Habersham Battery, Georgia – At Fort Screven.
Haddington General Hospital, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Haddrells Point Reservation, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Hagerty Fort Virginia – A defense of Washington.
Haines Bluff, Camp at, Mississippi- Fourteen miles above Vicksburg.
Hale Fort, Connecticut – East side entrance to New Haven Harbor.
Hale, Fort, Dakota – On Missouri River, at the Lower Brule Agency.
Hale Battery, Rhode Island- At Fort Greble.
Half Moon Battery, Maine – At Castine.
Half Moon, Fort, Missouri – At St. Louis.
Half Moon Post, New York – Fourteen miles above Stillwater.
Half Moon Batteries, North Carolina – At Wilmington.
Halifax, Fort, Maine – Kennebec River, above Augusta.
Halifax, Fort, Pennsylvania – At Susquehanna, Dauphin County.
Hall Fort, Idaho – On Snake River, in Lincoln Valley.
Hall, Fort, Kentucky
Hall. Fort, Oregon – On Snake River, near Cantonment Loring.
Halleck Battery, Georgia- On Tybee Island.
Halleck Fort, Kentucky – At Columbus.
Halleck. Fort, Nevada – In Elko County; now town of that name; 12 miles south of Halleck Station.
Halleck Battery, New Jersey – At Fort Hancock.
Halleck Fort, Virginia – At Suffolk.
Halleck Fort, Wyoming – At the foot of Medicine Bow Mountain.
Hallet Camp, Rhode Island – At Cranston.
Halletts Point Fort at, New York – Fort Stevens.
Halliman Fort, Florida -Latitude 29″, longitude 82° 45′.
Halt Mond Fort, New York
Hamer Fort, Florida – Near mouth of the Manatee River.
Hamilton, Fort, Florida – In Madison County.
Hamilton Battery, Georgia- On Bird Island, Savannah River.
Hamilton, Fort, Illinois – Near Galena.
Hamilton, Camp, Kentucky – At Lexington.
Hamilton, Camp, Maryland – At Buckeyestown.
Hamilton Fort, New York – New York Harbor, at the Narrows.
Hamilton Fort, Ohio – At Hamilton.
Hamilton Fort, Pennsylvania – At Stroudsburg.
Hamilton Fort, Rhode Island – On Rose Island, Newport Harbor.
Hamilton. Camp, Tennessee – At Columbia.
Hamilton Camp, Texas – Near Fort Brown.
Hamilton Fort, Utah.
Hamilton Camp, Virginia – Near Fort Monroe.
Hamilton Fort, Wisconsin- In Lafayette County.
Hammond Fort, Georgia- At Allatoona Pass.
Hammonds Fort, Maine – On Arrowsic Island, month of Kennebec River.
Hammond General Hospital, Maryland – At Point Lookout.
Hammond General Hospital, North Carolina – At Beaufort.
Hampden Batteries at, Maine
Hampton Fort, Alabama – On Elk River.
Hampton Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River, near the Muscle Shoals.
Hampton Fort, North Carolina – On present site of Fort Macon.
Hampton National Cemetery, Virginia – At Hampton.
Hampton Bridge Redoubt, Virginia ,- Near Hampton.
Hancock Camp, North Dakota – At Edwinton.
Hancock Barracks, Maine – At Houlton.
Hancock Fort, New Jersey – At Sandy Hook.
Hancock Fort, Texas – Fifty-three miles east of El Paso; now town of that name; first called Camp Rice.
Hancock Camp, Virginia – At Brandy Station,
Hancock Camp, Virginia – Near Harper Ferry.
Hancock Fort, Washington – Mouth of Columbia River.
Hancocks Bridge Fort at, New Jersey – Salem Comity, near Salem.
Hanging Rock Fort of, South Carolina – During the Revolution.
Hann, Fort, Pennsylvania
Hannas Town Fort at, Pennsylvania – In Westmoreland County.
Hanover Fort at Pennsylvania – In Luzerne County.
Hanover National Cemetery, Virginia – At Hanover.
Hanson Fort, Florida – On St. Johns River, 13 miles southwest of St. Augustine.
Harbert’s Blockhouse, Pennsylvania
Hardee Camp, Missouri – At Pitmans Ferry.
Hardees Bluff Fort at, Virginia – Fort Huger.
Hardin Camp, New York – At Sand Lake.
Hardins Bluff Battery at, Virginia – On James River.
Hardy Fort, New York – Hudson River, Schuylerville.
Hareniger Fort, New York – Same as Fort Herkimer.
Hare’s Corner Camp, Delaware – Near Newcastle.
Harewood General Hospital, D. C- At Washington.
Harkeman or Harkimer Fort, New York – Same as Fort Herkimer.
Harker Battery, Alabama – At Stevenson.
Harker Fort, Kansas – On Smoky Hill River, first called Fort Ellsworth.
Harlan Camp, D. C – Seventh Street Road, Washington.
Harlem Heights Fort at, New York – At New York City.
Harllee Fort, Florida – On Santa Fe River.
Harmar Fort, Ohio – Opposite Marietta.
Harney Fort, Oregon – Near Harney Lake, Grant County; first called Camp Steele.
Harney Camp, Texas – At Belleville, on Rio Grande.
Harney Depot, Washington – In Colville Valley.
Harper General Hospital, Michigan -At Detroit.
Harpers Ferry Armory, Virginia – At Harpers Ferry.
Harpswell Neck Defenses of, Maine – In Casco Bay.
Harrell Fort, Florida – At the head of Alcotopa River.
Harriet Fort, Florida – Seventeen miles northwest of St. Marks.
Harriloliz Fort, Florida – In Leon County.
Harris Fort, Tennessee – Seven miles above Memphis.
Harrison Fort, Florida – In Clearwater Harbor, Tampa Bay.
Harrison Fort, Indiana – Near Terre Haute.
Harrison Battery, Kentucky – Near Newport.
Harrison Fort, Montana – Four miles from Helena.
Harrison Fort, New York – North of Mohawk River, near Stone Arabia.
Harrison Camp, Ohio. – Six miles from Cincinnati.
Harrison Fort National Cemetery, Virginia – Viriniagrove, Henrico County.
Harrison Fort, Rhode Island – Narragansett Bay.
Harrison Fort, Virginia – At Chaffin’s Bluff, James River.
Harrisonburg Fort at, Louisiana.
Harrisons Hill, Fort at, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Harrod’s Fort, Kentucky – At Harrodsburg.
Hartford, Fort, Connecticut – At Hartford.
Harts or Hart Island Depot, New York – New York Harbor.
Hartsock’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Woodcock Valley.
Hartsuff Fort, Florida – On Pease Creek.
Hartsuff Fort, Nebraska – On Loup River, 76 miles from Grand Island.
Harvey General Hospital, Wisconsin – At Madison.
Harvey Camp, Wisconsin – At Milwaukee.
Harvie Fort, Florida – On Caloosahatchee River; present site of Fort Myers.
Haskell Camp, Georgia – At Athens.
Haskell Camp, Georgia – At Macon.
Haskell Camp, Missouri – Thirty miles from Warsaw.
Haskell Battery, South Carolina – On James River.
Haskell Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Haskin’s Fort, Oregon – In Benton County.
Hastings Camp, Pennsylvania – At Mount Gretna.
Hatch Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Hatch Camp, Texas – Name changed to Fort Concho.
Hatch’s Ranch Post at, New Mexico – Sixty-five miles from Fort Union.
Hatteras Fort, North Carolina – At Hatteras Inlet.
Button Camp, Tennessee – At Blains Crossroads.
Haven Camp, Connecticut – At Niantic.
Haven Fort, Utah – In Carson Valley.
Havenger or Haveniger Fort, New York – Same as Fort Herkimer.
Savers Island Fortifications on, New York – At mouth of the Mohawk River.
Havre de Grace Battery at, Maryland
Hawkins Fort, Georgia- On the Ocmulgee River, opposite Macon.
Hawkins Point Fort at, Maryland – On Patapsco River; now Fort Armistead.
Hawk’s Fort Massachusetts – At Charlemont.
Hawley Fort, Montana – On Missouri River, Dawson Comity.
Hawley Camp, Texas – At Galveston.
Hawn, Fort, Alabama – On Tombigbee River.
Haymarket Battery, Massachusetts – At Boston.
Hays Fort, Kansas – On Big Creek; first called Fort Fletcher.
Hays Battery, South Carolina – On Morris Island.
Hays Alex Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Hayward, Fort, South Carolina – At junction of Barnwell Creek with Coosaw River.
Hazlett, Fort, Virginia – Near Norfolk.
Head Fort, Massachusetts – Present site of Fort Bewail.
Head’s Fort, Missouri – North of Rochefort.
Heath Fort, Massachusetts – Near Winthrop.
Heath Camp, North Carolina – At Morgantown.
Hedges Fort, West Virginia – At Martinsburg.
Heileman Fort, Florida – At junction of north and south fork of Black Creek
Heiman Fort, Kentucky – On Tennessee River, about 75 miles from Paducah.
Helen Fort, Alaska – On Tshugatshian Bay.
Helena Redoubt, Arkansas – At Helena.
Hell Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg; proper name Fort Sedgwick.
Hell Gate Defenses of, New York – On East River.
Helsinburg Fort, New Jersey – Same as Elsinburg.
Hembree Fort, North Carolina – In Cherokee County.
Hempstead Fort, Missouri – In Howard County.
Hempstead Camp at, New York – On Long Island; Camp Black.
Hendershott Camp, Iowa – At Davenport.
Henderson Fort, Alabama – In Lee County.
Henderson Fort, Georgia- St. Marys River, near Colerain.
Henderson Fort, Louisiana – At New Orleans.
Hendrel Fort, North Carolina.
Hendrick Fort, New York – On Mohawk River, 30 mlles below Herkimer.
Henlopen Cape Fort at, Delaware.
Henrico Stockade at, Virginia.
Henrietta Fort, Washington – In Willamette Valley.
Henrietta Fort Oregon
Henry Fort, Florida – In The Everglades.
Henry Fort, Idaho – On Henry Branch of Snake River.
Henry Fort, Missouri – In Randolph County.
Henry Fort, New York – On Lake George.
Henry Fort, Pennsylvania – In Schuylkill County.
Henry Fort, Tennessee – Stewart County, between Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers; now town of that name
Henry Fort, Tennessee – South Branch of Holston River.
Henry Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Henry Fort, Virginia – On Southampton River.
Henry Fort, West Virginia – At Wheeling.
Henry Patrick, Camp, Mississippi – At Jackson.
Henshaw’s Fort, Pennsylvania
Herbert Hilary A. Camp, Alabama – At Montgomery.
Herkimer Fort, New York – On Mohawk River, at Herkimer.
Heron Island Fort on, Alabama – Fort Powell.
Herriman Fort, Utah – At Salt Lake.
Herron Camp, Missouri – At Pilotknob.
Herrons Hill Fort at, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Hestonville Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Het Huys de Hoop Fort, Connecticut – At Hartford.
Hiawassee Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River; same as Hiwassee.
Hickenlooper Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Hickman Fortifications at Kentucky – Near Tennessee state line.
Hicks General Hospital, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Hicks Camp, Maryland – Near Frederick.
Hicksford Barracks, Virginia – At Richmond.
Higgins’ Blockhouse, Kentucky – Near Cynthiana,
Highlands Fortifications on New York – On Hudson River.
Highwassee Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River; same as Hiwassee.
Higley Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Hill Fort, California – At Monterey.
Hill Fort, Connecticut- Near Groton Heights.
Hill Fort, Illinois – In Lake County, on east side of Shoal Creek; now town of that name
Hill Fort, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Hill Fort, Maine
Hill Fort, Maryland – At Cumberland.
Hill Fort, Massachusetts – At Boston.
Hill Battery, Mississippi- At Vicksburg.
Hill Fort, New Jersey
Hill Fort, New York – At Auburn.
Hill Fort, New York – At Buffalo.
Hill Fort, New York – At Elmira.
Hill Fort, New York – In Genesee County.
Hill Fort, Ohio – In Butler County.
Hill Fort, Ohio – In Highland County; now town of that name
Hill Fort, Pennsylvania – Somerset County; now town of that name
Hill Fort, South Carolina – On the estate of John C. Calhoun, in Pickens County; now town of that name
Hill Fort, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Hill Camp, Virginia – Near Harpers Ferry.
Hill Fort, Virginia – At Petersburg.
Hillsboro Camp at North Carolina – In Orange County.
Hills Point, Fort at Maryland – At Annapolis.
Hills Point Battery at North Carolina – Near Washington, Beaufort County.
Hills Point Redoubt at Virginia – Near Suffolk.
Hindman Fort, Arkansas- At Arkansas Post.
Hindman Fort, Tennessee – At Chattanooga
Hinsdale Fort, New Hampshire – At Hinsdale.
Hiwassee Fort, Tennessee – Near junction of the Hiwassee and Tennessee Rivers.
Hoarkill Fort, Delaware – Delaware Bay, at Lewes.
Hobkirks Hill Redoubt at, South Carolina – Near Camden.
Hobson Camp, Georgia – At Lithia Springs.
Hobson Fort, Kentucky – Near Glasgow.
Hobson Camp, Kentucky – In Taylor County.
Hobson ‘s Choice Camp, Ohio – Near Cincinnati.
Hoffman Camp, Kansas- Near Fort Leavenworth.
Hoffman Camp, Maryland – At Baltimore.
Hoffman Camp, Maryland – At Point Lookout.
Hog Island Ledge, Fort on, Maine – Fort Gorges.
Hokessen Camp, Delaware – In Newcastle County.
Holbrook Battery, South Carolina – On Morris Island.
Holliday’s Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Hollidaysburg.
Holly Camp, Virginia – Near Newmarket.
Holmarks Station Fort at, Tennessee – On Bull Run.
Holmes Fort, Florida – Eleven miles from Palatka.
Holmes Fort, Indian Territory – At Choteau on the Canadian River.
Holmes Fort, Michigan – On Mackinac Island.
Holmes Battery, North Carolina – On Smiths Island, mouth of Cape Fear River.
Holmes Camp, Texas – On Rio Grande, 10 miles above Fort Bliss.
Holmes Hole Fortifications at, Massachusetts – Near Vineyard Haven.
Holston General Hospital, Tennessee – At Knoxville.
Holston Fort, Tennessee – On Holston River.
Holt Battery, Kentucky – Near Newport.
Holt Fort, Kentucky – Ohio River, opposite Cairo, Illinois.
Holt Joe Camp, Indiana – At Jeffersonville.
Holt Joe Camp, Kentucky – At Louisville.
Honeycutt Battery, Maine – On Great Diamond Island.
Honey Hill, Battery at South Carolina – Three miles from Grahamville.
Honymans Hill, Battery on, Rhode Island.
Hoods Head Reservation at, Washington – Admiralty Inlet.
Hoods Point, Battery at Virginia – On the lower Potomac.
Hook Fort, Florida – Twenty miles from Fort King.
Hooker Camp, Maryland – In Charles County.
Hooker Camp Maryland – At Frederick Junction.
Hooker Camp, Virginia – Near Fort Lyon.
Hooker Joe Camp, Virginia – At Drummondstown.
Hooper Battery, Kentucky – Near Covington.
Hoosic Fort, Massachusetts – Also called Fort Massachusetts.
Hoover Fort, Virginia – Rockingham County; now town of that name
Hope Fort, Connecticut – (See Good Hope.)
Hope Fort, New York
Hopeless Chase Camp, Kentucky – At Pikesville.
Horn Fort, Maryland – On Severn River, opposite Annapolis.
Horn Fort, New York – Near Bloomingdale.
Horn’s Fort, Pennsylvania – Three miles above Crispins Run, in Lycoming County.
Horns Hook, Battery at, New York – New York City; Battery Thompson.
Horn Island Reservation, Mississippi
Horseshoe Bend, Alabama -On Tallapoosa River.
Horton Fort, Kentucky – Near Louisville.
Hoskins Camp, Kentucky – Near Somerset, Pulaski County.
Hoskins Fort, Oregon – On Siletz River, 40 miles west of Corvallis.
Hoskins Old Fort, Oregon – On Willamette River, 6 miles north of Corvallis.
Hospital Point Battery at Virginia – At Portsmouth.
Hot Springs Reservation, Arkansas – In Garland County; Army and Navy Hospital.
Houghtaling Camp, Illinois – Mississippi River, near Cairo.
Houlton Barracks at Maine – Hancock Barracks.
House Island Fort on Maine – Portland Harbor, opposite Fort Preble.
House of Good Hope Fort, Connecticut – (See Good Hope.)
Houston Fort, Tennessee – At Nashville.
Houston Sam Fort, Texas – At San Antonio.
Howard Camp, Idaho – Three Mile Creek, 2 miles from Mount Idaho.
Howard Fort, Maryland – At North Point, Patapsco River; 11 miles below Baltimore.
Howard Fort, Missouri – Forty miles above St. Louis.
Howard Fort, Wisconsin – At Greenbay.
Howard O. O. Camp, Wyoming – At Pinebluffs.
Howard Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Howard Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Howe Fort, New York – On Lake Champlain, near Ticonderoga
Howe Camp, New York – Scarsdale, Westchester County.
Howe Fort, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Howell’s Fort, Missouri – In Lincoln County.
Howell’s Fort, Missouri – In St. Charles County.
Howell Fort, South Carolina – At Hiltonhead.
Howlands Ferry Fort at, Rhode Island – Newport Harbor.
Howlett Battery, Virginia – At Dutch Gap.
Hoy’s Fort, Kentucky – On Elkhorn River.
Huachuca Fort, Arizona – At the mouth of Central Canyon, Huachuca Mountains, Cochise County.
Hualpai Camp, Arizona – On Mojave Creek; first called Camp Toll Gate.
Hubbardton Camp, Virginia – At Castleton.
Hubert Street Battery, New York – New York City.
Huddleston Camp, Virginia – At Big Palls Creek.
Hudson Fort, Florida – Near St. Augustine.
Hudson Battery, New York – At Fort Wadsworth, on Staten Island.
Hudson Camp, Texas – On Devils River, 80 miles from Fort Clark.
Huff Fort, Pennsylvania – Mouth of Lycoming Creek.
Huger Fort, Alabama – Near the mouth of the Tensas River.
Huger Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Huger Fort, South Carolina – Near Charleston.
Huger Fort, Virginia – On Hardees Bluff, James River.
Hughes Fort, Georgia – At Bainbridge, Decatur County.
Huguenin’s Plantation Battery at South Carolina
Hulbert Fort, Florida – In Taylor County.
Hull Fort, Alabama – Five miles south of Tuskegee.
Hull Fort, Georgia – Chattahoochee River.
Humboldt Fort, California – At Bucksport, on Humboldt Bay.
Humboldt Barracks at, Tennessee – Swayne Barracks.
Humphreys Battery, Maryland – At Fort Washington.
Hunnewell’s Point, Fort at Maine – Fort Popham.
Hunt Barracks, New York – At New York City.
Hunt Fort, Virginia – Potomac River, opposite Fort Washington, Maryland
Hunter Fort, Florida – On St. Johns River, near Palatka.
Hunter Camp, Missouri – In Scott County.
Hunter Fort, New York – On Mohawk River, at mouth of Schoharie Creek, Montgomery County; now town of that name
Hunter Fort, Pennsylvania – On Fishing Creek, in Dauphin County; now town of that name
Hunter Fort, Tennessee – At Cumberland Gap.
Huntington Smith Fort, Tennessee – Near Knoxville.
Huntstown Post at Massachusetts – Now Ashfield.
Hurricane Island Reservation, Louisiana
Hutchinson Fort, Kentucky – Near Mount Sterling.
Hyde Fort, North Carolina – At Old Topsail Inlet.