Adams, Fort, Alaska – On Yukon River.
Alexander, Fort, Alaska. – On Bristol Bay.
Andreavsky, Fort, Alaska – On Yukon River.
Archangel Gabriel, Fort, Alaska. – On Baranoff Island.
Archangel Michael, Fort, Alaska.– On Baranoff Island.

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Constantine Fort, Alaska – On Tshugatshian Bay.
Cosmos Fort, Alaska – On Putnam River.

Davis Fort, Alaska – At Nome City.
Dionysius Fort, Alaska – Near mouth of Stikeen River.

Egbert, Port, Alaska – At Eagle City.
Etches Fort, Alaska – On Henchenbrook Island

Georgevski, Fort, Alaska – On Kenyon Bay.
Gibbon Fort, Alaska – At mouth of Tanana River.

Helen Fort, Alaska – On Tshugatshian Bay.

Kenay Fort, Alaska – On site of old Fort St. Nicholas, on Cook’s Inlet.
Kennicott Fort, Alaska – Near Fort Nulato.
Kodiak Fort, Alaska – On Kodiak Island
Koutznou Fort, Alaska, On Admiralty Island

Liscum Fort, Alaska – At Port Valdez
Lukeen’s Fort, Alaska – Near mouth of Hutituak River.

Michael Fort, Alaska – On Michael Island.

Nicholas Fort, Alaska. – On Cook River.
Nonsense, Fort, Connecticut – Near New London; also called Fort Folly.

Pavlovski, Fort, Alaska – Near Kenayan Bay.

Rampart Camp, Alaska. – At Rampart City.
Reliance Fort, Alaska – On the Yukon River.
Resurrection Fort, Alaska – On southern coast.

St. Dionysius Redoubt, Alaska – At Fort Wrangel.
St. Michael Fort, Alaska – On St. Michaels Island.
St. Michaels Redoubt, Alaska – On St. Michaels Island.
St. Nicholas Fort, Alaska – Now Fort Kenay.
St. Paul Island Reservation and Post on – Alaska.
St. Simeons Fort, Alaska – Near St. Elias.
Skagway Alaska – Near Dyea.
Stikeen Fort, Alaska – On Stikeen River.

Tongass Fort, Alaska – On Tongass Islands.

Unalaklik Fort, Alaska – Mouth of Unalaklik River.

Voskressenski Fort, Alaska – Near Kenayaw Bay.

Wrangel Fort, Alaska – On Wrangel Island
Yakutat Bay fort on Alaska – At Yakutat Bay

Yukon Fort, Alaska – On Yukon River