Wisconsin Gold Star List – Oconto County


Adams, Charles, 32, Oconto ; WNG ; corp 127inf; overseas ; dd (pneu) Mch 11,’18.

Anderson, Adolph M., 26, Oconto; WNG; pvt 1cl 127inf; Fismes,

Juvigny, Verdun, Alsace ; kia Oct 13, ’18.

Beaucock, Leslie E., 30, Mountain; pvt 28inf; St. Mihiel drive; dd (pneu) Dec 5, ’18.

Bershaw, Joseph, 20, Oconto; WNG; pvt 1cl 127inf; Alsace, Fismes, Juvigny; kia Sept 1, ’18.

Bistoff, Morris, 23, Underhill; pvt 139inf; Verdun; dd (heart failure) Mch 17, ’19.

Bolen, Wesley W., 24, Oconto; pvt 38inf; St. Mihiel; w Oct 11; dd (pneu) Mch 19, ’19.

Burbey, Paul, 21, Spruce; WNG; pvt 127inf; Alsace, Fismes; kia Aug 4, ’18.

Caldie, Thomas D., 28, Stiles; WNG; pvt 1cl 121mgbn; Hagenbach, Badricourt, Chateau Thierry, Fismes, Valpriez Farm, Juvigny, Terny-Sorny, Verdun, Champagne, Gesnes ; kia Oct 9, ’18.

Christenson, Christ. W., 24, Oconto; pvt 127inf; near Fismes; kia Aug 4, ’18.

Crane, Lester J., 21, Oconto; WNG; pvt 1cl 127inf; dw Jy 1, ’18.

DeGrave, Desire J., 22, Oconto; pvt 150mgbn; kia Jy 27,’18.

Dekeuster, Lester, 22, Oconto; pvt 2lmgbn; Purenville, near Moselle; dd (pneu) Feb 9, ’19.

Dieck, Walter G., 18, Suring; pvt tngc UW; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 27, ’18.

Doney, Everett, 25, Lena; WNG; corp 127inf; Sergy, Alsace; kia Aug 4, ’18.

Eick, George H., 19, Oconto Falls; WNG; pvt 1cl 127inf; Alsace, Fismes, Juvigny ; kia Sept 1, ’18.

Estabrook, Sylvester, 26, Oconto; pvt 127inf; Fismes, Alsace; kia Aug 4, ’18.

Fingel, Otto August, 25, Oconto ; pvt 7inf ; Argonne ; kia Oct 18, ’18.

Follett, Edward J., 22, Oconto ; pvt 127inf; Alsace, Juvigny, Verdun ; dd (pneu) Oct 25, ’18.

French, Alvin, 25, Oconto Falls; pvt unasgnd 147inf; overseas ; dd (pneu) Oct 19,’18.

Grunert, Paul, 30, Oconto; WNG; pvt 1cl 127inf; Alsace, Fismes, Juvigny, Verdun; kia Oct 20, ’18.

Habart, Norbert, 28, Oconto Falls; pvt 161depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 18,’18.

Harteau, William C., 19, Oconto Falls; pvt CAC; overseas; dd (mening) Aug 5,’18.

Hildebrandt, Rudolph E., 28, Gillett ; pvt inf Camp MacArthur Sept rpldrft ; overseas ; dd (pneu) Oct 14, ’18.

Huntington, Harry, 20, Morgan ; pvt 127inf; overseas ; dd (pneu) Jy 9, ’18.

Jones, Clyde, 22, Oconto; WNG; corp 127inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Mch 6, ’18.

Kasten, Walter Herman, 21, Underhill; pvt GH28; U. S.; dd (diph) Feb 25, ’18.

Kosowitz, George, 28, Oconto; b Russia; pvt 341inf; Verdun; kia Oct 20, ’18.

Krause, John, 21, Gillett ; WNG ; pvt 1cl 127inf; Alsace, Fismes ; kia Aug 4, ’18.

Krueger, William J., 33, Oconto; WNG; 1sgt 127inf; Fismes, Verdun ; kia Oct 3, ’18.

Lauersdorf, Fred C., 26, Gillett ; pvt 28inf; St. Mihiel, Argonne ; kia Oct 8,’18.

LeBrun, Fred, 27, Oconto; ck 333mgbn; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 4, ’18.

McGregor, Wayman J., 24, Abrams; WNG; pvt 1cl 127inf; Alsace, Fismes, Juvigny, Verdun; kia Nov 11,’18.

Majeski, John, 26, Sobieski; pvt prvnlbnengnrs MY; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 12,’18. .

Marek, Fred, 23, Oconto ; 2Lt 6inf ; Nantes ; dw Oct 25, ’18.

Murray, Mike, 24, Oconto Falls; WNG; pvt 127inf; Alsace, Fismes, Juvigny; dd (paratyphoid) Sept 14, ’18.

Nelson, Peter, 26, Mountain; pvt 161depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 4,’18.

Olson, Edward, 29, Gillett; pvt 127inf; kia Oct 20, ’18.

Riemer, Albert W., 26, Oconto ; pvt 127inf; Alsace, Fismes ; kia Aug 4,’18.

Russell, Gerard L., 18, Oconto; pvt 1cl salvage unit316 QMC; St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne; dd (pneu) Apr 21, ’19.

Schroeder, John F., 25, Oconto Falls; pvt inf Camp MacArthur Sept rpldrft; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 11,’18.

Seipold, Earl, 19, Oconto; WNG; pvt 1cl 127inf; Alsace, Fismes, Juvigny; kia Sept 1,’18.

Sellin, Bennie R., 26, Little River; pvt 127inf; overseas; dd (diph) Mch 15, ’18.

Sharpley, Sheldon D., 21, Oconto; WNG; mec 127inf; Alsace, Fismes; dw Aug 2, ’18.

Swenty, Fred, 23, Coleman; pvt lprvnlregt Oct autrpldrft; overseas; dd (pneu) Dec 17,’18.

Van Boven, Ray, 19, Stiles; pvt 5inf WNG; U. S.; d (suicide) Aug 25, ’17.

Vogel, Edward, 30, Oconto ; pvt utilitiesdet constrdiv QMC, Camp Grant; U. S.; dd (pneu) Mch 25, ’19.

Walsh, George William, 25, Gillett ; pvt 150mgbn; kia Oct 16, ’18.

Walter, August, 24, Oconto Falls ; pvt 60inf ; kia Oct 27, ’18.

Wilhelm, August F., 31, Oconto ; pvt 57engnrs; overseas ; dd (pneu) Jan 29, ’19.

Wood, Frank E., 22, Suring; pvt farpldrft, Camp Taylor; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 12, ’18.

Wroblewski, Andrew J., 26, Oconto; pvt 16inf; kia Jy 18, ’18.

Zahn, Alfred, 19, Gillett; WNG; pvt 1cl 128inf; Chateau Thierry; kia Aug 8, ’18.

Zimdars, William, 26, Gillett; WNG; corp 127inf; Alsace, Fismes; dw Aug 5, ’18.

Zimmerman, Henry, 22, Oconto ; WNG ; sgt 127inf; Alsace, Fismes ; kia Aug 4, ’18.


Reinke, Rudolph Adolph, 27, Underhill; elecn 3cl radio; dd (pneu) USS Mercy, Yorktown, Va., Oct 10, ’18.


St. Louis, Roland Geny, 24, Oconto; sgt; Toulon, Aisne defnsve, Chateau Thierry, Aisne-Marne offnsve (Soissons); kia Jy 19, ’18. Croix de Guerre, silver star; citation AEF; Fourragere.

MLA Source Citation:

Gregory, John Goadby. Wisconsin's gold star list; soldiers, sailors, marines, and nurses from the Badger state who died in the federal service during the world war. State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 1925. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 31 January 2015. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/wisconsin/wisconsin-gold-star-list-oconto-county.htm - Last updated on May 3rd, 2013

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