La Bay Fort, Michigan – On Fox River, near Lake Michigan on the site of old Fort Howard.
Laboratory Camp, Georgia – Near Macon
Lackawanna Fort, Pennsylvania
La Demoiselle Fort, Ohio
Ladies’ Home General Hospital, At New York City
Lafayette Fort, Louisianna – Same as Lafitte
Lafayette Barracks, Maryland – At Baltimore
Lafayette Fort, New York – In New York Harbor, at the Narrows; first called Fort Diamond
Lafayette Fort, New York – At Verplancks Point, on the Hudson River, opposite Stonypoint.
Lafayette Camp, Pennsylvania – At Barren Hill
Lafayette Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg
Lafayette Camp, Pennsylvania – Uniontown
Lafayette Square Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore
Lafitte Fort, Louisianna – On Grand Terre Island, Barataria Bay.
Laight Fort, New York – At New York City, on the Heights northwest of the present Central Park.
Lamar Fort, Georgia – Madison County; now town of that name
Lamar Fort, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Lamb Battery, North Carolina – At Wilmington
Lamb’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County
Lamb’s Dam Battery, Massachusetts – Near Roxbury
Lamerick Fort, Oregon
La Mott Fort, Illinois – On La Mott Creek
La Motte Fort, Georgia – At Okeefinokee Swamp
La Motte Island Fort on New York – On Lake Champlain; Fort St. Anne
Lancaster Fort, Texas – Near junction of Live Oak Creek with Pecos River
Lander Camp, Idaho – On Snake Creek
Landing Fort, North Carolina – Tyrrell County; near town of that name
Lane, Fort, Florida – St. Johns River, near Lake Harney.
Lane, Fort, Kansas – At Barnesville.
Lane Fort North Carolina – At Newbern.
Lane Fort, Oregon – Eight miles north of Jacksonville.
Lane’s Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Lang Syne Camp, Florida – Near Fort Drane.
Lapananel Fort. Pennsylvania – Near Philadelphia.
La Paz Camp, Arizona – On Colorado Indian Reservation.
La Paz Camp, California – In Lower California.
La Pena Camp, Texas – Forty miles southeast of Fort Duncan.
La Presentation Fort, New York – At Ogdensburg.
Lapwai Fort, Idaho – On Lapwai River, 12 miles from Lewiston.
Laramie Fort, Missouri – At Linden.
Laramie, Fort, Wyoming – Near month of Laramie River, Laramie County; now town of that name.
Laramie or Loramie Fort, Ohio – In northern part of Shelby County.
Laredo, Fort at Texas – Fort McIntosh.
La Rigolle Fort, New York.
Larned, Fort, Kansas – On Pawnee Fork; first called Camp Alert.
Larrabee Fort, Maine
La Seur (or Le Seur) Fort, Minnesota – Mississippi River, opposite mouth of the Chippewa.
Lashley’s Fort, Alabama – At TalladeGeorgia
Las Laxas Camp, Texas – On Rio Grande, 50 miles above Fort Ringgold.
Latham Camp, California – Near Los Angeles.
La Tour Fort, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Lauderdale Fort, Florida – At the head of New River Inlet, Dade County; now town of that name.
Laudonniere’s Camp, Florida – On St. Marys River.
Laurel Hill Battery on New York – New York City.
Laurel Hill Fort, Pennsylvania – Near spot now known as Braddock’s Grave.
Laurens, Fort, Ohio – On Tuscarawas River, near Bolivar.
Lavier, Fort, Alabama – Between Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.
Lawn Fort, South Carolina – Chester County; now town of that name.
Lawrence Fort, Georgia – On Flint River, 8 miles above mouth of Patsaliga Creek.
Lawrence Camp, Maryland – In Charles County.
Lawrence Fort, New York – At Brooklyn.
La wrens Street Battery, South Carolina – In Charleston.
Lawson, Camp, Florida – Near Palatka.
Lawson, Camp, Florida – Between St. Marks and Tallahassee.
Lawson, Camp, Mississippi – At Greenwood Island.
Lawson General Hospital, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Lawson, Camp, Texas – About 75 miles from Fort Inge.
Lawton, Fort, Georgia – Near Savannah.
Lawton, Battery, South Carolina – Near Savannah.
Lawton Fort, Washington – At Magnolia Bluff, near Seattle.
Lazaretto Point Fort at, Maryland – Opposite Fort McHenry, at Baltimore.
Lead Mine Fort, Pennsylvania – In Huntingdon County, at foot of Bald Eagle Mountain.
Leavenworth Arsenal, Kansas – At Fort Leavenworth.
Leavenworth Fort, Kansas – Three miles from Leavenworth City.
Leavenworth Military Prison, Kansas – At Fort Leavenworth.
Leavenworth Fort National Cemetery, Kansas – At Fort Leavenworth.
Leavenworth Camp, Indian Territory – Twelve miles west of Washita.
Lebanon Fort, Pennsylvania – On Susquehanna River.
Lebanon National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Lebanon.
Le Bceuf Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Waterford, Erie County.
Lechmeres Point Fort at, Massachusetts – At East Cambridge.
Le Dout Fort, Texas – On the upper tributaries of the Sabine River.
Lee Fort, Georgia – At Savannah.
Lee Fort, Massachusetts – At Salem Neck.
Lee Camp, Missouri – At Cowskin Prairie.
Lee Fort, New Jersey – On Hudson, opposite New York City, Bergen County; now town of that name.
Lee Fort, North Carolina – On Cape Fear River.
Lee Fort, Tennessee – Near Gap Creek.
Lee Camp, Virginia – At Richmond.
Lee Fort, Virginia – Henrico County; now town of that name near Richmond, on Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.
Lee Camp, Virginia – In Westmoreland County.
Leech Lake, Camp at, Minnesota – Near Walker.
Leedy Camp, Kansas – At Topeka.
Lee’s Mills Fortifications at Virginia – On James River.
Legionville Camp, Pennsylvania – On Ohio River, 22 miles below Pittsburg.
Leiter United States General Hospital, Georgia – At Chickamauga
Leland Fort, Oregon.
Lemhi Fort, Idaho. – On Salmon River, Lemhi County; now town of that name.
Le Noult Fort, Michigan – At Detroit; subsequently called Fort Shelby.
Leon Fort, Louisianna.
Leonidas Fort, Kentucky
Le Seur Fort, Minnesota – Near Hastings, on Mississippi River.
Leslie Camp, Virginia – On Arlington Heights.
Les Sables Fort, New York – On Niagara River.
Levett Fort, Maine – On Cushings Island, near Portland.
Lewis Fort, Colorado – At Pagosa Springs, San Juan River.
Lewis Fort, Illinois.
Lewis Camp, Montana – On the Big Spring fork of Judith River.
Lewis Fort, Montana – On Missouri River, near Pablois Island.
Lewis Fort, New York.
Lewis Camp, Ohio – In Pickway County.
Lewis Battery, Oregon – At Fort Stevens.
Lewis Fort, Virginia – Near Salem, Roanoke County.
Lewis Fort, Virginia – Bath County, on Pasture River; now town of that name.
Lewiston Fortifications at Maine.
Lexington National Cemetery, Kentucky – At Lexington.
L’Huillier Fort, Minnesota – On Minnesota River, west of Lake Pepin.
Libby Fort, Massachusetts – At Gloucester.
Libby Prison, Virginia – At Richmond.
Liberty Arsenal, Missouri – On Missouri River, Clay County.
Liberty Fort, Rhode Island – Narragansett Bay.
Ligonier Fort, Pennsylvania – At Ligonier.
Likens Fort, Alabama – In Broom Lower Valley.
Lillie Camp, Missouri – Near Jefferson City.
Lillope Fort, Pennsylvania – At Wilkesbarre.
Lime Point Fort at, California – Fort Baker.
Lincoln Battery, Alabama- Near Huntsville.
Lincoln Camp, Arizona – Name changed to Fort Verde.
Lincoln Camp, California – Near Crescent City.
Lincoln Fort, D. C. – Near Bladensburg, Maryland
Lincoln General Hospital, D. C- At Washington.
Lincoln Battery, Florida – On Santa Rosa Island.
Lincoln Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Lincoln Fort, Kansas – On Osage River, 10 miles south of Fort Scott.
Lincoln Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Lincoln Camp, Minnesota – At Lakeland.
Lincoln Camp, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Lincoln Fort, North Dakota – Near Bismarck.
Lincoln Fort, Texas – On Rio Seco, 50 miles west of San Antonio.
Lincoln Camp, Virginia – On the Chickahominy.
Lincoln Abe Camp, Maine – At Portland.
Lincoln Abraham Fort, North Dakota – (See Fort Abraham Lincoln.)
Lindleys Fort, Pennsylvania – At Prosperity, Washington County.
Link’s Blockhouse, West Virginia – On Middle Wheeling Creek.
Lisa Fort, Iowa – Near Council Bluffs.
Liscum Fort, Alaska – At Port Valdez.
Litchfield Fortifications at Connecticut.
Little Congaree Bridge Fortifications at, South Carolina.
Littlejohn Fort, South Carolina.
Little Meadows Fort, Pennsylvania
Little Rock Arsenal, Arkansas – At Little Bock; name changed to Little Rock Barracks.
Little Rock Barracks, Arkansas – At Little Rock.
Little Rock National Cemetery, Arkansas – At Little Rock.
Little Temple Fort at Louisianna.
Littleton Fort, Pennsylvania – In Fulton County; now town of that name.
Liverpool Point, Battery at, Maryland – On Potomac River.
Livingston Fort, Kentucky
Livingston Fort, Louisianna – On Grand Terre Island, Barataria Bay.
Livingston Camp, Minnesota – At Yellow Medicine.
Lloyd Fort, Florida – North of Lake Okechobee.
Lloyd Neck Fort at, New York – On Long Island.
Lobos Point Fort at, California – Fort Miley.
Lockhaven Blockhouse at, Pennsylvania
Logan Fort, Colorado – Ten miles from Denver.
Logan Fort, Kentucky – At Stanford, Lincoln Comity.
Logan, Fort, Montana – In Smiths River Valley, Meagher Comity; now town of that name; established as Camp Baker.
Logan Camp, Oregon – On Strawberry Creek, Grant Comity.
Logan H. Roots Fort, Arkansas – Near Little Bock.
Logstown Fort, Pennsylvania – On Ohio River.
London Fort, Pennsylvania – In Franklin Comity.
Long Island Battery, Georgia – Savannah River.
Long Island Fort, Tennessee – On Holston River.
Long Island Head Fort at, Massachusetts – Fort Strong.
Long Point, Batteries at, Massachusetts – Provincetown Harbor.
Lookout Fort, South Dakota – On Missouri River, about 40 miles below Pierre.
Lookout Camp, Maryland – Near Darnestown
Lookout Camp, Missouri – At Quincy.
Lookout Fort, North Carolina – Near Fort Fisher.
Lookout Camp, South Carolina – Six miles from Fort Walker.
Lookout Camp, Tennessee – In East Tennessee.
Lockout Mountain Forts on, Tennessee
Lookout Camp, Virginia – Twenty miles from Ganley.
Lopen Camp, Texas – Forty-three miles from Rio Grande City.
Lopez Island Reservation, Washington – In San Juan Comity.
Loramie Fort, Ohio – In Darke Comity.
Loring Fort, Mississippi – Leflore Comity; now town of that name.
Loring Camp, New Mexico – Near Red River.
Loring Cantonment, Oregon – On Snake River, near Fort Hall
Lorna Point Reservation, California – In San Diego Harbor.
Los Ceritos Camp, Texas – Near Laredo.
Loudon Fort, Pennsylvania – Franklin Comity; now town of that name.
Loudon Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River.
Loudon Fort, Virginia – At Winchester.
London Park National Cemetery, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Louts Fort, Alabama – At month of Mobile River.
Loins Fort, Illinois – Formerly called Fort Crevecoeur.
Louis Fort, Rhode Island – Narragansett Bay.
Loup River North Fork Post on Nebraska – Fort Hartsuff.
Loups Creek Camp, Virginia – Near Gauley.
Louther or Lowther Fort, Pennsylvania – At Carlisle.
Louverture General Hospital, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Lovell General Hospital, Rhode Island – At Portsmouth Grove.
Low Camp, California – At San Juan.
Lowell Fort, Arizona – On Rillito Creek, 7 miles northeast of Tucson.
Lowell Ordnance Depot, Arizona – Near Tucson.
Lowell Fort, New Mexico – On Chama River; established as Camp Plummer.
Lowell Camp, Virginia – At Prospect Hill.
Lower Fort, New York – In Schoharie Valley.
Lower Brule Agency, Fort at Dakota- Fort Hale.
Lowry Point, Battery at, Virginia – On Rappahannock River.
Lowry’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Canoe Valley.
Loyal Fort, Maine – On Casco Bay.
Loyal Hanna Fort, Pennsylvania – At Ligonier, in Westmoreland County.
Lucas Camp, Ohio – In Claremont County.
Lukeen’s Fort, Alaska – Near mouth of Hutituak River.
Lupton Fort, Colorado – Weld County; now town of that name.
Lydius or Lydus, Fort, New York – On Orange River.
Lyman Fort, New York – On Hudson River, near Lake George; afterwards called Fort Edward.
Lynn, Fort, Arkansas – Miller County; now town of that name.
Lynn Haven Bay, Battery at, Virginia
Lyon (old) Fort, Colorado – On Arkansas River, near Bents Fort; name changed to Fort Wise.
Lyon (new) Fort, Colorado – On the Arkansas River, 3 miles below Purgatory River.
Lyon Battery, Georgia – On Tybee Island.
Lyon Camp, Idaho – On north fork of Jordan Creek.
Lyon Fort, Missouri – Benton County; now town of that name.
Lyon Camp, Missouri – At Birds Point.
Lyon Fort, N. Mex. – One hundred and twenty – six miles northwest of Albuquerque ; first named Fort Fauntleroy.
Lyon Fort, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Lytie’s Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Alexandria, on Cannon’s Mill Run.
Lytle Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga
Lyttleton Fort, South Carolina – At Beaufort.
Lyttleton Fort, Pennsylvania – On Aughwick Creek, in Northumberland County.