The US Peace Policy with the Sioux

So read the treaty of 1868, made at fort Laramie, Dakota, with a dozen or more tribes of Sioux who had been at war continuously for a half dozen years. For between the nine treaties of 1865 and this new agreement warfare had been going on unceasingly, the annihilation of Fetterman’s command near Fort Phil Kearney being one of the outstanding events of this officially peaceful period.

The Sioux Indian Ghost Dance

The manifestations of a new religious idea always have about them something of the mysterious. We who have noted the sudden waves of religious fervor which spread over our own race only to subside as quickly as they come, need not wonder at the rapid growth of the Messiah craze of 1890 among the Sioux

The Cherokee of Kansas

The Cherokee Indian Tribe

Sioux Indian Photos

Yellow Hair Pe-Hi-Zi-Zih

The following photographs are of BrulĂ© Sioux, Blackfoot Sioux, Unc-Pa-Pa Sioux, Yanktonai Sioux, Cut Head Sioux, and two chiefs, Sitting Bull and Hole in the Day.  

1889 Mdewakanton Sioux Indian Census

Page 13 of 1889 Mdewakanton Census

1889 Mdewakanton Sioux Census, of Sioux living in Minnesota. Compiled by Robert B. Henton Special Indian Agent. No information was given as to where exactly they lived.   Sioux Photos

Tribal Signs – Cree to Kutine – Sign Language

Fig. 290

Sign Language Among North American Indians – Tribal Signs

The Sioux, or Dacotah

Tokakon A Sioux Brave Signifies "He that inflicts the first wound"

An accurate classification of the American Indians, either founded upon dissimilarities in the language of different tribes, or upon differences in physical peculiarities, is impossible, particularly in treating of the scattered and wandering people of the far west. The races vary by such slight shades of distinction, and such analogies exist between their languages, that

The Sioux Massacre, Minnesota

Fort Ridgley Burning

The Sioux massacre of the whites in Minnesota in August, 1862, is one of the bloodiest that has ever occurred in the history of the Indian races in North America. In the earlier periods of the country, the frontier settlements were constantly exposed to. Indian depredations, and their destruction at any time seemed probable from

Sioux Pit House

Sioux Pit House

Sioux Pit House

Sioux Indian Research

Siouan Family. The most populous linguistic family North of Mexico, next to the Algonquian. The name is taken from a ‘term applied to the largest and best known tribal group or confederacy belonging to the family, the Sioux or Dakota, which, in turn, is an abbreviation of Nadowessioux, a French corruption of Nadowe-is-iw, the appellation

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