The following is a list of men who were imprisoned upon the ship called “The Old Jersey” during the Revolutionary War. The tales the men told of their sufferings can be compared with those suffered by the North imprisoned at Camp Sumter (Andersonville Prison) during the War of the Rebellion. To find out more about the condition of life upon this ship during their incarceration, see the source listed below.

D Surnames

Guilliam Dabuican
Jean Dabuican
John Daccarmell
Isaac Dade (2)
Jean Dadica
Silas Daggott
John Dagure
Benjamin Dail
James Daily (2)
Patrick Daily
Robert Daily
Samuel Daily (2)
William Daily
James Dalcahide
Jeremiah Dalley
Reuben Damon
Thomas Danby
Christopher Daniel
John Daniel (3)
Samuel Daniss
Benjamin Dannison
William Dannison
William Dannivan
Benjamin Darby
William Darby
W Darcey
Thomas Darley
Henry Darling (2)
Richard Darling
William Darling
Charles Darrough
Robert Dart
Samuel Daun
Basteen Davan
James Daveick
Lot Davenport
Christopher Davids
John Davidson
Samuel Davidson
Pierre Davie
Benjamin Davies (2)
Christopher Davies
Edward Davies
Eliga Davies
Elijah Davies
Felton Davies
John Davies (9)
Henry Davies
Lewis Davies
Richard Davies (2)
Samuel Davies (3)
Thomas Davies (3)
William Davies (3)
Benjamin Davies (2)
Charles Davis
Christopher Davis
Curtis Davis
Henry Davis
Isaac Davis
James Davis
John Davis (2)
Lewis Davis
Samuel Davis
Thomas Davis
William Davis
Thomas Dawn
Henry Dawne
Samuel Dawson
John Day
Joseph Day
Michael Day
Thomas Day (2)
William Day
Joseph Days
William Dayton
Demond Deaboney
Jonathan Deakons
Isaac Deal
John Deal
Elias Deale (2)
Daniel Dealing
Benjamin Deamond
Benjamin Dean
Levi Dean
Lewis Dean
Orlando Dean
Philip Dean
Archibald Deane
George Deane
Joseph Deane
Thomas Deane
Michael Debong
James Debland
Peter Deboy
Benorey Deck
Joseph de Costa
Jean de Course
Francis Dedd
—- Defourgue
Jean Degle
Pierre Degoniere
Pierre Guiseppe Degue
William Degue
Louis Degune
Pratus Dehango
Jacob Dehart
Jasper Deinay
Domingo Delace
Zabulon Delano
Gare Delare
Gaspin Delary
Anthony Delas
Amos Delavan
Pierre Delavas
Joseph Delcosta
Francis Delgada
Henry Delone
Anthony Delore
James Demay
David Demeny
Israel Deming
Josiah Demmay
Element Demen
Jean Demolot
Richard Dempsey
Avery Denauf
Daniel Denica
Beebe Denison
Deverick Dennis
James Dennis
John Dennis (3)
Jonas Dennis
Joseph Dennis (2)
Moses Dennis
Paine Dennis
Lemuel Dennison
John Denoc
David Denroron
John Denronons
Lewis Depue
Manuel Deralia
John Derboise
Daniel Deroro
Daniel Derry
William Derry
Louis Deshea
John Desiter
Jacob Dessino
Jeane Devaratte
Isaac Devay
Gabriel Devay
James Devereux
Robert Devereux
James Deverick
John Devericks
Honor Devey
Joseph Deville
Frances Devise
Daniel Devoe
Thomas Devoy
Aaron Dexter
Benjamin Dexter
Simon Dexter
Elerouant Diabery
Jonah Diah
David Diber
Archibald Dick
Benjamin Dickenson
Benjamin Dickinson
Edward Dickinson
Ichabod Dickinson
John Dickinson
Edward Dickerson
Joseph Diers
Thomas Diggenson
Rone Digon
Joseph Dillons
John Dillow
Benjamin Dimon
Charles Dimon
James Dimon
Robert Dingee
Elisha Dingo
John Dingo
Pierre Disaablan
Mitchael Dissell
John Diver
Victoire Divie
Christian Dixon
Christopher Dixon
Daniel Dixon
James Dixon (2)
John Dixon
Nicholas Dixon
Robert Dixon (2)
William Dixon
Etamin Dluice
John Doan
Joseph Dobbs
John Dobiee
Henry Docherty
Hugh Docherty
William Dodd (2)
James Dodge
George Doget
Matthew Doggett
Samuel Doggett (2)
Timothy Doggle
John Doherty (2)
Thomas Doherty
Josiah Dohn
Samuel Dohn
Robert Doin
Frances Doisu
John Dolbear
Elisha Dolbuy
John Dole
Elisha Doleby
Nathaniel Dolloway
Pierre Dominica
Jean Domrean
Barton Donald
Anthony Donalds
Daniel Donaldson
Mc Donalm
Solomon Donan
John Dongan
Peter C Dongue
Anthony Dongues
Benjamin Donham
Devereux Donies
George Donkin
Francis Dora
John McDora Dora
Nathaniel Dorcey
Patrick Dorgan (3)
Timothy Dorgan
Joseph Dority
Paul Paulding Dorson
Joseph Doscemer
Jay Doudney
Francis Douglas
Robert Douglass
William Douglass
Iseno Douting
Thomas Douval
James Dowdey
William Dowden
Hezekiah Dowen (2)
John Dower
Henry Dowling
Francis Downenroux
Henry Dowling
John Downey
John Downing
Peter Downing
John Dowray
James Doxbury
Peter Doyle
Murray Drabb
Thomas Drake
Jean Draullard
James Drawberry
Samuel Drawere
James Drayton
William Dredge
Abadiah Drew
John Drew (2)
Thomas Drewry
John Driver
Simeon Drown
William Drown
Jean Dubison
Tames Dublands
Thomas Dubois
Henry Dubtoe
Michael Duchaee
Archibald Ducker
Jean Duckie
Martin Ducloy
Abner Dudley
Doulram Duffey
Ezekiel Duffey
Thomas Duffield
Michael Duffin
Thomas Duffy
Jacques Duforte
Franes Dugree
Chemuel Duke
John Duke
William Duke
Isaac Dukerson
Michael Duless
Terrence Dumraven
James Dunbar
George Duncan
John Duncan
James Duncan
William Duncan
Thomas Dung
John Dunhire
John Dunison
James Dunkin
Pierre Dunkwater
Thomas Dunlope
John Dunlope
Thomas Dunlope
Archibald Dunlopp
Allan Dunlot
John Dunmerhay
Arthur Dunn
Joseph Dunn
Peter Dunn
Sylvester Dunnam
John Dunning
Peter Dunning
Thomas Dunnon
Edene Dunreas
Allen Dunslope
William Dunton
Stephen Dunwell
Ehenne Dupee
Thomas Duphane
Francis Duplessis
France Dupue
Charles Duran
Henry Duran
Lewis Duran
Glase Durand
Jacques Durant
Sylvester Durham
Israel Durphey
Jonathan J Durvana
Robert Duscasson
Anthony Duskin
Andrew Duss
William Dussell
Raoul Dutchell
James Duverick
Timothy Dwier
William Dwine
John Dwyer
Timothy Dwyer (2)
William Dwyman
Alexander Dyer
Fitch Dyer
Hat Dyer
Hubert Dyer
Jonathan Dyer
Nathan Dyer
Patrick Dyer
Robert Dyer
Roger Dyer
Samuel Dyer