Bounty Declaration of 28 Seminole Indians

We-Wo-Ka, Seminole Nation , ss: Be it remembered that on this 13th day of September, A. D. 1867, before me, E. J. Brown, acting United States agent for the Seminole Indians, personally came the persons mentioned below, who, being by me first duly sworn, and having the oath duly interpreted to them by Robert Johnson,

Mikasuki Indians

Mikasuki Tribe – Meaning unknown. Mikasuki Connections. These Indians belonged to the Hitchiti-speaking branch of the Muskhogean linguistic family. They are said by some to have branched from the true Hitchiti, but those who claim that they were originally Chiaha are probably correct. Mikasuki Location. Their earliest known home was about Miccosukee Lake in Jefferson

Treaty of January 4, 1845

Articles of a treaty made by William Armstrong, P. M. Butler, James Logan, and Thomas L. Judge, commissioners in behalf of the United States, of the first part; the Creek tribe of Indians, of the second; and the Seminole tribe of Indians, of the third part. Whereas it was stipulated, in the fourth article of

Treaty of March 28, 1833

Whereas, the Seminole Indians of Florida, entered into certain articles of agreement, with James Gadson, [Gadsden.] Commissioner on behalf of the United States, at Payne’s landing, on the 9th day of May, 1832: the first article of which treaty or agreement provides, as follows: “The Seminoles Indians relinquish to the United States all claim to

Treaty of March 21, 1866

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at Washington, D.C., March 21, A.D., 1866, between the United States Government, by its commissioners, D.N. Cooley, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Elijah Sells, superintendent of Indian affairs, and Ely S. Parker, and the Seminole Indians, by their chiefs, John Chup-co, or Long John, Cho-cote-harjo, Fos-ha[r]-jo, John F. Brown.

Treaty of May 9, 1832

The Seminole Indians, regarding with just respect, the solicitude manifested by the President of the United States or the improvement of their condition, by recommending a removal to a country more suitable to their habits and wants than the one they at present occupy in the Territory of Florida, are willing that their confidential chiefs,

Agreement of September 13, 1865

Articles of agreement entered into this thirteenth day of September, 1865, between the commissioners designated by the President of the United States and the persons here present representing or connected with the following named nations and tribes of Indians located within the Indian country, viz: Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Osages, Seminoles, Senecas, Shawnees, and Quapaws.

Treaty of September 18, 1823

Article I. The undersigned chiefs and warriors, for themselves and their tribes, have appealed to the humanity; and thrown themselves on, and have promised to continue under, the protection of the United States, and of no other nation, power, or sovereign; and, in consideration of the promises and stipulations hereinafter made, do cede and relinquish

Biography of Mikanopy

Mikanopy (`head chief’). A Seminole chief. On May 9, 1832, a treaty was signed purporting to cede the country of the Seminole to the United States in exchange for lands west of the Mississippi. The Seminole had already relinquished their desirable lands near the coast and retired to the pine barrens and swamps of the

Biography of Osceola

Osceola (also spelled Oseola, Asseola, Asseheholar, properly Asi-yaholo, ‘Blackdrink halloer,’ from asi, the ‘black drink’, yaholo, the long drawn-out cry sung by the attendant while each man in turn is drinking). A noted Seminole leader to whom the name Powell was sometimes applied from the fact that after the death of his father his mother

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