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Eskimo Tribal Histories

Eskimo American aborigines, forming part of the Eskimauan linguistic stock, which formerly occupied nearly all the coasts and islands of Arctic America from E. Greenland and the N. end of Newfoundland to the westernmost Aleutian ids., even extending to the E. coast of...

Haida Tribe

Haida Indians, Haida Nation (Xa’ida, ‘people’). The native and popular name for the Indians of the Queen Charlotte Islands., British Columbia, and the south end of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, comprising the Skittagetan family. By the natives...

Kawchodinne Tribe

Kawchodinne Indians, Kawchodinne People, Kawchodinne First Nation (ka ‘hare’, cho ‘great’, dinne ‘people’: ‘people of the great hares’). An Athapascan tribe dwelling north of Great Bear Lake, Mackenzie Territory, Canada,...

Kutchin Tribe

Kutchin Indians, Kutchin People, Kutchin First Nation (Kutchin = ‘people’). A group of Athapascan tribes in Alaska and British North America, inhabiting the region on the Yukon and its tributaries above Nuklukayet, the Peel river basin, and the lower...

Wrangell’s Trip Through the Russian River Valley

In the summer of 1830, Ferdinand P. Von Wrangell made a long and difficult journey across Siberia accompanied by his wife and infant daughter, to cross the North Pacific to New Archangel (Sitka). This was Von Wrangell’s third visit to Russian-America. In 1836 he returned to Russia by way of Mexico. He tried unsuccessfully to negotiate and enlargement of Russian possessions in California. He visited the tribes of Northern California during this trip.

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