falls.
Monteil Battery, North Carolina -On Roanoke Island.
Monterey Barracks, California – At Monterey.
Monterey Ordnance Depot, California – At Monterey.
Monterey, Fort (old), California – At Monterey.
Monterey Redoubt, California – At Monterey.
Montgomery Fort, Alabama- Near Alabama River, opposite the “Cut Off.”
Montgomery Fort, California – Near San Francisco.
Montgomery Fort Florida – Latitude 30° 30′, longitude 87° 15′.
Montgomery Fort, Mississippi
Montgomery, Fort, New York – On Hudson River, 6 miles below West Point.
Montgomery Fort, New York – At Rouses Point.
Montgomery Fort, North Carolina – In Cherokee County.
Montgomery Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Pittsburg.
Montgomery Battery, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Moon Battery, New York.
Moore, Fort, Ga.- At Allatoona Pass.
Moore Camp, Kentucky – Near Columbus.
Moore Camp, Louisianna – Near Tangipahoa.
Moore Camp, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Moore Fort, South Carolina – On Savannah River, 120 miles from Charleston.
Moores Creek Bridge, Works at, North Carolina.
Moos A Fort, Florida – Near St. Augustine.
Mora River Fort on, New Mexico – Fort Union.
Moreau Fort, New York – Near Plattsburg.
Morgan Fort, Alabama – At Mobile Point.
Morgan Fort, Colorado – South fork of Platte River, Morgan County; now town of that name.
Morgan Cantonment, Florida -At Cedar Keys.
Morgan Camp, Florida – At Pensacola
Morgan Fort, Mississippi – At Davis Mills.
Morgan Fort, North Carolina – On south side of Ocracoke Inlet.
Morgantown Fort at, West Virginia
Morris Camp, California – At San Bernardino.
Morris Battery, D. C- Defenses of Washington.
Morris Camp, Florida – On Lake Topopekaliga
Morris Fort, Pennsylvania – At Shippensburg.
Morris Fort, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Morris, Fort, West Virginia – East of Uniontown.
Morris Island, Works on, South Carolina.
Morrison’s Fort, Massachusetts – At Colerain, Franklin County.
Morristown Camp at, New Jersey.
Morrow Fort, Georgia
Morton Battery, Alabama – Near Fort Morgan.
Morton Camp, Indiana – Near Indianapolis.
Morton Battery, New York – On Staten Island, at Fort Wadsworth.
Morton Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Morton Fort, Virginia – Two miles from Georgetown, D. C.
Morton Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Morton St. Clair, Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Mosby Camp, Texas – At San Antonio.
Moschelosburg Fort, New Jersey – (See Elfsborg and Elsinburg. )
Mose Fort, Florida – (See Fort Moosa.)
Moses Creek Camp at, New York – Hudson River, 5 miles from Fort Edward.
Mott Fort, New Jersey – At Finns Point.
Mott Fort, Vermont- At Pittsford.
Motte Fort, South Carolina – Orangeburg County; now town of that name on Southern
Moulder Camp, Florida – At Pavillion Keys.
Moultrie Fort, Florida – Near St. Augustine.
Moultrie Fort, South Carolina – On Sullivans Island, in Charleston Harbor.
Mound Battery, Alabama – Near Mobile.
Mound Battery, North Carolina – Near Fort Fisher.
Mound Fort, Wis. – At the Blue Mound.
Mound City National Cemetery, Illinois- At Mound City.
Mount Camp, Ind. – At Indianapolis.
Mountain Fort, Georgia – Murray County; now town of that name.
Mount Defiance Fort, New York – Near Ticonderoga
Mount Desert, Fort at Maine.
Mount Hope, Battery, New York – At Mount Hope.
Mount Idaho Reservation at, Idaho.
Mount Independence Fort on, New York – Near Lake Champlain.
Mount Independence Fort on, New York – Fort Putnam, at West Point.
Mount Malady Fort, Virginia – At Henrico.
Mount Pleasant, Fort, Pennsylvania
Mount Pleasant General Hospital, D. C. – At Washington.
Mount Pleasant Fort at, Maryland – Fort Cumberland.
Mount Pleasant Battery, South Carolina – On Sullivans Island.
Mount Vernon Arsenal Alabama – At Mount Vernon.
Mount Vernon Barracks, Alabama – At Mount Vernon.
Mount Vernon Battery, Virginia – At Fort Hunt, Potomac River.
Mount Washington Fortifications at Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Mowdey Battery, Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Mower General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At West Philadelphia
Muckleshute Camp, Washington – On Muckleshute Prairie, White River.
Mud Battery, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Mud Fort, New York – At Sacket Harbor.
Mud Fort, Ohio – Near Springfield.
Mud Fort, Texas – Near mouth of Red River.
Mud Island Fort on Pennsylvania – Fort Mifflin, Delaware River.
Mudge Fort, Georgia – Near Okeefinokee Swamp, 9 miles from Fort Floyd.
Mueller Camp, Minnesota – At New Ulm.
Mulberry Point Fort at, Virginia – James River, near Richmond.
Mulgrave Fort, California
Mull Fort, New York.
Mullet Key Fort at, Florida – Fort De Soto.
Muncey Fort, Pennsylvania – At Penn”burg.
Munsons Hill Fort on, Virginia – Fort Skedaddle, 1 mile south of Falls Church.
Murfreesboro Camp at, Tennessee
Murray Camp, Utah- Near Peoa, 40 miles from Salt Lake City.
Musa or Muse Fort, Florida – (See Fort Moosa.)
Muschestosburg Fort, New Jersey.
Musgroves Mills Post at, South Carolina – On Enoree River.
Myakka Fort, Florida – On Myakka River, 40 miles southeast of Tampa
Myer Fort, Virginia – At Arlington, on the old site of Fort Whipple.
Myers Fort, Florida – On Caloosahatchee River, on site of old Fort Harvie.
Myers Camp, Kentucky – In Overton County.
Myerstown Fort at, Pennsylvania
Mystic Fort, Conn.- On Mystic River.
Mystic Fort, Rhode Island.