A copy of a map of Fort Mims. This map was found among the papers of General Claiborne.

  1. Block house.
  2. Pickets cut away by the Indians.
  3. Guard’s Station.
  4. Guard House.
  5. Western Gate.
  6. This Gate was shut, but a hole was cut by the Indians.
  7. Captain Bailey’s Station.
  8. Steadham’s House.
  9. Mrs. Dyer’s House
  10. Kitchen.
  11. Mims’ House.
  12. Randon’s House.
  13. Old Gate-Way — open.
  14. Ensign Chambliss’ Tent.
  15. Ensign Gibbs’.
  16. Randon’s.
  17. Captain Middleton’s.
  18. Captain Jack’s Station.
  19. Port-hole taken by Indians.
  20. Port-hole taken by Indians.
  21. Port-hole taken by Indians.
  22. Major Beasley’s Cabin.
  23. Captain Jack’s Company.
  24. Captain Middleton’s Company.
  25. Where Major Beasley fell.
  26. Eastern Gate, where the Indians entered.
Map of Fort Mims

Map of Fort Mims