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Postmasters and Postal Service in Norwich Vermont

It was fifteen years after the admission of Vermont into the Federal Union, and forty years after the settlement of the town, before Norwich had a post office. The first post office was established at Norwich Plain, July 1, 1805, and Jacob Burton was appointed postmaster. Postmaster Burton kept the office in his harness shop on the main street of the village, nearly opposite the present residence of Mrs. William E. Lewis. Probably the duties of the office were not so great as to interfere much with the prosecution of his trade. It is doubtful if Mr. Burton had more than two mails per week to distribute, and these were much smaller in bulk than either of the three daily mails now received at the village office. It is certain that less mail matter was then handled here in the course of a year than now in a week, although the territory accommodated at the office and the population of the town itself were each considerably greater than at present. It is safe to say, moreover, that the people now living in Norwich receive more letters and miscellaneous mail matter every year than did all the 150,000 inhabitants of Vermont in the year 1805. The post office is essentially a modern institution, whose importance and value increases year by year with cheaper postage and the general diffusion of cheap printed matter among the people. At the time of the admission of Vermont into the Union, in 1791, there were only five post offices in the State (at Brattleboro, Windsor, and Newbury on the Connecticut River, and at Bennington and...

Postmasters in Athens County, Ohio 1805-1869

Postmasters of Athens. Established in 1804. Jehiel Gregory from 1804 1 quarter Eliphaz Perkins 1804 till 1821 John Perkins 1821 1839 Amos Crippen 1839 1841 John Perkins 1841 1845 Amos Crippen 1845 1849 Wm. Loring Brown 1849 1853 R. DeSteiguer 1853 1858 Lot L. Smith 1858 1861 David M. Clayton 1861 1865 E. C. Crippen 1865 1866 John F. Mahon 1866 1867 William Golden 1867 present time Postmasters of Amesville. Established in 1821. Loring B. Glazier from 1821 till 1829 Robert Henry 1829 1834 Hiram Cable 1834 1837 N. Dean 1837 1841 Loring B. Glazier 1841 1842 Hiram Cable 1842 1846 Evert V. Phillips 1846 1849 Lorenzo Fulton 1849 1861 A. W. Glazier 1861 1862 Lorenzo Fulton 1862 present time. Postmasters of Coolville. Established in 1822. Jacob S. Miller from 1822 till 1824 Alfred Hobby 1824 1840 In 1840, name changed to Hocking City. R. B. Blair 1840 1841 Eps Story 1841 1842 James M. Miller 1842 1843 John Pratt 1843 1857 In 1844, name changed back to Coolville. Joseph K. Davis 1857 1862 W. F. Pilcher 1862 present time. Postmasters of Nelsonville. Established in 1825. Daniel Nelson from 1825 till 1834 James Knight 1834 1836 John Lillabridge 1836 1839 Henry Parkson 1839 1840 L. D. Poston 1840 1848 John H. Tucker 1848 1850 Charles Cable 1850 1852 Alfred Couden 1852 1855 C. A. Cable 1855 1857 M. A. Stuart 1857 2 quarters. Joseph Brett 1857 1862 T. L. Mintun 1862 1866 John F. Welch 1866 present time. Postmasters of Federalton. Established in 1829. Elijah Hatch from 1829 till 1835 Alexander Stewart 1835 1837 Peter Beebe 1837 1846 Sydney...

A partial list of early Postmasters in Crenshaw County

On June 15 1855 a post office was established and was known as Camp Creek in Butler County and Nathaniel R Daniel was appointed postmaster.  The name changed to Honoraville on April 27 1858.  The Post office was discontinued on July 25, 1866 but was re-established again on August 15, 1867. It was discontinued again on April 12, 1868 and again re-established on July 6, 1868 in Crenshaw County. On April 25, 1871 the name was changed to Nicholsville and was discontinued once more on Sept. 12, 1872.    On May 26, 1873 it was re-established as Honoraville with Alex T.  Ramage as postmaster. In 1875 the name was changed to Honoraville with A. S. Nichols as Postmaster. PATSBURG (Postoffice) F. E. Boyd     Nov. 03, 1887 Thomas E. Boyd    Nov. 18, 1887 Daniel M. Norton    Jan. 21, 1901 William Scott    Jul. 29, 1927 JULIAN (Postoffice) Joseph R. Beall     Feb. 13 1889 Mail went to Luverne Jun. 24, 1896 BRANTLEY (Postoffice) Name changed from Cohort to Brantley     Sep. 03, 1891 Hiram B. Moody    Sep. 03, 1891 John S. Johnson     Sep. 23, 1897 James W. Horn     Jun. 17, 1913 JOQUIN (Postoffice) John Walker    Jul. 09, 1895 James A.    Thompson    Jan. 16, 1902 Mail to Pike County    May 10, 1903 EFFORT (Postoffice) James Thomas     Feb. 28, 1898 Mail to Rutledge     Mar. 31, 1904 DIME (Postoffice) William Mobley     Mar. 25, 1898 Rescinded    Jul. 23, 1898 MARCH (Postoffice) James L Milton     Mar. 30, 1898 Rescinded    Jun. 02, 1898 LUVERNE (Postoffice) William S Jeffcoat     May 27, 1887 Rufus L Ganey    May 28, 1889 Permelia C Thrower  ...

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